"REAL CHRISTIAN HISTORY" (jewtube playlist)

Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

Arab Conquest of Christian Syria-Palestine, 633-638

Muslim Conquest of Persian Mesopotamia and the Occupation of Christian Syria, 635-642

Muslim Conquest of Christian Egypt, 639-646

Constans II and the First Islamic Civil War, 642-670

First Arab Siege of Constantinople, 674-678

Origins of the Sunni/Shiite Divide and the Resolution of the Monothelite Controversy, 678-685

The Madness of Justinian II and the Final Arab Subjugation of Byzantine North Africa, 685-711

Arab Conquest of Spain, 711-715: Full Documentary

Second Arab Siege of Constantinople, 717-718

Pelayo and the Dawn of the Reconquista, 715-722

The Rise of Charles Martel and Byzantine Iconoclasm, 718-731

Battle of Tours, 732: Islam Halted

Charles Martel’s Final Moorish War and the Great Berber Uprising in Spain, 733-741

France: Eldest Daughter of the Church, 741-747

The Fall of the Umayyads and the Christian Response, 740-752

Alfonso I of Asturias Raids al-Andalus, 753

Civil War in Al-Andalus, Civil Unrest in the Kingdom of the Asturias, 757-771

Charlemagne's Iberian Campaign, 777-778

Charlemagne - Expansion of Frankish Power and Culture: 774-799

Charlemagne: A New Emperor for Christendom, 800-814

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