CLASS OF 1984/2014


A stupidly funny Canadian movie from 1982. -- A lot of things in this movie are widespread cliches now, but this was one of the sources. -- The "NATZEEE!" pimps got rid of Goldsteen. The fly nigga dope-dealer is funny. "Got that, Knee-grow?"

"Abraham Lincoln High" is Central Tech (Toronto), which is full of gun-toting Niggers now.

[Nigger] Teens charged in connection to Central Tech shooting

[Police are seen at Central Tech high school, near Harbord and Bathurst Streets, after reports of a shooting in the school]

CTV News Toronto

Two teens have been charged in relation to a shooting inside a downtown Toronto high school while police continue to search for another suspect.

Toronto Police Det. Chris Chilvers confirmed the arrest of two 17-year-olds Friday evening, in connection with a confrontation at Central Tech high school in which a shot was fired.

He said they continue to search for the shooter and the gun, but have a number of promising leads.

On Thursday, three teens were in a stairwell when one of them became involved in a confrontation with a fourth teen and someone fired the gun.

The intended target was another 17-year-old. He was not seriously injured, but suffered a burn wound to his forehead.

The school, near Harbord and Bathurst Streets, was put into lockdown for three hours as police scoured the building and surrounding area.

Three other young men were questioned following the incident, one of whom was believed to be the victim.

The other two were charged with offences not related to the shooting.

The suspect still at large is described as a 17- or 18-year-old black male, 6'0" with a medium to skinny build.

The downtown scenes are at Dundas and Yonge. Most of the actors have Canadian accents. The band is Teenage Head.

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