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  1. Tuck vs Congresswhore Ruben Gallego (Zionist with Kike-wife)
  2. Tuck vs Kike Jorge Casteneda-Gutman
  3. Tuck vs Erik Wemple of the Washington Post (owner: Kike Jeff Bezos; editor: Kike Marty Baron)
  4. Tuck pimps queer glibertarian Kike Dave Ruben


Democrat Ruben Gallego eyes Arizona’s 7th District

By Yair Rosenberg, The Tablet, April 14, 2014

In 2012, a poll commissioned by the Israel Project found that while American Latinos supported Israel by a 21 to 8 percent margin, a whopping 46 percent answered “don’t know” or that the United States should stay neutral on the Jewish state. Ruben Gallego, who is running for Congress in Arizona’s 7th District, is not one of those people.

As someone raised in an immigrant family and who spent significant time in Mexico, Gallego finds much in common with the Israeli story. “It’s natural,” he told me, in large part because “the Latino experience is very similar to the immigrants who have made Israel.”

Hailing from a Chicago Catholic family, Gallego was first introduced to Jewish life by his wife Kate, an Albuquerque native from a Reform home, who brought him to high holidays services at Harvard Hillel. It was an event “probably known best for Larry Summers, the president of Harvard, falling asleep during the services,” she recalled. “Nonetheless, it was a good start for Ruben.”

Both now hold public office–Kate as a Phoenix city councilwoman, and Ruben as an Arizona state representative, where he is assistant minority leader for the Democratic caucus. The couple married in 2010, after Ruben proposed on the floor of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Each has spent time in Israel. “Ruben and I always joke that he actually has the better personality for doing business in Israel,” Kate said. “He’s known for being very direct and will tell you what he’s thinking, and so it works out perfectly in Israel–he fits in very easily.”

For his part, having been on the front lines of America’s heated debates over immigration, Ruben was particularly moved by his conversations with Ethiopians in Israel. “They were talking to me about their experiences, and how they were able to integrate into Israeli society through programs that Israel has,” he recounted. “It really is similar to what I think we need in this country.

“Israel has a better appreciation, I think, for immigrants and what they bring to the country,” he continued, “and we’re starting to lose that here in the United States, especially in Arizona, and we need to start changing Arizonans more to the Israeli mindset of immigrants as an asset.”

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