I went to a clinic because of a foot pain I've had for a month now. I took off my shoe, and was about to take off my sock.

Paki "Doctor": "Vhot are you doink?"

Me: "Uhhh...taking off my...uh...shoe?"

Paki: "Vhy?"

Me: "So you can examine my foot?"

Paki: "Vhy? Here, take, X-ray rekveesishin."

He didn't even ask me a single question. He never looked me in the eye. He just scribbled, with his back to me, and briefly turned around to give me a dirty look when he saw me take my shoe off. He didn't even say, "Okay", or "See you next time", or anything to indicate he was finished with me. Just spent about 30 seconds with me, gave me an X-ray requisition, and kept his back to me. Then started scribbling something again.

The ignorant, incompetent, uncaring Paki bastardI He probably just bought his medical degree.

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