Jian Big Ears Teddy Ghomeshi an ugly bitchcreep

Former York student alleges Ghomeshi fondled him

By Terry Davidson, Toronto Sun, November 05, 2014

TORONTO - Embattled former CBC star Jian Ghomeshi is now being accused of sexually harassing a man he went to school with in the 1990s.

Jim Hounslow told the Toronto Star that he and Ghomeshi attended York University together, and that he worked for Ghomeshi with the York Federation of Students.

Ghomeshi was the student federation's president at the time.

Hounslow alleges Ghomeshi reached over and "grabbed" Hounslow's genitals over his jeans as the two waited for an elevator sometime during the 1990-'91 school year.

"With no warning, he just reached over and grabbed my genitals...and started fondling them. I was completely shocked," Hounslow told the Star, going on to say that he "reacted" by grabbing Ghomeshi's arm, forcing it behind his back, and pushing him against the elevator doors. "I told him, 'You are never to do that again.' "

Hounslow went on to allege he was told by various women who worked with Ghomeshi at the time that they had been hit on by him in a rather aggressive manner.

Hounslow is now an e-learning specialist with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Requests for an interview with Hounslow were not immediately returned.

The CBC fired Ghomeshi on Oct. 26 after his bosses there saw "graphic evidence" the popular radio program host allegedly "caused physical injury to a woman. Later that day, Ghomeshi he admitted he enjoys “rough sex” and claimed that his adventurous sexual behaviour has always been “consensual.”

Ghomeshi, who has not been charged with any offences or even been interviewed by cops yet, also claims the complaints against him were sparked by a “jilted” ex-lover who is on a campaign to smear his reputation.

On Oct. 27, Ghomeshi launched a $55-million lawsuit against the CBC.


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