I am not a bigot. I just think that the world would be a better place if women and queers were not allowed to vote.

"From Whitstable to Korea, refugees are welcome here."

Asylum seeker base plans for Ladesfield Care Home in Whitstable supported by campaign group

Kate Adams bitch for MuzNig invaders

[Photo: Kate Adams: Smug self-righteous bitch for MuzNig invaders.]

KentOnline, 25 July 2015

"From Whitstable to Korea, refugees are welcome here."

That was the message from campaigners this morning supporting plans to turn a former Whitstable care home into a base for 40 young migrants.

Protesting outside a surgery of the town's MP Julian Brazier, Kate Adams from campaign group Whitstable Stop the Cuts threw her support behind Kent County Council's plan to turn the disused Ladesfield Care Home into a temporary home for unaccompanied boys.

She said: "I know how vulnerable they are. I understand local people are concerned because they feel their own children will be under threat. But the local council has a duty of care to look after these children and they have reassurance they will be looked after under 24-hour care. We are fighting for children wherever they come from because vulnerable children, whether they live in Afghanistan or Whitstable, deserve our protection."

The surgery, held at Seasalter Christian Centre in Faversham Road, was attended by residents concerned about the plans to turn the site into a home for unaccompanied boys aged 16 and 17.

The Ladesfield site overlooks Joy Lane Primary School and the Whitstable Day Nursery and concerned parents aired their worries at a meeting held on Thursday.

Mr Brazier said: "The immediate position is that the county has a legal duty to house these vulnerable youngsters and this is the only building they had available. It’s quite clear that Ladesfield is not a suitable place for the medium to long term and we need to find somewhere else. We have got to find a long term solution and that shouldn’t be Ladesfield. It’s got to be recognised as a national problem, not a Kent problem."

The former Ladesfield Care Home in Vulcan Close, Whitstable, would act as a temporary reception centre for asylum seekers who are supported for a maximum period of six to eight weeks each.

The home could be occupied in around a month's time.


Disgustedoftonbridge wrote: "From Whitstable to Korea, refugees are welcome here." But are the indigenous population of this country, who are queuing up at food banks, with no shelter, or clothing, welcome there?

annieann wrote: Why Ladesfield - the Barracks in Canterbury are completely empty and fit for purpose - all our troops lived there - it would hold all 605 of them if Paul Carter has the figures right. All contained in one area, lots of grounds and near the motorway and Dover. Of course they will have to endure Operation Stack but hey ho. Come on Julian Brazer, the solution is on your doorstep.

Nothingchanges wrote: Excellent idea! Is Canterbury prison still empty. Could house a few more in there.

Jake1234 wrote: It is absolutely soul crushing to come on here and witness the amount of fear, hate and unpleasantness from the people of kent. Such a sense of entitlement over being lucky enough to be born into a 1st world country. I love my country and I love kent but find myself feeling increasingly detached from it, not due to multi-culturalism and increased diversity (our culture, as with many, being an amalgamation of things we've picked up along the way) but due to the greedy, selfish and down right unpleasant nature of a lot of the people that live here.

BannedandBlue wrote: Sorry you feel this way never mind see ya later I suggest you would fit in well at calais at the moment see what your seeing at the moment is a form of jihad my friend maybe just maybe a lot of the comments that you disagree with on this thread are coming from concerned parents and grandparents that just maybe a little more awake than yourself.

TrueBritt wrote: I get that the migrants (most of them?) are fleeing from their “war ravaged” homelands etc etc ,ya,ya,ya. but surely as soon as they reach the safety of Europe, the fleeing can stop?......... Of course not, so it would appear. Once in Europe it’s off to jolly England, helped I suspect by the rest of our European neighbours who don’t want them, can’t afford them and probably haven’t got armies of bleeding heart do gooders who apparantly would rather help migrants than their own friends and family. The migrants come here because they are confident that once in they are unlikely to be removed. (We can’t even kick out Taliban warlords, terrorists, drug dealers and rapists) They can also be reasonably confident that they will be housed for free and receive all the other benefits that they have never contributed to as well as getting money thrown at them. I despair at the attitude in some of the comments I have read and the actions I see. I cannot understand how some would think its ok to help people that we know nothing about and who come here illegally rather than help the people that have helped build this country and have contributed to it throughout their working lives. I despair the fact that our youngsters are finding it dammed hard or impossible in most cases to set up their own homes yet we find it easy to set up homes for migrants. We have a huge issue providing adequate care for some of our elderly and vulnerable people. A large care home facility for the elderly in Whitstable was closed due to lack of funding yet miraculously the money to turn it into young migrants home has been found. This nonsense has surly got to stop. Close the dam tunnel; stop the ferries we need deliver a message to Europe and the migrants. Our borders are closed until further notice

Steve Omara wrote: So, these are only YOUNG MEN, Where are their mothers, sisters,grandmothers,aunts girlfriends ?? If the place they left is so bloody dangerous why have they deserted their womenfolk ???? This old, ,soft, liberally diseased country, is happily importing a new race of cowards and liars. well done .

Sue McKenna wrote: Come and spend a week in London and see if you think the same. Im surrounded by them and dont think they are going to be grateful for giving them a home because they certainly wont be. Hope your security at home is good and you dont mind your house prices falling. You dont have any idea whats going to be happening on your door steps.

John Wayne wrote: I think its a shame that the council could not keep this open for the elderly but looks like they can open it for immigrants. Not sure if this is right for Whitstable but that's not a decision I can make or influence. Not sure if British homeless are more deserving than immigrants I think that's a moral decision that thankfully I don't have to decide. Its too late to ' throw them all out ' so a sensible solution is needed but its way above my pay scale to even think about. Not sure how we have gone from Whitstable to Birmingham but its enjoyable reading the posts though as a casual observer. I think thevoiceofreason is winning on points !! LOL

Vic Dellerton wrote: " Its too late to ' throw them all out ' " It is certainly not too late, and our moral duty to ourselves and our future generations is to do just that. The consequences if we do not are too terrible to allow. The threat these invaders pose to us is too serious for misplaced sentiment. We are set to be minoritised in our own land within two generations, on current trends, and the people behind thus have no plans to halt our replacement at that point.

Lizzie Tuff wrote: Send them home. Dont u think we have enough asylum seekers in this country. Yet we are willing to help them, while our own are left to live on the street. Why are we making them a priority? We are the priority. ask yourself if the tables were turned and it was us that went to there county for help or w.e do u think they would help us? No they wouldnt. They come here because they know that this country is a push over but that is the goverments fault. Yes they have as much right to a decent life as the next person, but that doesnt mean we have to give it to them. If u was to walk the streets streets, guranteed youd see more British homeless people, than asylum seekers. Whats up with that?? Think of our own. And send the foreigners home!

Vic Dellerton wrote: Every single invader - and their offspring - makes OUR country more like the third world hell holes they come from. A society is the product of the qualities of its people. Of course it's a "better life" for them - they can have six offspring on our welfare and still live like royalty compared to their previous lives. They get free everything. The more of them there are in our land, the worse life will be for us. Every single invader - and their offspring - steals the carrying capacity of OUR land from we English and our children and our grandchildren. The more of them there are in our land, the fewer of us there can be. We need to halt and reverse this trend. We must take our land back for ourselves and our own children and grandchildren, or we condemn them to be a despised minority in a third world Britain.

TrueBritt wrote: spot on Vic, Spot on. The illegal immigrants come here because they are confident that once in England they are unlikely to be removed. (We can’t even kick out Taliban warlords, terrorists, drug dealers and rapists) They can also be reasonably confident that they will be housed for free and receive all the other benefits that they have never contributed to as well as getting money thrown at them. I read yesterday that a group of illegal immigrants had been caught by the police on the isle of Sheppey and I quote the news report ” Seven have now been released on immigration bail, which means they have been freed and must report regularly to the Home Office (Oh yes that’s really going to happen) while their cases are considered. If it is found they have no right to remain in the UK, they will be removed”. I have little doubt that these jolly illegal chappies will play ball and accept any decision with sporting grace.

lavalamp193 wrote: How boring. Usual Kent Online commenters who are incapable of thinking for themselves. You're told that someone is getting a better deal than you and you're all guns blazing with no facts, proof and a load of tripe you've heard off the other racists. You see these people in Calais on your flat screen tv banging on your front door because your country is advertising an open door and you treat them like dogs. These are real people sleeping rough abroad because they believe they're fighting for a good life in a country with open arms and all you think to do is stick your nose up at them and call them criminals because you just don't know the facts. There's no point me really writing this because your too small minded to believe that maybe, POSSIBLY, you don't have all the facts. Please go away and research these people, their countries like Sudan and Syria and then rethink this free ticket your country is showing them. They aren't bad people, they just want a better life. The life you have. With peace and food and fresh water. You are not above them. You cant say you wouldn't do the same in their position. (*brace for the 'loonie leftie' comments*.... Oh wait I don't give a ****)

TrueBritt wrote: I thought it was the loony lefties (like yourself?) that wanted our gates open to let these wonderful poor hard done by people in?

thevoiceofreason wrote: Welcome to this forum it's always refreshing to hear the same left wing garbage written by another illiterate buffoon. The government has to call them asylum seekers because there is no economic migrant status. They are not genuine asylum seekers as they have not claimed asylum in the first safe country. Most of them are are young males. They will turn this country into a third world state. Look at Luton Rotherham and Birmingham the second largest city in the country now mostly Muslim. Sharia law is operating in these areas against the law of this land. Multi marriages against the law of this land. FGM a disgusting activity is carried out in this land. Yes they want to come here and turn our country into the **** holes they have just left. We don't want to know the facts because we don't want them here. It's as simple as that


Augusta wrote: Lavalamp, yes we probably would do the same in their position, but your solution of opening our arms to the 3 billion poverty stricken folk from around the world and inviting them into the UK has to stop somewhere does it not? Where do you draw the line? You accuse others of incapable of thinking for themselves and yet you quite clearly struggle with basic mathematics yourself. We are realists, not racists!

deadb0y III wrote: These men are cowards, they eun from their countries leaving their women, children brothers ans sisters to fend for themselves! They should be brought to England, trained, and sent back to fight for their country. Not brought to England to be fed, watered and housed at my expense!

thevoiceofreason wrote: Kenneth We were having quite a nice debate on this subject till you turned up with your usual nonsense that you spout on the Gills pages Every think people say you twist into a personal attack and then you report them for abuse. You are the biggest troll on this forum. Go back to the Gills page and talk rubbish with them they are about the same mental age as you ( more abuse to report ) I see you didn't report someone for suggesting you change your name to Thrush for the stated reason did you? One of your mates was it? But maybe you should change your name to Thrush for the same reason (more abuse for you to report ) CHEERS BUDDY

Steve Omara wrote: No, Lavamoron, but you do not live in Joy Lane Whitstable and your children will not be in a school overlooked by 17 year old MEN of the Muslim persuasion who consider the local Christians as 'kuffars' why does this proud old country breed so many spineless cretins.??

gbrenchley wrote: Well Mr Lavalamp, what makes you think you have all the facts ? A lot of British people just want to put their feet up and watch the football, stuff their faces and go on the p#ss. Then a lot of us have been watching the media which has been relaying information 24/7 for ten years at least. We are capable of putting two and two together. No we don't know all the facts. It's the fear of terrorism, the fear of the islamisation of Europe, in total disregard of which, our weak and cowardly government both national and local have placed us in this vulnerable position. Look at the 'Kids' charity home that has just closed. Supervision - non existent. Immigrants converge on Britain in their thousands because they know we are soft as grease.

medway compost heap wrote: Let those that welcome them take them in feed them educate them pay all doctors and hospital bills clothe them.etc all on there own wages not the taxpayers we can't afford them.

lavalamp193 wrote: You can. You just let the government fork out on paying for all the lazy Brits milking the benefit system. The wars being faught for oil. The mps 10% pay rise. The badly executed education plan throwing money into still failing academies. There is a bigger picture, helping out Asylum seekers in a Whitstable isn't even a blip on the mass corruption of tax payers money.

Jack Tibet wrote: I see the care home was shut down because of this government , Any one with out 100 years of a family living in the UK should be shipped home. And leave us British lot to live on our own.

Denman wrote: And what do you suggest we do with mixed race people?

lavalamp193 wrote: By far the most racist comment yet, keep it up good old English

mond wrote: My grandparents fought a world war to stop people who think like you.

KentKid wrote: 'Us British' - how far do you want to go back? Just 100 years (bye-bye to most of our sports-people, labourers and NHS staff)? What about just keeping our country for the REALLY British? Can you trace your family back to the doomsday book, the Norman invasion - oh no, wait, that would make you French. Perhaps you need to be Saxon to be REALLY British - oh no, Germans! Vikings - oh no, bl**dy Scandinavians, coming over here... etc. Celts or Britons, ummm originally from central Europe... And before that all people originated from Africa. So Jack Tibet, perhaps we'd better send you back there.

YsoMuchStupid wrote: I don't really understand the slogan. From Whitstable to Korea?

Alf Kyderstein wrote: 'Let's turn Whitstable into North Korea'?

The Watcher wrote: There is no doubt that religion is the catylist for all the worlds problems weather it be christian,muslim,budism whatever.these people cannot see outside of their own little box,it's allways"we want this,we want that,no one else is allowed an opinion.You are making the world a dangerous place for the rest of us with your blinkered attitude.

TrueBritt wrote: most of these "asylum" seekers are economic migrants who see us as a soft touch and this bloody silly woman is proving them right

tideyd01 wrote: Kentonline - home of the hate filled trolls. Spouting their usual ignorant tripe. Describing other human beings as filth says it all about the people who say such things. If it was a choice between sharing our countries with refugees and the people who view the world like the trolls on this site, I would choose the refugees every time.

Bill wrote: These posts always turn out the same leftie luvvies (sorry about the label but how else do you describe them) using the same words xenophobic rascist. It gets pretty boring. I read the article and looked at the pictures and I feel sad very sad, shall I tell you why. The old disused building used to,provide services for the elderly and their carers, people who no longer receive a good level of care due to KCC budget cuts, we have had all our services cut everything that keeps us safe and cared for as a community. No streetlights, police cut to the bone, stressed NHS, poor transport systems being cut in villages so our elderly are even more isolated and alone. Do these leftie luvvies care about this no, they don't, they scream at mothers call them rascist and xenophobic for feeling concerned for their children's safety, justified fears I believe. These people are the true disgrace, they say they hate the Government and their austerity and then scream we have to be "nice" and let the world in and pay for it out of our squeezed budgets, they are a true disgrace to this country and the elderly that fought so hard for our freedom, only to be left alone, uncared for and scared.

HMSVANGUARD wrote: So called asylum seekers are supposed to seek asylum at their first port of call ! Oh no they all want to come to MUGSVILLE UK where they will cause mayhem despite getting everything for free! The ones already here are an ungrateful bunch and they do not even like us or our way of life ! We are fed up and full up ! So just stay in your own country ! We now have the enemy within and our own people need help ! These protesters are just part of rent a mob !

purplepanda wrote: Urrrmmm no they're not

Quo Vadis wrote: Oh yes they are!

Tessa wrote: With the country being full of people with dementia I think, this place should be turned into a home for our people who've paid into the system. These refugees should be sent home and they should make their countries a better place to live for their children and grandchildren. By the way that orange hair is awful perhaps all you protesters should go back with these people and help them build a life where they come from, leave whitstable alone

youknowitmakessense wrote: There is a old barracks at Dover which would be more suitable, as it is near the docks and could contain them all in one place

lavalamp193 wrote: So clearly the 42 and the poster all support the plans. Just as long as its not on your own door step. Brilliant.

Alf Kyderstein wrote: Why are there so many asylum seekers? Could it be that their own countries have been destabilised and destroyed by the Evil Empire? Perhaps we should be looking at the root cause, rather than getting angry at the symptom?

thevoiceofreason wrote: They are economic migrants not asylum seekers If they were genuine asylum seekers they would have claimed asylum in the first safe country Could it be they see us as a soft touch? The root cause is our benefit system

TrueBritt wrote: Idiot

Ryan James wrote: If they want to do some good, turn the building into a home for abandoned and abused dogs, on death row at the council, instead of mollycoddling the filth seeping into the country after throwing rocks at and threatening lorry drivers. Once they're there, they will be in Whitstable for good.

favershamfan wrote: Crime will go up. Begging will start. Gangs of them. Before you know it Whitstable will become like other sea side yowns.. margate.. dover.. folkestone..ramsgate... Ok take some in..send up north.. they have stacks of land and empty housing... Middle class do gooders destroying this country.

cat303 wrote: So much ignorance and hypocrisy in one comment! Would you prefer all these kids wandered around the country with no supervision or would you prefer them all to be in one place where an eye can be kept on them? They are here already so they are your only options really. "Begging will start." Is it the only place in the country that currently has no beggars? Where is all this empty housing and spare land up north, who will pay to transport them back and forward etc... I think it has been established that these protesters are what 'you lot' call the loonie left so they are obviously layabouts who are committing benefit fraud by being out of their house. Now to sit back and watch 10s of people vote up some ill thought out rant and vote my sensible opinion down because I'm not racist or xenophobic!

mond wrote: You're complaining about crime and you're in Faversham? Have you not seen that huge predominately white estate tacked onto Faversham which produces vast quantities of white English thugs? Maybe these people come here seekying asylum, get threatened by close minded thugs and then just behave in such a way because that's how they've been treated? Perhaps show them some warmth and understanding instead of stereotypical assumptions based on extreme right wing nutjobs like UKIP and EDL.

sayithowitisok wrote: Typical UK cater for the foreigners instead of helping out their own people first.

Rochester Gill wrote: Is it me or does Kate Adams look like a bloke?

Augusta wrote: Yes we saw her and her cronies bellowing megaphones into the faces of the poor parents who just wanted to see their MP to air their security concerns about the proposal. She hasn't even got any children apparently so whats it got to do with her, notice how her spineless associates hide behind their signs once the cameras come out. I'm not surprised she's been claiming benefits for decades but she looked fit and able at the meeting (apart from foaming at the mouth). And these people want to invite all their pals from the 4 corners or the world for us to pay for as well.. the bare faced cheek of it!

Augusta wrote: After that, her loony lefty pals started calling the parents racists, they even shouted down some poor Lady whose daughter had been sexually abused by an asylum seeker in Canterbury saying she was a liar. Despicable behaviour!

Jake1234 wrote: What a foul comment and completely unrelated to the article. A cheap and nasty shot - you should be ashamed Gill, as should those liking it.

mond wrote: More uninformed, hyperbolic, ignorant xenophobic hate from Kent Online commenters. It's almost like they've never left the confines of Kent.

CaptainBlack wrote: No just the thoughts of a population who have had enough. we have our own children sleeping in doorways.

cat303 wrote: You make your children sleep in doorways? That's messed up.

mond wrote: Had enough? Please provide me with some metrics on Whitstables recent intake on immigrants awaiting judgement on their status please. Or is your argument all far right rhetoric fired up by a commodities broker who stole 2m quid from the EU?

dawney wrote: A suggestion, move to London for a short time if you want the full experience, you will then see why so many head to Kent.

mond wrote: I go to London every day. I don't see this imaginary problem that the little Englanders keep harping on about.

Steve Omara wrote: Infandous liberal fool. There is a difference between immigration and COLONISATION.

midster wrote: Incensed by this bunch of do gooders welcoming migrants here. It appears to be inevitable we will have to house them in Ladesfield and hope KCC can be trusted to keep their word it will only be short term.

There does not seem to be a any great restrictions to ensure they are kept within th confines of Ladesfield. As they have already broken the law by entering the country illegally then they should be tagged as criminals so their movement can be monitored 24/7.

The government needs to wake up to the migrant situation and stop ***** footing around, led by a strong PM who needs to be ruthless when necessary. Maggie might have needed her "Little Willie" but she had balls to stand up and be counted and take decisive decisions irrespective whether they were popular or not.

thevoiceofreason wrote: Any short term solution will turn into long term solution as if it works these will not be the last lot to turn up In addition each 'group' within the group will start trying to take over running the property it's a tribal thing

What the Fock wrote: This God Squad, well, can they not house them in their place of worship or is there no room at the inn? Why have they not got together before now and helped our people or have they had a "calling from up above"?! The proposed immediate care regime consists of six to eight weeks under 24 hour care, laboriously with no mention of the measures postliminary! Another escalation of drained resources and excuses to placate us all is envisaged! The novel posted by Vicki Edmonds Was Brown fails to engage my attention in the slightest, although, on a positive note, I guess it's handy for bedtime reading! The necessity to post such drivel speaks volumes! I couldn't help reminisce of my days watching TV as a youngster when viewing the photo of Julian Brazier for he resembles the Art Attack Head! Amen!

Ianforeman wrote: He does. He really does !

biggus wrote: The left wing are alive and well, All Jeremy corbyn voters no doubt,Deluded people.

Lord William II wrote: I'm a Jeremy Corbyn voter. GO JEZZA.

The Watcher wrote: Another crazy crawls out of the woodwork.

Augusta wrote: Yes we saw her and her cronies bellowing megaphones into the faces of the poor parents who just wanted to see their MP to air their security concerns about the proposal. She hasn't even got any children apparently so whats it got to do with her, notice how her spineless associates hide behind their signs once the cameras come out. I'm not surprised she's been claiming benefits for decades but she looked fit and able at the meeting (apart from foaming at the mouth). And these people want to invite all their pals from the 4 corners or the world for us to pay for as well.. the bare faced cheek of it! After that, her loony lefty pals started calling the parents racists, they even shouted down some poor Lady whose daughter had been sexually abused by an asylum seeker in Canterbury saying she was a liar. Despicable behaviour!

DavidSmythe wrote: Do you not think that in order for a 16-17 year old to travel alone, without their family, thousands of miles to reach the UK they genuinely fearful for their safety? Having worked in a school and taught these vulnerable asylum seekers, their stories are genuinely terrible. Persecuted for their religion, sexuality or because of a family blood feud, they try to enter this country to live without fear of beatings, torture or being throw off of a building. Have some empathy, imagine yourself in their situation. They are human beings and want to live a normal life. They are hard working, intelligent and just need a chance. If I had a spare room I'd gladly take one in myself. Still I imagine it's easy to say "charity starts at home" or "go back to your own country" when you don't appreciate the lengths that these individuals go through (one student I know walked to Turkey from Afghanistan) or why they do it.

sas5 wrote: Big words from someone apparently so keen to help but held back due to a lack of a spare room......convenient!!

CaptainBlack wrote: Failed to answer why they have to cross half a dozen safe countries to get here. Now we know where to send all the other alleged underaged illegal immigrants (in my view is you cross half a dozen perfectly safe countries to get here you ain't no refugee or asylum seeker your an illegal immigrant ) And why have you got someone who is against spending cuts for local services supporting them spending money on this(at the expense of local services) the woman is a complete hypocrite

Whitstable for locals wrote: Maybe she wants a non British toyboy.

mond wrote: They are not illegal until deemed so. Why are you so filled with hate?

Kylie Gillham wrote: Sorry but Whitstable does NOT WELCOME ASYLUM SEEKERS! There are enough British youngsters that could do with the help. I'm sorry these 'children' are in this situation but there many other countries. Britain has helped many it's about time others stepped up.

The Englishman wrote: I do have a few questions and concerns. Why was the Care Home closed in the first place ? If it's money , how can they afford to reopen it ? How much are the refurbishment costs and where is that money coming from? Do the council not have a duty of care to the elderly that were the previous occupants? How are these people to be educated and where? What languages do they speak and who is paying the translators fees? Who is paying for the medical bills, food, clothes etc? How many are due to occupy the building if it goes ahead? Lots of questions that these people need to answer

sas5 wrote: Apparently we don't have enough money in this country to support our elderly hence the centre was shut in 2011. But we have plenty to renovate it for asylum seekers and extra for their care!It's to hold 40 young men who claim to be under 18!

thevoiceofreason wrote: Cat 303 The Englishman has made another excellent point that your left wing brain still cannot compute. Tony Blair is the architect of modern immigration with his policy of ' scouring the earth' for immigrants and ' rubbing the rights nose in diversity' if you cannot accept that principle then stop posting your childish and infantile political comments. How many times do the left blame all our woes on Margaret Thatcher?

Colin Mckay wrote: One wonders what their motives are.

Whitstable for locals wrote: Christians? Makes them feel good about themselves and that they are doing Gods work while actually not doing anything themselves that involves expenditure or disruption to their own home life. Essentially they want to preach to others to do but actually not do anything themselves.

mrs mccann wrote: I am surprised there is no application for planning permission for affordable housing on this site perhaps this will follow shortly with minimal opposition to prevent the long term use of the former home. These displaced people are really adults and should be in a centre for adults. Someone who can travel solo this distance is not a child.

norsewind wrote: Do these good Christians live in Whitstable and look forward to a mini crime wave ?

mond wrote: If they are Christian, they'll forgive them. Or are they just pretend Christians like most of the others?

Whitstable for locals wrote: Why don't these 'Christians' each put a couple of asylum seekers up at their own expense in their own homes rather than rely on taxpayers. Why not ask George to include a centre at Estuary View alongside Aldi, Kia and M & S?

Augusta wrote: Because, as stated above in Vicki's post, they are too busy rescuing the needy, you know, those poor people who are going to be deported because they've committed a crime, they really, really need her help. People such as Adams like to use other peoples money to campaign for their own self righteous cause. I wouldn't imagine she gives two hoots about the taxpayer who has to go out and graft for it all. She didn't show any respect for the parents in Whistable earlier, that's for sure!

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