In the Japanese Imperial Army there were 116,000 Korean soldiers, 120,000 Korean auxiliaries, 80,000 Taiwanese soldiers, and 126,000 Taiwanese auxiliaries. There were 9 Korean generals.

Lt-Gen Hong Sa-Ik 홍사익 family

Korean Japanese Imperial Army Lieutenant-General Hong Sa-Ik (홍사익 洪思翊, 1889.03.04-1946.09.26) commanded the 108th Infantry Brigade (mostly Japanese troops) of the Japan 21st Army in China, and was then put in charge of all IJA prisoner-of-war camps in The Philippines.

In 1909, Hong had entered Japan's Central Military Preparatory School (陸軍中央幼年学校 Rikugun Chūō Yōnen Gakkō) as a Korean government sponsored student, along with Crown Prince Yi Eun, on the orders of dethroned Emperor Gojong. In 1914, Hong graduated in the 26th class of the Academy and was commissioned as a lieutenant into the Imperial Japanese Army, and in 1923 graduated from the Army War College. From 1939-1940, he was with the China Expeditionary Army. From 1940-1941, he was assigned to the 1st Depot Division, and in 1941, he became the commander of the IJA 108th Infantry Brigade as a major general. In March 1944, he went to the Philippines to command all prisoner-of-war camps. He was promoted to lieutenant general in October of the same year, and remained in the Philippines under the 14th Area Army until the cessation of hostilities.

He was executed in 1946, after having been held responsible by a kangaroo court for atrocities committed by the guards (many of whom were Koreans), and for having failed to obtain enough food for the prisoners-of-war under his care while under massive attack. The Allies didn't take many Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese prisoners, and usually just murdered them.

Before he was executed, Lietenant-General Hong requested that the presiding minister read Psalm 51, a plea by King David for God to wash away the sin of his adultery with Bathsheba.

Lieutenant-General Hong's death haiku was:

「くよくよと思ってみても愚痴となり 敗戦罪とあきらむがよし」

Dwelling on things and thinking too much turns one to despair.
I shall righteously accept the crime that is defeat.

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