Nigger Judah Adunbi, 63, a founder of a group in Bristol that claims it wants to improve race relations with the anti-White state's pigs, was Tasered in the face while fighting with two incompetent pigs (a useless fat sow, and one who could be a Pakipig) after refusing to give his name when they stopped him, believing he was some other Nigger they were looking for.

Nigger Adunbi accused the pigs of attempted murder, and claims the incident has left him "scared for his life". After he was Tasered, the arrogant Jigaboo bitch-screamed over and over nigger-caribbean gibberish such as "ya ave kill me!"

Following the blown-out-of-proportion incident, the Nigger said: "Dey claim they are lookin for an individual. Dey know who de individual is. So why go as far as accuse any buhlakk man in de stree wit drayedlock!? ... When de Taser it me, I tought it ave kill me! I tought I was dyin! An I was tinkin me children an me grandchildren need me!."

I'n'I doubt that anyone needs this Coon. I'n'I advise it to fuck off back to Africa, where it can interact exclusively with nigger-pigs who will better understand how it ought to be treated.

This was the second time Nigger Adunbi has been mistaken by pigs for the other Nigger. Perhaps he is actually that other Nigger – I don't know – though he hardly seems like a criminal mastermind. In 2009 he won a wrongful arrest case against Avon and Somerset pigs and was awarded taxpayer-compensation.

An interfering neighbour of Nigger Adunbi yelled at the nervous pigs throughout the incident, increasing the tension. He thinks e's some sort of hero, and he filmed the second incident, which took place. The video shows the two pigs approaching Nigger Adunbi outside his home in the Easton area of Bristol on 14 January. They give the name of the wanted man and ask if that is him. When he says he is not that man, they ask for his name, which he declines to give. Nigger Adunbi says he refused because he is "not a criminal" and was "just going about my business". The pavement ape walked into his back garden, and got into a lame fight with the pigs, so they Tasered him. "I collapsed... I was paralysed and she had the audacity to tell me to get up," the yappy Nig-nog said.

Nigger Adunbi was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary and then to Patchway police station, where he was interviewed and charged with a public order offence and assaulting a pig. Judah Adunbi says he declined to give his name to police because he is "not a criminal" and was "just going about my [nigger] business" Those charges have since been dropped.

According to Avon and Somerset pig guidelines, "You do not have to give your name, address or date of birth to the police if you're stopped and searched unless you are being reported for an offence."

Nigger Adunbi, who was the former chairman of the anti-White race relations group, said what happened to him was "disgraceful". He added that race relations in the city were "getting worse" and called for the police and community groups to "sit down around the table and sort this out".

Pussy Chief Superintendent Jon Reilly said: "After reviewing what happened, we voluntarily referred a complaint about this incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). He added he had met Mr Adunbi and had a "constructive conversation. We're aware of concerns within the local community and we take these concerns very seriously."

An IPCC spokesperson said: "We are independently investigating a complaint about an incident in Easton on 14 January where a man was Tasered. The IPCC investigation follows a referral from Avon and Somerset Police and is in its early stages." It said it was going to review the "body worn video of the officers involved, checking for any CCTV evidence and conducting house to house enquiries as part of the investigation".

Because there's nothing better for the pigs to be doing?

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