THE KIKE STUFF'S KIKE ENOCH AND HIS KIKE-BITCH KIKING THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR (whom Kike Enoch calls "a kike on a stick", "a son of the volcano demon")

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Same-sex marriage chapel demolished

By Julius Strauss in Moscow, The Daily Telegraph, 09 Oct 2003

The Russian Orthodox Church has demolished a chapel where a priest conducted a marriage ceremony between two men. The Chapel of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was apparently knocked down after local churchmen decided it had been defiled. The "marriage" of Denis Gogolyev and Mikhail Morozev in Nizhny Novgorod scandalised the Orthodox Church and created outrage among ordinary Russians. The priest, Fr Vladimir Enert, was unfrocked after the men said they paid him a £300 bribe. A spokesman for the Orthodox Church said the chapel had to go as it had been desecrated.



Kike Mike "Enoch" (Peinovich) – that's what I've been calling him since I first heard him, on The Kike Stuff (which I've always called it), attacking Christ ("a Kike on a stick"), God ("The Volcano Demon"), getting non-Kikes to identify themselves and each other as "Goys", larping as a Nazi while attacking National Socialism, promoting the Alt-Kike, and shilling for the Haredi-Kike faction's puppet, Trump.

The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish

Bad day for the Fourth Reich: Founder of popular alt-right blog The Right Stuff resigns after foes expose him

Matthew Sheffield, Salon, 16 January 2017

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but the racist alt-right movement that has latched onto him is already showing signs that it’s falling apart.

The loosely knit group was shocked to the core Saturday night when one of its most influential leaders — a man known to his online followers as “Mike Enoch,” a virulent racist and anti-Semite — was revealed to be a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who has said that his wife is Jewish. Although the motivations behind Peinovich’s apparent deception are not clear, his operation presumably generated some modest cashflow from true believers in the alt-right crusade.

As one chagrined poster on Enoch’s website put it, “It’s pretty bad for your WN [white nationalist], fourth reich, neo-nazi, facist [sic] movement when one of the head guys happens to be married to a Jew.”

Enoch/Peinovich is the creator of the popular neo-Nazi website The Right Stuff (TRS). For several years, he has also co-hosted a podcast called “The Daily Shoah,” a deliberately offensive pun on the Hebrew term for the Holocaust.

In his online persona, Peinovich routinely cracked jokes about killing Jewish people and forcibly deporting Muslims and people of African descent. The weekly program had roughly 100,000 regular listeners, many of whom regularly sent in financial donations by PayPal or bought merchandise from the site.

Peinovich’s wife appears to have been aware of the entire situation. She even appeared on “The Daily Shoah” several times, including a special holiday-season segment in 2015 where she read a neo-Nazi parody [ACTUALLY A NATIVITY PARODY] of “The Night Before Christmas.” Introducing the clip, which can be found online, Peinovich said his wife was “very proud of it.”

Peinovich’s doxxing — a term referring to revealing someone’s private information online — was largely the work of anonymous left-wing users on the Medium blog site, in a post that has since been deleted. Word spread like wildfire throughout the alt-right’s many web forums and message boards over the weekend, as TRS fans and detractors battled over whether the information was legitimate or not.

That initial report had an air of credibility, since the identities of Peinovich’s fellow “death panelists” on the podcast had been revealed earlier in the week. That doxxing was done by members of a rival website called 8chan, who attacked TRS for supporting the principle that non-Jewish white nationalists had common interests with extreme right-wing Israelis, which is anathema to hardcore neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.

First the 8channers unmasked one of Peinovich’s colleagues, a University of Nebraska philosophy student who called himself “Ghoul,” and whose mother was revealed to be married to another woman. After that, 8channers and anti-fascist activists temporarily worked together to dox the rest of the “Daily Shoah” crew. “Bulbasaur” was exposed as a corrections officer living in Nashville and “Seventh Son” was revealed as a guitarist in an obscure Goth-rock band.

The big prize for the doxxers, however, was Peinovich. As the creator of TRS, he was (at least until this weekend) regarded as one of the three most influential figures in the alt-right, alongside Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer, the co-creator of the “alt-right” label.

Though TRS has not received as much coverage in the mainstream press, it originated or popularized many alt-right pranks and memes, including the practice of identifying Jewish people or those suspected of being Jewish with (((triple sets of parentheses,))) bogus White Student Union schemes at educational institutions, and racist or anti-Semitic song parodies. Peinovich was also reportedly among the people who gave the Nazi salute at the infamous National Policy Institute conference after Trump’s election in November.

Mike Enoch’s downfall was set in motion in December when a former alt-right vlogger named Mike Cernovich hinted to his viewers that one of his rivals “is morbidly obese and is married to a Jewish woman.” He declined to say whom he meant, but that salacious rumor set the cyber-sleuths to their task.

As the doxxing unfolded this weekend, Peinovich said nothing on Twitter or on his own site. Contacted via email by Salon, he denied being Mike Enoch but admitted to having been involved with TRS.

“I was involved with that site years ago, writing a few libertarian articles for them and using my PayPal for the exactly zero donations that the site ever got when it was still a libertarian blog,” he wrote.

Peinovich then claimed he had disassociated himself from TRS after it became overtly pro-Nazi: “I cut off ties when they went the direction they are going now, and that was 4 years ago. Honestly I have not thought much about them. As you can see from all public writings I am libertarian. My wife is Jewish. Do you really believe that I am this person?”

The TRS creator then asked Salon to help him deny that he was Enoch: “If you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual neo nazis.

When asked if he would be willing to conduct a telephone interview, Peinovich replied, “Let me talk to my wife.” He never answered back.

As the evidence continued to mount linking him to the Enoch identity, Peinovich decided to fess up to his devoted Nazi fans in a post for TRS’ password-protected forums, part of which read:

"As I am sure you all know, I was doxxed and an ill advised attempt to fool the media about my identity led me to not talk to you people and to try to simply ride it out by being silent. This was irresponsible and a disservice to all of you. Yes my wife is who they say she is, I won’t even bother denying it, I won’t bother making excuses. If this makes you want to leave the movement, or to have nothing to do with TRS, then I understand.

"Don’t lie for me. Don’t try to defend me to those attacking me. Don’t jeopardize your own reputation by defending things that you don’t think you can. I could try to explain my whole life for the last ten years to you but what difference at this point would it make. Life isn’t perfect."

The admission sent a shock wave throughout the alt-right. The reactions began pouring in. Some listeners of “The Daily Shoah” were crestfallen. Here’s just one example of the anguish:

"TDS was my favorite podcast and one of the best parts of my week. Enoch’s rants were both enlightening and triggering, but now I cannot listen to them the same way again. It just feels like they’re just more actors in the same play being orchestrated by the Jews. Half of my gut has also thought TRS has been controlled opposition for awhile now. Although I will continue to listen to the Shoah I just don’t know if I will be able to take Enoch as seriously as I used to. It’s pretty bad for your WN, fourth reich, neo-nazi, facist movement when one of the head guys happens to be married to a Jew."

Within a few more hours, Peinovich’s partners announced that he was resigning from TRS entirely.

The 8channers, who pride themselves on their refusal to adopt pseudonyms (all site users post under the handle “Anonymous”), were ecstatic.

“(((TRS))) is over. Period,” gloated one of them.

Many began improvising some of the Holocaust memes that have been lobbed at Jewish journalists, instead featuring Peinovich and his wife. Both were depicted in gas chambers before the night was done.

Another, who prefers being called neo-Nazi instead of “alt-right,” hoped the entire movement would just disappear: “After the shitstorm is over the alt-right won’t be important enough to warrant a [discussion] thread,” he wrote. “In my opinion, they never did.”

With Peinovich gone and many TRS readers mistrustful of the “death panelists” who helped him cover up his secret, the site’s future is an open question.


Counter-Currents [zionist fag Greg Johnson]: TRS, the Daily Shoah, and Mike Enoch are not going anywhere. Mike told me and most of his real world associates about his wife being half-Jewish. It is not an issue for me. If TRS continues to grow at the current rate, in a few months most listeners will not know or care about this.

The Kike Stuff

Whitey was a bitter man who cursed the morning sun that brought a new betrayal every day. He shunned this world of shit-kikes and their lying lizard tongues, and blessed the night that chased their sight away. A disillusioned dreamer who would never dream again, who'd tried of it and found that it was rotten, preferring online strangers to the company of friends, because strangers are so easily forgotten.

Oh, it's hard to keep believing when you know you've been deceived, to face a lie and dare to try again; but there's nothing like a lying Kike's satanic make-believe, to make a new believer of a cuck.

Whitey took the fickle turns of fortune in his stride, expecting next to nothing out of life, 'til misfortune brought a Kike who fanned a flame he thought had died, whose larping rhetoric cut him like a knife. He touched him through the senses that his mind could not control, then smiling stepped aside and watched him fall, betrayed by his own dreams and the hunger in his soul. Whitey is a dreamer after all.


Here the Alt-Kike's Kike Godfather, Kike Paul Gottfried (on Reason Radio, being interviewed by Keith Spencer, just before Reason got kiked off the Internet), blames our kike-problems on . . . Christianity.



How Paul Gottfried—willing or reluctant—became the mentor of Richard Spencer and a philosophical lodestone for white nationalists

By Jacob Siegel, [The Kike's] Tablet, November 29, 2016

The night America elected Donald J. Trump president, 38-year-old Richard B. Spencer, who fancies himself the “Karl Marx of the alt-right” and envisions a “white homeland,” crowed, “we’re the establishment now.” If so, then the architect of the new establishment is Spencer’s former mentor, Paul Gottfried, a retired Jewish academic who lives, not quite contently, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, on the east bank of the Susquehanna River. It’s the kind of town that reporters visit in an election season to divine the political faith of “real Americans.” A division of candy company Mars Inc. makes its home there, along with a Masonic retirement community, and the college where Gottfried taught before a school official encouraged his early exit.

Gottfried settled in Elizabethtown after his first wife died, when he decided to put family concerns ahead of professional ambitions and then set out to wage a low-level civil war against the Republican establishment. The so-called alt-right—identified variously with anti-globalist and anti-immigrant stances, cartoon frogs, white nationalists, pick-up artists, anti-Semites, and a rising tide of right-wing populism—is partly Gottfried’s creation; he invented the term in 2008, with his protégé Spencer.

The intellectual historian doesn’t have the look of a consigliere. Gottfried’s round face is covered by a trim white beard and crowned by a nearly bald head. Something about his appearance, maybe the beady, bespectacled eyes and the way his already small frame hunches forward at podiums, makes him look both timid and cantankerous. His voice has a squeaky register but his speeches, which are easy to find on the internet, are erudite and measured, ranging fluently from the legacy of fascism to the ills of multiculturalism and the “therapeutic welfare state.”

Gottfried doesn’t resolve the alt-right’s contradictions so much as he embodies them. He’s a sniffy traditionalist, a self-described “Robert Taft Republican,” with a classical liberal bent, and a Nietzschean American nationalist who goes out of his way to exaggerate his European affect. He opposes both the Civil Rights Act and white nationalism. He’s a bone-deep elitist and the oracle of what’s billed as a populist revolt. “If someone were to ask me what distinguishes the right from the left,” Gottfried wrote in 2008, “the difference that comes to mind most readily centers on equality. The left favors that principle, while the right regards it as an unhealthy obsession.”

Inequality is the alt-right’s foundational belief. In this view, there are inherent, irreducible differences not only between individuals but between groups of people—races, genders, religions, nations; all of the above. These groups each have their own distinctive characteristics and competitive advantages; accordingly, inequality is natural and good, while equality is unnatural and therefore bad and can only be imposed by force. In practice, it is typically a belief in white supremacy and a rejection of universalism.

To the ancient idea that the world is ordered by natural hierarchies the alt-right adds new wrinkles. It shows a nerdish enthusiasm for data-driven attempts to classify group cognitive abilities, an update on the social Darwinist “race science” popular before WWII that often resolves into a genes-are-destiny outlook. It also embraces concepts from the controversial field of evolutionary psychology, which attempts to explain the behavior of groups in terms of Darwinian natural selection. Because equality is both impossible and a kind of civic religion as Gottfried sees it, government attempts to enforce it are only pretexts for the state to increase its power and reach.

Railing against meddling bureaucracies and the threats they pose to liberty is a staple of conservative politics, but Gottfried’s arguments are more esoteric and more radical than anything you’d hear at a tea-party convention. Condensed, Gottfried’s theory holds that America is no longer a republic or a liberal democracy—categories that lost their meaning after the postindustrial explosion of bureaucratic apparatuses transformed the country into a “therapeutic managerial state.” Today, we are ruled by a class of managers who dress like bureaucrats but act like priests. This technocratic clerisy justifies its status by enforcing Progressive precepts like multiculturalism and political correctness, which pit different groups against each other as if they were religious edicts. As Gottfried tells it he was banished from the mainstream of political discourse for rejecting this liberal catechism. Now, versions of the same ideas that Gottfried says got him banished will be gospel in Trump’s White House.

“I view it as a partial vindication,” he told me just over a month before the presidential election, about the rise of the alt-right. “Much would depend on what Trump would do if he became president.”


Paul Edward Gottfried was born in 1941 in the Bronx, seven years after his father, Andrew, immigrated to America. Andrew Gottfried, a successful furrier in Budapest, fled Hungary shortly after Austria’s Chancellor Dollfuss was assassinated by Nazi agents in the “July putsch.” He had sensed that Central Europe would be squeezed in a vise between the Nazis and the Soviets and decided to take his chances in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the family moved shortly after Paul was born. Andrew Gottfried opened a fur business in Bridgeport and became a prominent member of that city’s large expatriate Hungarian Jewish community.

The elder Gottfried was a man who “held grudges with extraordinary tenacity,” Paul recounts in his memoir, Encounters. His father had “fiery courage,” and a natural authority that impressed his son. He was a lifelong Republican who nevertheless admired FDR for beating the Nazis. But that was as far as his liberalism went; he had no time for “specious” attempts to draw universal lessons from Nazism about the American civil-rights movement or immigration policy. In all of this it seems, he was a model for his son’s intellectual life.

Though he wasn’t very religious, the younger Gottfried attended Yeshiva University in New York as an undergrad. On the plus side for the pudgy teenager, the school was full of “nonthreatening geeks,” who couldn’t bully him. But Gottfried was put off by his “bright” but “clannish” outerborough Orthodox Jewish classmates. New York was farther from Connecticut than he’d imagined. His fellow students “seemed to carry with them the social gracelessness of having grown up in a transported Eastern European ghetto.”

It used to be common even among assimilated Americans Jews from Central European backgrounds to look down on what they saw as the poorer, more provincial Jews from the Russian empire. You can see this prejudice in Hannah Arendt’s work, another author who blended “Teutonic pedantry and Jewish moral righteousness,” as a friend of Gottfried’s once described him. His classmates are clever but harried, whereas he has the aristocratic equanimity of Germanic high culture, which allows him true insight. It’s important to note not because this particular prejudice is more disqualifying than his others, but because of how deeply it informs his later writing. When Gottfried goes after the mostly Eastern-European-originating Jewish “neocons” and “New York intellectuals” he blames for kneecapping his career and refusing to give him his intellectual due, it’s not just the actual injury that wounds him, but the indignity of being laid low by his inferiors.

After graduation, Gottfried returned to Connecticut to attend Yale as a doctoral student, where he studied under Herbert Marcuse. A chapter of his memoir is devoted to Marcuse, one of the seminal intellectuals of the Frankfurt school whose critique of mass democracy profoundly shaped the new-left. Though he belonged to the Yale Political Union’s Party of the Right at the time, Gottfried “studied under Marcuse as a rapt, indulgent disciple.” In later years, one reviewer called Gottfried a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.” That description, while not strictly accurate, gives a sense of the overlap between Gottfried’s radical criticism of modern liberalism and a certain left-wing line of attack.

After graduating from Yale, Gottfried began his work as an academic and embarked on a prolific writing career, which he maintains. Over the course of 13 books and countless speeches and articles, he developed his major themes: the nature and force of history; the meaning and forms of conservatism; and in his “Marxism Trilogy,” an account of liberal democracy and the therapeutic managerial state as the hegemons of the modern world. While admiring aspects of Marx’s analysis of capitalism, Gottfried argues that Marxism was discredited by socialism’s economic failure. In the wake of this failure, Marx’s economic critique metastasized from an analysis of material conditions into a morality play. For the new post-Marxists, leftist politics were repurposed as a never-ending struggle to defeat fascism. Acting out this universalist crusade, Gottfried argues, the left became the afterlife of Christianity. “A Christian civilization created the moral and eschatological framework that leftist anti-Christians have taken over and adapted,” he wrote. “It is the fascists, not the Communists or multiculturalists, who were the sideshow in modern Western history.”

At the heart of the alt-right is a project, carried out by Gottfried and others, to revise the historical record of WWII. If there has been a left-wing political impulse to expand the meaning of fascism far beyond its original context, part of the right responds by making it so particular to interwar Europe that it defies any historical analogy.

In his book Fascism: The Career of a Concept, Gottfried argues that Spanish and Italian “generic fascism” belonged to a different genus than German Nazism. Hitler, the argument goes, was not really a fascist in the generic sense, but a far-right counter-revolutionary response to Stalin. A few years ago this might all have been interesting enough, grounds for contentious but seemingly abstract historical debates. Today, it’s clear that it also serves a political purpose. It takes away the power of “fascist” to stigmatize far-right politics. At the same time, it also helps to rescue a whole host of concepts tainted by association with fascism, like ethnic nationalism and “race science,” making it safe again for the right to openly advocate them.


The alt-right is the direct heir of the paleoconservatives, a first-draft attempt at a conservative insurgency in America that appeared to peak in the 1990s. The name “paleoconservative” was coined by Gottfried himself in 1986, which means he is batting a thousand when it comes to naming right-wing opposition movements.

In the decade before Gottfried arrived at Yale, postwar conservatism was born in a “fusionism” that brought together southern and religious traditionalists, Libertarians, and other disparate groups who shared a commitment to aggressive anti-Communist policies. It evolved as “a series of movements rather than the orderly unfolding of a single force,” Gottfried wrote in his 1986 history, The Conservative Movement. Not all the movements got along, and not long after they came together, the conservative establishment, led by the influential magazine National Review and its editor, William F. Buckley, started kicking people out. The so-called purges started with the John Birch society, radical right-wing anti-Communists and conspiracy theorists—think Alex Jones followers—whom Buckley excommunicated from the movement in 1962. After the Birchers, conservatives, again led by National Review, eventually pushed out white supremacists and anti-Semites, including some of Gottfried’s friends. These are major events in the official conservative history that showed the movement grappling with the legacy of WWII and the right’s own history of racism and bigotry.

Those pushed out the door saw it differently. If the purges are an important chapter for establishment conservatives, they are a foundational myth for the putative victims. These parties dismissed the charges of racism and anti-Semitism on the right as trumped up, or alternately waved them away as mere individual prejudice; the real threat, they argued, was from the purges themselves. By trying to prosecute intolerance, the conservative establishment was carrying out its own version of Soviet show trials while adopting the language and principles of their enemies on the left. Of course, the purged weren’t killed but “anathematized,” to use the victims’ preferred language, which could mean the difference between a faculty chair with a view of the Hudson and one overlooking the Susquehanna. Not trivial, but less gruesome than you’d gather from some partisan histories.

Neoconservatives emerged in the 1970s. They were a group of mostly Jewish and Catholic former leftists who moved right in reaction to the illiberalism of the 1960s’ new-left and out of its conviction that the failure of Great Society social programs proved that culture influenced behavior more than state policy. The original neocons included a number of former Trotskyites and Socialists but were staunch anti-Communists. This led them to advocate an interventionist role for the military, first as a bulwark against the Soviet Union and later as a guarantor of the postwar U.S.-led global democratic order. As the neocons rose through the conservative ranks, intellectual and institutional warfare ensued among them and the movement’s harder-right and traditionalist wings. The anti-neocons, like Gottfried, accused their enemies of being impostors—Wilsonian internationalists and Social Democrats in wolf’s clothing.

Paleoconservatives was the name Gottfried gave to the small group of anti-neocons who formed the internal opposition after the conservatives’ “fusion” coalition broke apart in the late 1980s. In The Conservative Movement, Gottfried voices the paleos’ heroic self-conception: “[They] raise issues that the neoconservatives and the left would both seek to keep closed … about the desirability of political and social equality, the functionality of human-rights thinking, and the genetic basis of intelligence … like Nietzsche, they go after democratic idols, driven by disdain for what they believe dehumanizes.”

In practice, paleoconservatives took some esoteric positions, like an embrace of Serbian nationalism that had little hope of catching on in the heartland or anywhere but the Marriott conference rooms where the paleos kept their fire burning. Because the neocons were disproportionately Jewish and the paleos keenly interested in proportions of Jews in the political establishment, there was allegations and evidence of anti-Semitism in their disputes. Gottfried complained regularly in his writing about “ill-mannered, touchy Jews and their groveling or adulatory Christian assistants,” his phrase for neocons who he claimed had hijacked the Republican Party and American policy. This belief that Jews were cultural and political saboteurs was common among some paleos, but Gottfried liked to put it in language he got away with as an indulgence of his own Jewishness. For their part, the neocons regarded the paleos as wannabe-European aristocrats with no real place in America’s democratic tradition. At worst, they were high-toned racists and anti-Semites; tweedy authoritarians who had come to hate their own country.

Like most political infighting, the conflict had a personal element, as Gottfried admits in a passage characteristic of his wounded self-awareness: “My understanding of neoconservatives, it might be argued, is insufficiently generous or insufficiently nuanced, but if that is the case, I would like to hear the neoconservatives’ response. Until now they have not replied to me, except by treating me as a liar or a lunatic.” This assessment seems fair enough. In a long article on the eve of the Iraq war that denounced the paleos as “unpatriotic conservatives,” leading neocon and Bush speechwriter David Frum mentions Gottfried only once, when he describes him as “the most relentlessly solipsistic of the disgruntled paleos, who has published an endless series of articles about his professional rebuffs.”

It is true that the paleos’ ranks included a fair number of cranks, racists, and anti-Semites whose prejudices were essential to their politics. But this exists uncomfortably alongside another aspect of the paleos—they were capable of some trenchant ideas about modernity and the American century. Where establishment liberalism went in for sentimental pieties and movement conservatism offered platitudes in place of wisdom, the paleos could be incisive and unsparing. They were relentless critics, for instance, of the Bush-era bromide that Iraq was only an invasion away from successful democracy—and, more generally, of preventive wars carried out in the name of democratic universalism. The paleos were also attuned to the costs of global trade—not only the loss in jobs but in community and self-worth—in a way that neoliberals and neoconservatives often were not.

Trumpism has revived a longstanding disagreement between the paleos and neocons over the basis of nationhood. Where neocons subscribed to the “propositional” nation, in which national identity is a function of political principles and creed, the paleos took a different view. They argued that nations were defined by the specific cultural and historical heritage of their founders. So “Americanness,” for instance, is not established by political ideals as much as by the legacy of Protestant English settlers from whose characters and milieu those ideals emerged naturally. The implications for immigration policy are clear—the more new immigrants’ backgrounds differ from the culture and belief of the original English settlers, the more they will transform Americanness. Some paleos like Gottfried framed this idea in cultural and civilizational terms, while others, like the influential Samuel Francis, advocated explicitly for white nationalism.

In 1986’s The Conservative Movement, Gottfried also devotes a section to “the new sociobiology” that emerged in the 1960s and its influence on the right. The book describes the field’s struggle to distinguish its social Darwinism from the “corrupted version” that was “exploited by the Nazis.” It concluded that “a biological reconstruction of sociology was unlikely to win many conservative adherents (apart from racialists).” Four years after that essay was published, Jared Taylor, now one of the most prominent alt-right figureheads, founded the white nationalist, racialist American Renaissance.

Taylor succeeded because he “avoided the obsessions and crankiness that have, unfortunately, characterized much of American racialism,” wrote erstwhile Gottfried disciple Richard Spencer. “With Jared and AmRen,” he noted, “there is a certain radicalness in mainstreaming, in presenting ideas that have world-changing consequences in packages that seem mellow and respectable.”

Though it wasn’t clear at the time, the paleos’ influence crested with Pat Buchanan’s failed run to be the Republican presidential nominee in 1992. Gottfried served as an adviser for the campaign, which scored an impressive win in the New Hampshire primary and effectively foreshadowed Trump’s strategy. Buchanan was too stiff and socially conservative to make Trump’s stylized alpha-male sales pitch, but he ran on a similar nationalist platform, promising to restrict immigration while opposing globalism and multiculturalism. A key architect of the Buchanan strategy and Gottfried’s friend, Samuel Francis, articulated in passing the spirit that animated their movement and that they would pass on to their heirs in the alt-right. “I am not a conservative,” Francis said, “but a man of the right, perhaps of the far-right.”

The War on Terror and invasion of Iraq meant that the paleocons were marginalized. Always self-critical, Gottfried recognized when his movement had become moribund, and along with a small group of fellow travelers on the far right—or the dissident right, as they then called it—Gottfried began plotting what would come next. He observed that the paleos had not appealed to young people. Also, they were missing an overriding principle to unite them. The original conservative fusionists had anti-Communism. What would the postpaleos have?


The first decade of the 21st century, after the War on Terror sidelined the anti-war paleocons and before Trump amplified their successors in the alt-right, were the wilderness years for Gottfried and his fellow thinkers of the far-right. In the dark, a few different things started growing. French Nouvelle Droite philosophers and other European “identitarians” informed a new ideological style that embraced ethno-nationalism but rejected purity tests and drew openly from leftist writers like Antonio Gramsci. At the same time, the paleo interest in sociobiology and “race realism” spread across the internet thanks to bloggers like Steve Sailer.

Anti-PC sentiment became the binding element in the new fusionism Gottfried hoped to achieve. The Obama presidency both stoked the anti-PC sentiment and inspired a millenarianism that made segments of the right open to radical new ideas. There was a certain itchiness, too, in the culture at that time. What once felt like a bug squirming in the American psyche—that the consolations of the culture industry and consumerism were not enough—burrowed into the spaces where wages stagnated, prospects shriveled, and the old liberal meritocracy hollowed out.

In a 2009 essay, Gottfried wrote: “To the extent that anything resembling the historic right can flourish in our predominantly postmodernist, multicultural and feminist society—and barring any unforeseen return to a more traditionalist establishment right—racial nationalism, for better or worse, may be one of the few extant examples of a recognizably rightist mind-set.” He praised white nationalists in the essay for acting as a battering ram against multiculturalism. And yet despite also describing this cohort as, in his experience, “articulate gentlemen with extraordinarily high intelligence,” he did not actually endorse their views, which he called reductive and impractical.

When I spoke with Richard Spencer by telephone a few days after the first Trump-Clinton debate in late September, he couldn’t resist making the generational conflict with his former mentor explicit. “Despite his demands that we move beyond paleoconservatism, Paul still is himself a bit of a paleocon. It’s still about defending an American republic.” And, if there was any remaining doubt, he added: “There’s a revolutionary heart to the alt-right, and I don’t think there’s a revolutionary heart to Paul Gottfried.” Spencer claims that he’s the one who actually invented the name “alternative right.” He says he came up with it as a headline for Gottfried’s speech, which never uses the words, when he published it in Taki’s Magazine, where he worked as an editor. Gottfried insists they “co-created” the name.

Spencer had moved toward the revolutionary wing of the new movement by 2010 when he created the website Alternative Right, which helped shape and popularize the loosely-knit alt-right movement. In the early 2010s, Spencer’s site and a handful of other influential outlets defined the aesthetic and political motifs of the current alt-right. A mix of shock-and-meme culture, metapolitics, right-wing social values, and anti-bourgeois posturing, it appealed to an audience of young reactionaries. It gave them something to do with their vast amounts of time online and sharpened their “fuck the normies” rage to a radical edge. Ethnic identitarianism anchored that rage and defined their enemies. Appealing to the nerdier inclinations of these adherents, the racial mythos was complemented by the biological determinist part of the program with its strong data bias. If, in a sense, white-nationalist identity politics was just another form of the left-wing identity politics that they claimed to despise, so be it; let the minorities and liberals have a taste of their own medicine.

“American society today is so just fundamentally bourgeois,” Spencer told me over the phone. “It’s just so, pardon my French … it’s so fucking middle-class in its values. There is no value higher than having a pension and dying in bed. I find that profoundly pathetic. So, yeah, I think we might need a little more chaos in our politics, we might need a bit of that fascist spirit in our politics.”

The fight over the degree of adherence to white-nationalist doctrines was an open one within the alt-right. “The Alt-Right Means White Nationalism … or Nothing at All” read the headline of an August 2016 editorial by Greg Johnson, editor of the influential alt-right publication Counter Currents. Johnson was responding to attempts to redefine the movement away from that position by people like Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart journalist who insists he’s only a fellow traveler and not a member of the alt-right. “Milo seems to be defining European identity as hyperliberalism,” Richard Spencer tweeted in June. “This leads nowhere.”

While Gottfried calls Yiannopoulos his favorite figure on the alt-right for his opposition to government-led social policy and political correctness, this puts him awkwardly in the position he once accused the neocons of occupying—diluting the authentic core of right politics. “I am not beloved by the alt-right,” Gottfried told me. “I’m sort of somebody who remains aloof.” He has some hope for “collaboration among all the elements of the dissident right,” but within limits. “Where I would draw the line personally is white nationalists. They are not people I would want to include in my alliance. They sometimes say outrageous things and they are sitting ducks for the Southern Poverty Law Center and other leftist groups.”

In September, Gottfried also told me, “I have had no ideological collaboration with Richard Spencer for years, and given the direction he’s going, I doubt that I’ll have much to do with him politically in this lifetime.” But this isn’t strictly true if you count the 2015 book they co-edited published by Spencer’s Radix imprint. Nor is it true if you count even more recent mentions in print.

In August of this year, less than two months before we spoke, Gottfried wrote a column defending the alt-right in which he described Spencer as a “charismatic presence, in contrast to the nebbishes for Hillary.” He went further: “I fully share [Spencer’s] contemptuous attitude toward multicultural totalitarianism, and unlike Conservatism Inc., Richard is fearless in going after our self-appointed thought censors.” But added, finally, “I wish Richard would think more often before he blurts out reckless indiscretions. Shocking one’s listener has its limits, certainly in terms of traditional standards of taste.”

Speaking of Spencer and of himself, Gottfried said, “I think it is probably a trick that history plays on thinkers. But I think you’re right—he says that I’m his mentor. I think I’m his reluctant mentor, I’m not particularly happy about it.” He sighed. “Whenever I look at Richard, I see my ideas coming back in a garbled form.”

There is a shearing, centrifugal force to Gottfried’s intellect. It splits the center and flings ideas out; they land where they will. For more than 20 years, he has tried to build a postfascist, postconservative politics of the far-right. That Spencer and his acolytes wanted to cross the threshold into fascist thought and beliefs can’t really be a surprise. And unlike Gottfried, whose relentless iconoclasm has also helped insulate him from certain temptations, most people, and especially those with strong interests in fascism, are turned on by power. If he has unleashed a force in the alt-right that will finally destroy the detested managerial state, it’s a force that has people like Richard Spencer at its core. Since last week, when Spencer declared “Hail Trump” at a valedictory press conference at which attendees were photographed sieg heil-ing, there have been attempts by others on the alt-right to write him off as marginal and to rebrand their movement. If they are able to successfully rename themselves, it won’t change this: Neo-nazism, while not the whole story, is one part of the alt-right, just as the alt-right is not nearly the whole story of Trump’s victory but played a crucial part.

The political crackup of the past year has aroused a level of fear and despair, and an almost-erotic thrill—all of it backed by the threat of violence—that no president will ever fully satisfy or exorcise. Night hasn’t quite fallen yet on the old order, but it’s dusk—the gloaming hour. We aren’t even ready yet for a strange beast to be born. Instead, we’re stuck for now with the odd pairings of familiar forms, like the union of racists and anti-anti-racists that Gottfried helped pioneer, and which is now a staple of the alt-right.

“I just do not want to be in the same camp with white nationalists,” Gottfried told me. “As somebody whose family barely escaped from the Nazis in the ’30s, I do not want to be associated with people who are pro-Nazi.” But it is too late for that. As he once wrote about the followers of Leo Strauss: “One knows the tree by the fruit that it bears.” The fruit is strange.

(Jacob Siegel is a New York based writer who has written for The New York Times, the New York Daily News and Vice and was formerly a staff reporter at The Daily Beast covering war and protest politics. He was an author and editor of the fiction anthology Fire and Forget.)

Here's another favourite of the Alt-Kike, "Paul 'DON'T MENTION JEWS!' Kersey", also on Reason just before it got kiked (the interviewer, Robert Stark, moved on to Kike Enoch's friend Greg Johnson's queer-site; Johnson says everybody knew Enoch's Kike wife is "half-Jewish", and defends Enoch) :

Greg Johnson, like Kike Enoch and most of the Alt-Kike, opposes Whites mixing with non-Whites, but support and defend Whites who mix with and work for Kikes.

Kike Enoch, and Johnson, and most of the Alt-Kike (most of whom are basically kikoglibertarian degenerates) are Zionists. who admire The Kike's Globalist pseudo-"ethno-state", and argue that it should be emulated.

Some comments at Alt-Right Blogspot:
Hipster Racist to Peter • The main problem with the Anglins and the TRSers is they were born yesterday. I doubt most of them are even old enough to have voted for Trump. No, you were NOT the first to "introduce humor" and you were NOT the first to tell Holocaust jokes. "Effective" at what? TRS was "effective" and raising money for Enoch to give to his Jewess wife. Anglin is "effective" at entertaining teenage boys. None of them have had any appreciable effect on racial attitudes in the USA. None of them had the slightest influence on Trump's election. (Trump got barely any more White votes then Romney did and Clinton won the popular vote.) You all live in an online bubble - a circle jerk - and are creating a pretend fantasy world where you have some sort of influence. But you have literally zero evidence of anything other than amusing yourselves. It's sad and pathetic - and this latest TRS scandal should open people's eyes. But it's not - you are all just doubling down, as usual. Big bad "neo-Nazi" Anglin is now defending a liar that suckered you all. Enoch's "Nazi" gimmick at NPI got innocence people doxed and fired. Enoch's Jewess wife was in on the joke - they were laughing at their audience and the suckers are still in denial about how they were had. Sad!

Three Stars to Hipster Racist • "Effective" at what? TRS was "effective" and raising money for Enoch to give to his Jewess wife. Believing that people of the economic status the 'Enochs' have irl will go into nazi podcasting for the money is frankly moronic. Considering their jobs, they must be making upper of 300.000 dollars a year. That Styx guy is a goofball and an uninformed idiot.

Hipster Racist to Three Stars • If you think Enoch - a Javascript programmer working at a third rate dot-com in NYC - makes $300k you obviously don't know jack about the industry and have likely never lived in NYC or worked for such companies. Enoch likely made in the low six figures at most. Consider that a terrible shitty apartment on the Upper East Side costs $2-5k a month low six figures is barely middle class. Enoch wasn't in it for the money obviously - he was in it because he and his Jewish wife and his Democratic party multi-racial family likely found it extremely amusing that they were pulling the wool over the eyes of you "racist" flyover country idiots. But the fact remains - he was taking his Jew wife out to trendy hipster eateries on your dimes - and yukking it up the whole time. They will likely make aliyah to Tel Aviv next. You've been had - admit it. Just take your lumps and move on.

Greg Johnson • TRS and The Daily Shoah aren't going anywhere. Enoch is a goy. His wife is half-Jewish. He told me and most of his IRL associates about her. I don't have a problem with it. If I had a problem with it, it would be basically equivalent to wishing Mike never had gotten involved in the movement, and that would be stupid. In 6 months, TRS and TDS will have 250k downloads a month, and the vast majority of listeners will never have heard of this.

Percival to Greg Johnson • Greg, I've heard she's only 1/4 Jewish. Dr. Duke defended Mike and TRS on his program this morning. ZOG is being ZOG. Sending legions of trolls to attack leaders of WN, promote purity spirals and attack men who are landing blows against them effectively. Mike was only "woke" two years ago and met her 10 years ago. We need to look at HIS DEEDs and WORK. There are enemies posing as allies trying to divide us. We must all support TRS and make sure the show goes on.

Greg Johnson to Percival • She's half. Mike is like a lot of WNs: he was red-pilled because he had a front row seat in his own family on the consequences of race-mixing and liberalism. The Jews think they can win by mixing our genes and loyalties out of existence. But the existence of tragic mulattos and Jewlattos is red-pilling in itself. But the ties are still real, and they make it hard to separate us. I see nothing wrong with working for a solution to this problem for future generations, even though one might not fit in oneself. Again, does anyone think that Mike should never have become part of the movement because of his wife?

Hipster Racist to Percival • Anything to keep the fake Jew-run "neo-Nazi" scam movement going. Spin, spin, spin. Jews have invested so much in this scam, can't let it fall apart just because the scam artists running the show keep getting outed. Greg Johnson is right - the marks will forget about this in a few weeks and the scam will continue. Jews have been running the "neo-Nazi" movement for 50 years and have a perfect track record of preventing authentic White Nationalism from gaining ground due to it. So now the scam artists will call for "unity" and "forgiveness" and say "don't punch to the right!" Kind of ironic that the people actually using "D&C" tactics are the ones that complain the most about it. Enoch IS the enemy posing as an ally trying to divide us. Enoch IS the guy that would LARP against normal whites. Your fake "neo-Nazis" ARE the enemy that do everything you can to isolate the pro-White movement in the ADL created "neo-Nazi" ghetto. You ARE the enemy - you are a Jew collaborator.

Greg Johnson to Hipster Racist • So, what do you think of Hailgate? Do you think that Richard Spencer is a Jew collaborator now too?

Hipster Racist to Greg Johnson • I've already said many times what I think of that situation. Enoch caused a situation, Spencer did his best to do damage control. It was YOU, Greg Johnson, that attacked Spencer over that conference. I defended him. Did Spencer make some mistakes? Maybe. Did Enoch make a "mistake" - no doubt - if it was just a "mistake" that is. Considering the context and the recent revelations - he's now gone to Salon to throw his fellow TRS guys under the bus - maybe "mistake" isn't the correct term.

melonhead to Hipster Racist • – He's a smart guy - before he admitted it he came up with some plausible-ish denial and asked salon to help spread the word. I hope Salon's wrong that he's leaving. But any chance of this being a tempest in a teapot and him getting to keep his job looks unlikely.

Greg Johnson to Hipster Racist • That's stupid. The problem was Spencer's Nazi-larping speech and the fact that he neglected to tell people about the cameras in the room. People in the audience were just following Spencer's lead. He is 100% responsible for the fiasco. But keep on fluffing'.

Hipster Racist to Greg Johnson • I saw the video of the entire speech. The use of the term "Lugenpresse" was not LARPing. The "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory" was indeed quite cringe-worthy, but also not LARPing. Raising his glass was not LARPing. LARPing was Mike Enoch running to the front of the room and doing a stupid "Heil Hitler" salute. No one asked him to do that. No normal person would have done that. It was pure LARPy nonsense - if that is in fact all it was. I don't know about "fluffin" but it seems odd you'd complain about Spencer - who wasn't LARPing - while defending Enoch who was.

Greg Johnson to Hipster Racist • Dude, you are being dishonest. Spencer is fully responsible for the debacle. Calling out "Hail victory" in front of the cameras was calling for a Nazi salute. And it obviously was not Enoch running to the front of the room. But whatever. You've got a dishonest narrative to shill.

Hipster Racist to Greg Johnson • Dude, disagreeing with you is not "dishonest." No, "Hail victory" is not in any way "calling out for a Nazi salute." Didn't Enoch himself admit on a podcast that he started the whole Nazi salute business? From what Red Ice said, there were only two or maybe three people in the entire audience of what - 200? - that did the salute. You've got a dishonest narrative to shill - apparently due to your long standing and rather catty dislike of Spencer for whatever reason. How odd you would use this event to smear Spencer while defending Enoch. Enoch had his wife on his podcast numerous times - she was obviously well aware of the content. If her online persona is anything to go by, her actual views are the exact opposite of everything TRS was supposed to stand for. How is that not dishonest?

Greg Johnson to Hipster Racist • Disagreeing dishonestly is dishonest. You are being dishonest.

Greg Johnson to Hipster Racist • You are a Spencer shill and an Enoch denigrator. How does it feel to learn that Spencer stands by Enoch in all this?

Percival to Hipster Racist • I guess Richard Spencer and David Duke, both of whom firmly stood by TRS and Mike, are "Jew collaborators" as well.

Hipster Racist to Percival • Two guys doing damage control because they have a lot to lose. If Enoch wasn't such a dishonest LARPer no one would have had to spin anything.


Annoying but sincere 'anti-1488-er' Colin Liddell on The Kike Enoch and how his The Kike Stuff is "a safety valve" for The Kike, and "a form of masturbation":

Another guy I don't like (a 'neopagan' tool), who at least seems honest, and who does a fair job of summing up TRS Kikery:

"The First Triumvirate: Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Andrew Anglin", The Daily Stormer, 2016.12.16 :

Anglin, like a true SJW, is doubling down, and says he will step in with Kike Enoch's collaborators to help keep The Kike Stuff going:
Here’s the Thing

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, January 15, 2017



As most of you probably already know, we’ve had a minor crisis in the Alt-Right. As the kike dox squad continues their rampage, Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff was doxed.

And here’s the thing: Jew wife.

wow just wow.

And I mean that seriously. In fact, this may be the first time I’ve ever said “wow just wow” with 100% deadly seriousness. This was definitely not expected.

I would personally rather just not talk about this at all, but clearly, given my position as the top head figure of the world’s most goal-oriented Republican website, I’m being asked by a lot of people what I think of this situation involving the #2 Republican podcast.

Basically, I’m not going to attack or defend. I don’t think either is appropriate.


I don’t think that Mike is a shill, or that this Jew wife situation indicated that he is part of a Jewish conspiracy.

Mike and TRS have been at the forefront of exposing the Jewish problem. They are, along with this website, and some older figures such as David Duke, the only people really going hard on the Jews.

The situation seems pretty self-explanatory. He was married ten years ago, long before he was aware of the Jew problem, and so he felt was locked into a situation.

That is not to say he handled it well. At the very least, he should have known that eventually he was going to get doxed, and been prepared for this. Really, he should have gotten a divorce. I think that’s reasonable.

Ah well. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. No use now.

As far as if he actually did betray anyone – no. He was obviously dishonest on some level, but if we look at his contribution, and ask ourselves “did this forward the 14 words?” we will see that it did, and the weirdness in his personal life doesn’t change that. Tens of thousands – maybe even hundreds of thousands – of men have been brought into the movement through TRS and Mike’s work, and nothing can or will change that.

I’ve always been pro-practicality, and believed that men should be judged on their works. And Mike’s works were objectively good.


We push forward. This will blow over. It is a bump in the road.


TRS is too big to fail. And no one in that community, that I am aware of, knew about the Jew wife. [They almost all knew.]


And what has The Alt-Kike achieved?

Here's one thing:
Giuliani announces he’ll be Trump’s czar for the cyber thing

Ars Technica, 12 Jan 2017

Former NY mayor tells Fox that private industry will solve cybersecurity for the US.

On Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends, former mayor (and frequent proxy for Donald Trump) Rudy Giuliani announced that he would be coordinating a cybersecurity advisory group for the Trump administration.

Giuliani’s bona fides for this role apparently spring from his time as chair of the “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Crisis Management Practice” at the New York law firm Greenberg Traurig, a position he assumed a year ago. However, it’s not clear that Giuliani has ever had any direct experience in cybersecurity law or policy. Giuliani previously was a partner in a Houston-based international law firm Bracewell (formerly Bracewell & Giuliani) for over 10 years, and he ran his own security consulting firm based on his mayoral experience and credibility from New York City’s measures taken after the September 11, 2001 terror attack. But Giuliani is really counting on private industry to provide all the answers.

“The President-elect decided that he wanted to bring in on a regular basis the private sector—the corporate leaders in particular and thought leaders in particular for cyber, because we’re so far behind,” said Giuliani. “And it’s his belief which I share, that a lot of the solutions are out there, we’re just not sharing them. It’s like cancer—there’s cancer research going on all over the place. You’d almost wish they’d all get together in one room, and maybe they’d find a cure.”

Giuliani said he believes that industry will have to lead an answer to cybersecurity rather than government. “That’s where we have the great creativity and we have the huge amount of money, and that’s where we have these great companies, the greatest in the world,” Giuliani said this morning. “So the idea here is to bring together corporate leaders and their technological people. The president will meet with them on an ongoing basis, as well as anyone else in the administration… I’ll coordinate the whole thing.”

The goal appears to be a one-way flow of information from industry to the government. “Number one, it’ll give the government all the information available in the private sector,” Giuliani explained. “Number two, it’ll form a little more connection between these people who are doing cybersecurity so they can work with each other. Some of these people, you put one and two together, you’re going to come up with six.”

Much of the private sector already shares information with each other, so it’s not really clear what benefit other than presidential face time corporate executives and “technological people” will get out of this proposed arrangement. The financial industry, for example, has the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center; the auto, aviation, telecommunications, health, retail, and transportation industries, among others, all have their own organizations as well.

Previously, there have been efforts, including the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, to encourage an exchange of information between government and industry. And the Obama administration made attempts to foster other industries to form information sharing and analysis organizations (ISAOs) through the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. That administration also encouraged information sharing standards.

It’s not clear what roles any ISAOs will have in this new cybersecurity body, or even who the “thought leaders” Giuliani wants to participate will be. But Giuliani apparently wants to include foreign cybersecurity firms, including some from Israel. “They have tremendous cyberdefense research,” he said this morning. “We don’t get access to that over here.”


Yeah . . . Of course . . . The United States of America needs Kikestan-in-Palestine to defend it. . . . .
TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew.

Posted by Rumiko Oumae, MAJORITY RIGHTS, 16 January 2017

[For illustrations, go to:]

Look at that email address.

Web archive from 2014 reveals something amazing

Order of Battle

As you all are aware, Mike Enoch, now revealed to be actually Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich, is the founder of the website The Right Stuff, which opened in 2012 and hosts the popular and dubiously overwrought podcasts Fash the Nation and The Daily Shoah.

The Right Stuff has spent the entirety of the past four years serving up piping-hot reactionary narratives all of which just so happen to serve the geostrategic agenda of the architects of Russian foreign policy by carrying out Active Measures, American domestic honeypot agenda of the FBI, and the Israeli security agenda.

But if anyone had pointed that out before today, such a person would have been called ‘paranoid’ and even ‘insane’. After today however, such a person would simply be called ‘well informed’.

Note: The name ‘Pejnovic’ has a diaspora in 20 countries worldwide and has its highest concentration in Zagreb, Gospic and Klenovac, Croatia. It is found in small numbers in Peru, in the United States, and in the Russian Federation. ‘Peinovich’ is a Russian-Jewish variant that found its way into the diaspora of the United States and in Argentina.

The whole saga leading up to the revelation of Enoch’s real identity, started after Red Ice Radio hosted a show on 26 December 2016 in which Reactionary Jew was invited on as a guest and Lana Lokteff asked the audience to give them feedback on whether right-wing Jews have a place in the supposedly ethno-nationalist political scene that has recently been emerging in the west.

This question was of course met with outrage from various quarters as would be expected. But what was truly interesting was that many of the users and even some global moderators at The Right Stuff began to respond to that provocative question in the affirmative. That was met with deep suspicion by everyone, because it is suspicious.

The controversy and trolling then moved to 4chan /pol/, which is basically the wild west. People from The Right Stuff orchestrated a two week long posting and sliding campaign in which non-stop wall-to-wall pro-Israel propaganda posts and threads were created by them. 4chan /pol/ moderators then began banning all of the TRS people who were doing that, and the details of the bans were then taken back to the TRS forums and presented there.

This is just an example of some of the things that the TRS people were putting up:

4chan post 106813204

4chan post 106807711

TRS then proceeded to deny everything. They claimed that other groups were impersonating them. Some claimed that Hillary Clinton’s CTR was conducting pseudo-operations against them. Some claimed that EU Stratcom was targeting them. Some claimed that British intelligence was targeting them. Some claimed that ‘SJWs’ and Chicago Antifa were trolling them. They claimed that somehow Stormfront was trying to make them look bad. The claims were feverish and frenetic, bold and brash, and all diversionary nonsense.

Somewhere along the way, the TRS people decided that since they were trapped in that situation, the ultimate distraction would be to initiate a miniature Cyberwar against 8chan for no apparent reason. TRS decided to attempt a DDoS against 8chan. It failed. At this point, 8chan /baphomet/ became interested in the feud and many of its denizens informed TRS that they must stop their behaviour immediately, and that they must also apologise for the DDoS attacks and that they must apologise for making the pro-Israel posts, on air, or it would be war.

TRS basically then told 8chan /baphomet/ to “bring it on”.

8chan is however, an anonymous message board that sits on the edge of the Darknet. So they brought it, but no one really will ever know who ‘they’ are. TRS found itself being DDoS’d and this forced them to take shelter under Cloudflare. While the TRS staff were attending to that, they also found themselves being doxxed and the process was being crowdsourced on 8chan /baphomet/.

TRS then tried to go back to 4chan /pol/ and play the two sites against each other by claiming that 8chan /baphomet/ were actually the Antifa. Of course, TRS had just previously bombastically accused 4chan /pol/ of being the Hillary campaign on one hand and of being western intelligence on the other, so no one at 4chan was really in the mood for yet another round of that nonsense again. Furthermore, TRS had misunderstood the nature of anonymous message boards, supposing that there was a real dividing line between the ‘communities’ at 8chan and at 4chan. There is no such dividing line in actuality, because no one is seriously loyal to an anonymous message board. It’s just a vehicle through which various actors can drape themselves in a cloak of trendy anonymity. There is no ‘community’.

The Right Stuff subsequently found itself being Blown The Fuck Out by all of its adversaries, and all of their adversaries were able to maintain anonymity during the process.

Isn’t that marvellous?


It turns out that Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich is a Javascript Developer and a Public Relations Professional who has worked as a Front End Developer at BurrellesLuce, Time Inc, and Vook. He’s from New York. Vook was later rebranded as Pronoun, and is now a subsidiary of Holtzbrink Publishing Group.

Oh, and Peinovich is a Russian Jew married to a Jewish woman named Ames Friedman.

In 2010 he ran an Anarcho-capitalist blog called ‘Emptiness’, at which his wife made several comments with her real name.

In the same year, Peinovich also wrote an article for the Mises Institute.

On 03 July 2015, Peinovich appeared on Red Ice Radio, and actually mentioned that article which he had written for the Mises Institute, when he was explaining to them that he ‘used to be a libertarian’. He cryptically commented after the 13 minutes 25 seconds timestamp, “if you find it, ask if it’s me, and if you get it right, maybe I’ll tell you.”

At this point I don’t think anyone will need to be making any guesses about that anymore. On top of that, Peinovich earlier admitted to everything on the TRS forums before basically transforming himself into the ‘shut it down’ meme and shutting everything down:

TRS 504ums post 722450

There is no more speculation, there is only fact. Mike ‘Enoch’ Peinovich in fact admitted to what he has done.

Datamining concerns

Assuming that the entire TRS entity either originated as or became a full spectrum Information Operation, it means that all the usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, access logs, security questions, and password hashes that were submitted by people who—against all good advice—chose to actually register on the ridiculous TRS forum have a not-insignificant probability of falling into the hands of any number of adversaries who Peinovich may have allegiance to. FBI? Mossad? Who even knows at this point?

Does anyone really think this story is over? For some people, the problems may only just have begun.

Questions Remain

The remaining question would be, who knew about Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich’s Jewish identity before it was exposed today, when did they know, and if anyone did know, why wasn’t it exposed via normal channels much earlier?

A lot of people were in a position to have noticed the fact that Peinovich was in fact a Russian Jew orchestrating a massive disinformation campaign against everyone, one which may have influenced the outcome of the American election and created significant disruption in other English-speaking countries.

This is a partial list of the people who have directly interacted with Peinovich in some way over the past few years, and who one would think ordinarily should have detected that something was very wrong:

  • Richard Spencer
    Greg Johnson
    Kevin MacDonald
    Colin Liddell
    Jared Taylor
    Andrew Anglin
    Lana Lokteff
    Henrik Palmgren
    David Duke
    Colin ‘Millenial Woes’ Robertson
    Bob DC aka Wolf Wall Street
    Kyle Bristow
    James Edwards
    John Friend
    Sam Dickson
    Jack Donovan
    William Regnery
    Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer

It’s truly astounding that supposedly none of those people noticed anything, despite them having either worked with him and having been in interviews with him, or them having called in to TRS during its radio shows. At one point, Peinovich was even brought into a live podcast during the NPI 2015 conference.

Of particular significance is Peinovich’s relationship to Kyle Bristow. Bristow is the Executive Director of Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., an Alt-Right organisation that advocates on behalf of Alt-Right figures and coordinates legal services for them. Peinovich joined its board of directors on 11 December 2016, joining five lawyers, and law student, and a journalist who were already on the board of directors there. I presume they too might like everyone to believe that they didn’t notice anything?

Another one of key significance is Peinovich’s connection to Andrew ‘Weev’ Auerenheimer. Weev is the person who basically did a significant amount of work on the TRS website in order to ‘secure’ it. At some point between 2014 and 2017, the Paypal donations on that site were deactivated and only the Bitcoin donations remained. If Weev was the one who implemented that change, did he not notice the email address linked to their Paypal account was a glaring giveaway about who Mike Enoch really is? But if he did notice the disturbing truth, why did he not alert anyone? Many people could speculate.

Here are some examples of obvious clues that they could have picked up on:

Rebel Yell 145, at 19m55s

Rebel Yell 145, at 25m10s

Rebel Yell 145, at 28m00s

Just as large swathes of the American population were getting ready to give up on the system as it presently exists and to instead settle into total cynicism, along came the Trumpists and outlets like The Right Stuff, who managed to revitalise and rescue the ridiculous system yet again!

And also there was this extra incident here:

"I used the word 'Jewed', in thet kind of context, basically all my life. And even amongst other Jews I use the word 'Jew' that way."

Mike Enoch basically admits he's Jewish!

Fucking incredible. All of the anti-semitic rhetoric that was going on there basically was a cover for the fact that a whole Jewish operation was being conducted right under the noses of the supposedly ‘red pilled’ and ‘savvy’ generation of new American right-wing activists.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’m sure that all kinds of explanations will be forthcoming from all of those people. The question that needs to be asked over and over again, is this: Who knew about Peinovich’s Jewish identity before today, and if any of them did know, when precisely did they know, and why did they not reveal it as soon as they became aware of it?


“They [TRS] use that echo shit instead of naming the Jew. Just like they call themselves fashy instead of fascist. They're pussies and fakes. That's why we're going after them and anyone associated with them. TRS is a pro jewish organization, created by the jews for the jews. bulbasaur literally larps. ghoul has gay moms. seventh son married a meth addict. mike is a fat fuck with a jew mom and with a faghag for a wife. I regret nothing.”


The chronology is:

RedIce promoted Kike

A bunch of anti-Kikes got online to oppose kikery and queerness

TRS characters defended kikery and queerness

TRS tried to hack/troll 4chan and 8chan posters

TRS dared anti-kike and anti-queer 4/8-channers to try to doxx them

TRS got doxxed — addresses, house values, phones, friends, school pix, etc

TRS lied and claimed that they had been attacked by “anti-fa”

TRS got more doxxed

TRS tried to apologise at 8chan

Peinovich lied to Salon kikes, and said he’s not Enoch, is kikey, has kike-wife, is afraid of Nazis

And so on

Morons feel sympathy for TRS kike fags and send them shekels


Some comments I came across:

(((Mike Enoch)))

owner of TRS

wife is Jewish

real surname is Peinovich

caused controversy yelling "Heil Trump!" and doing the Nazi salute at conference
knew full well the place was full of cameras and it was going to go viral

wife worked for NBC

The Atlantic is a subsidiary of NBC

The Atlantic was doing a documentary on Richard Spencer that day

the documentary crew recorded them doing the "Heil Trump!" stunt that went viral


works promoting diversity hires

leader of the Jewish supremacist lodge B'nai B'rith

B'nai B'rith has ties to Mossad, ADL and SLPC

wife regularly promotes LGBT degeneracy

wife performed in anti-Christian "this is how we Jew it" event last Christmas
wife knew about and participated in her husband's "Nazi" radio show


claim they are relevant yet site is ranked 40,090th

claim they expand the base yet need shilling on 4pol and 8pol

claim they expand the base yet regularly attack transitional ideologies

take credit for literally everything that 4pol and 8pol create

pretend wife is just 1/4 Jewish when she is a full blown kike

complain about purity spiralling yet had zero tolerance just a week ago

complain about division yet spent the last months attacking everyone in the right

degenerate fascism into "fashy" and call each other "goy"


BTW, speaking of "ALt-Right", here's The Kike Milo's fag-bitch, who is being promoted by TRS and The Daily Stormer:

Kike Enoch has amazing chutzpah, even for an NYC Kike. He still kvetches about how they have to vet people more to keep out infiltrators, while he brought his kike wife on to shit on Christmas.

If you go to a Degenerate Pool Party, watch your ass around Kike Enoch's kikewife's dildo.

TRS got enough shekels from self-described "goyim" to get some gear and to keep the kikesite running, but it was more about kiking "dumb goyim", helping get The Kike's Trumpwhore elected, and taking audiences away from real anti-Kikes by promoting faggy "trump-frog memes"

America is KIKED.

Only Europeans can save Europe.

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