Military SITREP from the German invasion front by Gman

[THE KIKE IS] Breaking Germany

Since the 1960s Germany was the target of immigration forced by the USA and the industry [AND THE KIKE!]. Since the 1990s a growing number of asylum seekers added to it. Today of the ~80mil inhabitants of Germany estimated 15mil to 20mil have a so called migration background. As many of those got German citizenship, they do not show in the statistics.

Most of these migrants are Muslims (Turks, Kurds, Lebanese, Afghans). Some of them are integrated in German society, many decided to separate in Ghettos and to run criminal enterprises like the Miri clan in Bremen.

This year the AngloZionist (AZ) decided to put migration into overdrive and already pushed in over 1mil new migrants incompatible to the European culture. My speculation is, that as the Cordon Sanitaire to keep Germany and Russia apart fails, the AZ decided to break Germany to become useless or even a burden for Russia.

Background: Weapon of Mass Migration (WoMM)

The effects of WoMM is more devastating than the use of nukes and more stealthy therefore the new weapon of choice for AZ: [source]

Thomas Barnett on Globalization, Cordon Sanitaire and how to force free flow of migrants watch the videos

Strategic SITREP & war parties

Attackers: AZ use their CIA/Mossad/MI6 proxies: IS, ISIS, AQ, Boko Haram to name some plus their NGOs e.g. Soros NGOs [source] and [source]


• The German government is in full breach of EU and German immigration & asylum law. [source] and [source]

• The German Justice system is no longer upholding the law or prosecuting migrants. However, Germans will be prosecuted to the full extend even if they act in self-defense. In Germany prosecutors are NOT independent, but have to follow orders from their ministry. [source]

• Main Stream Media are in full propaganda mode, from not reporting migrant crimes (theft, assaults, rapes) to full blown lies. [source]

• Gutmenschen (inaccurately translated as good doers, because these people demand others to do “good” to feel better) are the product of 70 years of reeducation and enforce Political Correctness.

• Antifa, state sponsored thugs. [source]

VoMM: Migrants & refugees used as pawns by AZ and lured in by grandiose promises of work, houses, wealth and loot for conquering Europe. [source]

War profiteers:

The Asylum Social Industry (ASI) complex feeding of tax money in the billions [source]

• Political parties thru their social enterprises e.g. SPD – AWO

• Lawyers representing migrants

• Developers [source]

• Catering and service companies [source]

• Mercenary companies

• Banksters asking to issue high yield immigration bonds [source]


The police in Germany is the investigating arm of the prosecution and has to act for them. Therefore they are restricted, got gag orders not to talk what is happening and overwhelmed by the migrant numbers.

The Germany army was a formidable force during the cold war with 12 active Tank Divisions, compulsory service and millions of reservists. This is long gone. Today they are down to 2 rundown Divisions, changed to professional soldiers and therefore low on reserves. Further drained by off-shore missions like Afghanistan.

German has one of the most restrictive weapon laws for the citizen, hardly any of the law abating [abiding (I believe the author is a Russian speaker] citizen are armed.

Tactical SITREP

More than 80% of the current migrants (>1Mio, current trend going to 3Mio) [source]
are young men and mostly Muslims. Coming from war torn countries they are battle hardened compared to the local populace. A percentage (several thousands) of them come from IS or Boko Haram. [source]

With the battle situation getting worse for IS in Syria-Iraq their amount will increase.
They are building their commandos and recruiting members in the refugee centers. They are now even placed in active (guns, ammo) military barracks and air force bases. The security of these bases was outsourced to private contractors and the guards reduced. Therefore the barracks can be taken by less than 50 determined attackers.
There are further rumors that containers with concealed weapons are dropped by Blackwater/Academi at the refugees centers like the one discovered in Greece.

There are also rumors that some mosques in Germany are used as weapon depots and that a significant number of the “integrated” Muslims will join the conquest. Illegal AK47s are easy to get from the east and Balkans.


While Germany no doubt has some sort of influence in international or at least European affairs, its relation especially to the USA [WHICH IS THE KIKE'S BIGGEST WHORE] is that of a dependant vassal.

Germany is the main target because, basically the “German question” is unsolved to this day.

Germany is not a sovereign nation [source]

Germany is still occupied. [source]

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