Town of Rochdale has more asylum seekers than the WHOLE of the South East of England

Market town in the foothills of the Pennines houses 680 refugees

The whole of the South East covering eight counties houses just 441

Rochdale has one in 41 of all asylum seekers in the whole of Britain

Calls for the burden to be 'spread fairly across the country'


December 2014

A single market town in the foothills of the Pennines has taken more asylum seekers than the whole of South East England, it has been revealed.

Extraordinary figures show Rochdale, which rose to prominence with its textile mills during the Industrial Revolution, houses 680 refugees – one in 41 of all those in Britain.

Yet the entire south-east region, which covers eight counties plus the Isle of Wight and is amongst the most affluent in the country, has received just 441 asylum seekers.

In West Oxfordshire, the local authority which covers Prime Minister David Cameron’s Witney constituency, has failed to take a single person, while Maidenhead, where Home Secretary Theresa May is the MP, has just one.

Now MPs have vowed to raise the issue with the Home Office amid concerns that some towns and cities across Britain have been handed an ‘unfair’ burden.

They say the distribution of asylum seekers is a ‘scandal’ that has put disproportionate strain on schools, health services, housing and other infrastructure in their constituencies.

Rochdale’s Labour MP Simon Danczuk – who has repeatedly urged party leader Ed Miliband to face up to the pressures of immigration faced by communities across the UK – has said in the past his seat, population 211,000, has become a ‘magnet for the dispossessed’.

Mr Danczuk said: ‘I think we can be proud as a country that we offer asylum to people who need it, but we need to make sure the burden is spread fairly across the country. We need to make sure that the system is fair.

‘The system at the moment is a shambles and ministers need to explain why David Cameron’s constituency takes no asylum seekers and a wildly disproportionate number are placed in Rochdale.

‘This is bad policy and runs the risk of not only putting extra strain on community relations but also putting significant pressure on services that are already struggling due to Government cuts.’

Rochdale is home to Gillian Duffy, who famously confronted Gordon Brown during the 2010 election campaign over the numbers of immigrants in the town. The Labour leader later described her as a 'bigoted woman'.

Labour MP Paul Flynn, who represents Newport, in south Wales, said the former coal and steel city had 426 asylum seekers.

He said: ‘Many asylum seekers have settled very well and become part of Newport, and the city has been very hospitable. But the differences in the number being sent to different parts of the country is so amazing as to be scandalous.

‘There are serious problems such as the strain on health and education services and problems with people integrating. These tensions are not the fault of the asylum seekers, but the Home Office for housing them disproportionately.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said the town should be proud of the number of people it offers asylum to but stressed the must be 'spread fairly across the country'

Mr Flynn is also angry that the Home Office ‘dumped’ a notorious London gang leader in Newport on immigration bail when he had no links to the city.

Home Office figures show there were 27,815 asylum seekers living in Britain at the end of September. Many are fleeing war, humanitarian disasters or political and religious persecution in other parts of the world.

But large numbers turn out to be economic migrants, who arrive in the UK to look for well-paid work compared to their home countries, then tried to claim asylum to win the right to stay here.

London – which is not included in figures for the South East – had 2,692 asylum seekers, ranging from 377 in deprived Newham, east London, to to just eight in leafy Richmond-upon-Thames in south-west London.

Islington, which covers the constituency of ex-Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry, sacked for apparently sneering at a house draped with St George’s Cross flags and with a white van parked in front, took 30 refugees.

In the North West, there were 6,298 asylum seekers, including 1,418 in Liverpool and 794 in Manchester. The West Midlands had 4,105 asylum seekers, including 1,370 in Birmingham.
Glasgow alone had 2,625, Cardiff 922 and Middleborough 776, with Stockton-on-Tees, just down the road in Teesside, taking in 666.

But in the South East, well-heeled Wokingham, Winchester, Chichester and Mole Valley are among those local authorities without a single asylum seeker.

Sources in Whitehall suggested the high prices of rented property in the South East and lack of available homes in rural areas meant it was more cost-effective to place asylum seekers outside the region.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘The United Kingdom has a long and proud history of offering sanctuary to those who genuinely need it.

‘Asylum seekers are housed according to their individual needs and where there is available and appropriate accommodation. Agreements between national government and local authorities are voluntary and have been in place since 2000.

‘We review this regularly, working closely with local authorities to ensure the system is fair for asylum seekers and for tax payers across the country.’


  • Rochdale is a market town in Greater Manchester with a population of just over 200,000.
  • It has a much larger proportion of people from a Pakistani background than the rest of the country.
  • Around 10 per cent of the town is Pakistani British, according to the latest census.
  • The town is also poorer, with more unemployment and lower house prices than the UK average.
  • Around 10 per cent of population is out of work – compared to just 6 per cent nationally.
  • More than 5,000 families in Rochdale have children where neither parent is in work.
  • The average house price in the town is just over £120,000 – less than half the £270,000 across the UK.


  • Regions Top towns and cities
  • East Midlands 2,085
  • Glasgow 2,562
  • East of England 519
  • Liverpool 1,418
  • London 2,692
  • Birmingham 1,370
  • North East 2,464
  • Cardiff 922
  • North West 6,298
  • Leicester 832
  • Northern Ireland 455
  • Manchester 794
  • Other and Unknown 153
  • Bolton 784
  • Scotland 2,605
  • Middlesbrough 776
  • South East 441
  • Rochdale 680
  • South West 764
  • Nottingham 666
  • Wales 1,977
  • Stockton-on-Tees 666
  • West Midlands 4,105
  • Sandwell 640
  • Yorkshire and The Humber 3,257
  • Wolverhampton 610


  • What a joke! I can confirm thousands
  • Most people in Lancashire have long since given up on Rochdale, it's not a Lancashire town any more.
  • I'm not interested in hearing about our proud history on asylum. That was years ago. Today is different. Why should I as a lifelong taxpayer be told I can't have an operation or my child can't go to school because the money has been spent on economic migrants who have passed through several safe countries before getting here.
  • What about the several million who are now here permanently?
  • come May 2015 the people of this once great nation will speak as one voice and give bloody noses to Cameron Clegg and Miliband
  • other and unknown 153 - where's that? I'm moving to the South East as soon as possible from Sheffield
  • For the benefit of the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk,who wishes Rochdale to be proud of the number of people it offered asylum to.An asylum seeker has to have entered the country legally,having applied for asylum in the first safe country of refuge,otherwise they are nothing more than illegal immigrants who entered the country without authorisation.As an MP I am discusted that he does not now this,and he now wants Rochdale to be as thick and clueless as himself by being proud of that fact.
  • Well maybe all these years of voting for Labour has done nothing for the people of Rochdale. Only UKIP will do anything to sort it out.
  • 600 in a town of 200,000?!!? That is really not very many! Certainly not enough for people on here to get this worked up about!
  • Market town in the foot hills of the Pennines! your having a laugh DM, try dreary cotton mill town just with more terraced houses than the entire south of England
  • Bit in the paper today about illegal immigrants arrested at Dover for trying to LEAVE the country in the back of a lorry. No kidding.....
  • Seems like the rich toffs of the south east want to place asylum seekers as far away as possible from themselves and their rich friends in the Home Counties. These same people are the lefties who say we don't have an immigration problem. Bet their tunes would change if their little villages received a truck load of asylum seekers. I really don't get why the poorest parts of the country are the ones receiving these people. Time the richer areas also took some in. As they keep saying "we're all in it together"...
  • These are not asylum seekers as they cross many other safe countries to reach the benefits oasis that is Britain
  • It's what they do.....Northerners..... Wind Turbines,Mushy Peas,Beer bellies,tattooed men,some who run a mile at the thought of work whilst others reminisce about jobs their ancestors did in the mills and down the mines..Then there is the "arts"...Coronation Street ,,Emmerdale and old famous football teams that are serial runners up,where supporters like Liverpool wallow in an orgy of self pity & misery.. I can think of nowhere better and they're best off there were they are forming the new "middle classes" whilst the locals smoke their heads off and continue to be navel gazing doormats....... I see no problem frankly and better off there in Rochdale than say in the S East..
  • I live I one off these towns and I can tell you now the number is a lot higher and that's why I'm voting UKIP..
  • I am not proud as the guy in the article that we accept asylum seekers, they are on the whole, BENEFIT TOURISTS, why do people cross many safe countries to get here, FREEBEE BRITAIN that's why, idf you are fleeing persecution you go to the nearest safe country.
  • Dave, how much longer are you going to let this go on for? We need to cast off the shackles of the EU now, not in 2017
  • These are the ones we know about. There are about 3 million others.
  • 680? Missing a couple of 0s I think!
  • We have LibLabCon to thank for this situation ,vote UKIP!
  • That means that the south of England has fewer than 680 refugees? That's hardly being swamped, is it?
  • You keep 'em but no doubt they will, sadly, vote Labour. The party that gives you everything!
  • All thanks to Tony, Gordon and Dave.
  • For some reason this article about illegal immigrants does not attract so many vicious comments as the one run yesterday about LEGALLY working Poles. Oh the irony
  • Wake up and smell the coffee - Britain is finished unless you have the guts to fight it in the street and the election booth - and a huge clue, it AINT Labour, Tory or Lib Dem you need to vote for!
  • I met a Turkish man who insisted he had fled Turkey in fear of his life. Shortly afterwards he went on a month's holiday. You will never guess where he went.
  • This year I worked for the enrolments department at one London university which takes on 7,000 new students a year. More than half of them were asylum seekers who get their tuition fees paid for. These figures above represent something other than asylum seekers. Maybe coins found on the streets of England per year, or tea bags forgotten in the mug, snow flakes per square meter, or some nonesense like this.
  • Since about ninety percent of asylum claims turn out to be unfounded we should solve this problem by sending most of them home.
  • Why should the people be proud that the town houses asylum seekers. I don't get the proud bit at all. All I know is that we are paying for it. I see homeless young British people on the streets at night in the freezing weather and the Government couldn't give a damn.
  • "Market town in the foothills of the Pennines". Full marks for attempting to glamorise Rochdale DM lol.
  • Live near Rochdale and you go and try get a council house,no chance.
  • UK Border Control have no idea how many immigrants - illegal or otherwise - are here. They are clueless and have been for FIVE YEAR under the inept Tories. They were even WORSE under the traitors Labour. It's time for a sea change in British politics. PC OUT. Lib/Lab/Cons ... OUT. Common Sense IN.
  • I really believe those figures... Not!
  • ..and there are ex service personell living on the streets.. people who have fought in wars to keep us safe in our beds..people who have seen terrible things in battle and through sheer misfortune find themselves living on the streets.. and who the relevant authorities say they can't help...pass the buck..not our problem...and yet..these same authorities are jumping through hoops of fire to help immigrants.. providing them with translators so they know what benefits to claim.. finding them housing ..chucking taxpayers money at them..the lunatics have really taken over the asylum.
  • Sick of it. No more immigrants. No more asylum seekers. Sort the mess out and then start looking at whether we can take anymore.
  • One would have thought the people of Rochdale would punish the Labour party for this immigration madness. If you want change vote UKIP.
  • Please do not insult us with these figures! Other and Unknown. 153. Please! if they are unknown, how do you know how many there are?
  • you make the south east look as if they hardly have any immigrants total rubbish you really are in with our government
  • That's because the affluent south sends them all north so as to not dirty their leafy suberbs.
  • Just watched ITV's documentary about being homeless in Britain. Didn't see anyone that wasn't white and at least several generations British. Yet we are taking in asylum seekers/immigrants and also sending billions of foreign aid When are we going to wake up?
  • Interesting, but I'd like to also see a table of where the asylum seekers are from!
  • 100's are coming in via Calais each week and that is a fact
  • Asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, benefit tourists......all completely different things, yet all a drain on our nations finances
  • They go there because the houses are worth pennies, assume all 680 will be on their way after Cameron's electioneering speech tomorrow, nah
  • I think they have understated the true figures
  • all of England is overcrowded with people from other lands
  • The more loyal to Labour you are, the more of this you get.
  • Its not the ones the authorities know about. It is the ones they don't know about. Successive governments especially the last lot have caused this crisis.
  • The figures obviously only include those currently seeking asylum, not those who have already been given it.
  • "A Home Office spokesman said: ¿The United Kingdom has a long and proud history of offering sanctuary to those who genuinely need it." Being taken for a fool is nothing to be proud of.
  • If they entered the country without authorisation,they are illegal immigrants,not ASYLUM SEEKERS.
  • Typical. It won't be long before I'm an ethnic minority in my own country.
  • ......but woe betide any of the locals speaking about it as they'll be accused of racism by media types and brainwashed politically correctionists.
  • Can't be a higher percentage than central Birmingham - I just wouldn't believe that?
  • Work harder people there are more on their way and they need YOUR money to live on.
  • These figures are incorrect. Who would ever believe those numbers???
  • This is really terrible and it is all the doing of liberals.
  • They come for the weather DOOOON't they
  • It's depressing to think that so many people are being let down by their own countries
  • If people there don't vote UKIP in the election they will need their heads examining.
  • Don't want to worry you folk's, but I heard on the news we are about to except 10,000 from Syria, "HELP".
  • I'm voting ukip next election. I want my country back
  • Amazing how they travel across the whole of Europe, just to end up in Rochdale!!! don't they like France, Germany, Spain. Italy.......... Oh no, of course not....... instant housing and benefits here, even in Rochdale!!!
  • it makes me laugh when people say do they think we are stupid! We are or we wouldn't be in this state.
  • Are there more asylum seekers or bigots in Rochdale?
  • They are welcome to Rochdale,or Oldham or any other Lancs/Yorks town because Labour attracted them to increase Labour Votes for years. Hence the North/South variances.
  • Western civilization will soon be extinct just like the fall of the Roman Empire
  • Where do these figures come from? Either these are fictional or the database used for benefits checks has been falsified, massively.
  • Thank Tony.full stop
  • Labour love immigrants. They will increase votes
  • Lies, damn lies and these statistics 
  • This is what the EU leaders want - the destruction of Britain ! Don't let them do it, vote UKIP next May.
  • The government want them here its as simple as that, our opinions don't count .
  • Asylum seekers should be in secure holding camps untill they are processed.
  • Far, far more than this!!!!!
  • "The whole of the South East covering eight counties houses just 441" Hmm, just checked and it's 2nd December not 1st April.
  • and the Labour leader had the nerve to call Gillian Duffy a bigot - - I bet he wouldn't move into a street near her.
  • Where do they come up with these numbers, more like 3 million!
  • It's one law for the rich and another for the poor,what annoys me is the council don't keep us informed and it affects our schools housing healthcare and we have to suffer.
  • There should not be ONE asylum seeker in britain as by law they should claim asylum in the FIRST friendly country,we are the LAST! So they are economic migrants and should all be deported,not left here to put further strain on OUR services without contributing a penny.

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