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Ban Ki-moon, a secretary at The Kike's United Nation, says that Europe has a moral duty to open its borders. The Republic of Korea accepts ZERO refugees from Syria. The ROK began accepting refugees in principle in 1994 (though in fact tries to put up bureaucratic roadblocks to keep them out, including Immigration officers pretending they can't understand the asylum-seekers' requests in English and/or Korean), and only passed an asylum law last year. Korea accepts about 190-200 refugees a year. (North Koreans are colloquially referred to as "refugees" and/or "defectors", but are in a separate category from international asylum-seekers). Many refugees accepted in Korea are ethnic Koreans from former Soviet republics. Non-Koreans are only allowed entry as asylum-claimants if they arrive in ROK sovereign territory and fill out a form, with all relevant information and documents provided at the time of application. Ban Ki-moon is a former ROK foreign minister (2004-2006), and is widely considered as a potential future President, with a very high probability of being elected because of his "prestige" as a KIke-U.N. secretary. He has not criticised the ROK.

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