Coptic (and Greek/Macedonian) Egyptians where (and are) White, not arab, not negro.

Rupert Murdoch defends use of white actors in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Australian media mogul claims on social media that all of the Egyptians he knows are white, sparking immediate outcry

Kevin Rawlinson, The Guardian, 1 December 2014

Rupert Murdoch has defended the decision to cast white actors in the lead roles in Ridley Scott’s new Egypt-based film Exodus: Gods and Kings by claiming that all of the Egyptians he knows are white.

In a tweet, the Australian media mogul, whose 20th Century Fox firm is the film’s distributor, wrote: “Moses film attacked on Twitter for all white cast. Since when are Egyptians not white? All I know are.”

After he was heavily criticised by other users of the site, he added: “Everybody-attacks last tweet. Of course Egyptians are Middle Eastern, but far from black. They treated blacks as slaves.”

And that was followed by a third tweet on the subject, which read: “Okay, there are many shades of color. Nothing racist about that, so calm down!”

After he was the subject of yet more criticism, Murdoch changed his tack, tweeting that he wanted to “change the subject”.

His comments come after director Ridley Scott attributed the casting decisions to a need to attract financial backing.

“I can’t mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such. I’m just not going to get it financed. So the question doesn’t even come up,” he told Variety.

In a curt response to Murdoch’s tweets, the respected media diversity organisation Writers of Colour wrote simply: “Sigh.”

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James Ellroy hardtalk

Nice to see a non-PC (re rodney king lapd) person in the media. (look past weirdness of his 'freudian' garbage.)


Re: nancypotism

That story makes no sense. It says that those two are 'lovers", but they're both blokes!

Re: James Ellroy hardtalk

Never liked Ellrot, but he wouldn't be able to maintain his rep as a hard-headed urban crime writer if he just rabbited kike propaganda about poor negroes and evil whitey.

Re: James Ellroy hardtalk

Kennedy rapists & Writers are losers.

If the Kennedys went after everyone, letigenously, who wrote anything bad about them, they’d have no time to get drunk, rape and kill women.

People who talk about "the community of writers" aren't makin' dime one.

Ellroy: "You gotta embrace Yiddish!"

Ellroy: "You gotta embrace Yiddish!"

"You gotta bring in White Supremacists..."

Ellroy on Fruit-Shakes

Re: Re: James Ellroy hardtalk

Ellroy said the most shocking thing he's ever discovered about America during the Second World War was "the casual anti-Semitism".

+ + +

James Ellroy: "Who is the greatest genius ever spawned by civilization?"

Lisa Scottoline: "Oprah?"

James Ellroy: "Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven!"

Lisa Scottoline: "What about Aerosmith?"

James Ellroy: "Who's that?"

Lisa Scottoline: "Bob Dylan?"

James Ellroy: "He's shit!"


He grew up in LA.

A WASP in a 99% jewish school.

As an attention-starved adolescent, he mailed Nazi pamphlets to girls he liked and advocated the reinstatement of slavery. He received one beating for his anti-Semitic activities. He was expelled from school for ranting about Nazism in his English class.

Re: Ellroy

Ja, ja.

He also loves to go on about what a pervert he was (was?) -- breaking into young women's apartments and perving and stealing.

Strange that he's so admired by trendoids. They'll buy anything in the right packaging.

Read the first chapter of his latest novel Perfidia. Looked good in the outline, but boring. Starts out with rubbish about a Negro supposedly falsely accused of rape getting lynched, eaten to death by ants, courtesy of the KKK (one of Ellrot's obsessions).

Re: Ellroy

Yes, I said he's weird.

I doubt anyone grows up in LA being normal, at a kike school, and after mother murdered.

It was just slightly refreshing to see someone not backing down to BBC PC. A Lutheran Beethoven lover at that.

Oh ffs, just went to check spelling of Lutheran and this comes up.

Thousands quit Lutheran church in Finland after its Archbishop came out in favour of same-sex marriage

Maybe one good thing to take from Ellroy is not using internet, just constant examples of marxist multicult kikery.

Re: ffs

Oh God it's even worse!!

Finland's Prime Minister Alexander Stubb (R) hugs Finland's first openly gay MP Jani Toivola (L) after the Finnish parliament approved the bill


Jani Toivola > Ali Jahangiri

Re: Re: Ellroy

"Thousands quit Lutheran church in Finland after its Archbishop came out in favour of same-sex marriage."

No doubt the "church" ran opinion polls first, and got bean-counters in, to figure out net losses vs net gains, in terms of bodies and of cash income.

"I doubt anyone grows up in LA being normal."

Red Hot Chili P: "Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner. Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in. The City of Angels. Lonely as I am, together we cry."

Never liked the RHCP's. Always found them annoying, flash, negrotic, screwed up. Everyone in LA seems to have arrested development. Then the singer said he had sex as a kid with Cher. How disturbing is that?


Queer Finland

The so-called Orthodox archbishop of Finland is also part of the Pink Mafia.

Orthodox Archbishop of Finland Leo recognizes gay unions

[No comment– we are just staring at it with our mouths gaping open. Hat Tip: M.C.]



The Orthodox Archbishop of Finland Leo has just recognized the political union of homosexuals!

According to an interview with him, as published in the newspaper of the Lutheran Church “Kotimaa” (Homeland) and in the 13/11/2008 edition, it says:

"The registration of parishioners as same-sex couples does not constitute a problem, according to Archbishop Leo."

[Note: In Finland, in order to officially belong to any church whatsoever, you need to register.]

And the newspaper continues, with the words of the Archbishop himself:

“To anyone who wishes to participate in parishional and liturgical life, no questions are asked about their family status.”

According to Leo, socio-ethical issues are to a large degree a matter of culture.

“Especially in Eastern Europe, the Church leaderships are obliged to maintain a balance, on account of the demands of noisy extremist fundamentalist organizations. Among these circles, liberalism is not fashionable.”

According to Leo, the Orthodox Church is very careful when handling matters pertaining to homosexuality.

“Those who are registered as a couple with a person of the same sex cannot be accepted in the ranks of priesthood. But for associates and workers from the laity, we do not place the same criteria.”

The interview gained publicity and preoccupied the widely-sold newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, 13/11/2008 edition.

The Finnish Orthodox Church has not only become fully estranged and to an unrestrained degree influenced by the spirit of Ecumenism, but has fallen entirely under the management of an Ecclesiastic mafia of homosexuals, which is now openly and unashamedly propagandizing, not only in favour of homosexuality (and not just the homosexual as a persona) as a normal state, but also the ecclesiastic acceptance thereof.

Characteristically, the generously remunerated president of the Ecumenical Center of Finland is the “Orthodox” priest Heikki Huttunen [photo above] who is also the co-founder of the Homosexual Ecumenist Christian Union “Yhteys” ( (in which participate several orthodox priests and laypeople who have even preoccupied the fold with their lives) – whose aim is the full acceptance of homosexual “marriage” and homosexuality by Christian churches and society – also participates and organizes gay pride parades [since when has any kind of sexuality or one’s gender been the object of pride, and since when has pride become a Christian virtue?] and other frivolous things…

In fact, he had recently also officiated in a Lutheran Divine Liturgy for homosexuals! Did you know that there are Divine Liturgies adjusted to the characteristics of the participants? For example, I imagine there could equally be a liturgy especially for blondes, a liturgy for tall brunettes with square shoulders and prominent chins, a liturgy for trolley-drivers etc… Could it be that they have been inspired in the Lutheran church to compose special services in homosexual jargon, and our own glittery counterparts have become envious?

Are these the signs of the times? Without a doubt! Just like the absolute secularization and alteration of the Orthodox spirit and its dogmatics, which in no way correspond to the Orthodox acceptance of the other’s person, no matter how sinful they may be, but instead, it sees the world according to the Protestant, dualist, Western world view where people are exclusively good (where, in order to accept them, we need to de-incriminate their weaknesses also), or exclusively evil (and we reject them, on the basis alone of one characteristic of theirs).
Certain Orthodox (in name only) have therefore perceived the Church today as a kind of brochure like those of the Jehovah’s Witnesses: with an idiotic grin permanently plastered on their face, having accepted everything in the name of a misconstrued New Age love and a New Age spirituality, while certain others go around permanently pointing their index finger as though suffering from ankylosis, indicative also of their spiritual ankylosis.

While true love intimates that you should accept the other, not as supposedly “sinless” – and in fact declassifying his sin as not being one – but accept him as a sinner, and even discerning in his person not that which he now is (and under certain circumstances you could also have been), but that which he could have been, or that which he could become, if he previously reaches self-awareness.
The schism is standing before the gate. As is the End of the World – at least the way we used to know it for entire millennia.


Fr. Elpidoforos at the Patriarchate is aware of everything. I have informed him by phone and in writing. He was infuriated when he learnt of this and said “Helsinki’s is finished”. They then sent my letter to the Synod of Finland and the Synod sent a response to the Patriarchate (which the Patriarchate forwarded to me) – a reply worthy of being spat on and full of inaccuracies, lies and cover-ups. The Patriarchate cannot doubt them, but I can. These people tell lies, even to the Patriarchate. “What can we do now?” I asked myself, and I replied that I don’t know. Honestly, I would not like to be in the Patriarch’s place.

The next stage would have been to openly confront the Finnish Synod and to submit documents to the Patriarchate translated into English or Greek. Should I now involve myself in this procedure and confront the Finnish Synod from Greece? I have done my duty; let the Fins do theirs. But they don’t, either because they are low-key, or because they are AFRAID. The only ones with courage and audacity are the DEGENERATES.


Leo is prey to them, as he is dependent on their knowledge, because objectively, those who belong to the mafia are more talented than he is.

And to call things by their name, the mafia is comprised of the following:

Α. Metropolitan Ambrose of Helsinki.

Homosexual (discreetly) and Mason (overtly). Moves in favour of the ordination of women.

Β. fr. Heikki Huttunen

Married, president of the Ecumenical Council of Finland, doubter of tradition and co-founder of Homosexual Ecumenistic and Orthodox unions. In his parish, he invites all the homosexuals and lesbians, whom he directs spiritually that homosexuality is not in the least a problem or a handicap. Among his spiritual children are a married couple of lesbians, one of them having undergone a sex change. He actively participates in ecumenistic services and liturgies of homosexuals. I have heard him with my own ears reciting the Creed WITH the Filioque, during the International Ecumenistic Council that took place in Athens 3-4 years ago. As the person responsible for youths, his spiritual children have left their mark with their drunken revelries. A party that he hosted at his home was reminiscent of a gay club scene (according to one who had attended it).

C. Presbytera Huttunen.

She is in favour of the ordination of women and is a member of the homosexuals’ union.

D. Tapani Karkainen

Homosexual, Huttunen’s spiritual child and his son’s godfather, married to a man by political union, publisher of an official Orthodox magazine of Finland, in which he has published articles portraying Saints Serge and Bacchus as the homosexual patrons of Homosexuals, and with innuendoes about “special” relations between Christ and Saint John the Theologian and other “couples” of Saints.

This same “theological” magazine has been turned into a center for open homosexual propaganda, however, it stifles all letters that contain objections.

Ε. Jyrki Harkkonen.

Journalist and Karkainen’s best man. Married. Fanatic supporter of homosexuals and co-founder of their “Orthodox” union. Man of many posts; he has handled the Apostolic Ministry of Finland, the publications sector, the Humanitarian aid sector, the school education sector and the dogmatics and catechesis sectors. He authored the Orthodox school book in which certain heretic views have also infiltrated.

F. fr. Johannes Karhusaari

Homosexual priest. Removed from his post as the one responsible for the young, when his weakness for young boys was discovered. He was transferred to a provincial parish, only to return again as a candidate for the position of protopresbyter of the cathedral of Helsinki. Author of an Orthodox pilgrimage guide, in which he has included the gay clubs of Athens and Thessaloniki, upon a personal survey (as to which are recommended).

G. fr.Andreas Larikka

Homosexual. Promoted to the rank of protopresbyter in the major city of Turkku but was not elected by the vestrymen and is now being promoted for the cathedral of Helsinki as a co-candidate of Karhusaari. For the specific post, 2 out of 3 are known homosexuals.

ALL of the above and those around them are unashamedly flaunting themselves under the omophorion of Helsinki; they are overtaking all key positions of the Finnish Church in the manner of Masonry and they brutally attack (and slander as a fundamentalist, fanatic and extremist) anyone who dares to object, and vilifies them to the Patriarchate.

Nicholas I • 2 years ago
Have you heard of the Roman Catholic Cardinal O'Brien Gay Mafia scandals in Scotland? The papacy has suspended ordinations in Scotland after Cardinal O'Brien's confessions about his queer activities over the past decades and after seminarians have talked about how they were molested and pressured into sex, etc.

One of numerous examples of coverage:

"Fallen Scottish Cardinal who called homosexuality 'grotesque' had 'priest boyfriend for years who told the Vatican they were lovers'"



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