UK: "Hey, let's bitch about Poles!" (not kikes/nigz/muz...)

Astonishing new figures show immigration numbers up nearly 50% in just 10 years... as it emerges one MILLION more Poles want to come to UK

Thought to be at least 500,000 Polish-born people already living in the UK and survey suggests number will continue to rise as few are returning home

Vast majority are young men under 35 who are dissatisfied with wage and nearly a quarter say Britain is the country where they'd most like to settle


29 November 2014 | UPDATED: 30 November 2014

EU Foreigners UK Daily Mail 2014 11 30

Up to one million more Poles are considering moving to the UK to look for work during the next 12 months.

The vast majority are young men aged under 35 who are dissatisfied with wage rates in their homeland, according to a new survey.

There are thought to be at least 500,000 Polish-born people already living in the UK, and the survey suggests that number will continue to rise since relatively few of them are returning home.

Nearly a quarter of those questioned named Britain as the country where they would most like to settle – up from 13 per cent at the beginning of the year.

Germany is favourite, with 26 per cent naming it, and the Netherlands is in third place on 23 per cent.

Countries with tougher border controls and work restrictions, such as the US, France and Australia, scored much lower, with only around two per cent choosing them.

The survey, carried out by international market research company Millward Brown, indicates that one in every five Poles of working age is considering emigrating by the end of 2015 to improve their standard of living.

[Photo: Polish parents queue up outside the Polish embassy in London to get passports for their children. There are thought to be at least 500,000 Polish-born people already living in the UK]

Many are well educated and already have jobs in Poland, yet are drawn abroad by opportunity to increase their earnings.

The survey was commissioned by Poland’s biggest recruitment company, Work Service.

Nearly a quarter of those thinking of emigrating said their main motivation was to live in a country with a better health service and social security system.

But former Polish senator Tomasz Misiak said the overwhelming majority of Poles wanted to work hard rather than claim benefits, adding: ‘They don’t want to go there and get something for nothing.’


EU says UK must dole out MORE benefits: Brussels takes legal action

£244MILLION - That's the staggering sum YOU pay each year to teach schoolchidren who can't speak English


Let 'em in; let 'em all in. UK taxpayer's can afford it.

Roll on the 7th May 2015 Even if you have never voted before, please make it your mission to do so, even if it's just this one time. The people of this country need to do something, before its too late. The last chance saloon.

The UK is only a small island as everybody is crying to fetch everyone in it won't actually be too long before the true residents of the UK is bred out of existence.

We need out of the EU so we can close the floodgates.

How many come over here to commit murder and theft.?

Sorry we dont want them

When is all this going to end... only when UKIP get a lot of power.

Which they wont thankgod

Good, more the merrier

One million Poles want to get in, and I bet there's ten million tax paying British wanting to get out.

I think the next election will be last chance saloon. If the political landscape does not change, and soon, it will be too late! The Unholy Trinity, LibLabCon, are employing every tactic in the book to scare people into not voting UKIP. As I've written here before, it's about time the DM/MoS took a more balanced stance toward UKIP, after all, they are the party with real conservative policies, which will put the people of Britain first.

We didnt want the last lot never mind any more, vote UKIP

When do we run out of spare housing, education and healthcare? Oh sorry, we already have! Nevermind it is the world''s human right to take everything we have, because our distant ancestors were such beastly imperialists.

couldn't have put it better myself, well said

Someone said one in every 6 poles lives in uk. No wonder He/She cannot compete with Poles. 500 000 in uk, there are 38000 000 in PL. This is 1 in 78. Learn so basics please. Or even google it. i bet most people who leaves negative commenta couldnt be bothered to actually read the article...

We will call you back when we fight another war with Germany. The RAF doesn't need you just yet.

What about Poles of working age?

All lazy people out, english as well, working people in

I dont get why people moan, includin goverment. Uk dodged the recesion, everything is going well compare to other countries, unemployment is low, prices in the shops are low, mortgages are cheap, evern winter is mild. What is the problem?

You your the problem

You must be used to believing government propaganda, coming from a former Communist state.

Thanks for the figures but we already knew this. We can see it every day. Thankfully in May next year the doors will start to close and with any luck those already here will be booted out too.

The Government attacks The Poles but what about the rising numbers of people from outside The EU? These people could easily be gapped if Cameron had the will to do so but he hasn't.

COLOR OF SKIN IS major factor. It is easy to put all frustration on Poles even if major problems are countries of III-rd world and their citizens migration here.

I don't usually buy into conspiracy theories but I am beginning to think that none of this is accidental is it? Probably wrong word but......what I mean is that it seems like it has all been planned rather than it just being the stupidity of our politicians.

Don, well done for waking up. Sadly there are too many people that haven't who will blindly vpte for LIB/ LAB/ CON. This, what is going on< is all by design. But not by the politicians ( Politburo) of the EU, but by the "elite" that really call the shots Strasbourg and Brussels are mere puppet theatres and mouthpieces. None, and I mean none, of the lib,lab,con will giove you or I what we really deserve, what we have earned, because if they did, we would no longer need them. As every election comes near they will tell us "what we need, and what we want. And how, they, will put it right. Except, when they get into power, it's carry on as before, and stuff the "plebs" We can, and must, vote Ukip into Parliament in May. I have reservations about Ukip, due to Nigel Farages' working background but, it is our only chance of getting our Country back. And, highly important, we keep our free press. To keep Ukip to their word and watch their every move.

Yes, I'm beginning to suspect the same, otherwise nothing makes sense at all.

You what??? What a childish way of thinking. How about if there is no enough jobs..... eh. I give up. VOTE UKIP HAHAHAHA

There's plenty of room on the Royal Estates, and the politicians all have half a dozen houses that several families could occupy. What? Us? The "Great and the Good" - You must be joking!

The left wing are supposed to protect the working class, but instead they bring in cheap labour that lowers wages. They won't give you a referendum on the matter. Charity is supposed to be a personal choice, but they've forced this upon the entire population. If you were at an animal shelter, you would have to make a difficult decision to bring home the one dog that you can afford. The left wing will say you lack 'compassion'. They want you to adopt all of the dogs in the cages and then pay for their care. It's based on emotion instead of logic.

overcrowding is the biggest threat to our personal survival..we are rapidly heading for irreversible meltdown....while you just sit and watch it happen...

The Polish know when they are on a winner.Could we have something in return please?

Yes, invade their country.

Dear UK, Please invade Poland and change their stupid goverment which is stealing their hard earned money, so that they could stay at home :D Pleeeeeeeeeease! :D PS: on the other hand what would you do withut them? They're raising standards, they work hard, they take jobs no one wants and they accept your culture in 100%. And also they pay TAX here. They give more than take. If you dont want them here, start from going to interviews and turn up for work!

Yeah, and they're all working at my local Lidl.

OK you run a company and 10% of your staff are non productive and you can't pay them off and you still have to pay them enough money to live, you then go out and IMPORT another 10% to do the jobs the others won't or can't do! You may say this is no way to run a company BUT THIS IS THE WAY UK PLC IS RUN. Would in not make more sense to train or increase wages of the staff you already have to get the job done.

the trouble is, this country wont function without them! What a RECIST comment! If people here wanted to work they could but they prefer to stay on benefits!!

this is 2014 not the 19th century

silly it functioned v well before they arrived

Maybe the Poles who have their eyes on coming to the UK will all be 'hard working' and contributory but this is only an island with limited resources and we are trillions of pounds in debt and a soft touch. It is about time we exited the European Union instead of being subjugated in everything we do by Europeans who don't like us too much anyway.

we dont want to be Poland and the money we pay into Eu should be used to improve their welfare system

If Cameron was serious about reducing numbers he would bring in his benefit changes tomorrow (they don't all need a treaty change). Anyway why is it down to us to supply a better standard of living for these people if there are that good why don't they fix their own countries.

Surely the Polish economy must be suffering if a large chunk of their citizens are in the UK. You'd think the Polish Government would be panicking over the loss of some many of their fellow citizens and their public services would be suffering as a result? Just Wondering.

No sir these numbers are not astonishing but the true ones including all the illegals would certainly make you wince!

Thank you, New Labour.

Message to the Poles.Dont come you are not welcome here!!!!

I just wonder why Daily Mail is so keen to attack Poles, why not your own citizen who dont want to work?

Where have you been for the last 5 years?

lots DO want to work but can't get jobs because they are being undercut! Who used to do these jobs?

Dont worry, not that many want to come to the UK anymore. They cant earn enough money here. You will miss them as they're great!

Let me assure you, we wont.

Good. Then don't come!

If the poles are such good workers why aren't big businesses investing in Poland I ca also say from experience they were no better or worse than English workers just had a tendency to say this country was worse than Poland just paid better

Big businesses are investing in Poland but they pay not much and thats a trouble.

Exactly. And this myth that they contribute by paying tax can be ignored as well, because they take low paid jobs which means they pay NO TAX

To think I fought for this dump???

So did many Polish. They fought and died alongside our soldiers, airmen and navy.

Once the accommodation runs out and it will, huge tents cities and shanty towns will pop up everywhere, with no social security crime will explode making these places ungovernable and local people at the mercy of roving gangs of thieves and murderers, while politicians just wash there hands of the whole affair.

Dave it's already hapening in various places of the UK.

Well why is the UK not doing what the US, France and Australia are doing

Because we have not got the guts to leave the EU so we can implement it - the Political parties receive millions from the EU through their MEP party blocs, and MPS and their special advisors need the EU so they can get civil service positions on nice salaries as their are not enough jobs in the UK for every failed politician/civil servant.

Who will be doing all the rubbish jobs when the Poles are gone? People on the dole are not that keen...

I would if I could get one!!

Doesn't help when employers don't even advertise those jobs to the local population. Using agencies abroad to recruit without giving those locally a chance is unfair.

TRUE BRITS WILL VOTE UKIP, this is insane and we cannot sustain these numbers. WE NEED OUT OF THE E.U. NOW!!!!!!! We want our Country back and self rule, no more EU dictators telling us what to do with OUR Country. THIS MADNESS MUST END ..... NOW.

I LOVE P olish people! My friend Anka has the cutest accent EVER, I wish I could persuade her to make some audio books for me haha!!

You are obviously very shallow and stupid!...or a computer programme

And you peterapleby21 are obviously very rude person.

and the traitors told us it was going to be just a trickle. Make the traitors pay by voting UKIP into government next May, this is if you love your country, your children and grand-children. Kindly donate as much as you can afford, we must have a UKIP government next May and not in 2020

I'd like to propose a new word, DISFARAGE. It's a verb, meaning to say negative things about Ukip, in the style of the EU and DM.

I cannot take any more of this. Does anyone care what the average person in Britain thinks or wants?? When are politicians going to LISTEN?

One day well be outnumbered 51 to 49%. Then we'll really be in trouble.

Were in trouble already.

And the true figures are at least double the official figures

Course, you must've done your own research yeah? Been around the country I suppose? Counted yourself right? Or are you just making that up?

they are all trying to get in and claim benefits while they can - then they will clear off back from whence they came and still claim child benefit - this country is a JOKE led by the BIGGEST JESTER IN HIStory

England is finished unless people are brave enough to vote UKIP

Everyone wants to pour into the good old UK - land of free and plenty ...Then when this country becomes as bad if not worse than their own, or they have made enough money/retire etc - they go scurrying back ..........Isnt it about time these countries learn to govern themselves & encourage their own to stay - instead of using the UK and our government allowing so much abuse and exploitation ..

You can sense the tension in this country.Cameron needs to do something now.

...for his own sake,at least!

Don't raise your hopes!

They need to be with us so badly! Do we need them though? Who is listening to what we want?

Why don't we let the whole of the EU in and we move out in to Europe, would be much more room

Charles, I'm from Nottm as well and we should never ever give up our birthright so stand tall and vote UKIP brother

If you really love your country, you wouldn't want to move to europe, you would make sure we do have a UKIP government next May. Kindly donate what you can to the war chest.

Ukip is our only hope

You don't understand...England as a country no longer far as the EU are concerned..we are just a sector on a map in the EU..and they have full control of that sector I am afraid, so please ladies & gentleman,..understand..our politicians are in no way able to change any aspect of that....the game is up.

You are very very wrong, it's never too late and we will not give up, UKIP brothers and sisters, it's our time and it'll be very soon.

The Tories will never be able to deliver, Cameron is a wet lettuce. UKIP is the only way to get our United Kingdom back to it's people.

Deny worry ......Dodgy Dave has PROMISED us he'll get the figures DOWN ........?

I dont care how hard the pols work why are they being given social housing in my country?. If they are such hard workers why are they not working hard in their own country and improving their own economy? They are here for generous hand outs they cant get back home we all know. Britain is a sinking ship.

I have been trying to make this point time and again. They know it, we know it THEY COME FOR THE BLOODY BENEFITS NOT THE WORK.

All of them? I look forward to your publishing the results of your research into the subject. Or is that you haven't got a clue what you're talking about?

Too, too, too many Poles in the UK-which is just a symptom of the bigger problem. Seriously, you all need to get out of the EU and take back your own country. The EU is basically forcing you to give handouts to everyone and then trying to extort you for money on top of it. And what actual value are you getting from that?????

Why is France allowed to have tougher legislation than the UK and get away with it?

Simple; if you want to do anything in France you have to speak and write French, and they will not give you any help if you cannot do so-. Unlike the English, they will not provide you with a translator, if you want one, go hire one your self, and pay for it. If you= did that, the numbers would drop, but unlike the French, who understand that human rights only applies for the French, you think it only applies to the non English, and the English have no rights.

Thank you, that makes sense as they have always been stubborn that way!

Ukip hate the uk's open border so much.... that without it farage wouldn't be here! I see they're point! close the border!!

quality and contol is what we favour, like it used to be

It is not the Poles and such who will ruin this country, it is those coming from non EU countries that we must watch out for, a lot of them don't have jobs, a lot of them are on benefits, and most of them hate us with a passion, so if you value your life and want your country back, then come next May vote UKIP...!!!!

Say that to all my friends who lost their jobs in the construction industry because all the Polish came and undercut them

UK POLITICIANS should BE TRIED for TREASON !!!, they Sold out to THE PUPPET MASTERS Years Ago, what a Spineless Bunch. VOTE UKIP and GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK.

I think you secretly are a UKIP supporter

UKIP when faced with facts, resort to insults, as they can't produce any of their own. Poles are ALL here for benefits, there's MILLIONS more no-one knows about, The UK will be some blissful paradise if we leave the EU, all totally unfounded and based on nothing but prejudice.

Something has time change country can't go on like this I feel for younger people jobs for then first .went into a fish and chips shop yesterday a polish family were running it they couldn't even talk English .I no one thing in theses different countries you would never be welcome to do something like they are doing for god sake bolt the door.

meanwhile 78% of eu mi..grants can speak English.

100% of the British living in Spain support themselves financially.


How does that little island hold all those people? I would think it would only be spacious enough for natural born Brits.

Yet we welcome mr farage's French parents when they came over on a boat with open arms when they took the job someone british should have and the house someone british should have(ukip logic)

And under ukip policy Farages own children would be classed as m.igrants.

Why so much worry about the Poles and those from EU countries? The majority are working and contributing to the country's economy. Look at the lot from non EU countries, India, Bangladesh, etc as well as overstayers on student visas.

I assume you've factored in child benefit, tax credits, pensions, NHS, education and dental prices into the minimum wage taxes they pay to arrive at that conclusion then? Dear me. It's amateur economists like you that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.

yes, how do those get paid for? Oh yes, with taxes.

The Polish work hard and have the same values as the British, they are not the problem, but the politicians will not come out and say it, even UKIP.

Why don't they work hard in Poland and build their own country, because they want to leech off us that's why. Jakoviectsky is your real name isn't it ???

We've seen what Cast Iron Dave does! Nothing! He's totally out of his depth with the EU! Hasn't got a clue! Vote UKIP.

We've seen what Cast Iron Dave does! Nothing! He's totally out of his depth with the EU! Hasn't got a clue! Vote UKIP.
ReplyNew215Click to rate

onlybritish, london, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Our governments must really hate our way of life. I used to be proud of our little country, and how well and strong we had become. Now they are trying to push us back decades, so all the European countries have a chance of almost being like us. In the mean time, the brits will leave. They would probably follow us, Ukip
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moretorythentories, England, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
the same ukip that hate the eu so much it pays its meps and uses the cheap m.igrant labour?
133Click to rate
AnAmericanAbroad, Somewhereintheworld, 6 hours ago
EXACTLY!!!!!! The UK is and always has been one of the strongest, most influential countries in the world - by itself, and in and of itself. And it seems as though your neighbors have a bit of an inferiority complex and want to drag you down to their level.

We've seen what Cast Iron Dave does! Nothing! He's totally out of his depth with the EU! Hasn't got a clue! Vote UKIP.

Anger is brewing

Only amongst knuckle draggers.

So how do we stop them voting in a referendum? Or is the idea to wait to 2017 so that there are more of them to vote in favour of the EU?

When is this wimp of a goverment going to get us out of this corrupt EU

Shut the bloody door

Green flag me. Close the door Or if you couldn't give a damned, Red flag

Time Cameron stopped his washing up duties and did what he is paid to do as PM.

I see the Swiss are raging about the huge amount of immigrants from the EU into their country. It must be bad as you don't hear much from the Swiss.

We evicted polish people from our property and retained their deposit to pay for the damage caused. Following week we had our windows smashed with bricks thrown from the street in the middle of the night. You make your own judgement.

Wait! let me get some tar and a brush.

The eu has been milking this country ever since we sign up, our politicians all bar thatcher have been submissive whipping boys. No wonder nigel farrage is so popular, hes our only party leader with a backbone.

Another failure for Cameron, the guy is a waste of space, the sooner he gets kicked into touch the better. The only thing he is good at is giving away our money as foreign aid.

Meanwhile the rest of Europe laughs, feel sorry for the people of the UK with such a pathetic government. The UK government are the lap dogs of the EU.

ukip donor Paul Sykes - "I have benefited from cheap immi,.,grant labour"

Ukip hate the eu so much it pays its meps and they're biggest donor has hired cheap m.igrant labour.


David the public anger is bubbling over, THINK very carefully about this if we don't get our referendum now you are more than likely going to have to deal with Civil unrest. The British public are at breaking point and your inaction is 100% to blame. When you lose to UKIP on May 7th you will only have yourself to blame.

Meanwhile the Nero impersonator in Number 10 continues to practice on his Fiddle.

Don't they feel embarrassed swamping this little island? How on earth did we allow these ex commie nations into the EU in the first place?

and a growing number here are saying Close The Gates, We're Full.

2.6million out 3.8million oh we are sooo full lol

2.6 out of 3.8 is 69 per cent

......a few millions thanks to Cameron and co. To save UK vote UKIP..

There is nothing ASTONISHING about these figures. It has been apparent for yonks to anyone who takes the trouble to notice. The only astonishing thing is that now it is becoming talked about by the Oh-so-correct political classes. It has now become so bad that no one can ignore it. While politicians refused to acknowledge the situation it could only become much worse.

And if they get the right to vote they'll be pro EU naturally.

theres loads of them where i live can't stand them broken britain vote ukip

oh poor you!! my heart bleeds hahaha idiot.76% of eu m.igrants work and 79% speak English but neve mind hey.

Let's get out of this situation quick !!

And there are two million British migrants living in other EU countries and using their public services

Yes, but they are spread over lots of different countries, - it's not 2 million flooding into one small island.

looks like UK is a ATM machine for all countries in EU state

And there are two million British migrants living in other EU countries and using their public services.

this will never to china and china is not generous, why do uk have to support all these EU countries, was there some kind of deal been done?

Get a life, British farming industry would have long ago collapsed without the migrants. Just take a look in the hospitals who is doing the cleaning.

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