This Palestinian whore for The Kike is supposed to be a voice for Palestinians:

She is so kike. She should go live in Saudi Arabia. Her husband is a Goldman Sachs billionaire Kike. And if she was serious, then she'd learn to speak English properly, though I'm sure no matter how she changed her horrible accent, she'd always still sound like an anti-White gold-digging celeb-whore Anti-Christ bitch, because that's what she is.

Anglo-American [i.e. global] Main-Stream Media = Kikes and their Whores vs Kikes and their Whores on Kike-owned and Kike-run media


Rula Jebreal (رولا جبريل; born April 24, 1973) is a Palestinian foreign policy analyst, journalist, novelist and screenwriter with dual Israeli and Italian citizenship. She was a commentator for [The Kike's] MSNBC.

"Jebreal was born in Haifa, Israel, to Othman Jebreal and Zakia, and grew up in Jerusalem. Her Nigerian-born father was an imam and groundskeeper at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Her mother, who suffered from severe abuse in her childhood, committed suicide by walking into the sea when Jebreal was 5. She and her sister Rania were put into the Dar El-Tifel orphanage by their father, in 1978, until 1991. She was raised in the orphanage. In 1993 she received a scholarship from the Italian government to study medicine at the University of Bologna, where she graduated with a degree in physiotherapy. She worked as a physiotherapist [masseuse?] while she went back to the University of Bologna and earned her masters in Journalism and Political Science.

"Jebreal worked as a journalist in Italy for twelve years. In 2006 she worked with [Socialist MEP] Michele Santoro as an interviewer on AnnoZero, a ["extreme left" "Frankfurt School"] political television show in Italy.

"Jebreal's wrote her first novel Miral in 2003. It was eventually made into a film that was directed by [Kike] Julian Schnabel, from Jebreal's screenplay. Jebreal's second novel The Bride of Aswan was published in 2007. Her third book, Rejected, is a non-fiction study based on interviews with immigrants who have either made their way to successful careers in Italy or otherwise live on the margins of Italian society.

"She has a teenage daughter whose father is an Italian artist.

"She dated [KIKE] Julian Schnabel from 2007 to 2011. In 2013, she married billionaire [KIKE] Arthur Altschul, Jr., son of [KIKE] Goldman Sachs banker Arthur Altschul.

"She is fluent in four languages: Italian, English [which she speaks as if a kebab is permanently stuck up her ass], Arabic and Hebrew. She describes herself as a "secular Muslim"."

Kike Arthur Altschul [senior] was born in 1920 in Manhattan to Helen Lehman Goodhart (maternal granddaughter of Mayer Lehman, one of the three founding brothers of Lehman brothers) and Frank Altschul, an investment banker who was a senior partner at Lazard Frères until 1945 and chairman of General Investors Corporation until he retired in 1961.He graduated from Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and in 1943 from Yale College. He served in the Marines from 1943 through 1945 and was a New York Times reporter in the late 1940s. As he had family connections to the Lehman family, he worked as an analyst with Lehman Brothers before joining General American Investors Company (a closed-end investment concern in which his family has a substantial interest) and then Goldman Sachs where he served as a general partner from 1959 to 1977 and a limited partner from 1977 to 1999. He was also chairman of General American Investors from 1961 to 1995.

Bloomberg Business:

Mr. Arthur G. Altschul, Jr., is the Founder and Managing Member of Diaz & Altschul Group LLC. Mr. Altschul founded and served as a Managing Member of Diaz & Altschul Capital Management LLC. He Co-Founded Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc in November 2007. He has worked in investment banking, venture capital, and as a member of senior management of a publicly traded health care concern. Mr. Altschul has worked in money management, investment banking and as a member of senior management of a publicly-traded health care concern. From 1992 to 1996, he worked at SUGEN, Inc., and served as its Senior Director of Corporate Affairs. From 1985 to 1991, he worked in the equity and fixed income trading departments at Goldman, Sachs & Co., was a founding limited Partner of The Maximus Fund, LP, and worked in the equity research department at Morgan Stanley & Company. Mr. Altschul has been the Chairman of Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc since November 2007. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Soliloquy and Medrium, Inc. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Overbrook Management Corporation. He has been an Independent Director of General American Investors Company Inc. since 1995. Mr. Altschu serves as Director of Diversified Natural Products, Inc., Delta Opportunity Fund, Ltd., The Overbrook Foundation, and ValiGen N.V. He serves as a Trustee of Neurosciences Research Foundation Inc. and the National Public Radio Foundation. He served as a Director of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. from December 1992 to December 2012. He also serves on the board of directors of the Child Mind Institute. He serves as Member of the New York Council for Humanities. Mr. Altschul holds a B.S. from Columbia University in Computer Science.

Gold-digging celebrity-whore Rula with The Kike Schnabel:


Partying with Eli Roth:

Rula whoring for The Kike Maher:

Rula: "Yadda Yadda Yadda Durka Durka Durka Islam is a religion of peace oy vey."

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