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Dylan Bozarth
1 week ago

I'm starting to think Multiculturalism is an idea that we should just give up on. The best places to live like Iceland, Japan, South Korea, or Latvia are almost entirely ethically homogeneous. And the places that are getting more and more diverse seem to be getting worse and worse like Sweden or America.
I know It's sort of racist to believe this, but maybe us human beings can't get over our differences? 


Re: Change

Depends on what is meant by "multiculturalism".

There's natural multiculturalism, based on geography, historical circumstances, common interests (religion, race, military union), etc. And there's "Official Multiculturalism", imposed on a nation by a treasonous, malevolent or bought-and-paid-for elite.

Some diversity is usually good, makes life a bit more interesting, is educational, and is, anyway, natural.

North Korea, the worlds most homogeneous state, is very un-natural. South Korea, the world's second most homogeneous state is relatively open, to tourists and productive foreign workers, but I find it oppressively Korean, xenophobic, and rather monoculturally boring. Many Koreans agree, which is one reason why many (especially women) emigrate. However, I don't have a great opinion of Koreans in general, though I do appreciate the good things about them nd their culture. Still, better than Somalia!

I think Somalia is very monocultural -- almost all Somalis, speaking Somali, and by law must be Muslim. (Must be Sunni Muslim too, as far as I recall, though couldn't be bothered checking it out now.) It's a dump because Somali culture sucks. I'm sure a bit of diversity there would improve the place, though I couldn't care less one way or the other.

I'd rather live n Lebanon than a lot of rubbish monocultural places any day. Lebanon was much better when it was more diverse, with more Christians -- who used to be about 40% or so of the population (and there's a very diverse Christian population too, with Maronites, regular RC's, 'Byzantine Rite' RC's, many Armenians, Arabs, Greeks, Orthodox, etc.). Now many Christians have left, and their relative numbers have fallen dramatically, and the place is worse as it becomes ever closer to being monoculturally Muslim.. Still I think it's one of the best places in the Middle East, in spite of all their problems.

Also. re: "maybe us human beings can't get over our differences" -- And why should we? Why would we?



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