Slavic Brotherhood Exercises Aimed At Crushing Potential Maidan Scenario

InSerbia, Sep 3, 2015

Arriving at a base outside the southwestern Russian Black Sea coast city of Novorossiysk earlier this week, Belarusian and Serbian airborne forces have joined with their Russian counterparts for a training exercise dubbed ‘Slavic Brotherhood’.

The drills include exercises against a ‘Maidan scenario’ aimed at destabilizing national governments. The drills feature nearly 700 personnel from the three countries, including a reinforced battalion from Russia’s 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division, two companies of Belarusian special forces troops, and a company-sized detachment from Serbia. The maneuvers include the use of about 20 Russian transport planes and helicopters, along with over 100 vehicles, including 22 Belarussian BTR-80 armored personnel carriers.

Russian Airborne Troops Commander-in-Chief Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov, officer in charge of the operation, told Russia’s RIA Novosti that the exercises will include training aimed at preventing anti-government unrest, and combat against illegal armed formations. The officer noted that a new scenario, developed specifically for this exercise, will feature a simulation of attempts by ‘anti-government elements’ to destabilize the political situation in a fictional state, including via the use of terrorist attacks.

The airborne forces’ response, according to the scenario, is to conduct an anti-terrorist operation, to restore order and to liquidate the illegal armed formations.

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