France should give those Russian helicopter-carriers to the Ferguson Liberation Army, as foreign aid, and then sell exocets to the Ferguson Police Department.

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the futures not orange

Oh dear, oh dear.

Just saw this ad:
NIGGERS nigger-dancing with WHITE Irish Wigger-girls, as an Irish fiddle band plays

slogan "There's Joy In The Blend"

with of course, nigger voice over, which is becoming more and more common



For ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

these bloody idiots with nothing better to do in London protesting #ferguson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I mean not one of these dicks protested the lack of police and athorities response to muz raping little defensless White girls in Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham, because it would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyccccccccccccccissssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt.

But a 6'4'' 290lb robber who pushes a tiny store owner over after robbing him, and then doesn't surrender to Police is someone worthy of protest.


When is PC going to eat itself this is just insane!

No title

Re: the futures not orange

Re: #LondonToFerguson

This song was written for a very brave boy, a boy who preached non-violence in a state that has racism enshrined in its constitution. This song was written for Mike Brown, the Gentle Giant:


The boy is dead but his innocent dream lives on. When I try to sleep at night, I can only dream in red. Outside, the world is black and white, with only one colour dead.

Re: Re: #LondonToFerguson

Thank you, Gabriel, for your words of encouragement. Just like me, you obviously understand what it's like to be a nigger.

Wilson: wot u said but said by another:

England: Over 1000 People Protest US Embassy Over Dead Terror-Ape

"So in England when 1,400 little girls get trafficked and gang-raped by Paki animals, nothing happens.

But if one stupid ape on the other side of the planet rushes a cop after robbing a liquor store and gets shot in self-defense, a thousand people take to the street and protest.

And most – at least half – of these protesters are White.

This simply provides more support for my previously held position that England should be immediately nuked before they spread this sick brain disease of “rape my kids Muslims that’s your right but a White man better never shoot a Black in self-defense in another country” across the whole world.

And yes, yes, yes I know, they have been brainwashed by Jew media and education since birth. I am aware. But at some point, if you are that pathetic and weak, you must be nuked.

It is the only way.


Looking at these pictures again, as well as some other pictures of this protest on other sites, it is striking that almost all of the White people involved are women.

Again, people – women have no place in politics. That is what ultimately led to all of this. You would think women would be the ones to care about the gang-raped little girls, and yet here they are, supporting a dead criminal from the race most responsible for all forms of violence against women after having been completely lock-lipped on the Paki child-rape epidemic.

Women who do not have children are not serious people. They are like men who don’t have any form of work. They are lacking in basic purpose, and so cannot possibly be taken as anything other than a silly joke and a waste of space."

By AA @ DS

ABBOTTOIR intellect

Anyone with access to BBC iplayer can see Diane Abbotts opening words on BBC1's "This Week" last night, at 3mins 49...:


(Diane Abbot is a ludicrous hypocrite black Labour MP/ex MP (unseated by Galloway's muzzie "Respeck'" party, I believe) who sent her offspring to a private school after encouraging state schools for all the plebs -she didnt want her kid hanging round with niggers - who talks in an affected posh drawl.

One of those simians that just looks odd wearing human clothes and human hair. She's as thick-as-pigshit and ironically, looks like a pig painted with shit)

If not here's a transcription :

" ooga booga oo oo oo ongo bongo kudu badanga, click nwbdoga Kill Whitey click booga goat yum yum"

Just kidding. Imagine an eighties impressionist doing a Thatcher impression , for the voice:

" I was actually struck by the scenes from Ferguson,in America, by people's response to the Grand Jury which said that the policeman,
who shot Micheal Brown,in cold blood, unarmed eighteen year old, shot him eight times, once in the back , but he had no case to answer.

Now I didnt..see all the evidence, but.."

NILUS interrupts this monkey-babble to suggest that, if she didnt see the evidence, she just shut the fuck up right now, as anything she has to say henceforth is just emotive and disingenuous nigger-babble )

"..but I understand why people are angry and of course it was reflected in disturbances across America "

Andrew Neil: "It's depressing too, isnt it, because it ..never seems to get better "

Diane Abbo: "No, it is depressing, I mean, you could have seen those scenes..you remember that guy Rodney King in L.A.? it's like that...the other thing about Ferguson ..this is when they had the initial demonstrations,it's about the militarisation of policing.."

Neil: "Cos they looked like an ARMY going in"

Abbo:"They look..and of course actually that just makes things so much worse"

(Its not even worthy of deconstruction, she's hoist by her own retard)

Get to the (ball) Point

A little-known fact is that Peter Gabriel couldnt give a sachet of lube about blacks, his main interest is 20th century pen innovations.

He submitted his song "Biro" to the copywriters, there was a fuck-up, and by the time he discovered the typo, a million discs , promo posters and tea-towels had been manufactured. Financial reality forced him to hastily write some new words, hence, his famous, haunting , rousing anthem to some black -and-white kike shit-com, "Bilko".

Here at Wikipedia we strive for accuracy ...

Re: Wilson: wot u said but said by another:

If only Britannia's Huns, with their long-rage guns, were to sail through the mourning jew.



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