Please comment if you know if Azra/Sara Ghomeshi is a kikess.

Her son, Jian "Big Ears Teddy " Ghomeshi, was born in London. Her husband was Farhang/Frank Ghomeshi. Farhang/Farang is indeed the Iranian equivalent for Frank, being a common Central/South/Southeast Asian name for Frank/German/French/Westerner/European/White.

Jian and Farangh Ghomeshi

Farhang Frank Ghomeshi: ‘The greatest man I’ve ever known’

By Jian Ghomeshi

The Globe and Mail, Oct. 10 2014

From a posting on Facebook that has drawn more than 75,000 “likes.”

My dear friends, forgive me if I am lost. My heart has been broken. My beautiful dad, Farhang Frank Ghomeshi, died at 6:23 p.m., Oct. 2, at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. My mom, my sister and I (along with my cousin) were at his bedside all day, as we had been for much of the last two weeks.

I cannot stop the tears. He was my hero. I have a tattoo of his name – his signature in Farsi, in fact – on my right arm. People have asked me why. He was not a celebrity, or an Olympic athlete, or a business magnate, but he was, quite simply, the greatest man I’ve ever known.

If you had the chance to meet my dad then you will know the beauty and dignity and power of his presence. If you didn’t, perhaps you’ve heard me talking about him over the years. He was a sage. He was a charmer. He was a thinker. And his laugh was so infectious that you could not escape its embrace … you would have no choice but to join in.

His life, in three acts, was a remarkable and inspiring tale. His first act, in Iran, was an extraordinary story of loss and resilience. He lost his dad at 15, and became the de facto father and breadwinner of a family of seven children (he was the oldest). He assumed responsibility for the business, helped his mother, took care of his siblings and put himself through university.

His second act, beginning in his mid-30s, was a pioneering migration to the West. He and my mother left Iran, first for England, and then Canada at a time when few other families were doing so (pre-Iranian Revolution). He was seeking to build a prosperous and safe life for his new young family. He did so – eventually working for Ontario Hydro as a well-respected engineer.

He believed in Canada long before we came here and became a great patriot after we arrived, deeply loving what he saw as a progressive new world. He profoundly cared about the direction of this country.

His third act was a transformation into a gentle and wise soul who was the finest role model in the world. No one had more integrity. No one carried himself with more dignity in his decisions and his selflessness. No one gave more of himself to his family and his loved ones.

You may know that my dad’s mantra to me was, “please work harder.” He fuelled my ambitions. But his greatest quality was his ability to inspire others with his compassion and support. He was often formal in his dealings, but always kind.

And he was terribly loving in a very modest way. One of his last conscious acts was to repeatedly thank the hospital staff for the work they were doing. He hated the idea of people making a fuss about him. Even when he was in terrible pain in his final weeks, he would insist that we all go about our lives and not be burdened by his sickness.

I miss him so much it’s hard to breathe. His sparkling eyes. His radiant smile. His sage words. His joyous laugh. His selflessness.

I am grateful to have had this beautiful man in my life into my forties. In the end, I suppose, he has taught me what love really is. Because I love him so much that I will never let him go.

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I lost my Dad, also an immigrant, two years ago. Please accept my condolences


That was mean spirited and shallow.

You should know that your parents' decision to move your family to Canada, and thus set in motion your eventual involvement at the national level through your work at the CBC, has meant great things to many, many people. Your own contribution to cultural broadcasting is unique in the world, and is highly valued by us, the listeners. Your programs have now become a significant part of this big, mysterious, and sometimes incomprehensibl­e entity we call "Canada." 

Your father made some brave choices, in his original country and then in his adopted home.

G&M, Deaths, October 9, 2014: FARHANG (FRANK) GHOMESHI

It is with deep sadness and broken hearts, we announce the death of Farhang (Frank) Ghomeshi, husband, best friend and soulmate to Sara (Azar), loving and proud father to Jila and Jian, and doting grandfather to Kiana, on Thursday, October 2, 2014. ... Following a private funeral earlier in the week, a memorial service and celebration of his life will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 11, 2014, at Le Parc (8432 Leslie St, Thornhill).

Jian Ghomeshi

June 10

Out to dinner with my dear dad tonight. His bday is also this week. And yes, he is the Persian Leonard Cohen...


Jian Ghomeshi's opinions/likes/dislikes are thoroughly predictable and in libe with Establishment propaganda:


Hi all – today's feature interview with American actor and singer Mandy Patinkin was one of the most passionate and rewarding conversations I have had in Studio Q. I am grateful that he gave so much…

October 26: Dear everyone, I am writing today because I want you to be the first to know some news. This has been the hardest time of my life. I am reeling from the loss of my father. I am in deep personal pain and worried about my mom. And now my world has been rocked by so much more. Today, I was fired from the CBC. For almost 8 years I have been the host of a show I co-created on CBC called Q. It has ... See More

Happy 80th birthday, Leonard Cohen. We are lucky to have you in our lives.

Still reeling from this profound loss. Let's grow the dialogue around mental health issues and end the stigma. Please. #RIPRobinWilliams

Happy #Canada Day!! Some handy words to use today: poutine, toque, timbit, butter tart, loonie, pop, double-double, two-four, and...prorogue.

Out to dinner with my dear dad tonight. His bday is also this week. And yes, he is the Persian Leonard Cohen...

Profoundly saddened to no longer have the great Maya Angelou on this earth. Her words were an inspiration, and an education.

Farewell Maya Angelou (1928 - 2014) | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio

Shout out to my amazing sister, Dr #JilaGhomeshi, on receiving the 2014 National Achievement Award from the Canadian Linguistic Association!

When asked to name my favourite author of all time, I've always said Gabriel García Márquez. So very sad to hear of his death today. #RIP

Brutal. If you, like so many of us, are a believer in public broadcasting, this is a sad sad day. #CBCCUTS

Norooz mobarak! Happy (Persian) New Year, everyone! As you may know, Norooz (also spelled Nowruz, Norouz and a gazillion other ways) means "new day" and occurs at the first moment of spring (vernal equinox). It's a non-denominational and non-religious celebration. So own it! x

Women still represent a staggering 70% of the world's poor, still earn only 10% of the world's income, and own only 1% of world's property. Let's continue to change this planet, please. #IWD2014

My audio essay tribute to #PeteSeeger today. #RIP #peace Remembering Pete Seeger (1919 - 2013) In today's opening essay, Jian pays tribute to folk legend Pete Seeger, who died last night at the age of 94. Seeger didn't just leave his mark on the world of music

"While I will always fall short of Madiba's example, he makes me want to be a better man." - Barack Obama #MandelaMemorial

Canada is now dead last in environmental protection amongst OECD countries. Let's agree that this is shameful.

I'm proud to live in a country where authors are rock stars. #GillerPrize #CanadaReads #canlit

On Sunday, music fans were dismayed to learn that multi-talented artist and longtime leader of Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, had died at the age of 71. Reed was a famously prickly but beloved pioneer.

Me: You're enamoured with the natural world? Lou Reed: "When birds are flying in a pack, they never hit each's astonishing beauty." (Feb, 2010) #RIP

Lou Reed has died. I don't want to believe it. I will cherish our last interview. This is a terribly sad day for music. Rest in peace, Lou. #RIP

Let all the (deserved) celebration of Alice Munro today be more happy evidence that Canada is a nation of book nerds. #CanLit #NobelPrize

Brilliant news: Alice Munro has been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. Raise a cheer for her across the country! #CanadianPride

Me: What do you think of the PQ's Charter of Values? Richard Dawkins: "I don't think it's up to governments to dictate what people should wear."

Sometimes I get hate-tweets that say, 'hey Iranian guy...go back where you came from!' To which I respond, 'Thornhill?'

Jon Stewart: 'If Obama can make a deal with Iran but not the GOP, maybe he’s not the problem.'

Me: How do you retain all of the ideas in your head? Margaret Atwood: "My brain resembles an attic full of post-it notes."

So long, Walter White. One of the most compelling characters in TV history.

My Q audio essay re Kenya, Pakistan and the end of "over there" in a globalized world was printed in the #Guardian this week. Thanks for all the response... "The Kenya mall attack brings home the deeper meaning of globalisation" | Jian Ghomeshi: Nairobi's horror has transfixed us. But maybe it can break our inhumane habit of distancing ourselves from trouble 'over there'

Happy 79th bday, Leonard Cohen. You are a true inspiration.

Clothing corporations need to step up for Bangladesh factory collapse victims: Only nine of 29 firms implicated in the Rana Plaza disaster went to Geneva to discuss compensating the victims. That's just wrong

The new Britney Spears single is called "Work Bitch!" In the song it's meant as an imperative. So it should really have a comma: "Work, bitch!" I worry about this.

Today I learned that walking while texting is now called "wexting". I already hate myself for telling you that.

Amy Winehouse would have turned 30 today. A supreme talent. This beautiful sad song, which she wrote, always gets me...

Hi all! My feature mini-doc on Chinese artist and dissident #AiWeiwei aired on Friday eve on The National. I think he's a really important voice in our world.

My audio essay today on the absurdity of plastic water bottles. Thx for all the response...

John Mayer joins me for a feature interview, + Ali Velshi on his move from CNN to Al-Jazeera, and tech pioneer Phil Zimmerman on the end of privacy.

I'm told this morn that my book, 1982, is back on Canadian top ten bestsellers list - almost a year after it came out. Wowza. Thanks all!

So very saddened by the news that Cory Monteith has died. This 2009 interview with Cory in Studio Q is one of our faves. He was a thoughtful and smart guy...and a fellow drummer. RIP. Glee on Q TV. Cory Monteith the Canadian star of the hit TV series Glee sat down with Q host Jian Ghomeshi.

Happy #CanadaDay, dear friends! Here are some handy words to use today: poutine, toque, timbit, butter tart, loonie, pop, double-double, two-four, and...prorogue.

It's my birthday and I can crank the Bowie if I want to!

Bombs may break our spirit, but marathons are about perseverance…and as Terry Fox taught us…hope.
Jian's essay on the Boston marathon bombings: As Boston wakes up to the morning after two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston marathon, killing 3 and injuring well over a hundred, Jian reflects on the symbolism of that race and the spirit of human perseverance.

"Movies don't change the world, but they have the power to change our individual lives..." - Roger Ebert. I cherish this last interview with Roger in Studio Q. He spoke to me using text-to-speech software on his laptop. RIP.

In New York for #QinNYC sold-out theatre show tonight with Vampire Weekend, Alan Alda, David Cross, Cyndi Lauper, + Amy Goodman

Dear federal government: Our Canada should not include muzzling librarians and archivists.

Hi all – today's feature interview with American actor and singer Mandy Patinkin was one of the most passionate and rewarding conversations I have had in Studio Q. I am grateful that he gave so much…

Happy 66th bday, David Bowie. It's hard to imagine what modern rock and pop music would sound like if you had not existed.

To all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for freedom - past and present. Lest We Forget...

Hi all. Here are my thoughts on the hit thriller 'Argo' and its problematic depiction of Iranians (from tmrw's Globe and Mail). Hope you find it interesting. Jian Ghomeshi: Argo is crowd-pleasing, entertaining – and unfair to Iranians. The CBC broadcaster argues that Ben Affleck’s hot new film paints an offensive picture of Iranians as hysterical, irrational and untrustworthy

Let us, collectively, as a national community, never forget Amanda Todd. Jian calls for decisive action against bullying, as well as an understanding of the technological reality faced by young people who are victims of the practice.

I learned yesterday that my book, 1982, has debuted at #1 on the Canadian Bestseller list and #2 on the International Bestseller list (non-fiction). I'm blown away. There were many moments in the solitude of writing where I questioned if this might amount to anything. The feedback I've already had from those connecting to my little story has filled my heart. Thanks for the support, dear friends. Hope it brings some good laughs (at my expense!) too. xo

End of an era with news of the passing of Sam "The Record Man" Sniderman. He was one of the good guys who helped build the Canadian music industry. His stores across the country were a pipeline...and lining up at 6am for deals at Yonge/Dundas in Toronto was like a trip to heaven for a music obsessed teen in the 1980s. RIP Sam. And thank you.

for those of you in the toronto area...i'll be on stage with heather reisman tonite at & book signing. come by! (fresh book meat!)

I'm back on the air this week and today we've got a feature conversation with Toni Morrison, plus E.L. James of the hit "50 Shades" trilogy. Two...very different authors.

So very sad to hear of passing of Phillis Diller. RIP Phyllis.

Congratulations to the Canadian women's soccer team! Bronze medalists who given their all. Such an inspiration. Pride.

Bestselling author Anne Rice joins me for a feature interview today about the reissuing of her 'Beauty' trilogy of erotic fiction. These books make the '50 Shades' series look like Heidi.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela. Happy 94th Birthday, Madiba.

Yesterday I was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada and my community.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, also known as Tenacious D, are the self proclaimed "greatest rock band in the world." They stopped by studio Q today on the heels of their much heralded comeback album Rize of the Fenix.

Dear America: Thank you for Toni Morrison, Tom Waits, WKRP, and jazz. And for being much more complex and diverse than you're often given credit for. (Happy 4th of July!)

This beautiful nation is still a work in progress. Here's to collectively building our dream...and preserving what we hold dear. Happy Canada Day.

Chaz Bono is currently in Toronto to film an upcoming episode of Degrassi, in which he'll play himself. He joined me in Studio Q for a feature interview this morning.

With one of my journalistic heroes, Ted Koppel - June 2012.

Me: What's the lesson you've learned about relationships? Nora Ephron: "Never marry a man you wouldn't want to be divorced from." (2010) "I try to write parts for women that are as complicated and interesting as women actually are" - Nora Ephron. RIP.

Holy crap. Won the Gold. "Best Talk Show Host" (New York Festivals international broadcasting prize).

"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." - Paul McCartney. Happy 70th, Sir Paul. We love you.

Shocked and saddened by news of Rodney King being found dead today at the age of 47.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from RUSH joining me for a feature interview today – ever the gracious and humble Canadians.

I had an inspirational chat with Philip Glass. This year he's reviving his first-ever opera, the groundbreaking Einstein on the Beach, for the first time in 20 years. He talks to me about the relevance of Einstein today

Really enjoyed this conversation with blues legend Buddy Guy today. Could have listened to his stories for hours. A very generous and warm soul...”music has no colour”.

Hey all - “jian’s mix” pistachio granola is now in shops!! Stop laughing. It’s tasty!

Ok, pre-sale tickets are now live for Fran Lebowitz in Conversation (with me) in Toronto at Massey Hall

Did an interview with Carrie Underwood yesterday. She has a #1 record and a large posse. I get the sense she is more of a romantic than she lets on. Here is a photo of Carrie Underwood and David Duchovny.

Mr Jason Mraz joining me for feature interview and acoustic performance. We played together back in the day.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear beautiful humans. I'm sending you all chocolate covered pistachios! Well...I mean...only metaphorically...because if I really sent you choco covered pistachios you might not see the shells under the chocolate covering and then you would bite into them and then you would hurt your teeth and then it would cause a scene and then... well, anyway. Shit. Modern love is not easy. But Happy V's Day! x

A fiery start to Canada Reads yesterday. So much debate over last 24 hours. Many disappointed at "Prisoner of Tehran" being voted out on Day 1.

Getting lots of response to this conversation today with former Obama online campaign manager, Clay Johnson

Happy 65th Birthday, David Bowie. You remain the master. The true original. And so much of music and culture today is in your debt.

2011 Giller Prize: Jian in a tux (!!), with the always cool Robbie Robertson.

Actor John Lithgow in Studio Q this morning.
Jian's tribute to Steve Jobs -- In today's opening essay, Jian reflected on the life and legacy of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died yesterday at the age of 56.

Happy 77th Birthday, Leonard Cohen. You may be getting older, but you just keep getting better.

Me & Jane Fonda right after the interview that aired today. She is all class and inspiration and beauty. I know...I look like the cat that ate the canary. But I'm positive she started the flirting! (and yes, she is 73 years old)

Hey all - ok, the new season of Q officially begins on Sept 5th. But I am back on the air starting tomorrow morn and I will be joined live by Tom Morello (Rage/Audioslave) for musical performance + political chat.

Remembering Jack Layton - my piece in today's NOW Magazine. "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world." - Jack Layton, Aug 20, 2011

HI everyone. As you may have heard by now, Jack Layton has lost his battle with cancer. I'm very saddened by this news. Jack was a dear friend for many years. He always fought for this country and what he believed was right. He was in our first video and a great supporter of the arts. He was an inspiration to me. I've spoken to Olivia and family and he died peacefully early this morning. His spirit will live on.

RIP Amy Winehouse. I first chatted with her when she was 19 and on her first trip to Canada. She had a great musical gift. She was poised to take on the world. The rock 'n roll romance of self-abuse also fuels tragedy. Amy Winehouse is the latest sad victim. We all need to stop cheering on the excess.

"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela. Happy 93rd birthday, Madiba. You remain an inspiration to the world.

Hey all - Here is full audio of my interview with the Heritage Minister today for you to pick over. It was a wide-ranging chat about arts/culture funding and involvement (or not) of the govt. He said that it is a "stereotype" of the Conservatives to suggest that they've been less friendly to arts and culture.

It's the 25th anniversary of sexual orientation being added to the Human Rights Code in Ontario. Here's to Pride and no going back. Hope to see those of you in the greater Toronto area at the Parade. Happy Pride! j.

Really enjoyed my feature chat with Jodie Foster today in Studio Q. She was utterly impressive. Charming, intelligent and (amazingly) non-Hollywood. I thought she handled my questions about Mel Gibson with grace and sensitivity.

Seth Meyers was absolutely brilliant at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night. If you have any interest in politics, you want to watch this vid...

hi all, please feel free to share this message aimed at young voters. thx. j. After You Do It, You're Never The Same: Apathy is Boring

K.D. LANG's new record is really quite beautiful.

Dear friendly humans on my page...just in case you're a Canadian and you've not seen this yet... The best. Ever. -- Vintage Voter - Turning back the clock, moving democracy forward.

Were we wrong to have Conrad Black on Q? -- Hey everyone. Today, as you may know, I interviewed Conrad Black on Q. We made the decision to book him on the show and discuss his views on the "Arab Spring" (he's been writing editorials about it for National Review recently)

Hey all - this is turning into a very fine benefit for Japan with Margaret Atwood, David Suzuki

Dear candidates: Who will step up and speak for arts & culture in this election?

Today on Q, Jian kicked off the show asking: who will speak for support for arts and culture in Canada? None of the major political parties seem to have made arts and culture priorities during this federal election cycle so far.

For those asking: My interview with Stephen Fry from yesterday morn is now up (video to follow). Definitely one of my faves of the year so far.

Actor, author and master Twitterer Stephen Fry is in Canada as part of the Glenn Gould Prize jury. He stopped by Studio Q for a wide ranging chat this morning -- on Twitter, celebrity, and parcels of worms.

This one we're stoked to announce... Confirmed: British actor, writer, and master wit Stephen Fry joins me live in Studio Q for a feature chat on Friday morn.

Hey all - is it racist to ban shark's fin soup? Several American states have moved for a ban for environmental and ethical reasons. But shark fins are harvested because they are a Chinese delicacy.

According to a new Ekos poll: 58% of Canadians believe fully in theory of evolution. Only 16% of Americans do. Oh God, seems we're still very different nations.

Here is my full interview with Dan Savage today re his new "It Gets Better" book. I really believe this is such an important project. The interview gets emotional at times...

Me: Sarah Palin has identified herself as a feminist at times. What do you think of that? Germaine Greer: "The devil can cite scripture to his purpose." | Q | Is the media exploiting Charlie Sheen? -- In Jian's opening essay today, he discussed the recent trials of Charlie Sheen, and how various major media outlets have jumped at a chance to interview the troubled celebrity. -- Been thinking all day about whether I would want to interview Charlie Sheen right now. Normally, yes...I seek big interviews. But the media bookings have felt like the exploitation of a seriously ill man. Thoughts? | Q | Jian essay: People power changing stakes...and world in 2011 -- In today's opening essay, Jian suggested that -- though it's only two months into 2011 -- we could be witnessing a historic year of change.

Jian intros a Gene Simmons talk during ad week at the Sony Theatre in Toronto.

The Q family w/ the New York Festival international broadcasting Gold Medal for “Talk Show Interview” of the year for their feature length world-exclusive with Leonard Cohen.

Jian and the Wonderboy Entertainment Inc. Management team celebrate LIGHTS' gold record that was awarded for her debut album, The Listening.

Q LIVE! Stars! John Waters!

One week from today, Jian and Q will be LIVE at Yonge-Dundas Square, to celebrate Culture Days. Mark it on your calendar and make sure to come down for the live, open-air broadcast.

Jian recently lent his voice to the animated short project, “The Girl With Pinhead Parents.” The cartoon PSA is an important and timely animation project with an anti-racism message.

Jian and LIGHTS in the Philippines with World Vision Canada.

Jian will be hosting "The Canadian Songbook: 40 Years of Bruce Cockburn"

Jian Ghomeshi shared a link. is accepting cottage invites. You heard it here first

Jian is featured in this week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine as one of "The 50 Most Beautiful Canadians."

My thoughts regarding Morgan Freeman tribute tonight...

May 6, 2013 at 1:38pm

Dear friends,

A couple of months ago I agreed to host an event in Toronto honouring Morgan Freeman for his career, his civil rights activism and his work in the expansion of global education. It takes place tonight. In the lead up to this event I have become the target of a number of groups appealing to me to not attend this celebration due to its affiliation with Canadian Friends of Hebrew University. As a result, I have unwittingly found myself in the crossfire of issues relating to Israel and the Middle East and those who feel passionately about what must be done. While many of the appeals have been considered, thoughtful and eloquent – and I thank you for that feedback - I have also been insulted, judged and taunted.

I am honouring my commitment to celebrating Mr Freeman and his legacy tonight. In simple terms, this event is not political for me. I am not doing this as a product of political affiliation or to make a statement. I am doing this to honour a great man and to advance dialogue around global education. That is what I signed on for. I realize this will not satisfy those who believe I should boycott the ceremony. I know this, but I believe there is a place for celebrating art, cultural figures, individuals and education beyond a longstanding political debate that will not find any easy resolution soon.

My record on social justice issues over the 25 years is easy to look up. I am sensitive to human rights concerns in the Middle East. I will speak out when I believe the timing is appropriate, as I always have. Tonight is about honouring Mr Freeman and the spirit in which I believe this event has been convened.

Finally, I will defer to this poignant statement made by Margaret Atwood when finding herself in a not dissimilar position a couple of years ago. She articulates what is in my heart…



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