In my life I have met a very, very small number of people who are genuinely self-reliant, and even fewer people (all men, btw) who would seriously rather starve than accept charity.

Most people who go on about how "self-made" they are are just talking rubbish, or lying. Most have never experienced really hard times, and most have some family member to help them out.

I know a guy who described people living in subsidized housing as "parasites." He lived off his parents until he was almost 40. I know a woman who's not really mean-spirited but is very selfish and unsympathetic to other people's problems. Her parents are corrupt Chinese bureaucrats whose biggest problem is where to stash their illegal millions. I know a guy who has contempt for poor people, especially for homeless people, and boasts about how he is so self-reliant. The last time I met him he was bitching about how incompetent the tradespeople renovating his house are. I asked him why doesn't he just fire them and get someone else to do the work. He responded that he had no choice, because the local government has given him a grant worth tens of thousands to make his house more energy-efficient, but he has to use a labour agency that gives work and training to unemployed people and youths.

MOST of the people I've met who go on and on about how they've "never had to ask for a handout" have in fact lived off their parents well into adulthood, or are still doing so, and/or are getting some sort of corporate welfare, or some sort of stupid government handout based on their race or sex or immigrant status or supposed "artistic abilities", or for "research" into some rubbish nobody sane cares about, or some other such taxpayer-funded scam.

I came across this story about homeless people in Seattle perhaps getting Internet or Wi-Fi access. It seems to be a common sense public service.

I don't know if they are referring to camps of illegal immigrants, but assuming that's not the case, then it is good social policy to provide some sort of Internet access to homeless people, keeping in mind the context -- this is Seattle we are talking about. The municipal and state governments spend millions of dollars a year on all sorts of nonsense. Now they're debating spend "part" of $100,000 on this proposed Internet/Wi-Fi scheme.

"Part" is very vague. It could mean tens of thousands, or it could just mean a few hundred a month. And considering this is Seattle, computers, software and tech-support could be donated by the massive local computer and cyber-companies.

Nobody is going to "go homeless" just so they can get free Wi-Fi. There are very scummy homeless people, but I've found that most of the homeless I've met have had hard times and are not bad people. And most people who have no sympathy for them have also never even had to worry about being "one pay-cheque away from being homeless." They've also never experienced losing a job through no fault of one's own, and then not having any employment opportunities at all.

There are a lot of people who scam welfare resources. I've been unemployed and gone and got another job the same time. But I also know what it's like to go to apply for one low-pay job and get in line with hundreds of other applicants. I know what it's like to go to some employment office and be told straight out "we have nothing for you", and then to go from one business to another all day long and get repeatedly told that nobody's hiring.

I don't know the scale of the homeless problem in Seattle, and I am well-aware that government schemes always involve incompetence and corruption. But if there are decent homeless people in Seattle, struggling to find a job and a place to live, then $100,000 would be a drop in the bucket compared to most government spending (e,g., ugly public "art", $50,000 to attend some stupid convention in Hawaii or Las Vegas, $80,000 to hire someone to go to junior high schools to teach girls how to masturbate, $500 lunch bills for city councillors, etc.) and could easily be assisted by all the local tech companies who make such a fuss about raising millions to help Negroes in Africa, Muslims in Bangladesh, free lap tops for Mongolian queers, whatever.

It is offensive and politically stupid for a public official to say "It's just $100,000." However, I'm sure it's true that it's a relatively small amount by Seattle municipal government standards.

THE REAL ISSUE, which the Kike "reporter" distracts people from with sensationalism, is: WHY WOULD IT COST $100,000, and why have politicians and media tried to portray it as $100,000 being spent on free Wi-Fi? It should cost a few hundred a month, maximum, and then possibly a few thousand, or even ten thousand, to supply public access points for homeless people. So the real issue is no doubt that scummy cynical hypocritical Social-Justice-Warriors are using homelessness as an excuse to scam some money off of working people!

But most Merkuns are too stupid to see that. So instead they debate between the morally-diseased "Left" and the morally-diseased "Right".

This is just one of the problems caused by ignorance and lies about the humane and rational National Socialist alternative.

It's almost impossible to find work or a place to live or access essential services in urban America today without Internet access. Many or most places you go to will tell you to send applications via email, or go to some website, or contact them via Skype or Facebook, or leave your cell number so they can text you. Therefore, a well set-up and well-managed free Wi-Fi scheme would be a cheap and simple way of helping homeless people get off the streets.

I also realize that most people spend a lot of money on home Internet, or bounce back and forth between competing companies every few months, trying to take advantage of sign-up cheap plans. But a sensible Wi-Fi scheme over a city area, or a block, or however large these camps are, would be a cheap way of assisting multiple people, and could also be used by people who have homes but no Internet.

I'm usually considered very "conservative", and am opposed to all kinds of stupid make-work projects, and corporate welfare, and ridiculous government-spending scams. But everything should be evaluated in common sense and non-ideological terms.

I'm sure the Seattle city council is populated by scum. I'm not even going to bother looking up this Swant bitch. I'm sure she's an arrogant dykey fembot bolshie lowlife. And perhaps some of the critical commentators on the following article know something about the local government that makes them rightly skeptical, but I don't think so. I think most of them are just mean-spirited and stupid. Most of them are probably not from Seattle, and are not familiar with he local politics there.

Increasing American mean-spiritedness, however, is a side-effect of the constant disintegration of community standards, and the loss of any real sense of communal sharing and empathy, as fake charities proliferate and profit, causing wide-spread cynicism.

Social services work well in places like Japan and Taiwan, and used to work well in Scandinavia and most of Western Europe, because the people getting helped mostly belonged to the society, and therefore behaved responsibly, and had an interest in making sure that services (health care, education, pensions, unemployment insurance) were properly used and maintained, so that their children and grandchildren would not be stuck with unpayable public debts and be left without anywhere to turn to if they ever had trouble in life.

In principle, I don't have a problem with someone commenting, "there are free computers and internet already at libraries? I mean the homeless have ample time on their hands to go there." It's just that in my experience most people who talk like have lived most of their lives as pampered assholes.

Another thing is that most social services used to be taken care of by families and churches, but people in Seattle are now mostly atheist/confused/churchless, and have no extended families to turn to for help -- issues that neither lib fembots/eunuchs nor libertarian idiots are even interested in acknowledging, never mind even addressing.

And, just in case: IF THE REAL PROBLEM IS THAT THE HOMELESS PEOPLE BEING DISCUSSED ARE ACTUALLY ILLEGALS, then THAT is what should be talked about, and not confused with the matter of supplying sensible and reasonable social services to down-on-their-luck citizens.


Seattle City Council wants to fund internet in homeless camps

By [Kike] Lindsay Cohen, Nov 17, 2014. Updated: Nov 18, 2014


The city of Seattle wants to spend part of a $100,000 budget item to provide internet access in the city's homeless encampments.

"We are no longer looking at internet as a luxury. We have to make sure we provide humane services for everybody," said Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who is supporting the proposal.

It is still unclear as to whether the money would go to establish Wi-Fi in the city's homeless camps or more traditional, computer-based internet service there, Sawant said.

"People who have unlimited access to all these services - including internet access - are not in the position to say that somebody else should not have it," she added. "Would you live without?"

The six-figure sum is part of an overall fund to help homeless encampments with a number of issues, city leaders said Monday. The proposed money would also go toward toilets, electricity, and improving cooking facilities, among other things.

"SHARE was delighted with it. Nickelsville was delighted with it, because it's actually for the physical things necessary to continue an encampment," said Scott Morrow with SHARE/WHEEL, a local homeless advocacy group. "This is the first time ever that the city of Seattle has supported the physical necessities of an encampment."

Morrow emphasized that hygiene and basic plumbing need to be higher priorities than internet access.

"If (the city) takes the port-a-potties away, that'd be a big problem," he said. "They're not spending the money on Wi-Fi if the port-a-potties aren't paid."

His concerns were echoed by Richard Gilbert, a six-year resident of Nickelsville, one of the city's homeless camps.

"We need the doors of opportunity to open. We need business companies and corporations to open that door up," said Gilbert. "The internet for some people is the answer, but I think more, better communication is (the type that is) one-on-one, face-to-face."

His neighbor, Kenneth Kahaloa, said that having access to the internet might help him find a job or even improve the camp overall. Kahaloa has been unemployed for five years.

"Most of us, we have computers. This way we could reach out to other people through the internet and ask them about what we need for donations," Kahaloa said. "Now... you can do everything over the internet - an application, your resume. And hopefully they give you a call."

The city council is expected to vote on this measure - and other budget items - next Monday.

"It's just $100,000," Sawant said. "Rather than over-focusing on this one thing, people should be jumping for joy that the city council has done the right thing for the first time towards transitional encampments by recognizing their existence."


- Police: Marysville couple plotted to rape children
- Wealthy Chinese student convicted of deadly crash is deported
- Bear cub burned in Wash. wildfire is Idaho-bound
- Bellevue teacher arrested, accused of having sex with student


Ahhh, hell. I am going to quit my job and join them! I didn't know there were so many perks ;) If I am about to get free internet.......then I can keep posting here! And I'll have FB, porn and all the internet has to offer! Yippee, I'm down! Not to mention free bus passes, food, etc.
Just WHY am I working now? To pay rent, utilities, food, gas, taxes? None of which Id' have to do there. I can't believe I never did this before!

You're joking of course. However, I do believe that one could live fairly comfortably here by doing just that.

Hey, I have a pretty nice tent....

I have a flask and a sleeping

We have lots of tarps too...

Hmmmm, what else is there really?
I have never made an urban camping supply list before. Food? do we need food at all or will that be supplied?

I bet the food is supplied, but I think we have some cots, a wind up radio and some solar cells for the computer.

I wonder if they supply the computers too...I do need a new one...

If they do supply computers they are probably like, last years models, life is so unfair. Oh and BTW I will for sure be bringing liquor, lots of it, any preference on that, I'm thinking Jack Daniels.....classic Americana.

Nah, just set up a still.

No way that sounds like too much work, I hate that!!!

Well, I bet you can talk someone else into looking after it for you for a cut...

No way again, I won't trust our fellow campers one bit, nope. I fancy myself more of a loner type hobo.

Darnit...I thought we could be know, you watch my stuff I'll watch yours...

Assuming that you are a female I will make an exception, can you make me one of those long stick things with a red bandana tied to it, for OUR stuff?

I'm pretty handy, I think I could manage...

We are all good then, just need to find that park in the article, looks nice:)

I could bring the chef. He travels quite well in the shopping cart, you know.

The rain makes me cold. I don't want to panhandle in the rain so I think there should be shelters at the on ramps so I can keep dry while I panhandle.

Thanks for all your offers! This sounds great and will probably work out ;) I still need a camping stove.......anyone? I have a decent cooler, but can someone bring me ice on a daily basis? How about a really nice down comforter? I have a smart phone, but wow, the connection here is poor. It looks like I will have free internet soon, so that will work out. Thanks, going to have a few drinks now. It's cold brrrrrr.

Ikea has great deals on comforters... we have a couple single burner camp stoves. I also have a little propane stove. Oh!!! and a propane heater!

Wow! Thank you! A heater even :) I am almost set.

You will have to wait until after Thanksgiving weekend though, my husband is going Elk hunting.

What???? I have to wait? Where are your priorities?

With the elk...sorry...

Husband? you didn't say anything about that before!!!!!!!

I know!!!!! You have a hubby?

Is that a problem? LOL

We will need to make some adjustments but it should be fine if you don't mind me seeing other hobo ladies.

Hobo "ladies"

I use the term loosely, wait, that didn't sound right. Oh yeah, loosely.

Not for me except he is going elk hunting and now i have to wait for free stuff ;) I don't know...............

Don't know what exactly? Are blue Jays edible BTW?

Even rats are edible... so I'm pretty sure they are...

"Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie but wouldn't know cuz I'de never eat the filthy mother F%$&er" -- Name that film?

Pulp Fiction

Not bad.

Google is my friend...see how important internet is? LOL

It's inhumane for it to not be provided.

Ok, you all. Gotta got to bed so I can get up for work at 6. Yes, work......that thing we do to pay bills and taxes and such. Most of us anyway. I rather like my warm, cozy, small home.

I'm out as well, puppy needs to piddle I think...

Those darn puppies.......;)'s so early.

I'm not alone in getting sick and tired of footing the bill for a bunch of homeless people who can't take care of themselves. My wife and I struggle every month to pay our bills and it's getting tougher and tougher to make ends meet. [Meaning they could easily end up homeless.] Why should we continue to subsidize the housing, food, Internet access, bus fares, etc., etc., of these people? IT'S NEVER-ENDING! We have trouble affording these things for ourselves and we each work over 40 hours a week. These Marxist losers are ruining Western Washington and the stupid hipsters and liberal dolts applaud their every move...

There are a lot of ways to help the homeless and honestly I think this is one of the craziest ones I have heard. #1 every McDonalds has free Wi-Fi along with many other fast food chains. You don't even have to go inside to use it in most instances. #2 All libraries have free use of computers #3 this type of thinking is probably why many of these people are homeless to begin with. Everyone these days think they have to update to the newest and best electronic equipment whether they can pay their mortgage or rent. I've seen this multiple times with the younger generation. We survived a lot of years without being able to contact anyone and everyone at the touch of a button. Education, training, personal care ability would be much more beneficial to these people than Wi-Fi. My rant for the day.

The article didn't say anything about also providing free computers to go with the free internet. What about that? And a better idea would be to have the people who want internet service and a computer do some useful work in return. Or is that suggestion offensive to Councilmember Sawant?

I want my own web site, to replace my cardboard sign. So I can accept payment by smart-phone apps. To buy my cigarettes, and mad-dog-20-20, and dog food, since all my food stamps won't cover any of them. It's only fair. Or should I say, I DEMAND both. isn't that the terminology now-a-days?

I am at the stage in life where it is normally a time where I could check out at any time. When you made the statement "I Demand both." It made me think of the time when I was very young and I remember my dad saying... remember the world doesn't owe you

Why can't they walk to the nearest library and get it there? I have seen a lot of homeless people actually using the central library to apply for jobs etc. That's the way to go! If they have their own device, they can also connect to free WiFi at any Starbucks downtown. Even Target has free WiFi and no one is gonna stop you from using it. What a waste of money!

Why can't they walk to Arizona, or southern California, or Texas, and live where it's warm? Live where the police threat them like royalty. Because, you know, they were "born here" and because they don't have an accent and because their skin is light. Somebody said the other day, they have all the time in the world, if they start walking now they'll get there, eventually. What's the big hurry?

This is what happens when you elect socialists to the city council. This is just one more step in the governments goal of creating a state of dependance.

The latest chapter in the "Clown Town Chronicles".

I have lived without when I could not afford it. Internet is a luxury. Not a necessity. These people have their iPads, smart phones, cigarettes and what not. They can use public wifi or go to their local library if they need to utilize internet access.

In all seriousness, this is a big slap in the face to those who are responsible, budget properly and teach their kids that one doesn't always get what they want, when they want it. It takes hard work to obtain the luxuries in life. This, give-me attitude is what is killing the morality of our society!

If they do get this free internet that is paid for by the taxpayers that actually work, the taxpayers should at least get something in return. There is graffiti that needs to be cleaned up, parks that need to be maintained, garbage picked up, etc. Make them earn it.

Organized tent encampments which have enabled people to survive have gone largely unsupported by the City. This funding of basic services which most of us take fore granted is welcome indeed.

Are you aware that there are free computers and internet already at libraries? I mean the homeless have ample time on their hands to go there.

What ever happened to the permanent Seattle homeless camp idea with all inclusive utilities/ facilities and a pharmacy? I remember a picture of an old industrial building the city wanted to renovate or convert.

The "homeless" burned it down. -- Seattle spent $285,000,000 on art and culture last year and half of that on human services. I think we could have one less sculpture and buy toilets and Wi-Fi for homeless camps.

How about the homeless get jobs, get off drugs, quit drinking, and buy their own Wi-Fi. We need to quit enabling them.

They don't even need wi-fi. My ( almost ) homeless brother just goes to the library every day.

Yeah because all homeless people are on drugs and drunk. There are over 4000 homeless in Seattle at any given time. Most of them are not on drugs or raging alcoholics. Those are probably the most visible homeless, but they are not the majority. I work with homeless kids every week and I used to work at adult shelters, you have no idea what you are talking about.

What you REALLY mean is, there are over 4,000 bums in Seattle at any given time. Bums. Call them what they really are.

Give me a break. It is easy for you to say those kinds of things on the internet behind a avatar. You are generalizing based on the actions less than 10% of homeless population. Keyboard warriors who offer no real solutions and just complain, are worthless.

"It is easy for you to say" Spoken like one of the bums. Bums. I'm calling you what you and all your buddies really are.

How many of those bums are veterans? Do we owe the veterans any thing?

"Do we owe the veterans any thing?" The absolute best thing we can do for veterans, is make sure they are able to find a good job. As long as America's economy is in the tank, as long as there are 20 million Americans who can't find a full time job, as long as there are 6 times more unemployed Americans than there are job openings, veterans and everybody else is going to suffer. End this Great Recession, now.

I would never have thought of Internet access as a humane service. Maybe clothing or food or shelter but not Internet access. I am ok with it, but if we are going to provide a city owned wi fi network for the camps, why not provide a city wide wifi network for everyone? There are over 70 cities in the US that are already doing this.

I'll have the veal cordon bleu, please.

If they have $100,000 to spend, and they are not buying tents, blankets and food; does this mean everybody had been taken care of? We now have space in the shelters with plenty of food and warm clothing?

I don't have internet access except at work (I'm on a break, thank you). I'm not homeless, own my own home but internet is a LUXURY I feel I can do without. I go to the public library where it's free anyway. What a huge waste of money. You gonna move it around everytime the camps move?

Free Wifi isn't the right approach.
Do like Utah, give them housing. Cost of housing, $11,000, Cost for homeless on street, medical $18,000. Cost for homeless on street, police and justice system, $30,000. Loss of business by retailers in our shopping core. You will save money. Address the problems. How many are Veterans with mental and substance problems? How many Mentally ill with substance and violent problems? How many are sick and dying?

I guess because I am old, I don't understand. If you are looking for employment, you can use the computers in Work Source. Again I say if you are not a druggie or an alcoholic there are jobs out there. Goodwill will give you clothes for an interview. They will also give you a chit for a haircut.

Even if they are a junkie or a drunk, Labor Ready will put them to work as long as they show up.

Ever wonder why you never see white people sitting by the curb at Lowes or Home Depot?

I see many white hispanics at the Lowe's and Home Depot parking lots. Hispanic/Latino is an ethnicity, not a race.

at least most of those sitting by the curb at those places are looking for work, not out to cause trouble in most cases.

"If you are looking for employment, you can use the computers in Work Source." Are there still any "Work Source" offices? I thought they all closed several years ago. Right at the start of the Great Recession, if I remember correctly. There used to be Work Source offices all around. I haven't seen one in a long time.

A few years ago I discovered I had a rodent problem in the attic of my house. I solved the problem in two ways. I found all the access points and blocked them off. I also found the food source, that was attracting the rodents, was a bird feeder that was dropping seeds all over the ground right next to one of the access points so I got ride of the food source. No more rodent problem.

Thanks Adolph...

Hate's the only thing that most of the posters in here have going in their lives...

I see you are one of the people that would be happy to take in a few homeless folks to live in your house.

I help homeless folks every day I work, in EMS. How bout you?

...and I've been doing it for thirty-four years....

I don't hate the homeless .. I help them also ... for almost 40 years now ... I think they need food and warmth rather than INTERNET............

well... how do you reconcile those, such as the poster above, that likens homeless people to rats, or the poster above who thinks homeless camps should be surrounded by barbed wire and guard dogs...? Or how about the dude above that doesn't see any hate going on in here?

Why not just grant them access to the public library? Oh that's right, they don't want those kind of people in there

They are already there, or at least they are at the downtown branch. It's one of the nicest homeless shelters in the world.

Sorry, I don't agree with this one bit. Many homeless have mental health issues and are homeless by choice. How about we spend some money on psych beds or helping the underinsured working poor? Free wifi can be found at libraries, or just sitting next to a building that has unsecured wifi (there are lots of them). How will these homeless get comps to use? Will the city provide them? One per camp? One per person? One per family? If they get free comps, I'd like to see stats on how many make it through the first week before they are stolen and/or pawned. Is their internet usage going to be monitored or blocked from certain websites? Giving them wifi doesn't mean they'll use it to find a job. I would bet it would be more for looking at porn or any number of websites that have nothing to do with looking for a job. I don't have a lot of experience with the homeless, but I have some and some of them make more per day panhandling than I will ever make. One "homeless" person I knew was a convicted felon who did time for stabbing a guy in a bar fight. After prison, he lived with his girlfriend in an apartment that was in her name and he would bring home $300+ cash PER DAY by panhandling for about 4 hours on an off ramp on 167. He didn't report it (duh!) to the IRS and was on welfare to boot. Free shelter, free money, free medical/dental and lots of money to spend on "entertainment" (drinking and drugs).

people are such idiots giving them cash which they spend on drugs and alcohol. Give food, blankets, maybe some books on how to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

This makes no sense as the local Worksource offices have computers and access to the internet for free to job seekers. If the city wants to help and spend money it should be on basic needs of the homeless camps and promoting the building of more low income housing.

Internet a right? I work two jobs and don't have internet because I can't afford it. why can't they use the library like everyone else who can't afford it? Maybe I should quit my jobs and not pay taxes and let t he city support me? Oh wait.... I don't do that because I have integrity. I work for the things I want.

Didn't read comments but how does a homeless person own a laptop or smart phone to use this wonderful new access?

When I first heard that a councilman was proposing this, I had no doubt it was that crazy ass Kshama Sawant! Who the hell does she think she is? So basically having wi fi is more of a priority than having a home? And yet, we have roads that desperately need to be fix and God knows whatever else that cost money, like our failing tunnel project, and we're supposed to have money in the city's budget for this crap? I really would recommend our council to go in for some mental evaluations. Just when I would've thought they couldn't come up with anything more stupid and ridiculous!

These pieces of crap need to be rounded up and put to good use in a labor camp. Homeless and hungry? Guess you should've tried harder in school? Want internet? Get off your ass and get a job you worthless sack of crap.......

Maybe he had a job and a robot is doing it now.

The internet like driving is A PRIVILEGE not a right nor necessity. And lets take a trip back in time shall we - If the city cut funding to Urban Rest Stop then they sure as hell don't need to be paying for free wifi.

I would consider sanitation, food and water as human resources. The city is so far out on a ledge I think its time to think about leaving.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that the council wants to turn these camps into permanent shanty towns or the fact that they think this is progress. "People who have unlimited access to all these services - including internet access - are not in the position to say that somebody else should not have it," she added. "Would you live without?" Yes I would live without it if I couldn't afford it. It's called budgeting. If I shut off my internet will Sawant come hook up my free internet or do I have to squat in a park and quit working in order to qualify? I have an idea, instead of turning these illegal camps into villages, spend that money on resume writing, interviewing and basic job skills training. There are lots of jobs in Seattle and anyone who says they can't find one is lying. Anyone who disagrees with me go ahead and say you can't find a job and I'll reply with a link to one probably within minutes. Why do socialists encourage laziness and the thought that making someone comfortable rather than teaching them to better themselves is morally superior?

I completely agree that Internet access is and should be considered as critical to modern life as sewer and water service is - and our ISP monopolies are begging to be broken up 100x as much "Ma Bell" (to those who remember) was. There is NO question that having Internet access would help the homeless find work more effectively and, as tax payers, you probably couldn't spend "smarter" money. BUT, spend it wisely. Considering the limited financial resources allocated to the homeless, why can't we string a standard Comcast connection into each homeless camp, install a wi-fi router (and give those without wi-fi free ethernet cables into the routers)? No, bandwidth sharing will not enable every homeless camp inhabitant to watch their endless fill of Netflix 18 hours a day, BUT 100 people can EASILY share the bandwidth necessary to search for and pursue work opportunities with virtually no encumbrances.

Where does this $100k number come from? What is the service provided? Sounds like either Comcast (or another ISP) is taking the city for an eagerly anticipated Sawant-joyride for gold-plated high-bandwidth connection to every individual, or the city doesn't know the abc's of basic IT and Internet access.

If you think rewarding bums with free WiFI is a good idea, then feel free to pool your money with the radical idiot councilwoman and fund it yourself.

OK, so they have nothing, and you propose giving them nothing - including Internet access which is, HANDS DOWN, the most expedient vehicle to give the homeless access to REAL jobs. Great strategy, Einstein. I suppose you would also object to VOLUNTEER programs designed to give the homeless (through donations) a decent set of clean cloths (crap you and I both said goodbye to years ago) because YOU have an axe to grind - apparently all homeless are bums. So what is your axe? Not only should we deprive the homeless of cheap, low-bandwidth but reasonable Internet access AND we should make sure they wear the dirty, filthy clothes they wear day to day? - Should we also have them trail in their impoverished, hungry, X number of children into the door when they apply? You, Sir, are CLUELESS. It's people like you who give brain dead politicians like Sawat supporters the will to live. And I say that as a relative Conservative.

I'm relatively conservative, and I have a comfortable 6-figure salary, and I have spent evenings of service and meeting people in one of our homeless camps and hearing their stories. Have you? I'm damn frickin serious. What have you done? Where do you derive your impressions? What are you doing to solve the problem?

Lets start up theold CCC jobs that will give these homeless people jobs and pride at doing a job instead of sitting around for 6 YEARS with out working . And then expecting the workers in this city to pay for their internet acess that they can get at the library for FREE already. But I suppose they have such a busy schedule they have not time to visit the library

Well, you got me there. When you wrote CCC, I was thinking "Civilian Corp..." Some relic from the 1950's - but I couldn't pin your acronym. So, failing that, please explain this to me: Why would you oppose (as I proposed) running a single line Comcast line (about $75/mo.) into each homeless camp (of which there are less than a dozen), and giving each "resident" a connection from there, which costs essentially NOTHING. With such a connection, any resident (probably up to 50 or 100 residents) has ALL the bandwidth they need to peruse Craigslist and job boards, and submit their resumes. As a taxpayer, I challenge you to propose how ~$75/mo. could be better spent. (Note: my $75/mo. is FAR less than the $100k/yr. being proposed - or are you too hung up on your own "values" and ideology that you just think the unemployed should somehow be punished????)

...but... but... GLOBAL WARMING! Seriously... there is a faction of homeless that truly needs help. and these moron that say "Don't give them anything!" are the same ones who are mute when a homeless person ends up in the ER and then it's up to the taxpayers to foot the bill...

"Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face: See 'Republican Party'"

Um, have you spent time with the homeless lately? Seriously dude. 50% of our population is ONE paycheck away from being homeless, uninsured, and in poverty.

Google is your friend !!!!! Civilian Conservation Corps - Wikipedia, the free ... Had you just googled CCC No punishment necessary they already have free internet at the library no problem for them they have the time to go to the library do they not?

Well, Einstein, perhaps you could use some remedial reading. I knew the CCC as the Civilian Conservation Corps, but also knew that that was something that died about the time my grandfather did.

To wit, the first sentence of the Wikipedia (great source! really), states "The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942" You'll note the PAST tense ("was") as of 1942. Thanks for playing. I'm moving on to other pursuits. I'm sorry your opinions are not informed by modern realities. And, for the record - I'm ALL FOR expecting people on the dole to do something - as the CCC did VERY well - for what they are given. A good portion of our nation's deep infrastructure was built by the CCC. I'm ALL for that philosophy.
BUT, YOU - do to your own ideological hangups - would not accept the solution I proposed, which would have cost 1/10 as much - because OF YOUR HANGUPS. You ARE pat the problem. You have no solutions.

Kshama Sawant is a nut case. I hate politicians who rant on their platforms to get elected, then think that any socialistic ideas they can think of, can be paid for from other peoples pockets. She's a deplorable, sorry excuse for a city council member; But, hey, Seattle, YOU voted for her, so pay for her crazy ideas.

I have nothing against having the internet available to the homeless, but we taxpayers are already paying for computers and access in the library system. Providing internet access IN the homeless camps, doesn't give the homeless access to the hardware needed to use it.

For starters I just found a homeless lady (who was being harrassed by local young men)a tiny little rental and my friend from another agency funded it for 6 months until she could get on her feet. My friends and I gathered up necessities for her, she is very grateful and trying to see what she can do to get her life together. She does have some mental issues but is not a druggie or drunk....I work with these kind of people more than you can know....I was also a corrections officer at one time and I have a very good eye and ear for picking the truth out of their stories. Jobs.....our government needs to stop outsourcing and bring in jobs that these people can do and a lot of them will work....there are those that will never work and will sit with their hands out.

I guess internet is now considered a "necessity"? ... before other basics like food, shelter, electricity, etc. Silly me, I always thought of it as a luxury.

"It's just $100,000," Sawant said."
Great point. Now why don't you take it out of the multimillions that you married your way into, and stop trying to steal it from other people, you filthy thief.

Just how does a halfwit like her get elected ? She claims she is a champion of the workers yet here she is going to steal more tax money from the WORKERS to fund a bunch of lazy do nothings . Are you kidding me this is so stupid it should be on the comedy channel . The workers in this city have to pay for the cleanup after these people they dump their trash in the woods next to their camps and their human waste flows into our creeks that we paid to clean up for the salmon . Yet not you want more money for their free internet . SAWANT sell some Microsoft stock and fund your stupid ideas with your own money . And then shut up and grow up

Bring back the CCC. At least we'd get something for our money...

Good idea. My dad was a CCC guy, had some great death defying road building adventures and he loved it. How many of the tent city folks do you think would sign up?

Not one.

My Dad was as well, and one of the most honest hard working men you would ever want to know. In later years when the mill was on strike he wouldn't even sign up for food stamps. He had something called self pride.

I no longer want to PAY for my internet service. Since "We have to make sure we provide humane services for everybody", how do I get my internet bill paid?........ (besides moving into a tent city and quitting my job)

I think my Internet should be free as well....but I suppose there would be an extra tax because I have a job and a roof over my head.

I believe that an important part of being a community is providing safety nets for those that have fallin on hard times. But part of the deal should be a requirement that they are making an active effort to find employment and improve their situation. Not just go on living on the freebies. Every month they should have to show proof of who they tried to get employment with or who they were working for or that they are in school trying to improve their chances to get employed or better employed. But just living cheap or free with tax payer help with no end in sight, should not be an option.

Yeah, when I was on unemployment, I needed to prove where I'd looked for work, etc. I even took a few weeks off when my father had cancer and was honest about not job searching at that time. They nailed me with a bill.

Well, Spike the Pioneer Square horse junkie needed that cash for fresh needles, syringes, and junk.....and some hot pockets.

Hot pockets! LOL!

I'd be happy with them just passing a drug test! Lets just start there.

Herideaisto give everyone everything. No matter if they work or not .

Two words FREE PORN

Not doing the jobs that Americans should do.

"People who have unlimited access to all these services - including internet access - are not in the position to say that somebody else should not have it," so says nutjob Kshama Sawant. 1. if I have to pay for my internet access, it's not "unlimited". Dummy. 2. I'll be damned if I'm "not in the position" to weigh in, if I'm being asked to help fund it. Dummy.

If they have the money to pay for it, what's keeping them from buying an Aircard from Verizon for their internet access? Since according to this article, they already have laptops and phones.

go to the's not like their daily calendar is chock full.....

Yep. Before I could afford a computer, I'd go to the library to use theirs. And that was when I couldn't afford a cell phone or long distance service either, so I'd use the library's courtesy phone to call my family (out of state) collect, then they'd reject the call and call me right back at that number. :) Guess what. I got an education and progressively better jobs, and was eventually able to afford my own computer, internet service and cell phone.

Well, the homeless population of Eugene,Or is probably decreasing by the day..I mean, Greyhound to Seattle is cheap.

Utah is actually doing just that, I think a couple other communities are as well.

"Now... you can do everything over the internet - an application, your resume. And hopefully they give you a call." Says the homeless guy with no phone.

If they need internet, then they can go to a public library. Why make it so there is no need to get a job? Take that $100,000 and use it for education towards a job if anything.

Cool. Now the homeless won't have to go to the library to view porn.

If that's your proclivity, then good for you.

" Kahaloa has been unemployed for five years." -- "His concerns were echoed by Richard Gilbert, a six-year resident of Nickelsville, one of the city's homeless camps." -- just a couple of regular Joes down on their luck for five or six years...I don't know what to do, puke or quit my job and join the freeloaders.

I would say that these two freeloaders could have free internet and free transportation to any job they would find and I bet they would still be looking as they will never work again as long as suckers like us give them their needs for free .

phhht, so they want to buy computers too?

" "Would you live without?" - well, if I couldn't afford it I suppose I would. what the eff are they thinking?

the library has free internet for everyone - bums, taxpayers, etc...

That's the heart of socialism, taking from hard working individuals and giving it to those unwilling to get off their butts !!

And we wonder why illegal immigrants get jobs so fast and set up their families and homes faster than local Americans....:-)

I suppose next they will want to provide the homeless with free dope as well .

Now the commies are gonna give them free dope.

""We are no longer looking at internet as a luxury. We have to make sure we provide humane services for everybody," said Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who is supporting the proposal. " - ok, cool. so when can I cancel my bills and let the city take over? give me a freakin break. where does this madness stop?

Huh? no home but they have computers/smart phones? Last I heard libraries are available

One wonders why Seattle has a homeless problem. I will repeat my rule on homelessness. Any effort to decrease homelessness will result in more homelessness.

You know, they probably get thirsty while engaged in their on-line meanderings. Perhaps a beer truck or a Cannabis Cab could ease their busy schedule. Coupla cats always between Pike and Pine on Second Avenue lurking in the doorways at rush hour with either a crack pipe or an Olde English 800 who seem to be ambulatory and domcilely-challenged.

I'm very soon not to be even in Washington State due to this ridiculousness. Making active steps to get out.

We need to upgrade their cell-phones as well. Nothing less than an i6 or Galaxy's coupled with 4G data plans will do. Why is everyone such a hater?

Correction: Unlimited 4G data

I think it would help them also if we give them free cars. That way they can get around easier now that Metro eliminated the downtown Seattle Free Zone. Then I think I'll become homeless......

News flash, Taz. They still ride free.

Can we not just get them I phone 6 Plus that way they will be able to see the phone better

That's just crazy talk. What next? A personal valet?

BuT, they will need lessons! Let's give them free lessons!

A butler as well. Jeeves For Junkies!

Could you imagine living without your smartphone? No? Then why should the homeless live without them!

I also can't imagine living without my nice new car. Guess a new car should be on the list for all the homeless too.

I've never heard of such lunacy. The money should be spent on food or medicine. Take care of the children first. How do they have computers? The library has free computer and internet service, actually paid for by you-know-who, the taxpayers. They can get their free bus rides there to "apply for jobs", or sleep, which ever comes first. You know they just want it in the encampment so they can surf for porn at home. Unbelievable if anybody actually falls for this.

I guess a Labor Ready kiosk is out of the question.

Next thing you know they will want a free latte from Starbucks. Wait, that's right an EBT card will already get you a drink at Starbucks in a Safeway. Free internet and free Starbucks who is the sucker here?

"Most of us, we have computers. This way we could reach out to other people through the internet and ask them about what we need for donations," Kahaloa said. "DONATIONS???" How about you get a frigging job. If you have been out of work for 5 years, you haven't been looking for a job.

Living in camp for 6 years and he want us to give him the internet as well Give the money to dogs and cats they deserve it more

This is a circle-jerk of stupidity.

"The root evil is that government is engaged in activities in which it has no legitimate business. ... The only way to curtail spending substantially, is to eliminate the programs on which excess spending is consumed."

I want someone to pay for my internet, should I go without?

WTF? use the damn Library..... jeeze this is insane

No kidding. When I had no internet that is what I had to do. Completely ridiculous.


nope with these idiots....pretty real

This made me kind of mad, I mean I pay for my internet, its not unlimited, I have to work and pay monthly to keep using it, why do they make it sound as if the rest of us just get it for nothing? Oh and I have lived without it when I was broke for a few years, had to go to the library to send resume's out

Why can't they use that money to get them jobs? Oh wait we tried that long back with our lodge. Not one person wanted a job. Yes it was 0% response.

You mean actually solve the problem? That's not the democrat way. Why get them out of poverty when you can ENCOURAGE it and make it more pleasant?

We treated them to dinner at the University Church and tried to help each of them with resumes etc. Instead we got a long lecture from each of them as to why they didn't feel the need to serve the corporate evil empire. To add to it, one of the volunteers cars was broken into while he was cooking for them. :-) We did this for about six months and then decided to just continue the food drive. The job drive was unsuccessful.

It used to be if you wanted something, you got one of them there J-O-Bs. Now, if you're one of the 37.2% of Americans who don't work, you just demand that one of the 62.8% who do buy you one. It's only fair.

The heck with the 1%. I'm part of the 62%. Kick out the illegals, and tell the rest of them to get off their ###es and WORK.

Satwat .... the gift that just keeps on giving .... LOL ..... what a twit

Seattle deserves her.

I'm not sure I would wish her on my worst enemy. However, Seattle did vote her in so I guess they're getting what they wanted.

I said if Seattle voted for the socialist community college professor they'd regret it.....she's definitely certifiable and not in the real world. Then she goes home to the East side and her Microsoft husband.

in the future, you Noble Anti-Socialism Patriot, we expect you to fix your own d**n potholes, and no complaining while doing so...

Funny you should mention potholes, as I just fixed 4 of them on the county road I live off of.

free cable/hbo and i'm moving in...

Next we'll hear that they have been given a couple of limos, on site masseuses, and free dinners at the Metropolitan Grill.

Only $100,000...... and they want to waste it on a bunch of drug addicts and drunks so they can check their facebook accounts. Utterly ridiculous.

I have to pay for my internet. Are the homeless going to chip-in and help pay for their internet? They already get free access at the library. Why should it be handed to them for free? They have money. They get SS/disability checks. They get free food, medical, clothes, bus tickets, panhandling brings in $150 a day tax free. "Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it." Handing them something for free doesn't help them, it hurts them. Make the work for it. Make the pay for it. Working and paying for things gives one self-respect and dignity.

homelessness is so attractive, everybody's doing it. Oh the outrage...

No, not everyone. Nevertheless, it is a well-known secret that those that engage in The Homeless Lifestyle are attracted by Seattle's most generous welcoming committee.

My brother has been jobless and homeless (due to a combination of drug problems and mental illness) for years while in Virginia. He saved all the money he had to buy a bus ticket to come to the Pacific Northwest because the lore of it being a homeless paradise had reached as far as Richmond, VA. He made it out here, attracted by all the stories he had heard of all the free stuff he would get here. They are actually flocking to Seattle and Portland because the quality of "homeless living" is higher here than anywhere else, apparently. He stayed with me for a few weeks while trying to find his place, but I had to kick him out when (surprise) he went on a drug-fueled rage and stole a bunch of stuff from my house (the house that I own. And the stuff that I paid for).

Tyr being homeless for a month, you mean-spirited peeps! THEN you can talk like you know what would help, having had been there. Spoiled rotten brats is what you all sound like.

Did sucked. Decided that I would rather have a crappy low-paying job over sleeping in my car. ...but hey, if I stayed on the streets, I might get rewarded with free internet.

Same here. Homeless one season and ended up sanding floors and painting an apt to have somewhere to live rent free for 3 months. It's called WORK and one can barter. Where there's a will there's truly a way. I was handed NOT one dang thing for free. Besides, I have pride and skills. You teach people how to fish not give them the fish. Crissakes!

yeah every story in these forums is true at face value... LOL...

No, for some people your statement fits. For a lot of others (and I volunteer with someone who is chronically homeless) the complaint is legit. What's next? Wait staff taking their lunch order each day? The homeless are not a single monolithic block. Some are street alcoholics, some are heroin addicts, some were one paycheck away from being homeless and are working toward getting out of it, some are trying to get past having to have their kids living in a car as soon as possible, some had to flee domestic violence, some are mentally ill and have no place to go. But City Hall here tries to pass them off as pets and make sure Seattle draws them from far and wide. There won't be the resources to help them much as Seattle gets more and more on the circuit.

It's not mean spirited ... it's being tired of paying for lazy people's bad decisions and stubboness to learn in the workplace and being willing to work your way up. This is the problem with your whole argument... we've sacrificed, paid the price, and worked hard to be where we're at. You're not entitled. Wise up.

yep. summary execution for being homeless. right on, scoondog, you the man...

Hey thanks tufa, but frankly I have no interest in being "the man". I just want a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. And I really don't want to pay someone else some of that money who hasn't earned it on his or her own. Is there something wrong with that? You must be one of the one's I'm talking about who won't suck it up and be a contributor in the workplace.

If actually working at a job (sometimes two) and not choosing to be a druggie or drunk makes me a "spoiled rotten brat" -- then guilty as charged.

don't get riff'd and lose your job.... and your house.... and your savings... and your health insurance...

I don't make excuses -- I make choices. I don't play "victim", I play "in charge of my own life". I have lost jobs, I have been broke. Instead of blaming everyone else and getting high and watching tv all day, I put on my big girl panties and went and looked for another job.

Um... let me make things clear for you: Good: Working, not a junkie, not a drunk, earn what I get and don't expect a handout. Bad: Choosing to not work, choosing alcohol and drugs over other things and then expecting everyone else to pick up your tab. If you choose to be an idiot and make bad decisions, you have no right to play victim because you did it to yourself.

Sorry slave...I don't need to "try out" being homeless to have an opinion. The idea of being homeless and being without is all the drive I need to continue to work hard and make my own way.

Great, give them one more reason to stay homeless...

Everyone should have access to Netflix,YouTube and porn.

yes but enough about you. Do you not suppose that homeless people who are looking to turn their lives around might not benefit from having internet access?

Yes. They call it the Seattle Public Library.

yet people like you would like to see that opportunity end. And how do you suppose homeless people are to even get to the library?


name one charitable thing you've done in your entire life...

I'm sorry, you have no argument here. I was not that long ago without a job or internet. I went to either: A. The library B. The Work Source center (unemployment office). FREE use of computers and FREE job counseling! People can walk, bus if they don't have a car, but many of them have some type of transportation. They manage to get their stuff to these encampments. If not, they get bus passes and often free bus passes.

were you homeless too?

NO, I was not, but almost. I advertised for a roommate and got myself a psycho. I had to evict her. Then, I ended up with a great person who is still here. My POINT is, that there are ways to get a lot of help if you want it and truly want to work and move on. After all, my crazy, first roommate managed to get food stamps, meals from the food bank, extended UI benefits, transportation, but couldn't manage a job. The one she had when she moved in, she was fired from for missing work......go figure. She could never manage to pay me rent, but payed for a pack of smokes and at least a six pack everyday. She moved back to Michigan and STILL got bennys from WA state!

Who the heII keeps giving them handouts??

"Who the heII keeps giving them handouts??" churches, for one. danged christians, anyway....

Charity is one thing. Knock yerself out. Taking money out of the pockets of the citizenry at gun-point and giving it to the Employment Challenged is another.

The downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library is the world's largest homeless shelter.

And that building only cost what? Five million dollars or something?

Is this a joke? WTF.

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Gov funding

Yes it's funny.

I know people who hate government welfare yet they rent out houses to students.

Where do the students get their money?

From the government owned student Loans Company!

The move to have more university students by the government resulted in them becoming rich

Former Tech Colleges have made millions converting to universities, but they churn out people with mostly worthless degrees. A lot of whom are over qualified for lower paid work.

The universities make millions of foreign students a lot of whom use them as a backdoor to get citizenship.

Companies are generally happier to employ a migrant who is less qualified, and less likely to complain.

Lot of eastern EU, African, Asian migrants take low skilled jobs. Whilst lots of Indian workers take higher paid IT jobs.

In turn the migrants are happy to live 8 people to a 2 bedroom house, or expensive small newly built flats making landlords/property developers more money and placing more demand on housing as prices skyrocket.

Av UK house price (£250k) now 9x av salary (£26.5k). And now banks are refusing mortgages to over 40's!

If migrants work, then go back home it's ok*. (The left always like to point out the net contribution to tax.) *though still not really ok as per housing demand and lowering or stagnating wages, plus overpopulation and crowding.

But if they stay and have children, use free healthcare, schooling, retirement then their net contribution of tax dwindles significantly.

A NS policy would avoid all this as it would implement a structured policy based on what is good for the health of the nation, not this kike order out of chaos crap.

I would hope a NS gov would sterilise this thing.



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