I’ve been willing to wait and see what Trump would do in regard to Kikestan, Iran, Russia, Syria, NATO. And I’m not saying that it’s impossible that he could be working on a long-term “4-D Chess” plan. I also understood why many Americans and Europeans foolishly think “Israel” and the Kikes are not as important as Muslims, Niggers, Mexicans. And the alternatives to Trump as US President were all well-known whores for the Kike. And of course America has been so thoroughly kiked for decades that it can't be easily exorcised.

But The Kike is our number one long-term (eternal) enemy, and regarding the Trump regime: at some point you have to call a Kike a Kike, and look clearly at Trump’s Kikery and his Kikes First statements and actions.

I suspect the Kikes around Trump purposely sabotaged his immigration-pause Executive Order, wording it in such a way that some court was sure to issue an injunction.

It’s difficult to get a read on Trump. He’s going after Russia now, but it could be that when he spoke to Putin he assured him that there’s some long-term strategy to get on the same page, get the Neo-Cons to overplay their hands, something like that. There are completely contradictory signals about Russia, Syria, etc. He sends Tulsi Gabbard to Syria and Nicky Haley to the UN. He has “Mad Dog” and Flynn thirsty for war, but Malloch on RT talking about an alliance with Russia and bringing down the EU. Things are going on behind that seems that would make a Byzantine Emperor’s ahead explode. But right now things look very bad, and I’m sick of all these Alt-Right idiots, and the lunatic left, and the moronic kosher-conservatives who only see what they want to see on the surface.

+ + +



They don't call him 'mad dog' for nothing.

He's barking at Russia--Jewmerica's new boogeyman--and just like a dog that eats the leftovers, Obama's anti-Russian mania is back on the menu.

"Should we ignore the lessons of history in our relationship with Vladimir Putin and what should we be doing?"

"Since Yalta, we have a long list of times that we have tried to engage positively with Russia. We have a relatively short list of successes in that regard, and I think right now the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with, with Mr Putin, and we recognize that he is trying to break the North Atlantic Alliance and that we take the steps, the integrated steps, diplomatic, economic, military, and the alliance steps, the working with our allies, to defend ourselves where we must." - Every dog has his day.

If Mattis is itching for war with Russia-"defending ourselves where we must"- then dog fleas will glow with nuclear rays. And besides, with Nato and US military bases surrounding Russia, 'breaking up' Nato will be very hard to do. Ain't gonna happen anyways. Putin's too smart to be drawn into provocations.
Will Jewmerica then pull off a false flag in Poland with painted-up Russian bombers attacking Krakow? Go ahead. The neocon Jews who created the fictional WMDs to attack Iraq will discover a Russian bear that eats nukes for breakfast. Picking on Iraq is one thing, picking on a grizzly ain't too smart.

"You are a distinguished student of history, and as we are all aware, that following World War II a world order was established which has held for basically the last 70 years. Do you believe that that new--that world order is now under more strain than it has ever been?"
"I think it is under the biggest attack since World War II, sir, and that's from Russia." - Oh?

We're under attack by Russia? You mean the DNC hack job that no can prove? Here's my question to Mr Mattis.

Why the Russia phobia? Is it because Russia got the job done where America flopped?
ISIS is on the run in Syria.

Obama is out, Assad is still in.

And any "safe zones" Mattis attempts Syria will be met by a big Russian bear that flies bombers over "safe zones."

But ultimately, the struggle is Spiritual of which Mattis is no student. Russia, with a resurgent Orthodox Church which Jewry fears and its corresponding ethical platform, is the only real threat to Jewmerica just as it was 100 years ago.

Deja vu? But this time the barking dog will get chewed alive by snarling bear.


  • Sad I hoped with Trump Ukrainian Proroshenko murderer will be stopped ... Day by day is becomes more and more clear there is only one way to Stop USA criminal Imperialism . Worst part every one will suffer if that happens.
  • The old Polish proverb "The Jew cries out in pain as he is beating you” perfectly describes “Mad Dog” Mattis as barking at Russia on behalf of the Zionist America.
  • Poland is run by Jews who changed their names and are pretending to be Polish. I'm sure they are Zionists puppets who can't resist their orders! Poland don't want any wars and NATO which illegally invaded the country. Unfortunately they can't do much about it. Soros is doing everything to divide and manipulate people against each other's. Oh God please save and protect Poland!
  • Death to jewmerica.
  • Matthis only said it to please and what the neocon swamp masters like Mcain and Graham wanted to hear otherwise he wouldnt get approved
  • Russia is not thrilled about the prospect of having the United States as an ally. Who needs an ally which has been proven as an unreliable, backstabbing provocateur? Kremlin has more brainpower than the entire Western political machine.
  • Maybe if Americans regained the long lost freedom of '' freedom of association''. It's not all about race. The main reason the internet is hated by the NWO is it gives whites a voice to talk to each other. I am not saying all whites should separate from other peoples I'm saying if we don't have homelands we will be gone by the end of this century.
  • Why wasn't Markus Wolf allowed to stay in Russia after he fled the GDR ?
  • NWO wants Christianity gone. 
  • False flag is always how they play it.
  • Deception is all part of the fun for them.
  • Serve your god and not human rulers.






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