Bank of Canada Governor: Solution to 13.5% Youth Unemployment rate is for young people to work for free.

If Canada was run for the benefit of Canadians, then the Prime Minister would have immediately fired the Governor of the Bank of Canada for suggesting that young people should work for free for a couple of years, until the economy gets "back on track".

A firing like that would have sent the message that such a casual and callous attitude towards unemployment would not be tolerated.

Of course Harper (just like Martin and Dion and Chretien and Mulroney and Trudeau and Clarke), does not serve Canadians. They've all been importing millions of migrants while living standards decline, real wages (by purchasing power) fall, housing costs go sky-high, crime increases, and Canadian cultural unity becomes more fake and desperate all the time.

Poloz is also connected, and would successfully sue for millions if he were fired.

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University of BC's queer professor's solution: Increase government benefits for youth, while maintaining all benefits for increasingly aging population.

York University professor's solution to Canada's welfare problems: three policies that would have no positive effects on unemployment or welfare rates, and would increase immigration rates and raise taxes: higher wages, more government-funded daycare, more welfare-spending.

Globe and Mail video, Nov 6, 2014:

Should youth in Canada be expected to work for free in order to land a good job?

The Globe's Affan Chowdhry is joined by Paul Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze to discuss recent comments by Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz that young, unemployed Canadians should work for free to bolster their resumes while the economy recovers

[YouTube Comments:]

  • No, but volunteer work, non-profit and political involvement, and internships does add substance to your resume. 
  • Good advantages for rich kids who don't have to worry about food and rent.
  • Why not just get rid of all salaries and wages? It would make the 1% happy and they could finally get what they have always wanted,a slave economy.
  • get rid of all the temporary foreign workers in Canada and youth will be able to get jobs!
  • Be careful. It might be a hate crime in Canada to mention that foreign workers lower wages.
  • I do think that volunteering plays an important role in Canadian Culture. A person that volunteers should land a better job or shorten an internship, or should get a low type of income when doing the internship.
  • Yes, internships are great for rich kids who don't have to worry about food and rent.

Poloz is "a third generation Ukrainian Canadian." ["Dark clouds to greet Stephen Poloz’s first day at his dream job", Globe and Mail, 2013.05.04.] Poloz attended the 62nd Bilderberg Annual Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014, where one of the subjects being discussed was the war in Ukraine. []

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Bank of Canada Propaganda Video, 2011

Bank of Canada: Count on Us

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2011

In plain language, Governor Mark Carney and eight Bank staffers describe how this complex institution promotes the economic welfare of all Canadians.

Comments are disabled for this video.

Woman "educates" and assures Dumb White Guy partner.

Dumb young bimbo Communications Officer can't communicate.

A Nigerian Journalism grad gives anti-fraud advice.... *

Mark Carney has since bailed on Canada is now head of the Bank of England.

* "Linked-In" profile:

Valerie Akujobi is a creative collaborator with 10 years of progressive experience as a communicator. She has worked on award-winning projects, with proven expertise in messaging, branding, product development, issue management, strategy, and group consultations.

Working with some of Canada’s leading public sector organizations, Valerie has spearheaded projects with high visibility in the national and international arena. Most recently, she has been responsible for message and product development for Canada’s new polymer money.

Valerie holds a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from Carleton University and a Certificate in E-business and Web Marketing from the University of Toronto.


  • Bank of Canada: Senior Analyst (Writer), February 2010 – September 2013 (3 years 8 months)
  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Communications Advisor, November 2005 – January 2010 (4 years 3 months)
  • Industry Canada, Media Relations Officer, May 2005 – November 2005 (7 months)
  • Senior Public Relations Intern, Foundry Program, October 2004 – April 2005 (7 months)
  • Carleton University, Media Relations Assistant, September 2003 – April 2005 (1 year 8 months)


  • English: Native or bilingual proficiency
  • French: Full professional proficiency

Honors & Awards

  • Best Education Program, International Association of Currency Affairs, October 2011. My team won this honour for our work re-vamping the Bank of Canada’s currency education products. I was personally responsible for developing the messages used across all platforms and developing new training guides, web content, leaflets, posters, media kits, and presentations.


  • Strategic Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Speech Writing
  • Marketing Communications
  • International Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Journalism
  • Policy Analysis
  • Communications Planning
  • Web Content
  • Internal Communications
  • EditingSocial Media
  • Press Releases
  • Proofreading
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate Communications
  • Content Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Policy
  • Copy Editing
  • Blogging
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Social
  • Publications
  • Report Writing
  • Event Planning
  • New Media
  • Storytelling
  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Newspapers
  • Social Networking
  • Publicity
  • Public Affairs


  • University of Ottawa: 2013 – 2016 (expected)
  • University of Toronto: 2010 – 2010
  • Carleton University: 2001 – 2005

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Woman "educates" and assures Dumb White Guy partner.

Dumb young bimbo Communications Officer can't communicate.

A Nigerian Journalism grad gives anti-fraud advice....

A good rule of thumb when viewing just about anything in a film/advert/TV is to assume the opposite regarding the portrayal of non-whites.

In advertising black men are routinely depicted as the stable, responsible, idealised middle class parent type. Which tells you the guilty secret of the makers of the advert. They know its a fucking lie.

Re: assume the opposite regarding the portrayal of non-whites

My favourite part was the anti-fraud advice from a Nigerian propagandist.

A little black lie?

I see that the Golliwogess writes in her c.v., "French: Full professional proficiency", but they replaced her with a white man in the French version of the propaganda video.



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