Now it's bombing Syria, pressure rises on the UK to take in more refugees

The independent, Dec 3, 2015

A leading humanitarian aid agency has called on the British government to increase its intake of refugees following the decision to launch air strikes in Syria.

The British government has so far pledged to take in 20,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees by 2020 but the International Rescue Committee UK (IRC) says this is simply not enough.

Melanie Ward, associate director at the IRC, told that an upsurge in violence in Syria "inevitably risks" an increase in those who will have to flee their homes:

"It cannot be argued that accepting 4,000 Syrian refugees per year - or around 6 per parliamentary constituency - is our fair share of the millions who have fled Syria. This is more the case now than ever before."

A spokesperson for the Department for International Development explained that the government has spent over £1bn in response to the Syria crisis already - helping to resettle refugees in neighbouring countries.

However, Ward pointed out that there are already thousands who have fled the region altogether and that the crisis must be addressed:

"The government should urgently revise the numbers upwards, including by welcoming a significant number of the refugees whose desperation has seen them reach Europe's shores already."

In October, Richard Harrington MP, the minister for Syrian refugees, explained that the government was taking other measures to tackle the crisis:

"Our triple-track approach of providing funding for the refugee camps, resettling the most vulnerable, and cracking down on the traffickers clearly shows the UK playing a full role in dealing with this story of human catastrophe and living up to the reputation for humanitarian action of which we are so proud."

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