Hitler is now deeply embarrassed by the remarks he made on October 27, 2014, on Ghomeshi's firing, before the full story was known. SInce then he has tried to make up for his P.R. blunder by banning big-eared teddy bears. And he will be appearing on the next George Stroumboulopoulos show to make it clear that he in no way endorses Ghoeshi's "excesses".

Stroumboulopoulos is also looking forward to meeting Hitler, so that he can distance himself from his toxic friend Ghomeshi


  • He was like the ultimate poster boy for tolerance and multiculturalism in the new Canada.
  • "poster boy for tolerance and multiculturalism in the new Canada" -- The new Canada is gross and Multiculturalism/Diversity has FAILED miserably all over the world. Check out Sweden, Denmark etc... to see how the flood of "diversity" is going for them.  Just go to Scarborough now and see how "tolerant" the "diversity" is around there... especially to white looking people...  Or maybe everyone in Agincourt "asiancourt" now should learn that they should be "integrating" into "Canadian" culture instead of turning Markham and surrounding areas into China, literally.  Calling me a racist/bigot etc... etc... etc... etc... for pointing out a glaringly obvious observation for the last 25yrs is par for the course in Canada nowadays
  • The diversity quota system is working awesome, especially in the CBC (commie broadcasting corporation).
  • Way too many rights givin' to immigrants. Like you say, they are turning parts of cities into their own little India,China,Asia,Pakistan etc...and we white Canadians have no say. Its all about votes votes votes for politicians and not to be judged as racists. Canada is royaly fucked now, thanks to immigrations and Canadian laws which cater to them in every way once they are citizens.They are slowly invading the northern parts of all provinces...God help us
  • Don't just tolerate it. Speak up. (Not advisable at work or class.) You might be surprised to find people who agree.
  • Hey Iranians, you can have him.
  • He calls himself an "outsider" because of his ethnicity, but if you freeze frame his high school class picture, he totally fits in. I used to think he was merely a whining narcissist, but now of course he is so much more. Hopefully, he will neither be seen nor heard in Canada again.
  • Hopefully!
  • "He calls himself an "outsider" because of his ethnicity" That's where he belongs, outside of Canada
  • Right On!
  • Nobody would notice, especially in Toronto. But he goes on and on and on about being "Persian". He is really pushing the Persian identity. I think he thought he would cash in on it, and maybe more so because the executive producer of Q is a Canadian from Pakistan. And oh yeah the same executive producer has just taken a leave of absence from CBC.
  • Jian was the king of CBC, Now he works at the pizza pizza.......Gong!
  • He wrote this life story because he wanted to paint a picture of himself that would precede the 12 lawsuits filed against him for sexual misconduct. BDSM and teddy bears, thats some pretty sick stuff.
  • Yeah, somehow I don't think running for political office is in the cards just now, Mr Jian. 
  • King of Spain? King of pain sounds more like it. But I suppose treating women like punching bags is pretty much par for the course given his ethnic background.
  • In the end we are all Canadians, some intelligent, and some idiots who like to bring up ethnic backgrounds or religions to feel better about their own pathetic selves...
  • Teddy Boy Jian constantly brought up his ethnic identity. He did it all through this stupid interview.
  • This guy is at the very least a hypocrite. He was always coming across as Mr feminist liberal condemning patriarchy, misogyny and domestic violence. He really went after Chris Brown for cranking Rihanna. Saying all this shit whilst he was fantasizing about beating women.
  • Ain't no fantasy. Man was living the dream. Until recently
  • Why can't we have a Canadian host on a Canadian show? Yes it's a liberal trash-talk show anyway, so they need some kind of racial minority to reflect their crooked worldview, but hey, Canada is a conservative state. Deal with it.
  • "he was probably avoided like the plague by most girls" -- Interesting...it doesnt excuse abusive behaviour in the least, but it is an interesting point nonetheless.
  • What a pair of vain bantam cocks. A mutual self congratulation club for overdressed creeps. I am always a little suspicious of people who think they are interesting and talented enough to warrant a published memoir.
  • He deserves all the blame but saying that he is a hypocrite is too much. He has an issue with sex and aggression but he isn't narcissistic or severely ill. Denying the fact that he is an educated, well spoken and charismatic media person is too simplistic of a view; how could such a dark person rise to the top if he had zero value? As i said he has to be treated and punished for what did but let's be realistic, he could be your brother
  • What is he going to do for the rest of his life? No one in the right mind would hire a cancer like him. One must wonder.
  • min 2:27 Listen to Strombos tone "its about acceptance, man!".... He knows theres something wrong. He knows the dudes got issues. Also min 6:54. MAJOR issues...
  • two weirdos stroking each other
  • Yep, 2 misogynistic weirdos!
  • It's sad really because there are much more talented people out there we will never know....
  • Typical talk show host failed musician type. I thought his voice at times or presentation in some interviews, was the voice of a creeper. Turns out I was right.
  • Well, well, it looks like Mr. Ghomeshi is a great fan of BONDAGE, DOMINATION, SADISM and MASOCHISM . Too bad, nobody at CBC told him that , if a sexual activity causes bodily harm , a person cannot consent to it . Yep, The Supreme Court of Canada has said that . Oops ! On the other hand , I see a lot of BDSM enthusiasts every June,walking with pride along Yonge St. in front of our elected officials from 3 different levels of government . And ,it looks like , our elected officials approve of it , enjoy it , celebrate it and embrace it . FYI: Planned Parenthood recommends BDSM to teens - http://liveaction.org/press/planned-parenthood-pushes-bdsm-teens/. So , what is the problem, CBC people ? Oh, I see, you want out of The Rabbit Hole , don't you ? " Oh,dear ! Oh, dear ! I shall be too late " 
  • The women didn't consent to the violence, and at least one of them, (a student) did not consent even to sex. Also he harassed women he worked with. His ego is clearly out of control, he's writing his memoirs like he is the same type of celebrity he interviewed. His ego was out of control and he thought he could get away with it. Anyways it is an important issue, and the fact that he is in trouble will help stop other creeps.
  • Yes, I am trying to visualize Mr. Levin, former deputy minister of education, working on that explicit sex-ed curriculum while watching child porn under watchful eye of his boss , Kathleen Wynne , of course . https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ontario-liberal-gvmt-resurrects-controversial-sex-ed-curriculum
  • Levin: jew
  • Jian Ghomeshi is a victim of a which hunt. With one broad stroke the CBC and his so called "victims" have now lumped him in with the perverts, rapists, pedophiles and sexual deviants of the world and ruined this man's life. I don't know the man or his personal life but it should be kept personal, I don't want or care to know about how he and his partners enjoy rough sex, and if you look at the women who've come forward, you have to ask yourself, why didn't they go to police sooner, why didn't they ask him to stop if they felt danger in any way, why didn't they go to the hospital if they were so badly beaten or hurt, some even saw him again. And now after years have gone by they suddenly come out of the woodwork to seek notoriety in condemning this man? its like the CBC is out to get him, or a collaboration of the media and his ex partner. I just think there's a shameful injustice happening to an individual who happens to be famous.
  • The point is if an non white minority group are involved exclusively in something bad it is RACIST for whitey to even mention it... fucking sickening...
  • Now look with Rape Face Ghomeshi. I just read today that he is now playing the race card in his lawsuit.
  • His career is based on the CBC and their wonderful diverse/multicult hiring practices. And it is not a stretch to assume being a non white background was a BIG PLUS being propped up by Cultural Marxists.
  • Its nice when you are hired because their is a quota for "diversity". And then you use women as punching bags and now the EVIL WHITE MAN is to blame.... Get fuckin bent...
  • Jian clearly still believes all his fans are imbeciles .... tells them about his $50MM+ lawsuit against the CBC, when he knows full well that a unionized employee can't sue his employer for employment contract matters -- $50 or $50MM, dudn't matter. He can file a grievance via his union and they can take it all the way to arbitration. The court will throw his suit out before the end of the week. But Jian doesn't tell his fans all that. Turns out, Jian doesn't tell his fans a lot, expect that he is an open and honest guy --- yes, he does tell his adoring fans that.
  • Question for his adoring female fans and dates: what part of "I want to hate-f***" on the first date doesn't not set off alarm bells for you?
  • Women have been reading too much Fifty Shades of Grey ... not sure they've any grey-matter left.
  • Jian showed his bosses videos, depicting bondage and beatings during sex, in an effort to show that bruises could happen and still be consensual. Adoring fans no more: from icon to pariah.
  • Jian self-inflated 'media ego', & violence caught up. Plenty of bad karma with CBC Brass.
  • The bloody nerve! This creep launched a lawsuit in an attempt to influence the media and public in respect of allegations of misconduct, which the plaintiff knew were about to be made public.
  • Jian is a born loser who talked his way into a career. He's an abusive creep with pungent body odor that he tried to cover by bathing in cheap cologne. A huge duche bag that gave women creepy chills.
  • I hate it when men cross their legs like a woman.
  • Men who cross their legs look too feminine for me and I automatically write them off as not being husband material. It really honestly turns me off.
  • It's a depressing realization that women will always be at risk of violence from men even in this day and age. As a male, I always have to wonder, will I become a monster some time in my life?
  • 2 preppy little noboys stroking each other dicks. jian is a pervert and woman abuser.....George just always trys so hard to be Toronto cool...both are cbc funded jokes
  • Cultural Marxist joke on ALL of Canada. Think of what kind of programming we could have if freaks hadn't taken over the airways 70yrs ago... [1944]
  • Too young to write his memoirs? He is 47 now, and was 45 then.
  • Wow! I can tell he's a very upstanding person, this Ghomeshi guy.
  • I'd just love to reach out and shake that man's hand...so I can boot-fuck his seeds up to his throat. Jian there is silky smooth with the ladies until he gets them alone then gropes and jabs. Guy's a skinner.
  • look forward to the "graphic evidence".
  • Satan has a proposal for a new arrival. "Would you like to be sodomized by a pack of wild dogs or listen to Moxy Fruvous for eight hours?" What would you choose?
  • an iranian and a greek...both have no skills in journalism or interviewing
  • fuck off dude. basing someone off their heritage is just a dick move. jian is a dirtbag, but he is a good journalist and so is george. bring both heritage and personal life into their work when it isn't needed isn't fair.
  • listen mr troll...they both suck at interviewing...watch jian ...he has no clue on the right questions and george looks at his interviews like a lost puppy ready to cry...by the way i never said anything regarding their heritage..i made a note..one was a greek the other an iranian...i didnt say all greeks and all iranians have no skills in the matter
  • Don't you women like Karmic Treatmen and Yoga !
  • Wow how the mighty have fallen....the DVQ (diversity quota network)..oops I mean the CBC's MUSLIM MASCOT has turned out to be a real creep!
  • 2 years to the day before the end.
  • After what's transpired, should someone be tailing Strombo? You never know.
  • Jewboy George: "In a super-Canadian white-bread way, they named him 'Jean Ghomeshi'." -- False. Ghomeshi himself adopted the name 'Jean'.

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