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By Daqueesha Goldstein-Menendez

Evil Hitler Worshipping Slave-o-caust Denying White Supremacist KKK Grand Wizard cop Darren McCrackerbastard spies Rosa Parks-Brown walking down the street on her way to do some unpaid charity work in the coonmutiny. She is heavy with child..a special child, a Christ Child. An UNARMED child.

Cattle are lowing an’ sheeyit.

Unfortunately no wise men were to be found in the area. However:

McCrackerbastard for no reason apart from hate and slavery ,orders unarmed black beauty Parks-Brown to “Get on the floor, NIGGER BITCH” and smacks her upside the head with the butt of his Luger 9mm pistol, spittin a stream of dirty tabbaccy juice over her prone, shapely body.

“But Sir, massa, I’s with chile! Have mercy” cries Rosa -Parks.

But mercy wasnt a word in McCrackerbastard’s vocabulary, and “mercy” turned out to be her last word...as the giant White cop’s shiny jackboot stomped down hard on the back of her skull, like in American History X.

McCrackerbastard pulled on some thin black leather gloves, like a NAZI in a film about NAZIS. “Lets see now, Im gonna have me a little fun”

He reached into his long black leather Nazi-style coat and pulled out a Nazi-style knife. He performed a brutal “street-Caesarean” (named after the King of The Apes in the Apes films) and ripped out the unarmed crying Christ-Child, who shall be called Swisher Sweet Georgia Brown, or Saint Micheal the Unarmed Martyr, or simply “Skittle Twin”

Some witnesses reported a ‘holy light’ emanating from the eyes of the unarmed Boy-Child, a light of Wisdom, Truth, Hope, and Change, that truly seemed otherworldly.
Others remarked that “his countenance was divine, an sheeyit”.

None of this mattered to Officer Nazi McCrackerbastard, who, in a rage, like those films of Hitler, raised himself up to his full height of almost seven feet, and roared:


With that, he booted the unarmed infant, NFL-style, towards a nearby basketball court (there were five in the immediate vicinity), shooting the unarmed babe seventy times whilst it span in the air, and it went straight through a hoop on the far end of the court. The unarmed crowd, who were mostly of Person-Of-African-American-Coloured Ethnic Heritage, forgot themselves for a moment and applauded the incredible shot. They resumed booing and protesting (politely) once again as McCrackerbastard finished off Our Little Brown Lord and Saviour with a WW2 era Nazi flame-thrower, which he had retrieved from his non-issue Panzer tank.

“You stinking dirty pavement-apes and porch monkeys better get the fuck outta here REAL QUICK and keep your blue-gum nigger lips from flappin' if you know what's good for ya” ordered Officer McCrackerbastard, his eyes a demonic red, as he brandished the Nazi flame-thrower at the crowd.
(who were all office workers on their lunch-break).

McCrackerbastard later denied the above but was charged when his dash-cam footage revealed it to be ALL TRUE.

However, he was aquitted and promoted to Chief Of Police, with an annual $3 million so-called “dead-nigger bonus”.

The Persons-of-African-American-Coloured-Heritage Coonmutiny in Ferguson now live in fear, but continue their Silent Vigil.

“His unarmed flesh may be full of holes and all crispy, but his Eternal Unarmed Pure Spirit will inspire a striving for fairness and love and brotherhood and especially Hope and Change in all of our hearts”, said the Black Homosexual President of Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Semitic America, in a speech written for him by very wealthy JEWS.

Alapesha Muhdick, a coonmutiny leader from the Persons-Of-African-American-Colour and Heritage coonmutiny in Ferguson said this morning: "Not all White people are Evil Nazis. Just nearly all of them. We appeal for reflection, calm, forgiveness and not violent retribution or needless destruction.” He winked into the camera.


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