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Treasury signed off 'disgraceful' £134k pay-off for child protection boss [KIKE] who failed to speak out about abuse by Pakistani gangs and was rehired as a consultant within 24 hours on £1k a DAY

Deputy children’s commissioner [KIKE] Sue Berelowitz failed to raise the alarm

[KIKE] Took voluntary redundancy on April 30 and landed new job the next day

Current [KIKE] role has her leading inquiry into child abuse in family she had charge of in previous post

The 61-year-old [KIKE] is paid £960 a day - working up to nine days a month

By Richard Marsden for The Daily Mail, 24 May 2015 | Updated 25 May 2015

[KIKE] Sue Berelowitz took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30, receiving a pay-off worth £134,000

The six-figure pay-off given to a controversial child protection chief [KIKE] who was rehired as a £1,000-a-day consultant was approved by the Treasury, it has emerged.

Deputy children’s commissioner [KIKE] Sue Berelowitz, who failed to speak out about sexual abuse by British Pakistani gangs, took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30, receiving a pay-off worth £134,000.

But the next day she was hired as a [KIKE] consultant leading an inquiry into child abuse in the family – which she had been in charge of in her old role since last July.

The 61-year-old [KIKE] is paid £960 a day, working up to nine days a month – so she will earn almost as much as before, but for much less work.

Last night the Treasury admitted its officials signed off the payment to [KIKE] Miss Berelowitz by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner.

The department is investigating the deal and whether she can be asked to return the money. [JOKE]

A spokesman said: ‘It’s wrong for someone [KIKE] to take redundancy payments then be immediately re-hired as an external consultant.’

The Treasury said that, because the [KIKE] payment was made in the pre-election period, no ministers were asked for their approval.

Officials rubber-stamping the [KIKE] deal were ‘unaware’ of the decision to re-hire [KIKE] Miss Berelowitz.

Former education secretary David Blunkett said: ‘It’s unbelievable. [NO, IT'S NOT] There need to be new and tighter rules on not rehiring people who have received pay-offs.’

[KIKE] Miss Berelowitz spent yesterday at her lavish £950,000 home in Brighton, where her [KIKE?] partner Marcus Page declined to comment.

She caused controversy in 2012 when she wrote a [KIKE] report in the wake of high-profile abuse cases in Rochdale and Rotherham denying there was a growing number of Asian grooming gangs.

Despite finding that more than a quarter of perpetrators known to the authorities were Asian, [KIKE] Miss Berelowitz said there was no evidence to conclude that there was a particular issue with Asian gangs.

Instead, her [KIKE] report – branded ‘hysterical’ and ‘highly emotional’ – said simply that abuse is carried out by men of all backgrounds.

South African-born [KIKE] Miss Berelowitz started out as a speech and language therapist before gaining a masters degree in social work from Sussex University.

The [KIKE] mother of two [KIKE] sons, who lives in a £950,000 house in Brighton with her husband, spent nearly five years as [KIKE] deputy director of children services at West Sussex County Council.

[KIKE?] Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, where some of the grooming gangs operated, said the redundancy pay-off was ‘disgraceful’.

[KIKE] Oliver Berman, of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, said: ‘Taking on [KIKE] Sue Berelowitz as a consultant for a limited number of days for a limited time to chair a highly sensitive inquiry into child sexual abuse linked to the family environment was allowable because of the importance and sensitivity of the work and because of [KIKE] Sue’s particular [KIKE] expertise in this [KIKE] area.’

The quango says that the move to offer redundancy will save it £164,000 a year.

COMMENTS [with the KEY WORD missing]

Her incompetent should live with her for the rest of her life although doubt it , as money is her god this decision to reinstate and a golden hand shake is beyond belief !

Who would have guessed eh?

Is it possible to obtain the details of the 'Quango' that re-hired her?

These public servants really know how to look after themselves !

Fine her that amount and give it to the victims.

Who in the Treasury, let's have names DM.

This is disgraceful. Civil Servants looking after their own kind again.

This is the party most of you voted for. What a deeply shameful insult to the victims and their families.

I hope the Prime Minister takes note that this type of thing must stop, incompetence that effects the public must be stamped out once and for all.

Appalling incompetent woman, if she had any shame would quietly disappear with the fortunes she's already 'earned', but I doubt it. The love of money of these people is disgraceful

What a scandal . A Master's degree in social work ? seems pretty worthless to me , but obviously useful for raking in the money ..

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Video: "Sue Berelowitz explains different models of sexual exploitation"

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