I guess this is the consensus view, but I agree that Gretsch's are generally the "best" commercial guitars for psychobilly, rockabilly and more "rootsy"-sounding garage rock. The standard sounds are very warm and clean, but it also sounds great and warm when distorted and dirty. Best with tube amps too. I'm not into nostalgia, or such limited genres, but like the sounds and style when adapted to other styles.

ノイロウゼ / 仏滅兄弟のテーマ
Mad Mongols / Hallucination
Doctor Blood / Halloween
Mad Mongols / Crazy Japanese Yellow Monkey
Wood Chuck'91 / Facts Of War
The Wankers / Rock Around The Jukebox
Dark Ages / Getting Me Down
Wood Chuck'91 / Chicken Choke
Doctor Blood / Je Suis More
Jap Kat / Into The Mirror
Mad Mongols / Indian Slap Shot
ノイローゼ / 妄想ノ宴
Wood Chuck'91 / No Stopping
HORNET / Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
Wood Chuck'91 / Here We Are Nowhere
Demonio / Minds
SxTxH / Misfourtune
Demonio / Rivenge
Spiderz / 54's Sneakers
Napoleon / Fuck You
Wreckin' Babyz / Dead Fish
Kelberos / Dog Tag
Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Leave Me Alone
デスマーチ艦隊 / 筋肉マシーン
Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Slap On The Radio
Napoleon / Park
The Dokuros / Standing Rugger Man
Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Fuck You, Fuck Me
Spiderz / Human Chop
Kelberos / Law
Tokyo Skunx / Rustic Bushi
Doggy Mountain Bulldogs / Doggy Mountain Top
Tokyo Skunx / Pistols Of Colors
Red Hot Rockin' Hood / I Hate You
Los Rancheros / Pirates Paddy - O
Napoleon / Junkie ?
Tokyo Skunx / I Fought The Rawhide
Dog'gie Dog / Clown Ball Squeezer
Banana Shakes / 尚琴
Pianoman Antix / Begin The Operation

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