Where's the love for the poor poor 'refugees'?

Will a fence halt the human tide flowing into Slovenia? Country becomes latest to build barriers along its borders as 47,500 migrants arrive in just a few days


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Time to start shooting them

All fit and ables young blokes, throwing a couple of women and children in to get the sympathy vote, I say use full force water cannons and electrify the fences

foul, smelly ver-min the lot of them

Roll on a -35 degree winter this lot will wish they were sat on the balcony in Syria watching the sun go down ... Bring on the big freeze

It seems to me that no matter what the h e ll. we say our govs are not going to take a blind bit of notice,they want s t r I n g I n g. up

All along I felt that we should leave the boats alone. If a few boats had capsized early on resulting in loss of lives do you think more would have come? Of course not. But no, everyone was rushing to help with no strategy as to what to do with these people. If Cameron budges one iota over the 20k he has sadly already committed to take I believe there will be carnage on our streets.

Slovania is now ruined! Rip

UK had better STOP this cancer from spreading!!! Cut off the tumour before it's too late!!!

P@rasites, the lot of them and they seem to excrete litter

So abolish all external border checks at the same time as you boost the human rights groups internally . The poor masses of the middle east have just realised that Angie 's house has no door locks. It will get much worse...even if peace comes to Syria tomorrow .

and they probably won't go back when peace arrives.

All part of IS plan, wake up Europe.

All men with a token child at the front.

FIRst thing I thought of too. 40,000 illegals. In the first photo you are lucky to spot a female. Rest of the photos they have hunted out the women and children.

Enjoy your last Christmas in peace folks.

It sounds like we have all just given in already,it's not a good attitude is it?

sooner or later when the citizens of the invaded countries get fed up, there is going to be some very serious civil unrest, which Governments are not going to be able to control.

Time for all European women to start martial arts classes. I don't think we're going to feel safe 😟

They are not 'fleeing' FROM anything they are passing through countless 'safe' Countries 'fleeing' TO the Countries that pay the most benefits.


Merkel's open-door policy faces a backlash as Germany braces for up to a million a s y l u m requests this year, but Junker in an interview to the Funken media said that "I appreciate very much that the Chancellor does not change course because of opinion polls. It is not a question of short-term popularity but the very substance of what politics is about," What does that even mean??

Merkel has a lot to answer for allowing this to happen. As we are in the EU how come she made this decision on her own.

Also reports showing the extent of c r i m e in the shelters and generally among m i g r a n ts; the general lack of respect for German law, the creation of parallel societies, the refusal of younger males to undertake apprenticeships expecting instead to 'get rich quick', the lack of respect for German ways (such as the refusal to speak the language of the unclean i.e. any non-M'slim), the attempts to subjugate women at every turn: the epidemic of r a p e; the implementation of s h a r i a h in shelters and 'no go' areas in cities such as Berlin.

Germany/Merkel runs the EU. It is NOT a democratic organisation.

If you haven't woken up to the fact that we will be fighting these within ten years then it time you took a reality check. Tell your left wing neighbours too. They probably haven't realised that been left wing and pro im-mi-gration will be no defence in the end.

In the local Morpeth herald two weeks ago our local l o o n Lib Dem councillor is urging all of us to take one of these lot into our homes!!!!

So true. Been thinking that for ages

So its down to the former eastern bloc to defend the west .who would have believed it.

I bet you Germans are starting to regret tearing down that wall.

Historically the territory of the present day Slovenia represented the first ramparts of Christianity that were never conquered by the Ottoman Turks. So yes, I think that legacy is still alive and well.

The only walls we need are across the tunnel, both ends.

There is no tunnel under the Med, but they still got to Europe. All we need is proper security but Chicken Dave keeps cutting the budget. The tunnel cost billions, why should we close it because of a few riff raff.

What are we going to do when the Calais 6,000 become 12,000 and start hijacking ferries?

People would have more sympathy I'm sure, if these people sought refuge in the first safe haven they reached instead of 'cherry picking' where they want to go .......

I was born in the fifties, people of a similar age or older will tell you it's not our country anymore. There's a neon sign at Dover. To Let, or for sale, British industry, British jobs, and help yourself to accommodation.

Let's all do it. We in the UK were protected by the sea for thousands of years and then some bright sparks decided to build the tunnel. Block it off, secede from the EU and patrol our waters with gun boats.

They'll still come across on the ferries hidden in lorries.

The Chunnel was built with the EU Superstate in mind.

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