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Marianne Faithful has gone full National Socialist anti judaic!

For instance...

I can't make my mind up between Edie Sedgewick, Susan Atkins, Marianne Faithful, or Francois Hardy.

They'll have to form a line.

Re: Marianne Faithful has gone full National Socialist anti judaic!

Are you saying it in Broken English?

Many Kikes are National Socialists. Kikestan is very nazifscistic, for Kikes.

Marianne Faithfull

Father: Major Robert Glynn Faithfull, son of a "sexologist".

Mother: Eva von Sacher-Masoch, Austrian "nobility". Her mother and maternal grandmother were Kikesses. She danced in early kikocommie prawdakshuns of Erisso was a ballerina Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. (Her maternal great great uncle was Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose erotic novel, Venus in Furs, gave the world the word "masochism".)

The two met through Glynn Faithfull's work as a Limey Intelligence Officer for the Pommie Army.

Little Marianne was taken in by St Joseph's Convent School, for a free educution. She she a member of the convent-school's Progress Theatre student group.

"The Major spirited the half-Jewish Baroness away from Nazi Vienna to London where they married and had a daughter before separating after six years. Her mother raised Marianne "like one of her cats" and when she opted to place the child in a convent school, her father complained the nuns "would give her a problem with sex for the rest of her life." Um, dad?

"In fact, I was excommunicated," says Faithfull in her husky, cigarette alto. "I got the whole book and candle, back in something like '68. I am very proud of that."

["Marianne keeps the Faith". Vancouver City Guide.]

"Faithfull’s mother, an actress and dancer, was half-Jewish while her maternal grandmother Flora was Jewish. When Hitler invaded Austria in 1938, the Nazis forced Flora to change her name to Sara so she could be identified as Jewish. Faithfull’s mother Eva was defined as “Mishling”, German for mongrel, because Flora had married a non-Jew. In the programme, Faithfull is shown documentation about her grandfather, Artur, who she discovers was a leading resistance fighter. - Daily Mail"
["I hated sex, says Marianne Faithfull - IOL Lifestyle". By Daily Mail 2013.09.10.]

[via Independent Online (South Africa):]

Re: For instance...


Re: For instance...

The email address you gave me appears to belong to some Brazilian.

No response.



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