Gary Barlow, Dawn French, Nicole Scherzinger & Tulisa

"Fairytale Of New York"

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That is an abomination. That fucking insult of a cover, by that mob of unreflective turds. I'll usually give birds the benefit, but that's not on.

Re: Why?

Kike It with a Kikess . . .

Re: Why?

Now that you've burned your bridges as a potential X Factor judge, here's another career option for you, with The Right Reverend Sinead:

Sinead O'Connor Needs a New Manager -- After Having an Affair With the Last One

Billboard, November 12, 2014

Sinead O'Connor is looking for a new manager, and she might want to consider sticking with someone who doesn't tickle her fancy.

The outspoken Irish singer revealed in an online post Tuesday that she parted ways with her most recent manager because they were carrying on an affair behind his girlfriend's back.

"Shit day from hell," it begins. "Have had to leave my manager. Not that we didn't get on well, we got on too well, both fell equally in love. Had a month long affair, but he has a girlfriend, so naturally I gotta vanish. Extraordinarily sad and depressing, but there it is. Another manager bites the dust.

"So now I need to find a new manager and I haven't a f---ing clue where to start."

"Been secretly f---ing miserable as a mother----er since the second it started. Wasn't at all proud of myself. Or him."

O'Connor revealed to Oprah Winfrey in 2007 that she has bipolar disorder, but in a follow-up interview said she was misdiagnosed.

In 2011, she married a therapist, Barry Herridge, her fourth husband, but they later divorced. The two reconciled after she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and were going to renew their vows earlier this year, the Irish Mirror reported, but decided against it because of the risk to her recovery.

At the conclusion of her post online, she writes: "If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in managing me could they please e mail me at I do not have a career in America, my career is European based, so it needs to be someone who is familiar with the European market. While waiting for the right permanent manager I could do with a 'temp' so if you know anyone please let me know."


A coalburner,a fat crypto kike,a drug dealing coalburner and Arthur Scargills offspring.What possibly could go wrong !!


A coalburner,a fat crypto kike,a drug dealing coalburner and Arthur Scargills offspring.What possibly could go wrong !!

Which is which?

A coalburner - Dawn. Check.

drug dealing coalburner - Tulisa. Check.

But the fat crypto kike and Arthur Scargills offspring?

Re: Clarification.

"drug dealing coalburner - Tulisa. Check."

I wouldn't fall for scummy Muslim/Kike-media entrapment and spin, playing on and promoting the worst of people's nature (i.e, promoting sin), rather than trying to promote decency and morality.

Re: Re: Clarification.

Re: Tulisa, Drugs

I absolutely support Tulisa in regard to her legal ordeal.

I understand her and empathize with her for the psychological damage it caused her, and how she felt her life was taken out of her control, and she spent a year being hypersensitive about every word she said and every thing she did -- constantly feeling unfairly judged and having everything she said or did be twisted in the media.

I don't care how untalented/talented, venal, shallow, overly ambitious or whatever she was or is. She was set up, and the police and courts should not have facilitated any of it. She should have been cleared right away, and something should happen to the Arab scumbag who set her up, and to his kike employers. Perjury charges at the very least.

There was never any evidence that she had anything to do with drugs. And because of the nature of the set up, even if they had her on video/audio setting up or participating in drug deals, her lawyer could have just argued that she was acting a role.

No title

Quite agree regarding Tulisa's latest problems. Pure entrapment. But I think the slimeball knew he was pushing against an open door. A quick glance at the tabloids and the worthless trash she associates with would show she was an easy target. The description, fair or not, still identifies her.

Check out her pals Mike GLC or Chelsea Healey. Or even worse her cousin Dappy, a repulsive, thick-as-shit, little wigger homunculus who I would never tire of punching in the face - ever.

I still think she's better than them, perhaps its just she is was a pretty girl and Im a sentimental bloke.

Re: pushing against an open door.

All true. But I think the point about scum "journalists" encouraging people to sin, and plying on the worst parts of their nature is more relevant, and is also mega-kike.

Re: "pushing against an open door." -- That was my point.

Like with gambling, drinking, drugs, and so on.

Family, friends and decent people try to discourage people from such vices, and try to help them avoid temptation. The Kike typically argues "everybody does it", "it's their choice", "they're going to do it anyway", when they just want to cash in on vice by promoting "liberal"/"libertarian" policies.

Re: pushing against an open door.

If you watch that interview with her that I posted, I agree with her completely, when she wonders what sort of diseased soul promotes bad behaviour, and feels no remorse (and is actually even self-righteous about promoting sin).

I mean the shorter video:

Re: pushing against an open door.

There's more to it.

Taking a non-prejudicial view, regardless of her personal life and her associates, she was targeted for destruction. It's disgusting that such thing are permitted/legal/accepted.

To emphasize: she was targeted for destruction.

She faced years in prison.

She was suicidal (as she complains, and I believe).

She may have had her lousy plastic surgery anyway at some time, but I'm sure her stress was a motivating factor. She got the surgery just before the trial.

She was sentenced for assault after supposedly attacking a scummy 'celebrity-blogger' who was stalking her. That also happened when she was under the extreme stress of waiting for trial.

Her stress was worse than a guilty person faces before trial. A drug-dealer or bank-robber, or a career-criminal facing trial at least knows they are guilty, so feel less stress than someone with no criminal history(as far as I know) who is set up and scammed.

There's actually a lot to learn from her case. Including how her celeb "friends" and Kike Factor business associates completely dropped her and disassociated themselves from her before she even faced a trial.

She's right too about how so many people have serious convictions, multiple arrests and engage in all sorts of behaviour (public sex, marrying teens (John Peel married a 15 y.o. when he was 26, which is why he had to leave the US, because he got in trouble outside Texas -- she ended up in prison then killed herself)but are still "respectable" and knighted (my point, not hers). Why she was trashed? White trash? Greek Orthodox? Not connected? Expendable? Not a kike.

It doesn't matter who or what she is. Defamation is defamation.


Clarification re: Akira and Lurker : It was not my intention to defame anybody,the point,which now it seems,has no validity,was to make a comedic point about the assassination of the The Pogues hit Fairy Tale of New York by a bunch of fame hungry whores.I'm aware of the Kike press and how the parasites can either make you or break you.As for the gutter press setting up Tulisa because she does'nt fit into the entertainment world as they want her to,good point.Will try harder.God bless you and yours.


I think it's important to avoid Pavlovian kike-media-induced 'outrage", jealousy, etc. It's usually a distraction from something real. Jealousy and resentment is a big factor - especially in the case of the UK. E.g., in USA there's still an element of appreciating other people's success, but in Brit-media there has always been a big element of schadenfreude in watching rich and successful people brought down, even if it's undeserved.

I wasn't aware of the details of Tulisa's arrests, assault conviction, plastic surgery, etc. I don't follow or care in general about "celebs". I just knew she had some drug deal allegations, then that she claimed she was framed. I knew that some media outlet admitted they set her up, but claimed she was dealing drugs anyway. But even without knowing the details, I wondered, "why her? Lots of singers, producers, etc are well known to be druggies, pedos, corrupt financially - so why they went after her?"

For example, they'd never go after a queer, trying to tempt him to have sex with a teen boy. But (as far as I remember) they went after some MP recently (Conservative?), tempting him to sex-text to some woman. So people focus on that, and don't see the puppet-masters, don't ask, "how come u didn't go after a Muslim pederast or a lesbian?"

Also, the tactic of just muddying someone's name is commonly applied to people who offend The Kike /queers / are racist, etc. People whom most people don't care if they are actually guilty or not.

It's like if some celeb is "caught" on video calling somebody a nigger, and is then accused of being a pedophile, or cheating on his wife, or selling drugs - most people wouldn't care if the accusations were true. They'd just say, "well, he's a Nazi anyway!" and would enjoy watching him get arrested, divorced, whatever.



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