HIV Nigger Apay Ogouk

Woman thanks man for giving her HIV

Winnipeg Sun, November 17, 2014

A Winnipeg man already convicted of having unprotected sex with two young women, knowing he was HIV-positive, heard words of gratitude Monday from another victim.

Apay Ogouk, 30, appeared in Winnipeg court for sentencing on three counts of aggravated sexual assault involving three victims, two of whom contracted HIV, the precursor to AIDS.

“I forgive him 100%,” one of the women wrote in a victim impact statement submitted to court.

The 28-year-old woman said the HIV diagnosis forced her to take stock of her life at a time when drugs threatened to end it.

“I went through a lot after the incident and it was a huge struggle, but in the end, I believe it saved me,” she said. “I have been drug-free two and a half years now and I have no urge to do them because I want to stay alive and make a difference in the world ... I know this may sound crazy, but because of Apay, I now feel more alive than I ever was.

“I was lucky I got my second chance in life. I hope one day you find yours.”

Court heard the woman had an eight-month sexual relationship with Ogouk ending in early 2010. The two had unprotected sex several times and Ogouk never advised her of his medical status.

The woman went to a doctor in May 2010 after another woman told her she had contracted HIV from Ogouk. The two women later went to police, sparking an investigation that uncovered the existence of a third victim. That victim, 14-years-old at the time she started having sex with Ogouk in 2006, did not contract HIV.

Prosecutors are seeking a 10-year prison sentence.

Ogouk “was fully aware of his HIV status” as early as May 2006 and was advised by doctors of his obligation to disclose his condition to sex partners and use condoms, Crown attorney Danielle Simard said.

Ogouk is from Sudan and spent much of his youth in an Ethiopian refugee camp. He immigrated to Canada in 2005.

Doctors “took every effort to ensure he understood” his medical condition and his obligation to sex partners, Simard said.

Ogouk told court he didn’t understand what the doctors were telling him.

“I do have problem with English language,” he said through an interpreter. “When I went to hospital, they told me things but I didn’t understand them.”

Defence lawyer Bruce Bonney argued Ogouk’s “moral blameworthiness” must be balanced against the improved health prospects for those with HIV.

“It’s not a death sentence if you have proper treatment and proper care, which we provide in this country,” he said.

Ogouk will return to court for sentencing on Dec. 7.

Last March, Ogouk was sentenced in Calgary to the double-time equivalent of five years time served for similar offences in that city involving two teen girls.

Ogouk was arrested in August 2010, after his picture appeared on the front page of the Calgary Sun.

One of his two victims only discovered he had been HIV-positive when they had sex three years earlier when she read the headline: “Have you slept with this man?”


Apay Ogouk pleads guilty to aggravated sexual assault for not disclosing HIV infection to two sexual partners

Calgary Sun, April 25, 2014

One of two women who had unprotected sex with an HIV positive Calgary man learned he had the infection when she saw his picture on the Sun’s front page.

Apay Ogouk pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of aggravated sexual assault after having sex with two minors in 2007 and 2010.

Crown prosecutor Meagan Blake, reading from a statement of agreed facts, said Ogouk told neither of the girls he was infected, despite being repeatedly warned by doctors to disclose that fact to any sexual partners.

Ogouk had sexual intercourse with his first Calgary victim in the spring or summer of 2007, when the girl was 15.

They had unprotected sex on two occasions, Blake said.

Ogouk had sex with his second victim in the home he was living in in 2010, when the girl was 16.

The first victim only learned Ogouk was HIV positive when she saw a front page headline, accompanied by his picture, which asked: “Have You Slept With This Man?”

The story which accompanied the headline related to charges which were laid in Winnipeg in connection with allegations he infected two women there.

Calgary police at the time urged any females who may have had sex with Ogouk here to come forward leading to the Calgary charges.

Neither Calgary girl contracted the infection which can lead to AIDS.

But Blake said they were still put at great risk because of Ogouk’s condition.

“At all relevant times there was a realistic possibility of HIV transmission from Ogouk to (the teens),” she said, reading from the statement signed by the offender and his lawyer, Duncan Gibson.

It said Ogouk, 30, will be subject to a deportation order as a result of being convicted of the two sexual offences.

The Sudan native, who came to Canada as a refugee in 2005, was first diagnosed in April, 2006.

Sentencing arguments before Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Charlene Anderson are set for May 23.

Ogouk, who had been in custody since August, 2010, also faces four outstanding charges of aggravated sexual assault in Winnipeg involving the two original complainants and two others.

He’s set to go to trial on those allegations in the fall.

A charge of aggravated sexual assault carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and because one of the victims was under 16, he faces a minimum punishment of five years.


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Anon Ymous • I personally believe, ANY immigrant, for ANY reason, brought into Canada, should be rejected, if found to have a deadly communicable disease. I don't care how bad things are in their home country. The government is placing all Canadians at risk, by allowing people infected with HIV and other contagious diseases into our country. If you have the possibility to transmit, or infect others with a disease, you don't get in. Is this politically correct? Probably not, political correctness has no place, when it comes to the safety of Canadians. If I were one of these victims, I'd surely be suing the government for negligence.

Ben Doon • This scumbag has gotten away with this in Canada? Nice work again Canada Immigration.. If I typed my true thoughts on this nobody would see my comment... Put this loser on a long walk on a short pier....

thesunsux • I tend to stay away from the N.E.

thehorde • I wonder if this "refugee" was ever employed in Canada during the years that he was out and about spreading his good will? There is probably more than just a few other victims out there that just aren't aware of this matter.

Gary Moore • He is a disgrace to all refugees in Canada. I know many including some from Sudan who are honorable citizens of Canada, now. Send him back. The chaos in Southern Sudan will gobble him up soon enough.

tundra09 • 1st- Force the "Idiots" at Immigration Canada who let him in, to have sex with him! 2nd- Castrate the "PIG"! 3rd- Deport!

wobblydog • deport this pos and his whole famn damily let the word get out if you take your retarded cousin to canada he might get you kicked out and disqualified to enter

pacing polly • send him packing immediately and let the Sudan government know why .

JT4Me • This is the real world. Some people have HIV and others don't. We accept all people regardless of conditions and welcome than to Canadian society. So one person messes up. We need to get past this. There are million of immigrants who want to come to Canada, One cannot define the rest. Canada reeds to open it's heart to these people.

Cranky Dragon JT4Me • Riiiiiiiight........"if you have a deadly disease, head to Canada where you get the beat health care" is that it? Canada has bphad waaaaaay to much of a open heart over the last few years......being a "pale" born Canadian I am sick and tired of them looking down their nose at the white Canadians.....oh I tried to be nice.......bit now I am playing their game as it were......I say start firing all the free loading ones back to their country and be done with it.

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The original title "Mudshark Thanks Nigger For HIV" was much better.

Re: "Mudshark Thanks Nigger For HIV"

I know. It was more catchy, but it was presumptuous of me. She wasn't identified, so could have even been a Negress. Of course, with her being so forgiving and grateful, I'm sure she is indeed a paleface mudshark.

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Maybe soon the term "Canadian Woman" will be interchangeable with "Mudshark" anyway, so it could be redundant. Think "British Woman" and youll see what I mean.



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