Glamour magazine has named Caitlyn Jenner its “Woman of the Year” for 2015. Along with Reese Witherspoon, Jenner will be featured on the publication’s December issue to celebrate 25 years of the magazine’s feminist prize.

Glamour magazine's Editor-inChief is Kike Cynthia "Cindi" Leive, is a Board Member at the IWMF (International Women's Media Foundation, Resident Fellow for Yale Publishing Course, a graduate of Swarthmore College (Eng-Lit major, Religion minor), lives in New York City, film producer husband Kike Howie Bernstein, kike kids Lucy and Isaac.

Glamour magazine is published by Condé Nast [One World Trade Center, New York. Kike Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr. (CEO and president), Kike Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. (chairman emeritus).], which is owned by Advance Publications, which is owned by the Kike Newhouse family: Kike Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. (Chairman), Kike Thomas Summer (CFO), Kike Donald Newhouse (President).

Kike Newhouse Conde Nast Glamour Mobonongo

Vanity Fair magazine is also published by The Kike's Condé Nast.

Kike Newhouse Conde Nast Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner


"Solomon "Samuel" Irving Newhouse, Sr. (1895–1979) was an American broadcasting businessman, magazine and newspaper publisher. He was the founder of Advance Publications. Solomon Neuhaus was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His father, Meier Neuhaus, was an immigrant from Vitebsk, Belarus; and his mother, Rose (née Arenfeldt), was from Austria-Hungary. Meier Neuhaus would later Americanize his name to Meyer Newhouse. Although his father had studied to become a rabbi, he was unskilled and only worked occasionally.

"The family moved to Bayonne, New Jersey where his mother supported the family. In 1908 his father abandoned the family. Newhouse quit school and enrolled in a six-week bookkeeping course at the Gaffrey School in Manhattan which enabled him to secure a job as an office boy working for Hyman Lazarus, a lawyer, police court judge, and politician in Bayonne. At age sixteen, he was promoted to office manager of Lazarus' law firm.

"Lazarus tasked Newhouse to manage the Bayonne Times (a local newspaper Lazarus had acquired a majority interest in due to an unpaid legal bill). In 1924, Lazarus died and he purchased Lazarus' share from his widow as well as the 49 percent that he did not own. Newhouse had found his calling and began to expand his empire

"Newhouse had no interest in starting papers. He would acquire a city's oldest newspaper and then purchase the city's second newspaper thereby allowing him to set advertising rates. Although he would generally promise to keep both papers in business and in competition, he typically would merge the two (which generally meant closing the afternoon paper and keeping the morning) effectively establishing a monopoly and then using the profits to purchase additional newspapers.

"He was married to arts patron and philanthropist Mitzi Epstein (1902–1989), who grew up in an upper middle class, Jewish family on the Upper West Side, the daughter of a silk tie importer. They had two sons, Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr., known as Si Newhouse, chairman and CEO of Advance, and Donald Newhouse, president of Advance. His great-grandson, S.I. Newhouse IV, is featured in a documentary called Born Rich about the experience of growing up as the heir to one of the world's greatest fortunes. Upon his death, he passed his voting common stock in the principal family company, Advance Publications, in trust to his six grandchildren and made his two sons the sole trustees.

"One of the vessels of the Staten Island Ferry is also named after him. So was the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and the S.I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice at Rutgers School of Law-Newark."

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