When Trump makes Aaliyah, he can lay a wreath for this great American hero:

Story of How US Soldier Saved 200 Jews Finally Told


Roddie Edmonds

By Arden Dier, Newser, Dec 3, 2015.

(NEWSER) – Roddie Edmonds is the first US soldier to receive Israel's Righteous Among the Nations honor, 70 years after he risked his life to save 200 Jews. The native of Knoxville, Tenn., was captured in the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944 and held at German POW camp Staleg IXA, according to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. When the Nazis ordered all Jewish-American POWs to step forward on Jan. 27, 1945, Edmonds—the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer at the camp—ordered 1,000 US soldiers to do so, regardless of their religion, per the AP. "They cannot all be Jews!" a German commander said, per Yad Vashem. "We are all Jews here," Edmonds replied, adding soldiers didn't need to divulge their religion under the Geneva Conventions. The commander then put a gun to Edmonds' head.

He said, "'I'll give you one more chance. Have the Jewish men step forward or I will shoot you on the spot,'" Edmonds' son, the Rev. Chris Edmonds, tells NPR. "They said my dad paused, and said, 'If you shoot, you'll have to shoot us all.'" The commander yielded. Chris Edmonds believes his dad's move saved 200 lives. Edmonds died in 1985 and his untold story nearly died with him. How it surfaced is fascinating: Some time after his father's death, Chris Edmonds read an article about Richard Nixon's purchase of a tony Manhattan townhouse from a man named Lester Tanner—who mentioned that Edmonds saved his life. The son then embarked on a quest to find Tanner. Edmonds was honored on Wednesday as only the fifth American to receive the Israeli honor, the country's highest for non-Jews who undertook heroic acts in WWII. He is now being considered for a Congressional Medal of Honor.


Another heroic southern boy.

Today he would be thrown out of the service

That's an American hero!

Bravest Human! The nazis had orders to Kill and capture no one at their final stand on the ardan.

in todays jews that would be around 2200 saved. good job bud!!

COMMENTS on the NPR version of the story:

Brilliant & brave leader!

These are the type of folk we need in high office not snakes in suits - yeah like that'll happen any millenium soon

Generally speaking, people with this kind of character and integrity don't have the stomach to succeed in the corrupt world of politics.

Unless they are grassroots activists like MLK and Gandhi.

The POWs from WWII are a special breed, quite apart from most other people I have ever met.

Exactly - I've said that myself too many times to remember

As St Joni Mitchell said "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

Thank you Roddie Edmonds! The bravest guy i ever met was a spotter for the artillery in WW2. Two tours. North Africa + Italy. Well behind enemy lines he came across a division of Germans in the valley below. He called in a "time on target" on them and when all of the artillery got there, all at once, the few that survived would likely never be the same. Around 2500 Germans all at once. Proud of you dad, bravest guy i have met.

This comment was deleted. [response: You are sick in the head.]

Well deserved and a lesson in courage.

the story has been around for 20 years yet a massive press release from yad vashem today? they are just questions... i realize pointing things out makes people uncomfortable. why did they decide to do this now?

The US doesn't really have any kind of equivalent to the YadvaShem awards; but then American citizens have not been subjected to genocide.

Good for Israel and certainly well deserved by any of the documented stories of the "righteous". This is what the cost of citizenship should be about....Israel gets it.....most U.S. politicians....not so much.

Father Maximillion Kolbe took the place of a jew in the line to the crematorium.

spreading false information makes people uncomfortable.

you're pooping on a nice story, just like Art. Knock it off

That's one of the most inspiring stories I've heard - thank you - I needed to hear this - I believe every word and believe that, just as it's in us all to be wretched, it's also in us to be brave, courageous, and honorable. What a man! Thank you

They don't make them like that any more!

The point (IMHO) is not about time passage, or any nations political objectives, or Jews, or Muslims, or LGBT, or left-handers, or (insert tag here); It's about honoring 1 man who felt willing to risk all to stand up for beliefs, not in his own righteousness, but in rights of others, of humanity, of what might just be possible.

&&& he was a SOUTHERNER!!! NOt some Big city boy!!Yay Nashville!!!

I am Spartacus! Great story!! How unbelievably brave.


This comment was deleted.

This comment was deleted.

Sgt. Edmonds; this person is the very best of real Americans. His actions are what personify the best of what our country can be. And he never even told his family what he did.

M.Sgt. Edmonds joins my father and many, many others at Yad Vashem. Thank you.

Are you willing to tell your father's story?

I too would love to honor your father by hearing his story!

Hero's are not born. Hero's are not anyone special. Hero's are not genetic aberrations! Hero's are people who know when it is time to step up and do the right thing. Sargent Edmonds is one such Hero, a man who was above and beyond in his sense of justice, honor and love for his fellow man! Highly moved by this story, thank you NPR for running this amazing piece.

Incredible courage. I don't know if I could do what he did in similar circumstances - I like to think I would, but I just don't know.

This is what leadership should be.

Righteous. Not very often does this word get used appropriately.

Dude, this guy is a true American hero. This is courage. Thank you for a story not filled with hate but rather filled with hope.

"He turned blood-red, pulled his Luger out, pressed it into the forehead of my dad, and said, 'I'll give you one more chance. Have the Jewish men step forward or I will shoot you on the spot,' " Edmonds said. dad paused, and said, 'If you shoot, you'll have to shoot us all.’ — That pretty much says it all.

The King of Denmark did it for an entire country. He has been honored in YadvaShem for years.

There was a similar situation with the same threat and setting. In this case the Jewish soldiers stepped forward as they didn't want their fellow soldiers to be shot.

Very inspiring. My hat's off to Master Sgt. Edmonds.

Edmonds' actions and those of every man in the camp that stepped forward show what it really means to be an American.

It wasn't a gun that saved those men's lives that day. It was Edmond's and every other American POW's actions that took a step forward that day.

I hold the American men and women, as well as those of our allies, who served in WWII in the highest regard.

So many lessons in this story from the past for our times now. I hope we are listening.

How can we have news stories on the same day telling us about the honor and bravery of this US soldier and also telling us that Donald Trump wants to target and kill the families of terrorists (not on NPR but on other news outlets)? Roddie Edmonds represents the best of America, what Americans should strive for, the brave and honorable and right thing to do. I am so happy he is being remembered for the brave thing he did. May Americans remember him and look to him for a role model.

Such a shame you must sully this story with "the donald"

We incinerated entire cities to defeat our enemies in WWII.

So did Germans and the Japanese. Rape of Nanking and The Holocaust.

That is American Spirit :) WTG, Master Sgt

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thoughtcrimes on heeb island

Joshua Bonehill-Paine jailed for more than three years for inciting hatred against Jews

A white supremacist has been jailed for three years and four months following his conviction of inciting racial hatred after he published antisemitic material.
Joshua Bonehill-Paine was described in court as “an extremist” who had expressed “virulently racist views in respect to the Jewish community”.
He had been arrested ahead of a planned neo-Nazi rally which was due to take place at the heart of the Jewish community in Golders Green, north-west London, in July.
Bonehill-Paine, of Yeovil, Somerset, had circulated images online including one which described the protest as an “anti-Jewification” event.

Rapists have served less.
I thouht Bonehill was a fraud but now I dont know what to think.

PS HELLO it's been a while !

I hear there have been changes?

Re: thoughtcrimes on heeb island

Couple of things regarding Bonehill.

Even Nick Griffin who said Bonehill was an agent, changed his opinion after he was jailed.

But some questions remain. One is where are Bonehill’s parents/family, he was 18 when he started trolling arrested several times, only once is his mother mentioned joining him in one court case. Now at 22/23(?) surely he’s still living at home?

Yet Garron Helm's family details were given out
- Helm was one of 11 children but the family had broken apart after his father died in a work accident and his mother had a mental breakdown.

Most news stories report on parents if they are fairly young . Anyone seen any report that says his mother was X and his father was Y his school was Z?
-One report where Bonehill mother was at one of his trials in 2014, but no pictures of him and her, press just used same old staged pics of Bonehill in union jack tie outside old court date or him in front of Parliament.
-It was reported none of his family or friends were at his recent trial but a left winger on twitter who apparently went to public gallery of trial

Bonehill had several arrests for online activity only finally in jail for jew event ,whereas a drunk Isabella Sorley, and John Nimmo, were jailed for first trolling offence


Another twitter troll not even arrested, full details on school attended, his aunt comments etc.
‘This is totally out of character,’ 62-year-old Joy Rawlings told the Daily Mail.
‘He is normally a very polite and well-mannered young man.
'His parents won’t be impressed in the slightest.’
Rawlings attended the £9,759-a-year Cheadle Hulme School in Greater Manchester, and according to his Facebook page is a student at Nottingham University.
He was keeping a low profile yesterday having deleted his Twitter account, and is understood to be out of the country.
At the £1.2million gated home in Hale, Greater Manchester, where he lives with his mother Joanne and Bentley-driving accountant father Martin, 53, the only sign of life yesterday was a housekeeper who refused to come to the door.


Bonehills last twitter account he was still putting out fake news stories, what was point?
This boy was from Hollyoaks


Also quite high quality graphic design, where'd he get the skills, along with running 2 websites DailyBale & National Liberation all with lots of original graphics, and constantly trolling people on twitter?

As well as several full time anti-fascist type twitter accounts constantly talking about him like

Would like to see a trustworthy report that he's actually in prison, as if he is real why are his parents & family not protesting?

If he were sincere would his parents make some comment? If he were mental would his parents make some comment?

If he's an agent then it'd be easy to make out he's in prison, this isn't far-fetched.

Look how far undercover police for Animal Liberation Front went

Considering so many people are waking up to jew control and race reality via the internet, what better way than having someone putting out false stories of White girls missing taken by Asian grooming gangs. WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY REAL LIFE STORIES! This just a few months after Oxford and a few before Rotherham broke.

Given that a huge part of truth telling via the internet is being anonymous what better way to help bring in web ID laws then constantly trolling people (and tarnishing UKIP as well)

In the Jack Monroe trolling Bonehill used same Alex Wood UKIP (his former friend/fellow agent?) which was also tarnished UKIP pre-elections with Nazi salute

In conclusion there needs to be real proof Bonehill is in Wandsworth, not just news reports that like undercover Animal Liberation Front agents don’t really mean that much.

Of course if it is real and he really is in jail it is insane sentence.



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