Vile Notorious Far Right Extremist Evil Racist Homophobic Antisemitic Islamophobic Hate-Priest detained in UK !!!

Fr Jacek Międlar

Far-right Polish priest detained at Stansted airport

Jacek Międlar held by UK authorities

Jacek Międlar has been accused of spreading antisemitism and Islamophobia.

By Mark Townsend and Rajeev Syal, Guardian, 25 February 2017

A notorious Polish priest accused of spreading antisemitism and Islamophobia has been detained by UK authorities.

Jacek Międlar, a leading figure for rightwing extremists in Poland, was held by UK border officials after landing at Stansted airport, Essex, to prevent him attending a controversial event.

Anti-racism campaigners described Międlar’s scheduled appearance as further proof of the growing links between British extremists and nationalists abroad.

Branded a “fanatical hate preacher” by anti-racism campaigners in Poland, the 28-year-old attacks his critics as “leftists” opposed to “Polish patriotism”.

Międlar, from Wrocław in west Poland, has cultivated a sizeable following in his country and despite being suspended by his local Catholic church for the content of his nationalist sermons, has addressed tens of thousands people at rightwing rallies.

His speeches target the political left, “Islamic aggression” and immigration and are often accompanied with calls for the “warriors of great Poland” and chants of “God, honour, fatherland”.

Anti-racism campaigners have warned he could radicalise some of the 830,000 Poles living in the UK and called on the UK authorities to intervene before his arrival.

On Saturday, UK Border Agency officials reportedly held Międlar shortly after his flight landed specifically to prevent him from travelling, on the grounds of hate speech.

Last year, Międlar was accused of calling Jews a “cancer” who had “swept Poland” during one address to a far-right rally in Białystok, north-eastern Poland, although prosecutors later absolved him of alleged hate-speech offences.

Maciek has stated that he wants “to rebuild a Christian Europe”.

Anti-rascist group Hope not Hate reports that a number of Polish far-right groups had become active in the UK.

Hope Not Hate warned last week that Międlar’s visit to the UK would bring “rabid extremism” and warned that Międlar had once claimed that the “biggest enemies of the world are Jewish imperialists and masons”.

The Home Office said: “An individual was detained at Stansted airport at 8.40am this morning by Border Force officers working closely with Essex police. All passengers attempting to enter the UK are subject to checks by Border Force officers against police, security and immigration watch lists. Where we believe someone poses a risk, Border Force officers can – and do – refuse them entry.”

Hope not Hate tweeted: “Jew-hating priest Jacek Międlar has been held and prevented from entering the country.”

Rafał Pankowski of Poland’s leading anti-racist organisation Never Again said Międlar was “exceptionally” strident when delivering his hate-filled speeches and that news of his detention had triggered headlines throughout the country’s mainstream media. He said: “He’s exceptional in terms of the intensity of his hatred, which is a core part of his message.”

Meanwhile, in Führer Trump's Fourth Reich...

Mem Fox

Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby'

Author of Possum Magic was aggressively questioned for two hours over her visa status

The experience left Fox feeling like she had been ‘physically assaulted’.

al-Guardian, 25 February 2017

Fox, who is famous worldwide for her best-selling books including Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes [sounds like she's writing kiddie-porn, pedo grooming aids] and Possum Magic [I guess she's promoting witchcraft, bstiality, satanism], was en route to a conference in Milwaukee earlier this month when she was stopped.

She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation she was questioned by border agents for two hours in front of a room full of people – an experience that left her feeling like she had been physically assaulted.

[The old bat summoned forth all the daemon and faeries of the eldritch world to grant her these majickal power-words:] “I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness,” Fox said.

“I felt like I had been physically assaulted which is why, when I got to my hotel room, I completely collapsed and sobbed like a baby, and I’m 70 years old.” [the senile old cow moaned.]

The author attributed the aggressive questioning to border police who had been “turbocharged” by Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban. [Was she in fact accompanied by a swarthy rent boy called Mahmood al-Suisaidi? We'll never know, because this so-called reporter never bothered to ask!]

Fox said she was questioned over her visa, despite having travelled to America 116 times before without incident. [And of course it's a rule that if anyone is ever admitted to the USA once, then they have the eternal and absolute right to re-enter with neither let nor hindrance as many times as they like.] She was eventually granted access to the country.

After lodging a complaint over her treatment with the Australian embassy in Washington and the US embassy in Canberra [and the Sudanese embassy in Jakarta and the British embassy in Ulan-Baator?], Fox received an emailed apology from US officials [or was it in truth a FakeEmail from Putin, after he hacked into the embassy's email account?].

Fox said she was shocked by her treatment and “couldn’t imagine” returning to the US. [Which would be a tragedy greater than the downing of the Hindenburg. "Ohhhh...the humanity...the humanity!"]

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