The German 'Land' of Hesse still has the death penalty as Article 21 of its Constitution of 1946, passed by the SPD (Socialist) and KPD (Communist Party) dominated legislature.

Key figures in the drafting of the bloodthirsty Constituution:

- Communist Oskar Müller, Labor Secretary (Arbeitsminister) of the first Hesse government, Dauchau "Holocaust Survivor" oy vey.

- Kike Communist Emil Carlebach, delegate of the first parliament, and publisher of the German jewspaper, Frankfurter Rundschau. Descended from a long line of Pharisees. "In early 1934, he was sentenced to three years in prison for spreading anti-fascist union publications. When the sentence was completed in 1937, he was sent to Dachau concentration camp and then imprisoned at Buchenwald in 1938. At Buchenwald, he was active in the illegal resistance organization. Following plans he designed, he launched "with the call to mutiny on 4 April 1945." He was to have been shot by the SS on 6 April 1945, for his efforts in the camp revolt, but was hidden by other prisoners and survived till liberation. After the liberation of the concentration camp, the prisoners from Buchenwald chose him as their spokesman; later he became the vice-president of the International Buchenwald Committee. Carlebach’s conduct towards those Buchenwald prisoners who he did not consider loyal communists was also criticized. Because of this, his former fellow prisoner, Benedikt Kautsky, accused him of being partially responsible for the death of least two Polish prisoners. After the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) was banned in 1956, he fled to the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR, East Germany). There he was a staff member for the Deutscher Freiheitssender 904 (German Freedom Radio 904). After his return to the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD, West Germany) he was active in the VVN, the German Communist Party (DKP) and the Deutsche Journalistinnen- und Journalisten-Union (dju, Union of German Journalists) until his death." (Kikepedia) - Incompetent Krauts couldn't manage to kill one lousy Commie Kike in 11 years!

The 1949 Federal Grundgesetz supersedes it, on the principle of "Bundesrecht bricht Landesrecht" ('Federal law breaks state law'). So much for Holy Diversity and Respect for Multiculturalism.

A state referendum would be required to remove Article 21.

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