The "Top Stories" headline-banner at the Daily Mail right now contains the following 6 photos and stories, summing up the "News" scene in Britain today (2014.11.25), according to the Mail:


1. Photo of Kikess future queen Kate Middleton: "Kate's tears for a grieving mum : Pregnant Duchess throws her arms around mother after hearing of her baby's death" : Schmaltz, death, income disparity, compassionate woman.

2. Photo of geeky White guy + cop car : "Computer engineer, 19, admits 'sadistic, sexually motivated' murder of 14-year-old son of millionaire who he stabbed to death after meeting online while playing video games" : Perversion, cyber, violence, murder, death, income disparity, dangerous men. (And queerness?)

3. Photo of bug: "Retired headmaster finds 3cm long tongue-eating parasite in Morrisons sea bass dinner" : Grossness, parasites.

4. Photo of Nigger who murdered Lee Rigby: ""MI5 'could have STOPPED' Lee Rigby's killing if US internet companies had alerted authorities to 'graphic' online murder threats" : Cyber, violence, murder, incompetency (or conspiracy?), 'need' to control Internet, race, Negroes, "religious extremism", dangerous men.

5. Photo of White English Muslima wearing hijab: "Muslim pensioner, 80, 'arranged for sulphuric acid to be thrown into 19-year-old ex-girlfriend's face in revenge for break-up'": 'Sexism', Islam, violence, 'violence-against-women', race, Arabs/Pakis (?), "religious extremism", dangerous men, sexual weidness, White self-hatred, anti-Christianity.

6. Photo of naked White woman holding breasts: "How your breast size affects your mental health: Having uneven or bigger boobs lowers self-esteem and causes eating disorders, study finds" : Tits, mental disorders, 'womens' health', sex, "women-under-male-gaze" as in Silence of the Lamb's Hannibal Lector lecturing Clarissssse Starling about Buffalo Bill (or female self-obsessiveness?), jew-voodoo.

Perhaps the main common theme is danger/unease.

+ + +

More details about the Typical-Muz-Acid-In-Face-"Revenge"-Against-White-Woman story:

Vikki Horsman, 20, converted to Islam for pensioner Mohammed Rafiq

She met him in 2010 and started sexual relationship with him, court told

She chose to wear a headscarf and changed her name to Aleena Rafiq

But she ended relationship when he became 'too controlling', jury hears

Acid was thrown over her when she answered door at friend's house

Rafiq, Steven Holmes and Shannon Heaps [two White thugs - mercenary motive?] accused of inflicting GBH

Holmes, 25, threw the acid at Miss Horsman, court told

Miss Horsman tells court she had 'not particularly' wanted to convert

Describes 'burning' sensation as 'masked man threw acid at her' [Stating The Obvious]


an 'angry' Rafiq discovered a used condom in Miss Horsman's bedside drawer.


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