Turkey to become EU's 2nd largest country.

Pop.: 77,695,904 (55m Turks, 6m Kurds, 3m Zazas, 2.5m Circassians, 2m Bosniaks (~Serb Muslims), 1.3 Albanians, 1m Georgians, 0.9m Arabs, 0.6m Pomaks (Bulgarian Muslims))

Germany: 81,197,500 (5m Muz (officially 4.2m) + invaders + breeders)
Turkey 77,695,904 (73m Muz)
France: 67,087,000 (5.5m Muz (officially 4.7m) + invaders + breeders)
UK: 64,800,000 (3/4/5m? Muz (officially 2.6m) + invaders + breeders)
Italy: 60,725,000 (2m Muz (officially 1.7m) + invaders + breeders)

EU: 508m (officially 13m Muz)
EU w. Turkey: 586m (officially 86m Muz)

Turkish would become the 4th most spoken EU language.

The EU would then border on Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, with Turks "defending" EU borders. And the millions of 'refugees' and refugees in Turkey would be dealt with under EU law, and would become EU residents.

Merkel ready to back Turkish EU bid if migrant deal reached

October 20, 2015

ISTANBUL/BERLIN (Reuters) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered Turkey the prospect of support for faster progress on its bid to join the European Union on Sunday in return for cooperation in stemming the flow of migrants and taking back those rejected by Europe.

Merkel said Germany could help accelerate the path to visa-free travel to the EU for Turks and push forward Ankara’s protracted EU membership talks.

In return, she expected Turkey to agree more quickly to take in migrants sent back by the EU, so-called “readmission agreements” that Davutoglu has said he will sign up to only if there is progress on liberalizing the visa regime for Turks.

“I think we have used the crisis we are experiencing, through a very disorderly and uncontrolled movement of refugees, to again achieve closer cooperation on many issues, both between the European Union and Turkey, and between Germany and Turkey,” Merkel said after meeting the Turkish premier.

Merkel, who only 10 days ago reiterated her opposition to Turkey joining the EU, said the talks were “very promising.” Faster Turkish accession may be hard for some in her conservative party, long opposed to Turkish membership, to swallow.

Merkel wants to cement a European deal with Turkey on aid and closer ties in return for help in encouraging refugees there to stay put.

She has resisted pressure to tighten Germany’s border controls and turn away refugees arriving from Austria, even as Germany expects 800,000 to 1 million new arrivals this year.

Visa-free travel for Turks should be brought forward to July 2016 instead of the current planned 2017 in exchange for Turkey signing up to the readmission agreement, Davutoglu said. He also said Turkey should have a seat at EU summits.

Germany is ready to offer support,” Merkel said. “If we take the question of visa liberalization, we can talk in the German-Turkish working group ... about specific possibilities to push through visa facilitation.”

President Tayyip Erdogan, whom Merkel also met, said he had asked her — as well as France, Britain and Spain — for support on accelerating Turkey’s EU membership bid.

Erdogan and his ruling AK Party, which faces a general election on Nov. 1, have an interest in avoiding any suggestion of a sellout to help ungrateful Europeans.

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