Andrew Joyce, in "Antifa: An Obituary", Occidental Observer, 2017.01.23:

"Trump voters will be forced by Leftist hostility into buying into the narrative that they belong with the Alt-Right."

So he's saying that 'Anti-Fa' will win in the USA.

Joyce describes the Alt-Right:

"Antifa [including Alt-Right] was from its inception a diseased protrusion of the neurotic middle-class. In particular, it drew its lifeblood from pathological or alien elements in the upper middle-class. Always directed by middle-class intellectuals, who were frequently Jewish, Antifa was staffed by a motley crew of materially spoiled, attention-seeking youngsters, who sought in their Jewish...gurus what they could not find from disinterested, career-minded parents. ... It goes without saying that the real world of the worker played no part in this drama. ... “Most of the political activists have a middle class background, few workers are involved in the movement. They are rather the exception. The working class plays no role...." Similarly [a] journalist might have been persuaded by Leftist propaganda to expect to find a young dock-worker or manual laborer. Instead, and more predictably from our perspective, he found dialogue with a young, “gluten intolerant,” activist who had grown up in the wealthy suburbs..., had been sent to an expensive university by his parents, and had developed a love affair with ‘Marxism’ [/Anarchism / Ancapism / Libertarianism / Situationalism / some other kike ~ism] at the behest of guru professors. Our young Anarchist apparently proceeded to explain his moribund political philosophy between sips of rose tea at a fashionable cafe, as he peered over a pair of designer spectacles. Antifa [including the Alt-Right/Alt-Kike] is the bastard child of Marx and Goldman Sachs, conceived in the Hamptons, and nursed on the psychiatrists couch."

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