Hier, l'été. Aujourd'hui, l'hiver.

« Hier, matin venu, voila, un sourire sur vôtre visage, le palais de César, la gloire de matin, race humaine idiot, sur un voilier, va nulle part, quitte aucune place, si l'été changer à l'hiver, le vôtre n'est pas une honte. »

Hauptsturmführer Henri Joseph Fenet
  • Un Ceyzériacois
  • Né le 11 juin 1919
  • Armée de terre : 3e division d'infanterie coloniale : Croix de guerre
  • Service d'Ordre Légionnaire
  • La Milice française
  • Franz.-SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade Nr. 8 : Obersturmführer : Eiserne Kreuz, II. Klasse
  • 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS « Charlemagne »
  • 1er bataillon du régiment de marche (I/RM) : Hauptsturmführer : Eiserne Kreuz, I. Klasse
  • Division SS-Nordland, « Bataillon Charlemagne » : Ritterkreuz
  • Condamné à vingt ans de travaux forcés
  • Mort le 14 septembre 2002

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The Unarmed Bandit Of Our Hearts

ALL UK MEDIA: “Poor innocent unarmed future brain-surgeon shot dead for no reason by Evil White Nazi Cop, happens all the time, America is a Racist Country, Blacks (especially males) are Oppressed, repressed.
Violence and looting totally justified and not condemned.
Idiot lefty American Feminist Bitch Bonnie Greer on BBC Radio 2 just compared it to MLK’s assasination. Oh, and did i say “unarmed”, oh and did i say “Unarmed? unarmed ? unarmed. UNARMED.

(America IS a racist country: against WHITES. A nigger president , nigger Attourney Genertal, with dual-israeli JEWS pulling all the strings in the Whitehouse,Fed,Pentagon, media, etc etc etc., and hispanic indians and mexicunts flooding across the “border”)

*Story A: (without kike media bias)
by Unbiased Reporter

Cop with exemplary record defends himself from giant thug gangbanger after giant thug (who was caught on video violently stealing cigars (to make blunts) from local store) attacks him and breaks his orbital socket, then tries to grab cops gun.
Giant ape wont surrender , 3 bullets dont deter it, neither do 7, 8, 9, 10. In the end innocent cop has to fire 12 bullets to terminate the beast.

People from all coonmutinies say “meh, another useless nigger got what he asked for”, life goes on.

*Story B (kike media version)

by Daqueesha Goldstein-Menedez

“Evil Hitler Worshipping Slave-o-caust Denying White Supremacist KKK Grand Wizard cop Darren McCrackerbastard spies Rosa Parks-Brown walking down the street on her way to do some unpaid charity work in the coonmutiny. She is heavy with child..a special child, a Christ Child. An UNARMED child.
Cattle are lowing an’ sheeyit.
Unfortunately no wise men were to be found in the area. However:

McCrackerbastard for no reason apart from hate and slavery ,orders unarmed black beauty Parks-Brown to “Get on the floor, NIGGER BITCH ” and smacks her upside the head with the butt of his Luger 9mm pistol, spittin a stream of dirty tabbaccy juice over her prone, shapely body.

But Sir, massa, I’s with chile! Have mercy” cries Rosa -Parks.

But mercy wasnt a word in McCrackerbastard’s vocabulary, and “mercy” turned out to be her last word..as the giant White cop’s shiny jackboot stomped down hard on the back of her skull, like in American History X.

McCrackerbastard pulled on some thin black leather gloves, like a NAZI in a film about NAZIS. “Lets see now, Im gonna have me a little fun”
He reached into his long black leather Nazi-style coat and pulled out a Nazi-style knife. He performed a brutal “street-Caesarean” (named after the King of The Apes in the Apes films) and ripped out the unarmed crying Christ-Child, who shall be called Swisher Sweet Georgia Brown, or Saint Micheal the Unarmed Martyr, or simply “Skittle Twin

Some witnesses reported a ‘holy light’ emanating from the eyes of the unarmed Boy-Child, a light of Wisdom, Truth, Hope, and Change, that truly seemed otherworldly.
Others remarked that “his countenance was divine, an sheeyit”.

None of this mattered to Officer Nazi McCrackerbastard, who, in a rage, like those films of Hitler, raised himself up to his full height of almost seven feet, and roared:


With that, he booted the unarmed infant , NFL-style, towards a nearby basketball court (there were five in the immediate vicinity) ,shooting the unarmed babe seventy times whilst it span in the air, and it went straight through a hoop on the far end of the court. The unarmed crowd, who were mostly of Person-Of-African-American-Coloured Ethnic Heritage, forgot themselves for a moment and applauded the incredible shot. They resumed booing and protesting (politely) once again as McCrackerbastard finished off Our Little Brown Lord and Saviour with a WW2 era Nazi flamethrower, which he had retrieved from his non-issue Panzer tank.

You stinking dirty pavement-apes and porch monkeys better get the fuck outta here REAL QUICK and keep your blue-gum nigger lips from flappin if you know whats good for ya” ordered Officer McCrackerbastard, his eyes a demonic red, as he brandished the Naziflamethrower to the crowd .
(who were all office workers on their lunchbreak)

McCrackerbastard later denied the above but was charged when his dash-cam footage revealed it to be ALL TRUE.

However, he was aquitted and promoted to Chief Of Police, with an annual $3 million so-called “dead-nigger bonus”.
The Persons-of-African-American-Coloured-Heritage Coonmutiny in Ferguson now live in fear, but continue their Silent Vigil.

His unarmed flesh may be full of holes and all crispy, but his Eternal Unarmed Pure Spirit will inspire a striving for fairness and love and brotherhood and especially Hope and Change in all of our hearts.”, said the Black Homosexual President of Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Semitic America, in a speech written for him by very wealthy JEWS.

Alapesha Muhdick, a coonmutiny leader from the Persons-Of-African-American-Colour and Heritage coonmutiny in Ferguson said this morning,
Not all White people are Evil Nazis. Just nearly all of them. We appeal for reflection, calm, forgiveness and not violent retribution or needless destruction”, he winked into the camera.

The Changing Nature Of Jewish Comedy

Actual genuine Police report from eyewitness re Micheal Brown. Relevant parts highlighted in yellow. Stupid thug charged twice at Officer, even after being shot 3 times:


Former Surrey Comet news editor gagged over reporting of alleged paedophile ring

A former Surrey Comet news editor was gagged by the Government over the reporting of an alleged Westminster paedophile ring operating out of Elm Guest House in Barnes.

Hilton Tims, 82, the paper’s news editor between 1980 and 1988, revealed at the weekend he had been handed a D-notice preventing the reporting of sex allegations in 1984.

Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, is at the centre of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by Government ministers, MPs and senior police officers in the late 1970s and early 80s.


Radio 4skin, as I type:

7.15 pm "Front Row"
QUEER JEW Barry Manilow;
DYKE Diana Souhami;
JEWISH comedy.

QUEER JEW Barry Manilow talks to
PAKI Samira Ahmed about his new album, 'My Dream Duets'. It's a collection of duets with artists beyond the grave such as John Denver, Judy Garland and Whitney Houston.

JEW David Baddiel and
JEW David Schneider unpick the changing nature of Jewish comedy as a new festival begins in London.

DYKE (JEW?)Diana Souhami, whose novel Gwendolen imagines life from the point of view of Daniel Deronda's heroine, and
JEW Viv Groskop, Artistic Director of the Bath Literature Festival, discuss the trend for novels from the perspective of peripheral characters.


UK Jewish Comedy Festival

"A week of hilarious, insightful and entertaining shows, films, conversations and wildcard events, all celebrating the art of Jewish, Jew-ish and not-at-all Jewish comedy. Start the week with our all-star Hava Nagiggle comedy night. Then choose a bag of brilliance - whether you want to see David Baddiel's lauded performance of Fame – Not The Musical, explore mindfulness with Ruby Wax, celebrate Woody Allen's birthday with a movie, performances and jazz, hear The Comedy Questions of Arnold Brown and special guests, or enter our Jewish Comedian of The Year Competition (or just be in the audience)."

"In 1986 she received a commission to write a biography of JEW DYKE Hannah Gluckstein.

(Gluck was born into a WEALTHY Jewish family, the child of Joseph Gluckstein, whose brothers Isidore and Montague had founded J. Lyons and Co., a British coffee house and catering empire. Gluck's American-born mother, Francesca Halle, was an opera singer. Gluck's brother, Sir Louis Gluckstein, was a Conservative politician.)

"Souhami became a full-time writer publishing biographies which mostly explore the most influential and intriguing of 20th century lesbian (and gay lives). She followed Gluck (1988), with Gertrude and Alice (1991) an account of the relationship between
JEW DYKE Gertrude Stein and
JEW DYKE Alice B. Toklas which lasted from their first meeting to Stein’s death in 1946, Greta and Cecil (1994) examining the romantic relationship between BISEXUAL/DYKE Greta Garbo and BISEXUAL/QUEER Cecil Beaton, and Mrs Keppel and her daughter (1996) a dual biography of Alice Keppel, a long-time mistress of King Edward VII, and her daughter,
DYKE Violet Trefusis.The Trials of Radclyffe Hall (1998), the biography of
DYKE Marguerite Radclyffe Hall won the Lambda Literary Award for Biography in 2000 and was shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize."

"Returning to lesbian biography Souhami's, Wild Girls (2004) is a dual biography of Romaine Brooks, the American-born artist and her lover Natalie Barney and is set mostly in Paris between the wars. Never a straight biographer, (LOL?) Souhami places at the start of each chapter a short passage in italics where "she appears to be narrating some of her personal lesbian experiences - waiting in a bar for a blind date, a secret affair with a woman Dean, furtive love-making with a girl on the deck of a Greek ferry at night."

"“I started writing about lesbians 25 years ago in the hope of contributing to breaking the history of silence. Acceptance can’t happen without openness, and I believe we should all try to speak out in our own way. If you’re silent and invisible you’re no trouble to anyone. You’re so buried you’re assumed not to be there. So, historically, we have to dig deep to shed light on ‘these practices’, rid them of insult, turn the wrongdoing around, name and shame the abusers.”

sewer report

Also on BBC Radio 4skin, today:

The Reith Lectures

Surgeon and writer
PAKI (Indian) Atul Gawande explores the nature of fallibility and suggests that preventing avoidable mistakes is a key challenge for the future of medicine.
Produced by JEW? Jim Frank

"15 Minute Drama" Syria: Bread and Bombs.
Hassan is testing out the contents of one of the food parcels.

"A History of Ideas"

Circumcised JEW Vicar Giles Fraser on moral character and Aristotle's Virtue ethics.With JEW? Nancy Sherman

"You and Yours" presented by
PAKI Shari Vahl

"It's a condition that's hard to spot - and even harder to treat, but loneliness affects thousands across the UK. Earlier this year researchers said that loneliness was at epidemic levels among young people. Now a telephone helpline which supports older people says it has been inundated with calls in its first year, with loneliness the biggest problem.

What's your experience? Have you struggled with loneliness? What affect did it have on your general health? Have you managed to work with it or even make a virtue of being alone?

Why have we become a nation that the Office of National Statistics dubbed "the loneliness capital of Europe"?


"Afternoon Drama" Lost in Mexico,
produced by
PAKI Nadir Khan

"The Design Dimension"
JEW? Tom Dyckhoff explores the history and the practice of design in protest.


AFRICAN NEGRO Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo (Angelique Kidjo) responds to questions from the audience about her breakthrough album Aye.

"Time Magazine has called her "Africa's premier diva". The BBC has included Kidjo in its list of the African continent's 50 most iconic figures. The Guardian has listed her as one of its Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in the World and Kidjo is the first woman to be listed among "The 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa" by Forbes Magazine. The Daily Telegraph in London describes her as "The undisputed queen of African music" during the 2012 Olympic Games River of Music Festival. In March 2013, NPR, National Public Radio in America, called her "Africa's greatest living diva". On June 6, 2013, Kidjo was elected vice-president of the Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d´Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC). She is an occasional contributor to the New York Times."

Kidjo's hits include the songs "Agolo", "We We", "Adouma", "Wombo Lombo", "Afirika", "Batonga", and her version of "Malaika".

Kidjo is fluent in Fon, French, Yorùbá and English, and sings in all four languages; she also has her own personal language, which includes words that serve as song titles such as "Batonga".

QUEER Eddie Mair with interviews, context and analcysts.

Afghanistan: The Lessons of War
A former British commander in Afghanistan examines what has been achieved by the campaign. LOL!!

He reflects on what was achieved in Afghanistan with leading politicians including former UK Foreign Secretary
JEW David Miliband.

"Book at Bedtime" In Love and War

'Esmond Lowndes's father is a leading light in the British Union Of Fascists. In 1937, Esmond is sent down from Cambridge in disgrace and dispatched instead to Florence to set up Radio Firenze - an English-language radio station aiming to form closer ties between Fascists in Italy and England.

Esmond finds love and loss, and his journey of self-discovery becomes increasingly and - as Italy moves into war - more tightly intertwined with the fortunes of Florence, the city he has made his home.

And at every turn, he comes up against the local Blackshirt leader, the brutal Mario Carita.'

Fourskin, yesterday:

"Woman's Hour"
Do black, Asian and minority ethnic women get a fair deal in the media?

Diversity and women in the media'

Nicki Heywood emailed to ask why black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) women working in the media are being marginalised.
The Creative Skillset 2012 Employment Census of the Creative Industries found a major drop in the representation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people from 6.7% in 2009 to 5.4% in 2012. Jane is joined by
JEW? Elonka SOROS, Editor for

"Diversity & Communities at the BBC" ,

to discuss why production teams are not more diverse, how to get more BAME people employed in managerial roles, and whether diversity schemes really change things.

"15 Minute Drama"
Syria: Bread and Bombs
'There is tension among the aid workers: JAMIL is old school and HASSAN is a maverick.'

"Terror Through Time"
Mossad: The Wrath of God

The extraordinary history of Mossad, Israel's international security agency.

"Perception is power" says one former head of Mossad. If that's true, then Israel's international spy agency is very powerful indeed.

When the planes struck the twin towers in 2001, it was Mossad that the world's security agencies turned to, drawing on their decades of experience in fighting terrorism. (FUCKING LOL!!)
Their reputation is based upon the drama and daring of the operations they mount. From the Wrath of God campaign against the Palestinians suspected of planning the Munich Olympics massacre to the assassination plots against prominent figures in Hamas and Hezbollah, Mossad attacks have regularly made headline news. Even when their operations go disastrously wrong, killing innocent people or leading to the arrest of their agents, they still serve to strike fear in the enemies of Israel.

In the first episode of ten examining the world of terrorism in the run-up to 9/11, Fergal Keane asks if the reputation of Mossad has been a help or a hindrance to peace in the Middle East. Has the agency's ruthlessness destroyed the efforts of moderate voices on both sides or stopped the worst perpetrators of violence in their tracks?

Fergal is joined by the author of a new history of Mossad,
KIKE Ronan Bergman, by Palestinian activist and victim of a Mossad attack, Bassam Abu Sharif and by ex-Mossad chiefs,
KIKE Shabtai Shavit and
KIKE Efraim Halevy.

QUEER Paul Gambaccini chairs the first semi-final of the general knowledge music quiz.

"PM" 24/11/2014
QUEER Eddie Mair presents
coverage and analysis of the day's news.

"I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"
JEW Barry Cryer

"Front Row"
PAKI Samira Ahmed with Jude Law,(JUDE LAW!!!) who discusses how playing Henry V on stage inspired his role as a desperate, out of work submarine captain searching for NAAAAAAAAAAZI gold in his new film Black Sea.

The French DJ and record producer JEW David Guetta discusses his latest album Listen.

A new exhibition at the
BILLIONAIRE KIKE Saatchi Gallery in London, Post Pop: East Meets West, explores how pop art has had a powerful and lasting influence on artists around the world from the United States to China.

"The Meaning of Mongol"
Uuganaa Ramsay searches for the true meaning of the word Mongol.
Imagine your nationality was used by people all around the world to describe someone with a learning disability or a stupid person. That's what happened to Uuganaa Ramsay. A Mongol, born and brought up on the Mongolian steppe, living in a yurt and herding goats, she came to live in the UK and when her son Billy was diagnosed, she realised that the word mongol meant someone with Down's Syndrome. Insult was added to injury when she discovered derivatives of mongol such as mong, are used as a term of abuse meaning an idiot.


"Crossing Continents"
Hunting the Taliban

PAKI Mobeen Azhar reports from Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, where police are at war with the Taliban.

"Book at Bedtime" In Love and War
Esmond Lowndes's father is a leading light in the British Union Of Fascists. In 1937, Esmond is sent down from Cambridge in disgrace and dispatched instead to Florence to set up Radio Firenze - an English-language radio station aiming to form closer ties between Fascists in Italy and England.

blah, blah, blah


BBC1 , 10.35
"Imagine -The One And Only Mike Leigh"
JEW Anal Yenta presents a tribute to
JEW Mike Leigh (Lieberman)

"Leigh came from a Jewish immigrant family whose surname, originally Lieberman, had been anglicised in 1939 "for obvious reasons".

BBC2 10.30
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight" presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss

BBC2 9pm "Secrets of the castle with JEW? Ruth Goodman
(looks like a jew, jew name, jew occupation (TV historian) quack quack

Channel 4 10pm "Googlebox"
JEWS,QUEERS,NIGS and PAKIS watching the Electronic Rabbi.

Channel 4 9pm The "Normalising Paedophilia" season continues with

"The Paedophile Next Door"

'This BRAVE and THOUGHT-PROVOKING documentary sets out to discover why our efforts to protect children from sexual abuse HAVE FAILED (???) and explores RADICAL and CONTROVERSIAL alternatives..."

A BRAVE Paedophile (non-practicing allegedly) "comes out" (now where have we heard that before) to tell us that its hard being a paedo and we should have sympathy, not discrimination. Opens with shots of The Rabble, The Angry Mob, all shouting and angry and uncouth. Horrible White English People, the kind that, just 40 years ago, would have given homosexuals a hard time...

Channel 4, 11pm "Skint" another doc about poor, on the dole WHITE people, this time in Grimsby, which used to be the biggest fishing port in the world.

For some reason, the local youth club/coonmutiny centre is called "SHALOM" but there's not a kike for miles.

Enrichment Tales:

'Significant and substantial' sentence for paedophile doctor who spied on more than 1000 hospital patients and staff as they used the toilet

The perverted spy doctor who filmed more than 1,000 patients, staff, and visitors using hospital toilets, and labelled the sick videos with titles such as 'Exeter 10/3 mum-young blonde' and 'teenager bum', will receive a 'significant and substantial' sentence.

Dr Lam Hoe Yeoh, 62, who until his fall from grace had been one of the one of the country's leading ear doctors, admitted using his position to plant cameras and film people using the toilets at the Epsom and St Helier Hospital, St Antony's in Cheam, and a clinic in Thames Ditton.

He also filmed men, women, and children in other unidentified clinics including one in Nottingham.

He admitted to masturbating over some of the videos.

The court heard at least one film on his computer showed a woman changing her sanitary towel.

Horrified former friends and colleagues packed the public gallery of Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, November 25, to hear the doctor admit his twisted behaviour, including hiding cameras in his watch, pens, and lining of bins, to capture lewd footage that he would use to make mini-home movies.

The court also heard Yeoh was a compulsive collector with an obsession for children's books and had built a huge collection of Enid Blyton novels.

He pleaded guilty to seven counts of voyeurism as well as six counts of making indecent images of a child, and one count of possessing extreme pornography.

The court heard that he also filmed guests who visited his home in Garratts Lane, Banstead, and put covert cameras in train toilets while, in a handful of cases, Yeoh filmed mothers using the toilet and later their children.


Merton policeman banned from brothels as he awaits trial on harassment and sexual assault charges
A Merton policeman has been banned from going to brothels or contacting sex workers as he awaits trial on harassment and sexual assault charges.

PC Irshad Kamal, 46, a police constable based in the borough, has been suspended from duty while the case goes through the courts.


Boy, 15, describes fight in which Kingston and Richmond College student Jamil Palmer was fatally stabbed
boy accused of murder has described in court the moment Hampton teenager Jamil Palmer was stabbed to death.

The 15-year-old [defendant A], who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Old Bailey jury Mr Palmer, 18, handed a “black kitchen knife” to an accomplice shortly before his death.

(A Kitchen Knife Of Colour)

Five people are on trial for Mr Palmer’s murder, a 15-year-old (def A), two 16-year-olds (def B and C) and a 17-year-old (def D), none of whom can be named for legal reasons, and 18-year-old Kishon Zelaya, from Reading. They all deny murder and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.


Worthless ring con in Elmbridge sees two people duped out of money

The first scam happened on Thursday, November 6, as the 64-year-old victim, from Walton, was driving along Lammas Lane, Esher.

He was flagged down at about 2.15pm by people who claimed to need cash for fuel, which they wanted to exchange for three gold rings as surety.

They gave him a business card and promised to repay the money. The rings were then found to be worthless and the business card fake.

The two con-artists were smartly dressed, dark skinned, possibility of Arabic origin, largely built and about 40 to 50 years old. Their vehicle is believed to be a black Mercedes saloon car.

Two more scams took place on Saturday, November 15, between 9.45am and 10.10am.

Another victim, a 54-year-old man from Byfleet, was flagged down at the slip road of the A3 Cobham roundabout by a man who needed petrol to get to Glasgow, and offered to give him some rings for money.

The victim refused the rings but drove to Sainsbury's petrol station in Cobham while the suspect followed.

At the petrol station, the victim handed over £240, and took a business card along with a promise he would pay back the money.

He was Asian, about 40 to 45 years old and stocky. He had a moustache and short, dark well-kept hair. He was wearing a white shirt and dark-coloured trousers and tie. It is also possible he understood Arabic.


cohencidence? or cohenspiracy?

Seriously, is someone employed to ensure that there is at least one jew on almost every show?

Or does it happen randomly?

Statistically, they are an almost negligable proportion of the UK population:

ITV 10.40pm "The Agenda" (political discussion. Panel of 4.

JEW Grant Shapps
(Tory party spokesman)

JEW (orthodox)Emma Barnett (Woman's Editor,Telegraph, and regular on BBC radio 4skin's 'Woman's Hour)

Washed-up FEMBOT hypocrite and admirer of pre-teen boys bodies, Germain Greer

Magic Nigger ex-con black supremacist 'poet' Benjamin Zephaniah.

Topic at present:
JEW Miliband, 1/2 JEW Cameron.
And UKIP,UKIP,UKIP, and Immigwayshun.

"I'm a third-generwayshun immigwant" says JEW Shapps, right on cue.

Greer ends with a joke:
"Do They Know It's Hanukkah?
(In Gaza)"


50% JEW ,

BBC2 10pm
"Never Mind The Buzzcocks"
4 guests, including
JEW Lloyd Grossman. WHY?
WHY is Lloyd Grossman picked ?
Panel is 25% JEW.

followed by JEW Katz's 'Jewsnight', presented by
Dobby The House QUEER Evan Davies.
Topic at present time:
JEW Sarkozy, then two NIGGERS talking about WAYCISSUM and the N.I.G.G.E.R. word, then onto

followed by POOFTER Portillo in the JEW Ghetto of Warsaw, talking to JEWS about NAAAAZIS and Loloca$t.

followed by

KIKE LORD Sir/Baron Anal Sugar: The Apprentice goes to JEW York.

Channel 5, "Harry Brown" Pensioner terrorised by those surly bastards in the hoods that hang around subways and mug people. You know, WHITE KIDS. LOL

ITV2 10pm BLACK FAGGOT Andi-with-an-i Peters, followed by
JEW Tom Rosenthal
JEW David Schneider, then " 2 and a half Foreskins", followed by "Dads" (JEW Seth Green, etc)etc

BBC3 "Family Kike" (JEW Seth Green, etc)followed by
QUEER Grimshaw with
JEW Solomon and a troupe of
dusky enrichers.

followed by
JEW Jolyon Rubenstein

BBC4 "Dancing In The Blitz: How World War 2 made British Ballet"

Fer fuck's sake.

More 4 "The World's Biggest Penis"

(A White man, BTW)

BBC1 11.25 "Citizen Khan"
PAKI shit-com,

followed by
FAGGOT Graham Norton.


See if you can spot the hidden reference to an alleged NAAAZI DEATH CAMP in this article about a dead Somali baby:

Tragic four month-old baby 'looked like something from Auschwitz' when found dead at east London home

That's "AUSCHWITZ", folks.

A four month-old baby looked like "something from Auschwitz" when she was found dead at home by paramedics, a High Court judge heard. (YES,"AUSCHWITZ", everyone.


The little girl was "extremely malnourished" and "profoundly dehydrated" when found in at an east London home October 2013, Mr Justice Hayden heard.

She was pronounced dead about two hours after being found - but her condition was so bad paramedics thought she was dead when they arrived.

One experienced medic who was called to the scene had never seen a baby in such an awful condition, the judge said.

The baby's name, or her parents' names and addresses have not been revealed.

The judge only disclosed she had lived in Tower Hamlets (THERE'S YOUR FIRST CLUE) as he referred to the baby as 'W' in a written ruling after a hearing at the Family Division of the High Court in which Mr Justice Hayden was asked to consider a legal issue relating to W's father. The litigation does not relate to the dead baby.

Baby W's mother had been married in her mid-teens after being taken from the UK to Somalia, (AND THERE'S YOUR SECOND CLUE)said the judge. She had returned to the UK about two years ago after becoming pregnant with baby W.

The judge said British embassy officials had helped her "escape" from Somalia.( NUMBER THREE) He said the mother, now thought to be in her late teens, had admitted permitting baby W's death and neglect, and was due to be sentenced soon.

But he said the mother appeared to have suffered a "profound psychological breakdown" before her daughter's death.

And a consultant paediatrician who produced a report in the case had been "highly critical" of some agencies involved, the judge added.


"One of the paramedics observed that whilst it was immediately obvious that (baby W) was skinny, he was profoundly shocked when upon cutting off her top she looked - as he put it - 'like something from Auschwitz'," said Mr Justice Hayden.



Stop thinking about BLACK PEOPLE.

(and forget that skinny starving jews were proof that were they were was NOT an extermination camp)

Is this germaine?

Germaine Greer:

“I do think that women could make politics irrelevant; by a kind of spontaneous cooperative action the like of which we have never seen; which is so far from people’s ideas of state structure or viable social structure that it seems to them like total anarchy — when what it really is, is very subtle forms of interrelation that do not follow some heirarchal pattern which is fundamentally patriarchal. The opposite to patriarchy is not matriarchy but fraternity, yet I think it’s women who are going to have to break this spiral of power and find the trick of cooperation.”

Loony songbird Sinéad used the audio clip of that as an intro to one of her womb-and-nigger-worshiping albums.


BTW, O'Connor, whom I love, and who was and hopefully still is a great singer and artist, said she has no guilt about stealing Bibles, because they should be free, because they are the word of Goddess (she prefers the old testament to the new, thinking foolishly that it's jew and therefore better, but at the same time she hates it all - but loves it -- she's screwed-up), with no regard to the costs of printing them and distributing them and so on. She also says that it's okay to rip off big corporations like book stores (are they all big corporations?) "because they make money selling other stuff dat's crap". Therefore she is definitely one person who can never complain about "piracy is killing music!" or whatever the slogan is. Of course she got a round of applause and laughs when she told the audience to go and steal Bibles. Just an interesting anecdote... She could be all for file-sharing, but I doubt it -- she's not crazy when it comes to her finances. She lies that she was homeless a few years ago, but that probably means she was afraid to go to her home or she was between houses or something. Priestess Sinéad has been very successful at managing her royalties and fees (except her recent screw-up having sex with her married manager and getting caught by the wife). So I am sure she does not like people DL'ing her records for free, and would probably have the miscreants knee-capped, with some Rastafarian blessing over the knee-capping rite.

God bless her fuzzy head and let's try to ignore her ugly tattoed breasts.

A Tale Of Two Greers/Top Greer/ From Greer To She-ternity/and so on

I want my washed -up feminist hacks (that are now grey-pubed and craving a man to crush them in his strong arms) to be at least intelligent. Ive never seen GermStain Greer to come across as anything more than a daft twat, a buffoon, an intellectual paperweight, and a hypocrite, as if she knows shes selling a sixties pig-in-a-kosher poke. I dont think she likes being single.And old. And grey. With a drawer full of bras so damp with the clammy sweat of bitter regret that they no longer ignite without White Phosphorous.

Maybe she comes across better in the written word, I dunno. She published a photo book called "Boy" or "Boys" that, if it were published by some old faggot would have got him arrested.She was so smarmy-clever that she couldnt fathom that she was being post-modern trolled by Karl Pilkington, who, unbelievably, is not as stupid as he looks .

The other Greer in UK is total cliche black fembot: Bonnie Greer, who was on Jeremy Vine today (re Skittles part Deux) talking about how America is so racist and that blacks are always the criminals in movies an shee. Im not sure if shes seen any movies since ...err..hmmm. When were blacks reguklarly portrayed as criminals in movies?

30's? 40's? 50's? 60's? (I could go on)

Is there a Youtube vid called "Reel Bad Negroes"?

Anyway, she's a buffoon. But she scores a vagina point and a brown skin point so, er, here she be's at!

Bonnie Greer, OBE (born 16 November 1948, Chicago), is an American-British playwright, novelist and critic. She is also the Chancellor of Kingston University, a university located in Kingston upon Thames, London.

Although she began writing plays at the age of nine, Greer originally set out on a legal career, but dropped out when her professor told her he did not think women should have a career in law.

Instead she studied theatre in Chicago under KIKE David Mamet's supervision and at the Actors Studio in New York with KIKE Elia Kazan

No further questions, your honour


"You dont have to be a pro-jew,anti-racist,feminist ,marxist, establishment lackey to work here but youd be MAD to stray from the orthodoxy"

So, the above hopefully provides a snapshot of the RELENTLESS cultural-marxist, pro-kike,pro-nig,pro-muz,pro queer, ANTI WHITE BRITISH agenda that transmits 24/7 from UK media antennas, jewspapers, and the yentanet.

The very idea of which is mocked and ridiculed as “ludicrous conspiracy theory” by the very same protagonists. Because the Establishment position is now Uber Left/ Liberal, and all the so-called “Edgy” (anal child rape) comedians and “satirists” are also Uber Left/liberal, they have backed themselves into a corner: Government Approved Comedians. How pathetic and..sinister.

Why has (QUEER JEW) Stephen Fry quit Twitter?

One dared to speak out and was , in true Soviet style, branded “mentally ill” :
“Can’t help but notice increasingly, a lot ‘political’ comedians cracking cheap and easy gags about UKIP, to the extent that it’s got hack, boring and lazy very quickly.

Particularly too much moronic, liberal back-slapping on panel shows like Mock The Week where aging, balding, fat men, ethnic comedians and women-posing-as-comedians, sit congratulating themselves on how enlightened they are about the fact that UKIP are ridiculous and pathetic.

Yet the Clacton by-election victory and what looks to be a likely victory in the Rochester by-election goes to show that UKIP have their supporters.

Out of touch, smug, superannuated, overpaid TV comics with their cosy lives in their west-London ivory towers taking a supercilious, moralising tone, pandering to the ever-creeping militant political correctness of the BBC with their frankly surreal diversity targets.

The reason UKIP have resonated with voters is because all the other parties are too spineless to tackle the issue of immigration.

Our elected representatives ceded control of the borders of this country to the EU and it’s been catastrophic for us all, an unmitigated disaster. Nothing works. Public transport infrastructure is dysfunctional. Hospitals and Schools are dysfunctional. The housing crisis continues to blight our economic potential and destroy the hopes and dreams of a generation. The benefits system is totally out of control. All because there are far,far too many people living here.

For every wonderful, welcome skilled worker our open borders bring into this country, there are also benefit tourists and criminals. For every person that comes here and contributes richly to our culture, there are those that refuse to assimilate, which breeds distrust and has led to a fractured, broken society, where people have lost all sense of community.

Can’t say that I’m a UKIP supporter, but I can see why other people are, and I don’t disrespect them for it.

What I don’t respect is lazy comedians, who market themselves as ‘political’ but rather than having the courage of their own convictions jump on the militant liberal bandwagon- which has been the source of so much shit stand-up over the years- so that they can get TV work and line their own pockets.

There is a deeply ingrained militant liberal politics at every level of the BBC, despite the fact that it’s tax-payer funded and supposed to be neutral. It’s a biased organisation and the only sorts of political comedians that are welcome within its corridors are those that reflect it’s values.

Essentially when we’re watching these ‘political’ comedians cracking their piss-poor UKIP gags on the BBC, I think we need to be aware they are neither engaged nor passionate about their subject- but money-grubbing charlatans, toadying up to the militant liberals that pay their wages, mirroring their own beliefs back at them in an act of false flattery so that they’ll feel smug and validated and keep them on the BBC tax-payer funded gravy-train.

I’m not a political comic, my only ambition for my comedy is to make a room full of people laugh. But there are those that disingenuously market themselves as political comics, not out of any genuine conviction, but in an effort to line their own pockets, and I don’t like their hypocrisy.”

The Attacks came fast and furious:

Frankie “Anal Rape, Anal Kiddie Rape” Boyle:

Stewart “Im so much classier than Frankie Boyle” Lee:

“Where are all the right-wing stand-ups?
Yes, Jimmy Carr avoided tax and the BNP loves Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, but it’s hard to find a comedian who votes Tory.”

‘(JEW) Caroline Raphael, BBC Radio 4’s commissioning editor for comedy, recently confessed to difficulty in finding unashamedly right-wing comedians to balance the left-wingers on her shows. I know about stand-up only, not about comedy in general, but in my experience there aren’t really any right-wing stand-up comedians who would fit Raphael’s brief. You can’t programme something that doesn’t exist.’


Sinead O' Rastobambaclot

Was a tad disappointed to see Ms Rastafari O Connor singing on the new Geldof vehicle, but it's easy to sit here and carp from the sidelocks.

In real life, when Sir Bobstein calls, you answer:

" What do you mean yer feckin busy that day? Fer FOOKS sake, Sinead, are you saying you DONT CARE about black African babies bleedin; from de ARSE?

Wait till I tell moi mates in the feckin press that you are a racist who wishes all African babies were dead. Wots dat? Yeah, see you Saturday. Now feck off, ive got some more calls to make. "Hey, Bono, ye ald fucker! Its BAAB..... Sir BAAB.... Fucking GELDOF, ye daft meshuggah! Yes, BOB FECKING GELDOF!.....Yes, feckin Live Aid, that's the one. ...yes, she did,,,but he feckin killed hisself, the eejit.
so anyway, are y' busy this Saturday?"

Its been such a long time

Cant stop looking at her tattooed breasts. Where?
In my fevered mind.

Have you got a pic?

Re: Its been such a long time

Re: Its been such a long time

Pre-breast-tattoo, pre-Burger-Queen-face-tattoo:

Delicate [ˈdelikit] (adj.) :



Re: Neo-Sinéad

What? Come on, not bad, nobody can compare with our Sinead.

Interesting Flock of Seagulls cover you did with that guy from Sparks, but it doesn't sound anything like the original. Different words and music even.


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