Game of Thrones and the Promotion of Incest by Jewish Hollywood

By Benjamin Garland, Renegade Tribune, April 13, 2015

[Photo: “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!” – Bianca Santos, speaking on her role in Jew Ben Epstein’s MTV show Happyland.]

The mildly entertaining but highly overrated television show Game of Thrones returned for its 5th Season on Sunday.

The show, produced by two Jews, is based on the popular fantasy book series A Song of Fire and Ice, which is in turn based on Medieval Europe. The content and popularity of the show is a bit disturbing, as it is no doubt being viewed by children on a grand scale.

It is riddled from front to back with extremely graphic pornographic and incestuous scenes. For example, last season showed the queen, Cersei Lannister, getting basically raped by her twin brother Jaime on top of her dead son Joffrey’s open casket. Earlier in the series we found out that her son, who was the King (and a raving lunatic), was the product of this brother/sister long-time incestuous relationship.

[Photo: Twins.]

[Photo: Brother and sister.]

[Photo: Mother and son.]

I’m not sure how accurate these scenes are to the books, but they do fit well with the tendency of the malevolent Jews in Hollywood to portray our ancestors as incestuous sexual degenerates, which is simply an external manifestation of their deep-seated hatred and envy of Europeans.

Indeed, they have portrayed our ancestors as incestuous degenerates in their Hollywood filth films so much that most people believe that that’s how Medieval Europeans actually behaved. Bring it into conversation with the average person and I can assure you that’s what you’ll find they believe, as most get their history from Jewish Hollywood propaganda rather than factual history books.

A couple of recent examples of this, since we are on the topic of television, are the shows Romeand The Borgias.

Rome portrayed one of the greatest White leaders of all time, Augustus, the man responsible for Pax Romana, as having incestuous relations with his sister, Octavian. He is also shown to be a sexual sadist. Both claims are nothing but vicious Jewish libels.

Augustus and Octavian having sex in a sick Jew propaganda television show. Doesn’t it feel good to get your ancestors spit on and denigrated right in front of your face by hooked-nose parasites that hate your guts, White man?

The Borgias was a show based on Pope Alexander VI’s family during his papal reign in the late 15th century. It ran for three seasons between 2011-2013. The first season was fairly entertaining but there was already what seemed like a sexual tension between the brother and sister, Cesare and Lucrezia, which made it an uneasy watch at times. Shortly after it was revealed that Cesare’s right hand man, his enforcer/assassin–the man you rooted for as the “bad ass”–was actually a butt-buggering faggot, the show devolved into a full-blown incestuous cringe-fest. The storyline of the entire third season was basically just Cesare and Lucrezia’s incestuous love affair.

I tried very hard to trek through the homosexuality and incest and finish watching the show, simply because it was so ascetically beautiful, and Jeremy Irons performance as Pope was brilliant and fun to watch – but I couldn’t make it. Thus a decent show with much potential was transformed into utter trash virtually overnight, for no ascertainable reason other than Hollywood being a disgusting Jewish cesspit that apparently gets off on promoting degeneracy of the worst sort.

[Photo: Borgia blood siblings. Now that is some good entertainment, is it not?]

[Photo: Sigh. Imagine the potential if Hollywood wasn’t infested with Jews.]

I don’t know much about the actual Borgias family, but I do know that the incest allegation is a silly rumor that is not to be taken seriously by anyone. (Unless you are Jews, of course. Then you make it the focal point of an entire series.)


"Several rumours have persisted throughout the years, primarily speculating as to the nature of the extravagant parties thrown by the Borgia family. Many of these concern allegations of incest, poisoning, and murder on her part; however, no historical basis for these rumours has ever been brought forward beyond allegations made by rival parties."

This promotion and normalization of incest has become an increasingly alarming trend in Jewish Hollywood and seems to have kicked into high gear in recent years with many, if not most, popular shows now featuring it in one way or the other.

Here are some of them.

True Blood

The show True Blood ran from 2008-2014. First let me explain what this pile of anti-White drivel was all about, as I had the misfortune of viewing a few episodes of it.

It was basically a degenerate orgy of homosexuality and pornography that played like a very dark, anti-White allegory for SJWs to paint their faces and masturbate to. Every single White male in the show is shown to be a complete idiot or creep, without exception. The main character – a slut named Sookie Stackhouse – can hear people’s thoughts and without fail all of the Whites are always thinking gossipy or perverted trash. The only likable characters, except for some very, very stupid – even borderline retarded – Whites are either mutants (werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, etc.), or homosexuals, or non-Whites, or women, or some combination thereof, without exception.

The vampires in the show literally murder humans and drink their blood constantly yet they are portrayed sympathetically, while any character who objects to the vampire slaughter is portrayed as some kind of idiotic, toothless gun nut. One of the idiot White male characters even joins a (self-proclaimed) “hate” group after having a bad experience with a vampire, and the cartoonishly portrayed group actually begins chanting “Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!” at one point. It’s rather absurd.

The subliminal message here is clear: the only people who would object to being overrun by hostile vampires and other assorted mutants that murder, rape and steal their women and destroy everything in their path are trashy, toothless, irrational, hate-filled White supremacist hillbillies. Does that sound familiar? Does that sound a bit analogous to real life on this bizarre planet at this point in time?

It was a very surreal experience for me watching this show.

But I digress. I am obviously only mentioning this silly pigslop because, of course, it included incest.

The very Nordic looking villainous vampire Eric Northman (yes, “Northman”) is shown having gratuitous sex with his “sister.” Since they are only siblings in the sense that they have the same “maker,” i.e. vampire father, and so are not blood related, the show makes a concerted effort to make them act like brother and sister by having them bicker with each other.

“We fight like siblings but we fuck like champions” is a direct quote.

They even call each other brother and sister while having sex. Just imagine the vile creatures who we have, for some reason that I still don’t quite understand, let take control of our media. They actually sat down and wrote this script and the director then directed the actors to strip down and simulate sex while calling each other brother and sister.

I wonder how many takes there were before they got it right? Put yourself there for a second, on set, and think about it. It boggles the mind to no end.

For those of you who are curious to see just how far television has sunk, the disturbingly graphic scene of incestuous perversion that this screenshot was taken from can be viewed on YouTube here.


The show Weeds, which ended in 2012, was a cultural Marxist wet dream of degeneracy and depravity. At one point, the young son in the show, Shane, apparently gets caught chronically masturbating to a picture of his drug-dealing, race-mixing whore of a mother, Nancy.

The plot of the show is that Nancy’s Jew husband died so she decides to sell weed for a living to support her family. The hook-nosed Jew brother of the deceased Jew husband shows up in the show and then proceeds to masturbate on the internet while having ‘cybersex’ with the other son’s underage deaf girlfriend – a scene that the Jew actor was admittedly “delighted” to do.

The Jew brother-in-law shamelessly tries to have sex with Nancy throughout the entire series and they eventually do that – outside on the lawn where the other Jew brother, Nancy’s dead husband, actually died in a car crash!

Boardwalk Empire

The mafia series Boardwalk Empire featured a scene where one of the main characters, Jimmy Darmondy, has sex with his biological mother. The kooky mother was so obsessed with having sexual relations with her son that later in the series, after Jimmy is [spoiler alert] dead, she has sex with a young man who kind of looks like Jimmy so she can pretend that she is having sex with Jimmy again, and then she shoots the Jimmy look-alike up with heroin and drowns him in a bathtub.

In this interview, the goofball creator of Boardwalk Empire explains how the incestuous sex episode is the one he is “most proud of.”

Pretty edgy, dude.


Another otherwise decent show, Dexter, which is about a lovable serial killer who murders criminals, hacks them into tiny pieces, stuffs them into garbage bags and then chunks them into the ocean in order to satiate his overwhelming bloodlust, also jumped on the incest bandwagon a few years ago, virtually out of nowhere. All of a sudden Dexter’s sister Debbie realizes that she is in love with Dexter and the viewer is then subjected to visualizations of Debbie’s incestuous sexual fantasies and wet dreams.

[Photo: Having sex exactly where the brother/husband died in a car crash in Weeds. Sick!]

[Photo: Jimmy Darmondy having sex with his mother in Boardwalk Empire. WTF?!]

[Photo: Brother/sister dream sequence in Dexter. Goddamnit, why? Why is this necessary?]

Arrested Development

Arrested Development was a show that was maybe a notch less Jewish than Seinfeld but probably even more obnoxious, if that’s possible. It had a long-running joke of sexual attraction between first cousins – the very Jewy-looking but apparently not Jew Michael Cera and his Jew/mystery meat cousin Maebe Fünke.

Listen to this interview if you want to hear Mitchell Hurwitz, the Jew creator of Arrested Development, give an extremely creepy and bizarre excuse for his gratuitous joking about incest.

Apparently that is the kind of thing Jews consider to be hilarious, jokes about incest. Also hilarious to Jews are jokes about feces and homosexual butt-sex, or some combination thereof. Disgusting, I know, but if you don’t believe me just go watch any comedy coming out of Jew Hollywood, and you will see that I am being quite literal.

[Photo: First cousins.]

Modern Family

Another heavy dose of in-your-face cultural Marxism is the show Modern Family. It is basically like a giant middle finger to Western Civilization and White normality. It’s like a white flag of victory planted over the grave of our once great civilization by an assortment of anti-Whites, Marxists, feminists, Jews, sexual perverts, race-mixers and non-White invaders. It comes second only to the actual Presidency being filled by a talking ape.

The main characters of the show are a so-called “modern family,” and are thus:

- The father/grandfather of the show, played by Al Bundy, is married to a big-breasted, much-younger South American mestizo import who acts like a man. Their tubby little mestizo son acts more sophisticated than anyone else in the entire show.

- Al Bundy’s adult son is a flaming homo who is married to a fat slob who literally acts more feminine than a 12-year old spoiled schoolgirl. They have a hideous looking adopted Asian daughter who is probably destined to kill herself later in life in response to the psychological damage from being raised by such a freak show.

- Bundy’s adult daughter is clearly the “man of the house” and she is married to one of the most pathetic heterosexual White male characters ever put to film. You would think he would be a closet homo but the show makes it perfectly clear that he is not.

- The manly woman and her mangina husband have three White kids, two girls and one boy. One daughter reads books, so she is naturally dorky and considered ugly and not “cool.” The other girl is basically a typical ditzy party slut type, and hence she is the “cool” one. Her boyfriend is a slack-jawed, surfer dude White kid who is portrayed as too stupid to even spell his own name. The son is also shown to be pretty stupid, naturally.

Apparently the show has ongoing, creepy incest jokes between the slutty daughter and the son, in the same vein as Arrested Development (except I guess a little worse.)

“Modern Family.” Are you going to just roll over and take it, White man? How could anyone sleep at night unless they know they are taking an active part in fighting against this?

These are only a fraction of the shows with incest-related themes in them, used to illustrate a point. God knows how many other shows promote it, and how many more will in the future, but I’m sure quite a lot.

So, while millions have a fit of excitement over the return of Game of Thrones, I won’t, but I will probably watch it, for recreational and social reasons. And no doubt I will be entertained from time to time while I am not dying of boredom or being disgusted by scenes of incest, homosexuality and all manner of other perversions, but let this be a clear warning to only watch Hollywood shows with extreme caution and infrequency, and most certainly, if you have kids, monitor very closely what shows you allow them to watch – if any at all.


"Hollywood is filled with Jew pigs who will be the death of us all. Literally. Unless Whites wake the hell up – which just might happen. Sometimes what seems like even the foggiest people – when I tell them what’s what – seem to get it right away. They seem like they were almost there themselves and have been wondering, but just needed someone to point it out to them."

"Good article about Jew TV Rot and crap. Since day one Holywood has been under serpent jew control. I will also say this but alot might not like it..since day one of USA its been under Judeo Masonic Control. USA is anti White and promotes genocide of all Whites world wide. Watching TV is really bad now…you turn the boob tube on and all they have is niggers with White girls, murders, crap music and on and on.Mel Gibson is right and so is Marlon Brando..Jews always in superior positions and Whites down graded and evil Maybe an EMP attack would at least stop this form of brainwashing crap….and if Whiggers dont turn back into Whites..they will die….Down with Jew NLP on us. Like Pat says use NLP to our advantage..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5"

"Wow. I haven’t watched television for over a decade, so reading this was educational for me in terms of how pervasive this stuff has gotten. You might enjoy reading my review of Dracula Untold, which covers related thematic territory:"

[Reply, Benjamin Garland: Interesting article there, thanks. Watching True Blood was so bizarre for me because it really seemed like an allegory for Jews. It fits their the theme that they used for a bunch of comic book characters like the X-Men, Superman, The Hulk, etc. Now that I see what that rabbi was saying in your post there I think True Blood might even be consciously an allegory. What a bunch of sick bastards. Here is a rabbi’s sermon on comic book characters:]

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