By Mike Smith, Alternative Right, 2015.08.09

On the 3rd February 1960 the then British Conservative Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, addressed the South African Parliament in Cape Town.

His speech became known as the infamous “Winds of change” speech in which he said:

"The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact."

By the time he reached SA he was already on a month long tour through several other colonies in Africa, like Ghana, Nigeria, Nyasaland, and Rhodesia, and his address in Cape Town was basically aimed at the whites of Africa, and more specifically to sway the white South Africans to abandon Verwoerd's apartheid dogma.

Said Macmillan:

"As a fellow member of the Commonwealth it is our earnest desire to give South Africa our support and encouragement, but I hope you won't mind my saying frankly that there are some aspects of your policies which make it impossible for us to do this without being false to our own deep convictions about the political destinies of free men to which in our own territories we are trying to give effect."

The visionary Dr. Verwoerd calmly responded as follows saying, "there must not only be justice to the Black man in Africa, but also to the White man."

There was no justice. The effect of this speech by Macmillan was that the white settlers of Kenya, Rhodesia, Zambia, etc. felt betrayed by Britain’s capitulation and abdication in Africa.

Well the result of these decolonization policies of the Brits can be seen today as the Africans from their former colonies are streaming through the Channel Tunnel and over Calais to reach the once “Great” Britain…

First Britain was the colonizer, now it has become the colony. It is being colonized by their former colonies.

I cannot help but to laugh up my sleeve when I see how the Brits are scrambling to introduce the same policies we introduced in SA to keep their “migrants” (illegal immigrants) out. The policies Macmillan criticised:

Calais Crisis. Rioting gang of Calais migrants made it through Channel Tunnel

They want to increase security, Nigel Farage of UKIP wants the army deployed, and they want to introduce laws making it difficult for migrants to enter the UK. What is next? Pass Laws?

When we did exactly the same influx control measures in SA 40-50 years ago, they called us “racists.”

Oh how wonderful and sweet the Winds of Change are blowing through the UK now.

They should come and ask me. I am an expert on Apartheid policies. I can show them exactly what works and what not.

For a start they can try and build a double electric fence to keep “migrants” out, but somehow I doubt if it will work. We tried it in the Kruger Park on the border with Mozambique. We even had wild animals like lions and leopards, but they still flocked over our border in their thousands to come and find work in our “evil” and “racist” Apartheid country.

Deploying the army on our borders also didn’t work. Neither did curfews and the army in the townships.

To distinguish our own blacks from the millions of illegal immigrants flocking to SA to steal their jobs, we made them carry passes. They resented it.

My advice to the UK is to feel free to try all that we have tried under Apartheid and see what works and what not…and I sincerely hope that they are successful, because in the words of the Apartheid Prime Minister, John Vorster, …“The alternative is just too ghastly to contemplate.”

Or like P.W. Botha said in a speech to parliament in October 1979: “Adapt or die.”

Way back in 1964 P.W. Botha already said:

"If the principle of permanent residence for the Black man in the area of the White is accepted, then it is the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it in this country."

(President PW Botha in 1964, Penguin Dictionary of South African Quotations, Jennifer Crwys-Williams, Penguin Books 1994, p207.)

And when I think about the fact that from 1978 to 1994 the ANC headquarters were not in Africa, but In London, in Penton Street N1, near the Angel, then I can only say it in my own words: “Kry vir julle!”

We weren’t backward “racists”; we were visionaries. You Brits will still beg us to show you how to introduce Apartheid.

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