"Refugees" burn down 25 tents bc they had to apply to asylum in a country without welfare


jessuatwork forever: In Brežice, Slovenia, the falsely named "refugees" (they're illegals), lit fire to 25 tents because the registration procedures took too long. Imagine that. Forcing their way in, then destroying everything because we're not quick enough to their tastes. Invaders, that what they are.


Pekka L.: These monkeys are playing with fire (pun intended). Europe has done their best to accommodate the horde, but when white people snap, they snap hard. White people are fucking scary. When white people get mad, they will nuke your shit (Looking at you, Japan) and then nuke you again BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT, RIGHT? Also, good job. Most of Europe would gladly come and burn your tents for you, it's what we're doing to the asylum centers too. Saves us some legwork when you burn them yourselves.

Fjolle Berg: They do it, because they think the government will give them houses to live in,now.They might think they`re in Sweden - but they are in the wrong country,the Slovenian people are neither naive or stupid.By the way,i`m sure the winther in Slovenia will be freezing! :-)

Mr. WhatChaMaCalum: Rapeugees be dumb.

mikey83x: I hope for a long bitter Balkan winter

Zolee LittleB: :)) the night is going to be freezy. They need nothing...but a little flu.

moonspellsdumb: remember deportation is racist

Shaiah Eyes2c: Now they can sleep under open sky.

Ri Hi: May Almighty God bring that killer virus needed this winter to wipe this plague of savages out!

vmeister11: Too bad they weren't inside.

Master Mariner: Niggers...

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