For years I almost completely ignored mainstream/kikestream media but wasted a lot of time over the past year watching CNN-Fox-BBC-etc garbage to see what's going on with Trump-hysteria and Brexit. If I'm going to watch non-kikewise non-racially-conscious media, I'd rather watch people I disagree with to some extent on the fringes of the mainstream, than waste time watching blatant propagandists and media-whores like Hannity, Blitzer etc.

I find this guy interesting, even though he's a damn New Yorker. I admire his facility with language (he's a walking thesaurus), and find his old-fashioned conversational style interesting. Other people try to affect his kind of folksiness but just come across as manipulative and cynical.

He's a non-partisan "political agnostic" old ex-hippy ex-"lefty".

Interesting, informed and unbiased commentaries on Trump, popular psychology, Putin, Madonna, pussy-pandering, Fake News triviality, etc


  • George Will's 'beef' with Trump was that Will and NRO and the other cuckservatives wanted to keep up the old "left-right" fixed tennis match. Their main concern was that Trump would be opposed to war with Russia, so they backed Clinton (whom they had just attacked for the past 30 years). They also feared that Trump would "let down Israel", which is a laughable concern since he's as much of an Israel-Firster as any of them. His unpredictable nature gave them the jitters.
  • I would never have called you a Jew, in any sense. However your commentary is flawed because you talk a lot about Jews and jewed institutions and jew-agit-prop without mentioning or naming the Jew.
  • Soros jew Lippmann jew Wilson jews' puppet Obama jews' puppet Trump jews' puppet Goldman-Sachs jew Hollywood jew Clintons jews' puppets NYT jew Bush jews puppet "Dexter-White" jew Schumer jew LAT jew Disney jew Blitzer jew Mitchell jew Nuland jew Reich jew Bernanke jew Churchill jews' puppet Greenspan jew Yellen jew etc.

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