WHITE WHORE! "it's just comedy, ha ha ha!"

  • "White Whore! White Whore! White Whore! White Whore! White Whore!" -- The US & Canadian White populations have been conditioned to accept (and even enjoy) this abuse through generations of Kike "entertainment" propaganda about "shiksahs" (= "non-jew female filth").
  • "Saint George" Lopez to his Talmud-Vison son: "I wish you were darker!" (Cue laugh-track: "HAHAHAHAHA!")
  • Jessica Alba (Alba = White) is ashamed to find out from "Saint George" that she is mostly European. (Alba: "Does Spain count?")
  • Et cetera, ad nauseum
  • Talmud-Vsion show's co-producer: Kike Mike Rotenberg.
  • Produced for Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, a "Canadian" company headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Chairman: Kike Mark Rachesky. CEO: Kike Mike Feltheimer.
  • "Saint George" broadcast on mega-zionist Rupert Murdoch's FX Talmud-Vision channel.
  • 20% of "Saint George" episodes were written by the duo of Kike Michael Davidoff & Kike Bill Rosenthal.

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red ice? more like red kike

"Red Ice" looks like another Hal Turner style zogbot front to me. How'd you go from Art Bell starwars and granola bars to ZIOIST JEWS! ZIOIST JEWS! on a dime unless you're receiving them.

Re: red ice? more like red kike

I know. I agree.

I've written about Kike Ice before, and how much cognitive dissonance goes on there. It could be argued that since it seems to be run by one guy ("Henrik"), then it could undergo a drastic change in direction if that's what he does in his life; but the operation seems too slick and well-funded to be some sort of solo project.

I also have written about this chick, Lana, before. I think that was when she was on that ditzy old broad Yeager's show. She (Lana) could still be sincere though, and has been co-opted by this network which supports her, gives her a platform, boosts her ego, encourages her to remain anti-Christian, and taes advantage of her looks as long as she's in sync with Henrik's agenda.

The video ("Saint George and The White Whore") is still good though. I meant to add an anti-RedIce Warning, but I get tired of warning people about all these scams, especially when hardly anyone pays attention or seems to care.

Whatever is really going on there, it's easy for me to treat it as anathema, since the host and overall direction are so consistently anti-Christian. Whatever is going on there, and whoever is running things it's unclean.

I know a few people who have gone been interviewed there, and have warned them not keep their distance, to not share personal information with Henrik or anyone associated with Red Ice, not to say anything on his podcast that they wouldn't say out loud at the local cop shop, and to not write anything to him that they wouldn't say "on air".

I was going to put my usual caveat/warning with this video, but I'm tired of warning people what to avoid, especially since most people ignore my advice.

I've been banned from Kike Ice, Alt-Kike, Kiker Queerents, The Shite Network (I warned Yeager many times that Tanstaafl would end up kiking her (as he did), and she defended him, wrote about what wonderful beautiful White children he has, how decent he is -- women are easily fooled by sentimentality, but of course most of the people conned into these kike-movements are men), Daily Kiker, that whole Renegade kike racket, The Council of whiny Concerned Citizens, that Whatzisname Edwards radio show, non-Reason Radio just before it collapsed after getting mega-kike, etc.

I have a category here called "ACQUAKMINDPAWNS: Anti-Christian Queer Ugly Alt-Kike Masonic Idiotic Neo-Damned-Pagan Atheist White-Nationalist Satanists". I guess I was thinking of the old hippie "this is the Age of Aquarius" scam when I came up with that acronym.


I can't find what I wrote about "Red Ice" right now, but came across a few articles about Scandiavia while looking.

One is about Norwegians ashamed of Knut Hamsun:


Nobel Peace Prize contrary to Alfred Nobel's will:


'Swedishness must be split from being white'


I was going to move to Denmark, since it seems to be the most sane Scandinavian country, but decided against it because I think even there I'd go crazy surrounded by so many zombies, bimbos and eunuchs. I've been there, and made some friends, until I said that I am a Christian, and made some comments about the multikult. I commented on some stupid, arrogant Niggers and Arabs who had harassed my female friends there, and the stupid women started bitching at me about how "race has nothing to do with it! all men are like that!", when obviously it was only Niggers and Arabs who had harassed them in a cafe, on the street, in a club. A couple of the women I had met in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, and I noticed they had no problems there in generalizing about Asian men. But they've been conditioned to treat Niggers and Arabs as special. protected, species - precious but dangerous pets, who are to be feared yet defended at the same time. Cognitive Dissonance.

A pathetic place, sad, pathetic White populations.

maybe so, maybe so

yeah, its good to be very suspicious.

Its possible that Henrich at Red Ice has just gone, fuck it, this needs to be said. Lana is is partner, maybe she persuaded him to expand his horizons.

Whatever: The vid is great.

See also the "Anchorman and the politics of Will Ferrell" vid.

As you know, deconstructing the kikekweer media is my obsession. Maybe not everything is false/phoney/controlled, etc.

But Mr Akira you have a knack of being right, and usually YEARS before anyone else, so, we shall see.

No title

See also the "Anchorman and the politics of Will Ferrell" vid.

That is pretty good stuff but Im trying to keep an open mind on Red Ice generally. Don't they claim to be libertardians? Thats always warning sign for me.

Re: No title

They're anti-Christian, so they can burn in Hell.

The Jorge Lopez video is quite good though.

Comment is pending approval.

Comment is pending blog author's approval.

Re: Iceman Cometh

Are you kidding?

Your Kiking friend tells your felching friend that Vikings were justified in raiding Lindesfarne because Charlemagne (an enemy of Orthodoxy, by the way) defeated the Saxons, forcing Danes and Norsemen to shift their economy from trading to piracy.

A stupid argument, but the same principle is used to "justify" the ongoing Muslim and Negro takeovers of London and other urban parts of the UK, by the Ugly Glenn type Kikes and eunuch Whites.

Of course

I obviously didnt mean "wow I love these guys and i always listen to Fetcho and his two hour weather reports and talking about his stray cats and whatever-the-feck is English Quabala and of course so will you",
i just thought that the Red Ice person gave a good account of how his site has progressed from the woo-woo to the joo-joo!

At least he left the door open for himself, unlike Icke , who can NEVER now go "Wayciss" or properly jew-wise. Cos "we are all one" an sheet, and its just those "Rothschild Zionists", and Hitler/Holocaust", etc



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