Dear White Boys, Can You Not?

By Ria Upad

Thought Catalogue, 2014.11.22

(Cataloged in: Love & Sex, privilege, White Boys)

I am a young, Indian girl who happens to go to a very large state University in Midwestern America. And while as a woman, I am bombarded with unappreciated catcalls, and pickup lines. What’s more troubling is that as a woman of color, I have somehow caught your attention in an even worse way. With lines like, “are you as spicy as you look,” “you’re so pretty for an Indian girl,” and “I have a thing for Indians.”

I understand that mainstream media and cultural norms have driven you to a state where you can barely recognize that you’re even doing this, but allow me to burst the bubble of privilege that you have been so comfortably living in for far too long.

With racially derived pickup lines, you might as well be screaming that all you really care about is telling your friends that you managed to get an Indian chick’s number, because really it’s all too important to diversify your petty encounters with women. You don’t want to have ANY sort of relationship with anyone, what you want is a souvenir from a vacation to “India.” You’re not collecting memories, knowledge, or ideas; you’re collecting postcards.

When you attempt to compliment a girl by telling her she’s different, “you’re so chill for a girl,” “you’re not as dramatic as other girls,” “you’re so pretty for a ____ girl,” all you’re saying is, “you do not fit in my highly stereotyped version of what I think you should be like.” Frankly, I don’t even fully understand why people are prompted to say things like this, but for the love of God, please stop. Women are not competing against one another for your attention. We are not waiting to be noticed by you so you can tell us that our value only exists when we look better than the girl sitting next to us.

Finally, and even worse, is when you announce that you have a “thing” for girls that look like me. The problem here isn’t about what you are, or aren’t attracted to. You are allowed to like whatever you like. But riddle me this, when was the last time you turned to a white woman and told her that you “have a thing for white girls”?

The problem is clear in the way you address the two groups of people. The only reason you feel entitled to declare your approval of my appearance is because otherwise, it is assumed that you aren’t. While it should be no one’s life experience to wait around for a white boy to approve of his/her existence, this rings a little too close to home. Growing up, this notion of having to be beautiful to have value, and even worse, having to be validated by others to be recognized as such, has taken way too much of my time.

Truthfully, I don’t care what you’re into, so please keep it to yourself.

Look, I don’t know what it’s like to be a white boy, but I do know what it is like to be met with line after line about spicy curries and how my “exoticness is mysterious,” and I’m tired. I’m tired of pretending that this is a compliment, I’m tired of people telling me I’m overreacting, and I’m tired of keeping this to myself.

So here’s a line for you, “I don’t a give a shit.”

(Ria is your average girl with a real nickname. She enjoys long walks on the beach, Beyoncé, and free wifi.)


Nicholas I

This one sounds like a typical high-caste Bharati bimbo.You can have the displeasure of meeting them at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, UCLA, all over. They usually have snooty English accents, which they deploy to establish their "superior" status over the hardworking Pakistani shopkeepers and Sikh cabbies they are ashamed to be associated with.

Of course they wish to be accepted in elite Jewish and White circles, and use their alleged "exoticness" to cover up for their lack of character and personality. Then they complain when they get attention from the White equivalents of the Indian tea-wallas.

I guess this one disappointed her parents by failing to get into a prestigious university, where she'd be more likely to welcome the attentions of influential, rich and connected White "boys". I'm sure she just looks down on the untouchable "White Trash" "hicks" and "rednecks" she has to attend class with.

She may have chosen a school that has few Negroes or Mestizos, and so concentrates all her bigotry against White "boys", or perhaps she ignores negrotic harassment, knowing that to complain about it would damage her career prospects. These types are always careering, and they are never satisfied.

Gentleman Jim Crow • Ria, regarding your "likes". You forgot to say that you like living in a civilisation built by white men and using technology invented by white men. Just thought I should clear that up for you.

Nicholas I to Gentleman Jim Crow • "She enjoys long walks on the beach [or along the Ganges, full of human crap; or on a beach in Haiti, as fresh meat; or sometimes she loves to walk around downtown Detroit, or Watts], Beyoncé [who sings African music, recorded and distributed by Nigerians and Somalis, using saxophones and electric guitars and synthesizers and so on, all invented by Negroes], and free wifi [White-fidelity]."

Nicholas I • If you are meeting these allegedly White "boys" at university, then they are men, not boys, you racist, sexist bigot.

Gentleman Jim Crow • Wouldn't your complaint about alleged "cat calls" be better directed to the negoes and Latinos, who are famed for such behaviour, rather than "white boys"? Or are you part of the all brown people together against whitey coalition? If you find white people so objectionable you could always go back to India.

Nicholas I to Gentleman Jim Crow • She can't break solidarity. I bet if she were raped by a Pakistani or Negro or Mestizo she'd still be bltching about how it was caused by the wayssizm of White "boys".

Nicholas I to Gentleman Jim Crow • Also, Negroes and Mestizos aim higher, and usually focus on getting White women. Of course they will settle for non-Whites, to get their nut, but in classes and on campus they're probably concentrating on getting dumb, brainwashed White women, for the prestige for their childish egos, and then they turn to bimbos like Ria when they've been rejected by Whites and just need a hole to stick it in.

Nicholas I • Seriously? A White MAN said to you “you’re so chill for a girl"? If not a figment of your imagination, was he a pathetic Wigger? Or was it actually a Negro, but you just want to bltch about White men?

Nicholas I • "really it’s all too important to diversify your petty encounters with women" -- but we keep getting it drilled into our heads how important Diversity is! Are you anti-diversity!? and therefore a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!? Have you considered that White grads need a curry like you around them in order to get accepted in certain jewey circles, and get connections for jobs/scholarships, etc, and feel pressured to "prove they're not racist". Chut! Welcome to ZOGUSA.

Gentleman Jim Crow to Nicholas I • I have no interest in nailing some hairy brown girl who smells of curry.

Nicholas I Gentleman to Jim Crow • What about a blonde who smells of curry? Does it depend on the kind of curry?

Nicholas I Gentleman to Jim Crow • A chaque son gout. However, I meant these alleged White "boys" (as she insists on calling men) might just want to be seen (and hopefully photographed and facebooked etc) with her only in order to score SJ points for their future career prospects, or as insurance for when they will inevitably be accused of wayssizm.

Nicholas I • What about Negro boys and Mestizo boys?

Nicholas I • Brahmin?

Gentleman to Jim Crow Nicholas I • Curry muncher.

Brandon Saunders • Great read.

Nicholas I to Brandon Saunders • "Great read." ? Seriously? You think that by sucking up to her she'll suck you back? You're the kind of condescending, arrogant boy she's bltching about! Contrition is required from you, not affirmation.

Nicholas I • Don't worry. If that's your real photo, I wouldn't give you a second look. And based on your writing, I'd avoid you like the plague. I bet you can't even cook a proper tikka masala. I bet you always had the maid cook for you.

AllThingsGeek • People hate what they don't understand, in this case "hate" comes as harassment. I have perfected "you are a plebeian and I'm banishing you from existence",glare.

Nicholas I to AllThingsGeek • "People hate what they don't understand" -- You mean that's why she hates White men?

moobly • People are telling you that you're overreacting because they realize that your animosity towards 'white boys' is motivated by racism.

Nicholas I to moobly • People are telling her that she's overreacting because she's overreacting. Stuck up attention-seeking drama queen.

Copyright101 • Your choice, living in a white nation. Don't like it? Then go home to India.

Nicholas I to Copyright101 • She loves taking advantage of her white-privilege-by-proxy.

Nicholas I to Copyright101 • Telling a woman to go to India? Is she into metalrodosexualism?

Nicholas I to Copyright101 • She loves taking advantage of her white-privilege-by-proxy.

copyright can suckit to Copyright101 • Why don't you go back to Europe where you and your white homeboys came from? If Everyone just stayed in their own countries where their ancestors originated, I think we would all be better off, right? Or does your white mantra apply only to every non white? You are one Miserable excuse for a person and represent your white comrades poorly.

Copyright101 to copyright can suckit • The issue here is: who founded the USA where this whining, unwanted, alien ingrate currently resides? Well that would be white folks. "You are one Miserable excuse for a person and represent your white comrades poorly." -- I leave that to my white comrades to decide.

Nicholas I to Copyright101 • Yo yo yo! Right on ma white brutha! Sock it to em!

Nicholas the forgotten to Nicholas I • Your typing skills are funny so your face must be absolutely comedic. It's so easy to be racists in private. I get it. But I feel sorry for you being you sucks. I get that too.

Nicholas I to Nicholas the forgotten • What is this? Female logic? Negro logic? Jew logic? What? : "Your typing skills are funny so your face must be absolutely comedic."

Nicholas I Nicholas the forgotten • 2 hours ago
Re "It's so easy to be racists in private" : It seems to be very easy to be anti-White in public. Even that Negro slave in the white house has no problems being anti-White. He even gets away with insulting his own White grandmother.

Jeremiah • Why is this article okay? I personally don't care but when feminists, other nationalities, other races, etc. see anything remotely like this calling them out...all hell breaks loose.

Nicholas I to Jeremiah • Perhaps you can console yourself with the knowledge that chicks like this are never happy.

Nicholas I to Jeremiah • You're supposed to "just take it like a [White] man!", and then be ashamed of being a [White] man.

Nicholas I • Hey, chapati-girl, has it ever occurred to you that normal men like women in general? And that most of the White men you are now associating with have been infantalized by the jew media, and lack confidence because of the constant attacks on White men in the jew media and from bltches like you?

Brandon Isaacs • "I don't give a shit" Yeah well, no one else does either. Oh and can well all please stop pretending stereotypes aren't based in reality and fact. I mean, seriously.

ars • Well, Ria, if you didn't "give a shit" you wouldn't have written this article, obviously. You're very beautiful. I'm white and I tell white girls "I don't have a thing for white girls, sorry" Have a nice day.

Guest • Girl from INDIA, going to a school in the MIDWEST, is surprised that white guys, that depending on the area have never seen a "woman of color(worst phrase ever, btw)"before, are interested in her and are attracted to her. Get of your high horse and either: Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it. Go back to India where you are not special and different, and you can proceed to bitch about no one giving you the attention you think you deserve. Or an arranged marrige, I hear those are a hoot, too

Guest to Guest • RACISM YAY

Guest to Guest • How was that racist? People are drawn to things that are different. Different = exotic. Exotic usually = desirable, that's just a fact. Atractive women get asked out all the time, and most learn to deal with it, that's just a fact. In India, she would not have the issues of "white boys" asking her out, that's just a fact. How was any of that racist?

Somnath • I am an Indian man and I think you are an attention whore.

Mr Simpson to Somnath • You are a idiot donkey from India..

Somnath to Mr Simpson • Cute. Your insults are on par with those of my 7 year old nephew. Try harder next time, bitch.

Mr Simpson • I must say that I admire the way you adressed this serious problem. I have one question regard this blog. We are so multiorientated and well traveled I am surprised that even in 2014 that we still see such comments to people with different skin colour. I am deeply shocked honestly. I thought USA is one of most multiculturald world it must be very commone views on the street, jobs and public school. Why we still see such things Ria?

Nicholas I to Mr Simpson • You're right. The cow addresses her hateful comments to White people. Ingrate alien guest spits on the race that took her in. "I am surprised that even in 2014 that we still see such comments to people with different skin colour." Indeed. As long as evil bigoted cows like Ria exist we will hear such hateful racist comments.

JW • It's another whiteman hater.

Guest • Shut up. We don't "give a shit" either about your whining and obnoxious self centeredness. Christ do you come across as seriously conceited. Obviously you do care or you wouldn't have written a whole article complaining about being a "victim". You sound about as fun as dental surgery without anesthesia. What is like walking around looking with a scowl on your face looking out for microaggressions and oppression under every rock?? It must get unbelievably tiring. India is the s**thole of the world. It's the most stratified and sexist culture in the world. High caste men AND women in India are unbelievably bigoted. I bet you are high caste back in India. I would bet any money your family is as bigoted and xenophobic as it comes.

pj123 • What a blatantly racist article. The sad part is is that you are oblivious to it.

roo08 • Amazing. Who would have thought the comment section of ThoughtCatalog would be worse than the comment section of a default subreddit on reddit and on par with youtube comments!!! What an accomplishment!! Now there's almost nothing worthwhile about Thought catalog.

Hel • OMG! Young men hit on women at college and comment on their looks!! Call in the feminist thought police brigade!!

.... • Go walk around a ghetto somewhere full of negroids and mestizos and see what happens. You'll be running as quick as you can back to the "harassment" of "white boys". If you even make it back that is.

InIndiaNotIndian • those are things she secretly wishes white men would say to her.

Colin Ferguson • Well this article seemed totally reasonable, so of course the neckbeards had to come out from under their bridge and crazy up the place.

Rufus Pondskipper • i here India is a much better place for women these days. If you're into being brutalized and gang raped. things are pretty goddamn good here, even in the mid west. why don't you relax

Nicholas I to Rufus Pondskipper • Who are we to criticize little quirks of Indian culture? If they're into gang-rapes on buses using metal rods, is it our place to criticize their societal standards and habits?

Rufus Pondskipper to Nicholas I • you mean like openly shitting in the street? or maybe murdering their daughters for "shaming" their families? people seem to think that you have to respect everyones cultures and beliefs. No, i have to tolerate it. i sure as shit don't have to respect it.

Nicholas I to Rufus Pondskipper • Indoor plumbing is a weapon of White Patriarchy!

Nicholas I • Please go to Ferguson and tell da bruthaz how ya feels bout dem n dey sufferin, and how you also gots ta put up wit whitey, and how you gon do whatever dey all needs.

Chris Williams • If you're tired of people telling you you're overreacting, maybe just maybe you really are overreacting and the problem is with you and not them? Just a thought Ria.

Nicholas I • Some idiot here wrote, "It's so easy to be racists in private." Is that right? Is that what you do? I wouldn't know. I am what I am in public or in private. I don't have a single White friend because they're all so pathetic and cowardly. My friends are Chinks, Japs, African Negroes, Habesha, Asian dykes, Paki Muz, Arab Muz, Arab Christians, Persian Christians, Kazakh Muz, and a poor guy who was born with the kike curse. I treat all people decently, and with respect. I tell them exactly what I think, and why, and get along greatly with all of them. I tell them all that they need Jesus Christ, that being "jew" is a curse, that Islam is crap, that queers have psychological problems, that China is a sewer (literally and figuratively), that non-Whites should show gratitude to their White benefactors, that mass immigration is a kike tactic to destroy White Christian nations, and whatever else I feel like saying. Usually they agree. If they don't, that's their problem. I help them when I can and they help me. I can't remember the last time a White person helped me. Like I said, they're almost all pathetic, cowardly -- especially White men. Still I won't tolerate anybody insulting or putting down Whites or men on an existential level, or lying about them.

Nicholas I • I'm guessing there are few Japanese chicks there, so the men settle for greasy mystery-meat curry because they can't get any sashimi.

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Olypics Olympics

Re: Olypics Olympics

Yes, noticing things is rayssiss.

Lon Soc

Just to recap.

London 2012 ignores history previous to industrial rev. , the IR sequence at first seems dark and dehumanising, but ultimately leads triumphantly to the forging of olympic rings and onto multicult Britain.

Whilst Sochi 2014 shows the glories of a truly aristocratic Christian society killed off by bolshevism, followed by dehumanising sequence on the onset of communism. Eventually the spirit of the Russian people shines through and society is restored, communism finally floats away from the hand of a White girl in a white dress.

Re: Lon Soc

Re: Lon Soc




(I know, it was also the offical Olympics Salute)




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