This guy's bizarre. To support his spiel about how "Christians" should grovel before Kikes because they are supposedly God's "original chosen", this weirdo lists a whole pack of really filthy Kkes. It seems satirical, but I think he's actually sincere.

Free Kent Hovind (JewTube channel) : "My point being, since a lot of these famous people are Jewish, it's all the more reason to like them!"

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Decadent fags

A few years ago, I knew of a guy who inherited his grandparents wealth. His grandmother left him every last penny she saved up throughout her life, including the life savings of her departed husband. Over £20,000. A large sum in the eyes of many. What did this young man do with it? Did he invest? Did he put it aside? Did he build a business? Did he buy property? No, it quite literally went up his nose. He spent all of the money... yes all of it... on cocaine. He treated it like talcum power, throwing it around, snorting it at various parties over just a few nights.

It's a memory that stays with me. It fills me with such anger. Two lifetimes worth of hard labor and savings, gone in less than a few days so some selfish little isolated manchild could get high. Did I also forget to mention this young man was a homosexual? One party included a drug fueled sexual orgy that involved a young male harry potter actor who also likes to rub 'wands' together. I wont name names for legal reasons, needless to say, someone probably has the photos somewhere.


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