Lovemore Sibanda's Border Problems

People should make local versions, in the US, Hungary, Italy, UK.... I'd love to hear the border guards responses.

In kebab/nigger voice:

"Hello, I'm trying to get over this fence into Hungary, and now I'm stuck in the barbed wire, and I need you to help me, so I can get to Germany. This is not a nice way to treat immigrants. I got invited by Mama Merkel."

* * *

Discouraging immigration call from South Africa

You must bring your own food."

"You can be shot on the spot."

"You must wear a bullet proof vest."

"Not many people died yet."

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Yup. Nigs from the north are still streaming into the Home of Apartheid. Some get hacked up or burned, so the
government is trying to teach "xenophobic" local nigs "tolerance"..

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