Paul Rudolph: Guitar & Vocals
Mohammed Abdullah Twink Alder: Drums & Vocals
Duncan Sanderson: Bass
Russell Hunter: Drums

Ivor: There's a story about one of the UFO* gigs just after the Rolling Stones had been busted. Everyone cleared out of the club, to picket The News Of The World, and Tomorrow waited until 5am to perform their set.

Mohammed Abdullah: Yeah, that's right. And I think we had a lot of daffodils and stuff to throw out into the audience that night as well. And I also think that was the planting of the seed for "Revolution" on the album.

Ivor: When you were crawling through the audience shouting "Revolution" while Steve [Howe] played a heavy feedback riff on guitar?

Mohammed Abdullah: Yeah, it's amazing. And there were a lot of people going "NO! NO! NO!", and I was going "YES! YES! YES!"


Mohammed Abdullah: "I was really influenced by what The Living Theatre were doing. They were a theatre group which used a lot of audience participation -- very free and relaxed kind of shows. I remember them opening their act with the stage pitch black, and there'd be fifty people on stage, all with incense sticks held in their hands, and you'd just see all these little coloured dots, which they kept moving around for 10 minutes. For me it was great. I was really influenced by them. Dawn Of Magic was influenced by them, and some of that carried on into the Pink Fairies. A track called "Thor" consists of a vacuum cleaner just going backwards and forwards, with a guitar folded over backwards. If you listen carefully you can hear the hoover."

Mohammed Abdullah: There was something the other day, I heard one track by The Fall on The Tube, and what I heard was like something out of The UFO. It's all a bit dated, but I understand that the kids have got to draw their inspiration from somewhere, so that's where they're coming from, and they'll obviously go onto better things.

(Ivor Trueman, "Interview with Twink (Syd Barrett's bandmate in Stars)", Opel, #11, 1985.12.05)

* The UFO Club (pron. "Yoof-Oh"), formerly The Blarney Club, Gala Berkeley Cinema basement, 31 Tottenham Court Rd, 1966-1967.

"In the Roundhouse, the UFO, and the Middle Earth Club in London everyone seems to get it, and it’s as if we are all in on the same joke. Our music expresses the release, the dropping of old conventions, the newly found freedom – and to play old-style R&B in these places would be distinctly uncool."

(Andy Summers, One Train Later (autobiography))

UFO Club 1967 Tomorrow

UFO Club 1967 Arthur Brown

UFO Club Frank Zappa

Granny Takes A Trip Hapshash

Hapshash Middle Earth Tim Buckley Roy Harper

Hapshash Save The Earth Now

Albion Number 1 cover

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