American Renaissance Synagogue censored all anti-Kike comments from an article trashing Gypsies. All the AmRen kikesite does is bitch, impotently, about Negroes, Gypsies, Arabs -- anyone except Kikes, and anything except Kikery.

The anti-Kike comments were not deleted because they were "offensive" in general. They still have multiple comments there about how Gypsies are negroes, Gypsiies look like aliens, Mexicans are beggars, Blacks are worse than Gypsies, Gypsies are worse than Blacks, Gypsies are thieves, all Gypsies should be rounded up and deported from Europe, and so on.

The AmRen Kikes only delete comments that mention Kikes/"Jews".

Europe’s First Underclass

F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, November 28, 2014

The Gypsy problem and its origins.

Today’s immigration disaster in Europe is liable to make us forget that a significant racially alien underclass has already lived on the continent for centuries: the Gypsies, or “Roma.”

[... kikey kvetch ...]

As the Gypsy share of the population grows, Europeans may stop seeing them as objects of charity and consider them dangerous demographic competitors. Certainly none of George Soros’s uplift and integration is doing anything to prevent or delay such a development. Finding a policy that is fair to both the Gypsies and Europeans is not simply a matter of good intentions. An essential precondition is recognition of the natural and persistent differences between the two peoples.

Dr. Devlin is a contributing editor to The Occidental Quarterly and the author of Alexandre Kojève and the Outcome of Modern Thought.

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  • "programs sponsored by the UN, George Soros’s Open Society Institute" = KUN & The K. Schwartz/"Soros"
  • If you have K's, you'll end up with Gypsies anyway. Look at London now. Even in Belfast. Cardiff, Glaswee, Manchester... Britzog transports Gyp beggars straight from Dover or Heathrow to various parts of the septic isle.
  • Gypsies make better music than K's too. I mean, come on: a night of Flamenco and Gypsy Swing? or a night of Klezmer? Look at Django and his brothers. They were great as they were, but they needed to have K. Stephane Grapelli in the band in order to get recording and club gigs. So now Django's sublime guitar recordings are marred by K. Grapelli's whiney oy vey shtetl fiddle scrapings. Django recorded great tracks after the Germans drove K. Grapelli over to Britain. (They were in London. Then Rhenhardt and his Gypsy bothers and cousin went back to German-occupied France, and the K Grapelli stayed in England.)
  • I can't stand Gypsies - avoid them almost completely. However, they are at least "honest thieves", so to speak. I mean when they're caught they usually just accept their jail time or whatever. But The K. oy veys like it just got a second circumcision if you catch it.
  • Always thought of gypsies as sort of like penniless Ks, what with their less enterprising scams, their persistent role as outsider, their overall negative impact and image. They really don't like the analogy
  • Under the proper circumstances, and with the requisite will, Gypsies could be contained. But once you let K's infest your nation, its like herpes.
  • AIDS. They destroy your immune system, your ability to defend yourself against other pathogens, effectively swinging the city gate open to invading hordes. There is precedent..
  • Yes, "herpes" was an excessively polite analogy.
  • In defense of Gypsies: They are of course much, much, much less parasitic and nation-destroying than K's. Romania: still Romania. Hungary: still Hungary. Bulgaria: still Bulgaria. But look at England, look at America. K's are cosmically more pestilent than Gypsies.
  • They appear to be quite in-bred. Of course it's only koshah in the K-stream to label "White Trash" as "in-bred".
  • Gipsies don't belong in Europe in the first place, I'm willing to look at the humanitarian side for other non-whites, but they should be sent in India as soon as possible, there is nothing to argue about that. They are extremely dangerous on average, especially for European children, if you think that black people in America are a problem, you never met a gipsy in your life, they are like blacks from ghettos on steroid...
  • "they should be sent in India as soon as possible" -- and K's should stop being K's, but neither of these things is going to happen.
  • They're a form of negro regardless of their specific genetics. You know I thought to myself these real gypsies looked dumber than a sack of dead puppies, and sure enough...
  • 60 average IQ in Romania? Good Lord! No wonder that now-banned Romanian guy, Spartacus, hated them so much. Jeez, eye-tallian guy, look at these specimens...
  • Yeah, they are not Europeans, that's for sure.
  • That one holding the kid looks sort of an off-white, you might say. But yeah, they're like nomadic mostly Indian mixed sorta bag-people. They live in squalor by cultural preference and do low level crimes mostly, starting at an early age. But they have been responsible for kidnappings of European babies which they then sell typically.
  • Gypsies are not white.
  • Except for that weird, alien looking baby, they seem slightly microcephalic. It's not just the dark alien's...
  • Congenital stupidity. It's the same facial expressions I've seen in the negro pits of public education. After a while you just recognize it, you know? That hit me before I read the actual IQ figgers.
  • The vast majority of them are fecund idiots, like our Ferguson liquor lifters.
  • They are different folk than us to be sure.
  • What do you think? Maybe 10% capable of living off a reservation? My guess. Idiot reservation. No more than one child per couple, movies on Fridays, booze and cigs and microwavable junk food.
  • Most dead by 50 from stupidity - like now.
  • I wouldn't want to venture a guess as to their average life expectancy or the reasons for it. They do tend to have large broods from what I can tell. But, they're different folk from us so they should be somewhere other than in white lands.
  • One would think that after celebrating diversity with these sterling specimens for the past 1,000 years, Europeans would have learned something. Yet, the leftist half wits that control most European governments fall all over themselves to facilitate the invasion of Europe by millions more third world immigrants
  • They're Arabs that essentially invaded India (what Mestizos are doing to white America now), destroyed it, and are now attempting to do the same to Europe.
  • No. There are of pure Indian stock.
  • The Arab invaders of India enslaved them.
  • They look the same as a typical middle caste Indian, although with some very slight European mingling. This is the same race that our education keeps assuring us is full of mathmatical geniuses that are just naturally smarter than us white people. So we need to import more Indian doctors. Of course the reality is that out of millions or billions of people a handful will have a high I.Q. They import a few of these extreme examples and parade them showing us that these people are superior to whites. It's not much different with East Asians actually, although they are a little higher performing than this. But I begin to suspect that all these videos and lessons about the intellectual supremacy of asians is hog wash.
  • Aryans, the high IQ, light skinned Caucasoids are the pure, original "Indians". Roma are not Indian.
  • I can't understand the unemployment figures. They seem quite adept at home improvement and construction, judging by the photographs.
  • The father could probably pass as white (assuming this isn't a flattering photo), but definitely not the child.
  • Indians come from a mixture of Aryan and a black skinned native race that is similar (although not identical) to Africans. Then you have different castes. The highest caste is nearly pure white. But the average Indian actually has white looking skull/facial features if his skin was lighter. I think its because this is a more dominant trait when you cross whites with blacks the white skull shape is more dominant. In the same way darker skin is dominant. Nonetheless a more accurate term would be mixed race, even though this mix has existed for thousands of years as its own racial group.
  • There are several languages in India but the main Indian language sounds similar to Russian and a person speaking Lithuanian can actually converse with someone speaking Indian language. Their language is Aryan (albeit a corrupted form). This is true of the Roma language as well as the Hindi language or whatever its called in India. I would guess if all the race mixing dreams of our elite come true basically our nations will resemble India one day. A chilling thought.
  • Mike Lane propagandaoftruth • a day ago
  • I'm not sure India would want to take them.
  • India is dangerously not diverse enough, they need the vibrancy that the gipsies would bring them, they can't keep going like this /s
  • That's mainly due to the caste system, which allows them to marry pretty much just their cousin.
  • Actually, marriage inside "gotras" (essentially clans of a caste) are forbidden, as traditionally marriages outside the castes have been. The rules are been relaxed as of late as to inter-caste relations, but gotra relations among the higher castes are still pretty stringent. I assume the lower tribal wards of the state (the hunter-gatherers and hill-people) just bone anything with a hole, though.
  • If it's proven they originate in India, does India have a choice?
  • Otherwise as soon as possible means as soon as India has a government that takes them. Successive governments will be unable to undo the intake.
  • If Europe really wanted to, they could make the Roma stateless, cut them off welfare, and forcibly deport them to India. What's India going to do if they are parachuted out over India, or put on ships and run aground in a port somewhere?
  • But that would require Europeans to have massive cojones, something which Europeans do not have in living memory.
  • I lived in Italy for 5 years and while we agree 100% that gypsies don't belong in Europe they aren't as bad as American blacks, yet. I think a large part of that is do to the fact that the Italian police and carabinieri don't cuddle them like blacks are cuddled by our police. It was obvious to me that like the Albanians and Moroccans the Italians and their law enforcement really didn't like them at all. Needless to say during my stay there my wife at the time had her purse stolen by them once. Not sure how they are treated in other European countries though.
  • We in Virginia don't believe that 85 IQ hoo-hah. Having had to live with them for a couple of centuries, we know some grade inflation is involved. Their IQ is in the 60s. Gippos ought to be sent to Africa where their lifestyle is tolerated, nay, celebrated.
  • Yes, heard there's a lot of them in West Virginia..
  • Not many is too many. WV is mostly Scots and Bavarians.
  • Gypsies have always been a plague to Europe, and most Europeans know that. France has always been the strictest of Western Europeans in dealing with them. Not without criticism of course.
  • Last year, Daddy Le Pen was sued for making a joke about them being "natural thieves".
  • What's the problem? Did he minimize the level of personal investment they put into becoming thieves? Saying they were simply born into that undermines the effort they purportedly put into their thieving skills -- which they take great pride of.
  • In the one year I lived in Europe, I had my wallet stolen by gypsies twice. Of the ten people I was there with (in Spain for most of the time), six of us had at least one item stolen by gypsies. And all of us took real precautions to guard our belongings.
  • Gypsies are an absolute plague on society--there is no other group in the world with such little regard for laws, authority, or just basic human dignity. Anyone who thinks otherwise (generally Americans and Canadians) has spent no time around them.
  • 100% correct. They are utterly incorrigible and have no place in western society.
  • I think they might be the most evil group in the world. But what about Muslims? The two groups are competing for first place.
  • One must ask, why did they leave India? Maybe they were forced out!
  • Slaves and/or musicians/entertainers/strippers/whatever attached to Muz invaders. Then went with Muz to the Levant and Turk-occupied Anatolia, then NW into Europe
  • I have never known gypsies. Over the years I have learned not to dismiss hostile attitudes towards of groups of people with whom I have not had personal experiences. Nevertheless, what I have read about gypsies leads me to suspect that they are less prone to violent crime than blacks. Unlike Muslims they are not noted for terrorism at all.
  • Their criminality is not violent and is mostly limited to petty theft. Actually, I've never heard of a Gypsy arrested for anything other than petty theft. Even in violent altercations, they don't seem to have the black or Muslim potential for, respectively, viciousness or fanaticism. They're more the sneaky kind of lowlives (stealing, fortune-telling, sneaking in abandoned areas and settling there, etc). But they still commit crime disproportionately, and are a burden on European societies as they can't seem to attain self-sufficiency.
  • And then there's the begging, the infernal, eternal begging. I've never been a victim of theft by them, but the begging was enough to put me off them.
  • When I give a white pan handler a dollar he thanks me. Most black pan handlers tell me a dollar is not enough.
  • It's not enough for a half pint.
  • I've experienced that, too. I've been cursed at for not offering enough to a black beggar.
  • Let them curse. Just ignore them, mind your own business and refuse to even acknowlege them... it always works for me.
  • Have you ever seen an Asian panhandler? I have never seen one. Neither a Hispanic one except a 3rd generation who doesn't speak Spanish which means not a Latino anymore. The only panhandlers are Black and White.
  • Before I woke up, some years back, I was in Seattle and an Asian man (fully Americanized accent, clearly born here) asked me for money for drugs. He asked in a way that was calculated to amuse and highlight the absurdity, and seemed to be sort of a "meta" joke about "let me be the one honest beggar and see if that works." I found it amusing and was still a libtard so I gave him a couple of dollars. He did a couple of little "worship" bows and said "praise the generous, mighty white man" or something like that. My appearance is such that I likely come across as a sort of personification of ultimate whiteness, or at least a certain strain of it. I think that's part of why he reacted that way. I was dressed in a very white way, had my very white girlfriend with me, and I was also born and raised and spent the vast majority of my life in a very, very white area of this country. I think people pick up on that, just like they'd pick up on you coming from another country. I definitely didn't strike him as a Seattle native, I would imagine.
  • I've seen plenty of puerto rican panhandlers.
  • Mexico is loaded with beggars, though.
  • ....or panhandlers could be completely ignored. Not worth the risk of having your wallet snatched.
  • [Kike "JohnEngelman":] A black pan handler did snatch my wallet, as I was about to give him five dollars. I sprayed him with pepper spray, and took my wallet back. No five dollars for him.
  • K's say 6 billion is not enough.
  • Careful John, I hear blacks have come to consider pepper spray as form of foreplay.
  • Yes. I wouldn't compare them to Muslims when it comes to general vileness.
  • Blacks make gypsies look like angels. Or am I missing thousands of stories of gypsy gang rapes and murders? Not to mention strange voodoo rituals involving cannibalism, religions based on human sacrifice, etc.
  • 10000 times yes. I live in a gypsy area. While you do hear stories of gypsies committing violent crime, it's nowhere near the level of what other browns do in the West.
  • You're either trolling or you genuinely don't live around blacks.
  • Europeans and other had a naive view of US blacks. Blacks in the movies are always portrayed as peaceful, intelligent, and kind. The whites are portrayed as evil, racist and violent. People believe that the movies are real. I still see that naivety today in Europe and the UK, even though they are experiencing the horrors of diversity, first hand.
  • A two-pronged proposal by Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs for addressing the incompatibility of Arabs and Israelis living together in Israel may provide a template for addressing the incompatibility of Roma and Europeans in European nation-states: "In a manifesto of his Yisrael Beitenu party published Friday, Avigdor Lieberman says he favors ceding Arab majority areas in northern Israel to a future Palestinian state and providing economic incentives for Arab-Israelis — about 20 percent of Israel's population — to encourage them to emigrate."
  • I once met a Hungarian who absolutely loathed them and their welfare dependency, said they were taking over with their breeding, etc. That being said, Gypsies do make some good music (The Gypsy Kings) and can wear beautiful clothing. I have seen them begging in Europe and selling roses and some here in NYC setting up fortune teller shops and going out on the street asking passersby to read your fortune.
  • While most gypsies are Brown, I have seen some white appearing ones, even ones with blond hair and blue eyes.
  • "I have seen some white appearing ones, even ones with blond hair and blue eyes." -- They arrested a gypsy woman in Greece in a similar situation, once they found out it was not her biological child (she kidnapped him).
  • "That being said, Gypsies do make some good music (The Gypsy Kings) and can wear beautiful clothing..." -- I heard April Wine's "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" on SiriusXM yesterday...
  • Europe is more screwed then we are. Gypsies and Muslims and negroes..! A triple curse.
  • Those nations ruled by European DNA must start embracing the concept of deportation regardless of origin of birth. A society has a right to expel a blight on its nation.
  • Yes, at the end of the day, a nation is an extended family. The Japanese know this; Europeans have apparently forgotten it.
  • I doubt they ever knew it. They have spent most of their history killing each other.
  • [Kike "JohnEngelman":] Civilization breeds people for intelligence. In urban civilizations men with the intelligence to become merchants, scribes, government officials, money lenders, artists, writers, and so on have usually been more prosperous than laborers. They have usually been more prolific.
  • Only a k*** parasite, like you, would include usurers as an example of a "civilized" profession.
  • The lower average IQ's of blacks can be explained by their comparatively recent exposure to civilization. Large numbers of them only began living in cities during the twentieth century. Urban neighborhoods of blacks are not known for civilized behavior. They are aptly referred to as "asphalt jungles."
  • India, which is the origin of the gypsies, has a tradition of civilization at least four thousand years old. The social dysfunction of gypsies requires an evolutionary explanation that is unclear to me.
  • Regarding an evolutionary explanation for the social dysfunction of Gypsies, at least some historians believe that they were never a true part of Indian civilization, living only on the periphery of it as outcasts. Thus, the eugenic evolutionary pressure on intelligence exerted by civilization may never have improved their IQ and prepared them for the rigors of civilized life. In addition, their genetic composition was "diversified" as they picked up and mated with other uncivilized people as they migrated west, thus, perhaps, cementing their lower IQ. This my best guess!
  • They were probably vagabonds there, too. Only the Indians, Persians, Armenians, Kurds, Arabs, etc. wouldn't put up with them. The Europeans did, as we White people are always cursed with kindness. The rest is history.
  • They were probably out-caste populations. Lower-ranking groups in India have Australoid blood, and I've noticed Australoid-looking hair (and some facial features) among European gypsies.
  • The term Sinti is believed here to describe a gypsy tribe. The gypsies consist out of Sinti and Roma. The Sinti are those who made it to Western Europe early. Just like the Jews are divided into Sephardim and Ashkenazim.
  • The term Sinti was first written down in 1471 in Hildesheim near Hannover, Germany.
  • An anti-gypsy campaign slogan here was: "Geld für die Oma statt für Sinti und Roma." -- Money (benefits, pension) for grandma instead of Sinti and Roma.
  • Sante turns up as a female gypsy name, such as the notorious Sante Kimes.
  • Gypsy phenotypes are easier to race mix out of existence than are Negro phenotypes. I know a Bulgarian woman who is 25 percent Gypsy, but she looks Whitish. Not Nordic White, but looks White enough to pass for a Mediterranean.
  • I've met 1/4th Blacks, Quadroons, that look whitish enough to pass for a mediteranean white.
  • Maybe the Nazis did kill 300,000 to 600,000 of them, I'm hardly an expert on the gypsy plight but I wouldn't cry myself to sleep if they did.
  • My American comrades have not the slightest idea how miserable and pathetic this group is. They sit on the ground around my neighbourhood (a built up urban area) begging for money and robbing old women when they can. They were driven out in mass by some 150 in south Belfast when I lived in the same street. It made world headlines but what it didn't tell you was the rampant criminality of these people.
  • Some of us know. Not because of firsthand experience but due to seeking out sources of info outside of the so called "mainstream" media in this country. That doesn't make up for having to deal with them firsthand, but when I read stories of travelers being driven out of communities, painted to show them in a sympathetic light, I know better.
  • This article could have appeared in the mainstream media. There's no 'hate' or 'ignorance' in the article at all until the very end. It was a pleasure to read it here on AmRen.
  • I saw an interview in Kent on the BNP website. A very nice elderly English lady was being endlessly harrassed by her new gypsie neighbors. Teenage boys were bullying an old lady, how courageous. The metro police would do nothing to help the white lady. They told her, "this is part of their culture, you will have to get used to it". One white policeman had sympathy and told the "youths" to leave her alone or else. The "youths" did what he said but reported him to his superiors. The kind, responsible policeman was promptly removed from his duties, and the harrassment of the old lady continued. Your government (and ours) is disgusting. There are some exceptions to that rule, but the scum of the earth prevails. They care nothing about what the majority wants. They continue to quietly push genocidal policies on us without our consent. I don't read the BBC and similar anymore. Most of my UK news comes from the BNP. That is the only reality I know of.
  • This comment was deleted.
  • I think it's the comments sections that did it for me. My comments, even mild ones will not be posted on liberal British media. Liberals can make any disgusting comment they dissent is allowed. That is part of the blind rage that follows when i read the various articles. I only stick with friendly, realistic sites. I love the BNP; I can't understand why they didn't win recent elections. They still do a good job spreading awareness. Furthermore, their website is has many more visitors than the Labour party.
  • To be honest. . when comments are deleted they are likely sometimes doing us a favor. No one likes to be silenced. I don't either. It's unAmerican. On a page I'm on on Youtube, no one states their true opinion. Everyone is writing facetiously in the voice of their presumed adversaries. It's insane. Like everything else, I'm going to blame this on leftists. Must. . . control. . . all. . . thoughts. . . all venues. . . .
  • "They sit on the ground around my neighbourhood (a built up urban area) begging for money and robbing old women when they can." -- Your muslims are a much bigger problem, as they tend to be as horrid as blacks and Hispanics over here.
  • Gypsies: The original "White N-Words"! Seriously, just another example of how you cannot treat all people from all races and cultures, the same. It takes a lot to make an advanced culture. This includes hundreds of generations of breeding. Obviously, the Gypsies are just bred to be nomadic parasites.
  • They are a lot like our blacks. But, there are three major differences that make our blacks more dangerous: American blacks are far more violent than Gypsies; second, American blacks insist on integrating into white culture-they are not content to be outsiders; and finally, our culture insists that blacks should be treated preferentially to Whites. All in all, I would take Europe's Gypsies if they would take our blacks.
  • Very interesting article, but I do not think gypsies suffer from obesity because they eat a great deal of fat. They more likely suffer from obesity because they eat a combination of fat and a lot of carbs. If they were eating mainly fat, they would more likely be thinner and healthier (like the Masai warriors, who eat mainly fat, blood, and protein, and no vegetables).
  • During the last few years there has been an enormous influx of gypsy beggars to Sweden. Regardless where you go, there is always a pair of gypsies outside every store, begging for money; and of course my naïve countrymen give them ample alms, even tough most would never give anything to the few Swedish bums that still remain. The best thing would be to put the gypsies on some kind of reservation, or simply give them their own Israel, somewhere. Preferably far, far away.
  • I hear Hades is lovely this time of year.
  • Fine article. Sad that Gypsies would not do well on their own, but that problem is one that ethnically cohesive Europeans will need to peacefully shed themselves of when they become mature enough to stop their addiction to endlessly agonizing over the countless flattering responsibilities of White Man's Burden.
  • Comparing Europe's Gypsy population to the massive incessant wave of Afro Asian immigration into Europe is an interesting execise.
  • The article states that there are around 10 million Gypsies in Europe. Now consider this, the original nucleus population of Gypsies who first entered Europe some 700 years ago must have been small. It cannot have numbered more than a few thousand at most. What's more, there was likely only one wave of Gypsy immigration that lasted for a specified and short time period. Now, black/brown immigration into Europe occurs on a truly mammoth scale. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions immigrate every single year, year in year out. There is absolutely no chance of the flow ever attenuating let alone ceasing, so we can confidently state it will last forever, and will accelerate to even greater numbers, genuinely there is no limit. The political class INSISTS that this should be the case. No dissent from this positon is tolerated. As an aside, expect state sponsored assasinations of anti-immigration activists in the near future. If thre historic case of the Gypsies provides any guide, then most likely indigenous Whites will effectively vanish from Europe in a century or two's time hence.
  • There is no such thing as race. This is why all those who can prove their gypsy ancestry should be given a million dollars due to historical oppression. The gypsies were all kings and queens in their homeland and all their poverty is caused by white people. But to deport them back home is a terribly racist and horrible thing to do, because it would harm them not to live among whites, as an integrated community. Now we must take efforts to ensure the genetic purity of gypsies by upholding their ancient tradition of refusing to marry outside the cultural group. If a white person refuses to marry a gypsy though this is extreme racism and he/she should go to jail for being a Nazi. War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Thank you for listening to this message from the department of EU propaganda.
  • What chance does white Europe have if its women are having 1.4 children apiece? No chance. Gypsies would be no more than a nuisance if white civilization was halfway healthy.
  • "Gypsies would be no more than a nuisance if white civilization was halfway healthy" -- I disagree. It's just such an attitude from both the left and the right that has every white nation on this earth in danger of no longer being white. The obvious solution for whites is for white men to breed with them, in the old-style man to woman, marriage type, relationship. Barring that the solution would be to remove them from Europe or give them their own territory inside it. If there is a sickness, it is that (apparently) not a single red-blooded male AmRener has consider this? How deep is your commitment to our race, really? Mustn't startle the white woman in any way, even in a potential way, lest things go even harder on you? Yes, a 1.4 fertility rate would eventually become a problem (outside of possibly an economic one) but it's not now. Europe is severely overcrowded. The problem is the failure of integration it is not the different populations inhabiting the same territory. For all we know it'e presence of non-whites themselves that is causing the White birth rate to be so low. Again, that's a good thing, for now, the problem is them.
  • The Gypsies should accept the fact they are not welcome into Europe and go back to Asia.
  • Gypsies are not the only problem, it is the Negros and Muslims there, are a bigger problem that the gypsies.
  • I hope this doesn't get to the Obama camp. Those commies would love to import a few million of these critters.
  • At the top of this kikesite they have a quote: "There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world." (Thomas Jefferson) In fact, they fear people knowing the facts about kike control of ZOG USA, and about kike subversion in general.

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