White People Thing

Lyrics: Lee Hazelwood
Music: Al Casey
Vocal: Lee Hazelwood
Guitars: Jan Ottessen & Magnus Bengtsson


If you got a place where the grass is green
And the sky is blue and the air is clean
And you got a church, but you never go
That's a white people thing
That's a white people thing.

If you know your neighbours, and you neighbour is good
And you like your neighbour, and your neighbourhood
And you shake his hand, and you say hello
That's a white people thing
That's a white people thing.

It's so nice to live in the suburb, where white is the absence of colour
Don't look for a brother, or bother a mother
Who votes exclusively right
That's a white people thing!

When you see a neighbour when you walk at night
And you're not afraid, 'cause his face is right
But you carry a gun, 'cause you never know . . .
That's a white people thing
That's a white people thing!

From a totally clueless or dishonest review, by Stephen Troussé, at Pitchfork:

"'White People Thing' provides another outing for that Smokestack riff, accompanying a bitter acknowledgement that America really is a land of milk and honey, providing you're wealthy and white. "

Lee Hazelwood Cake or Death

Lee Hazelwood cowboy getup

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Another to add to the list.

4th most powerful person in UK book industry.

Looks like combo of Art Garfunkel & Robert Zimmerman

Alexander Leonidovich Mamut (Russian: Александр Леонидович Мамут), born January 29, 1960 in Moscow to a family of lawyers,[2] is a businessman and investor.

He was previously an advisor to the former Russian government of Boris Yeltsin,[2] and was a friend of Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko.[4]

He is best known outside Russia for his investment in LiveJournal via a media company which he co-owns, SUP Fabrik. In May-June 2011 Mamut's firm A&NN Capital Fund Management bought the book chain Waterstone's,[6][7] and Mamut was listed with the Waterstone's managing director James Daunt at fourth place in a 2011 Guardian list of the top 100 people in the British books industry.[8]

In 2014, in sympathy with his ally Vladimir Putin's crackdown on independent media, Mamut sacked Galina Timchenko, the editor-in-chief of Russian news website Lenta.ru. In protest of Mamut's action, nearly 70 reporters of Lenta.ru resigned en masse.[9]


On March 12, 2014 the owner, Alexander Mamut, fired Galina Timchenko and replaced her with Alexey Goreslavsky. 39 employees out of the total 84, including Director-general Yuliya Minder, including 32 correspondents, all photo-editors (5 people) and 6 administrators.[1][2]

Any knowledge of whether Alexey Goreslavsky is one too?



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